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    Just an aside.... It is pretty much common knowledge that the name "Bandits" came about via Burt Reynolds' minority ownership stake in the team, with "The Bandit" being his most iconic character. This led to Burt's crew being involved-- Jerry Reed's Banditball song, Loni Anderson's poster, etc.: But what many don't know is that the Tampa Bay logo, with the Bandit all in black except for a red bandanna, riding on a black horse, was actually adapted from an image in the 1977 movie "Smokey and the Bandit" -- in particular, the mural on Beau "Bandit" Darville's rig (yeah, I know, Cletus "Snowman" Snow was driving it, but it was actually the Bandit's rig). Check it out:
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    Huge improvement in my mind. Since Golden State is nationally televised year round, it's given us all plenty of exposure to the flaws of the logo day after day. Getting rid of Copperplate is a no brainer, but the now "old" logo just needed the lines thickened up and the negative spacing widened, which these updates take care of. 1) The bottom left corner where the bridge meets the circle: Before it had this small blue spec (or yellow depending on blue or yellow version) that just bugged me since it was sloppy work, but now that area has been enlarged and is no longer a minute spec. 2) The bridge cables were as thin as strands of hair in some areas, and there were too many of them. Less detail = better. Thicker lines = better. 3) The horizontal "slash" that runs along the street has also been thickened. Before it was so narrow that it barely showed when reproduced. 4) The two vertical bridge support beams were too close together and the negative space between them was too thin. That's been widened. The only issue that wasn't fixed completely was the way the top right of the W still dips below the top left of the A, and they still don't align along the same bottom circular path, but now that the W lost its right serif, it's not quite as noticeable as on the Copperplate font version. I guess that's just the nature of having a wide letter, like W, attempting to run along an arched path without manually manipulating the letter. This is a great example of why proper negative spacing is so important.
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    Some of the update is nice. But I am getting tired of the generic sports font being left sides serifs.
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    Yeah it felt mostly to me that they were still celebrating the turnover and they started behaving appropriately when their players told them to quiet down. Maybe there were a few aholes cheering for an injury, but I don’t think it was nearly as bad as the people who were all “Canada is a wretched hive of scum and villainy!!!!!” made it seem.
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    Just let me see the uniforms. If it doesn't look anything like this... Them throw it in the trash
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    Kind of feels like the Nike logo has been part of the Yankees uniform for years:
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    The last note of last wek's 8-K filing had this nugget (bolded by me): Like they are every going to get another 300K, yet alone 3 million in the next three weeks. They had a similar agreement with the same "BDB Entertainment Group" for the same services last year also for a $35,000 deposit,
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    I’m very flattered, but I’m also very married.
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    I probably passed out on that guy's porch a time or two during my days at UW-Mil!
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    All they have to do to fix it is add a sun at the horizon and the rays would complete the seems of the ball.
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    i think thats the difference between a throwback and an alternate. if you're doing a throwback, the intention is to honor something from the past, so you should do it as accurately as possible. if its an alternate, then the intention is to do something new, something not seen before, and the rules fall away
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    That's three different materials and three different executions, there's going to be variance, it's just nature of the business.
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    Again, whimsy is good. We need more whimsy. I'll take whimsy over 90s aggressive cartoon any day of the week. 'cause if you want maturity? The orca isn't it. It's the visual equivalent of a teenager who thinks being broody makes him mature.
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    TSN seemed to be leading the charge on this as well. If Canada is doing this are they as angry about it? Is Fox as angry? Sometimes people will excuse this for some teams but not others. If this was the Brazil men thumping Cuba do we make as big a noise about this?
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    They didn't have the confidence in 2007 because the shift to retro-aesthetics hadn't fully taken hold. It was the year of piping, click-&-fill templates and logos with that early-2000's aesthetic. That doesn't mean it couldn't work now. An update that splits the difference between Borovich's original design and what's used today would look great on their current template. Even the version with the crooked stick still looks pretty good. It just fits. In a perfect world sure. But they went with the Stick and Rink and I hardly think that decision is the sole reason behind the Canucks identity problems. If anything it was the knee-jerk decision go with the aggressively coloured 'Flying V identity' that mucked everything up. You take the Red, Yellow and Black era out of their history and this ceases to be a conversation. It works for the Canucks because the term applies to people. Doesn't work with the teams named after animals. Not out there at all, but an update on the Stick and Rink could work too.
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    So basically if MLF gets the equipment, then the XFL will just have to wait until they go belly-up and buy it from that bankruptcy auction.
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    Back to Buffalo for a second . . . after the NHL Scouting Combine, the ice was re-installed on KeyBank Rink at HARBORCENTER. In the past, a generic building logo has been used as the center ice logo. There's something a little different this time around.
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    Moving forward with the Milwaukee Brewers! Of course, royal & yellow make their long-awaited comeback full-time, as does the "mb" glove logo as the primary. I don't hate the current wordmarks as much as most people seem to, but I decided to clean them up of unnecessary outlines and drop-shadows that keep the look in the 2000's. The wormarks have a single outline and a drop-shadow of the same color. I did drop the Times New Roman number font though, in favor of one that has a more "bulbous" feel to it, to match the cap logo & wordmarks. The number font is actually a modified version of the Houston Texans' font, and the NOB font is a modified version of the Cleveland Browns' font. The away naturally has a powder tint to it, with yellow letters inspired by one of my favorite Brewers uniforms, the inaugural away set. The throwback is also inspired by the home version of this set. The "Han Solo pants" striping pattern is inspired by Mr. Barrelman, and by beer barrels in general. The blue alternate takes away outlines for improved legibility, and adds a yellow brim to the cap to bring a bit of a modern flair, inspired by the current alternate BP cap. The yellow alternate brings back the yellow front panel cap, which I suppose can be worn occasionally with any other uniform. The Packers sock pattern on the Turn Back the Clock set is inspired by @SFGiants58's magnificent take on the Brew Crew. I love this sock pattern for the Brewers, it fits perfectly. I was almost tempted to make it the sock pattern of the entire set like he did. Hopefully this was a nice, modern update to the Brewers that brings together the two separate identities they've had into one cohesive, iconic brand. I'd love to hear what you all think on this one!
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    The difference there is that some of the college teams like Oregon especially take it too far and when seeing these teams on TV you can't even identify who Is playing. Maryland is another school, those ones they switched to are just plain awful. It was NOT like that in 2009 for AFL-50 Legacy games, as we were able to identify the teams, even the Jets who were wearing NY Titans throwbacks. Same thing in 1994 for NFL 75, I had no problem idenfifying which club was playing, but that one was done half-ass by a few of the teams, like the Jets and Bills. In 1994 I thought the Houston Oilers, LA Rams, and the Raiders white away jersey with the silver jersey numbers and 1963 logo looked far and away the best. SD Chargers too.
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    Yea I'm not thrilled with the big logo on the helmet, I liked the previous one better. My biggest beef was getting rid of the gradient numbers. I love those.
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    I'm in a wood-bat adult baseball team in Vancouver and after 15 years as the Big Blue (ugh), we're looking to refresh our team name, logo, jerseys, etc. I came up with the unanymously-approved Maple Bats, a play on the maple wood baseball bats some of use use and the Canadian icon maple leaf. Now I'm not a graphic designer by any means, just mocked up some ideas in Photoshop. Wanted to get feedback on which logo concept works best (and see if anyone wanted to take their crack at improving it!) Thanks in advance!
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    I'm a big fan of James and Jimmie. Been listening to them for two years now, I've even seen them live twice for STM. Small Town Murder and Crime in Sports keep me sane on my 8+ hour road trips to Ohio.
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    Lets just make every corporate business logo a cartoon character then, life is just a game. Of course you want to be seen as a serious franchise, and some people might feel that a more mature logo than a skating lumberjack cartoon helps that goal. I'd rather a neutral logo like the rink and stick than a cartoon character. Yes the Orca is a bit 90's and aggressive, but its also a bit more artistic and abstract than Johnny Canuck.
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    Man the Knicks can’t catch a break can they? Lol
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    I'll have to dig through my files for the exact dates, but there were a lot of potential franchise moves in the NBA in the early 80s. Around '82 there were reports that due to too many teams losing too much money several teams would fold, with others merging or relocating - I remember that the Kings, Clippers and Pacers were on the chopping block, with the Nuggets and Jazz merging and playing in Denver. This was around the same time Ted Stepian was planning to move the Cavs to Toronto (as the Towers). The Spurs were also exploring relocation around 1985, with Miami as the top option. The league had been trying to get a team in Florida since the late 1970s - the Buffalo Braves had planned to move there before ultimately moving to San Diego in a convoluted franchise swap with the Celtics.
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    by the way, there's no shame in winning a title on a layup. just saying.
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    The fans who cheered Durant coming up limping should punch themselves in the dicks. Luckily, most applauded him on his way out. Durant was looking awesome tonight; I would have loved to see him v Kawhi for a full game. Durant will get his money no matter what, but hopefully his career doesn't suffer for a quarter of a game tonight. The gamble was probably worth it to get a good start against Toronto, but not if it affects KD's future.
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    “Chinook” is obviously far too similar to “Canuck.”
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    Heres the tower - my first image didn’t come through.
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    I don't believe throwbacks have to be 100% accurate. I think these uniforms could be a fine regular uniform with a few tweaks; a modernized version that maintains the essence of the original.
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    http:// https://twitter.com/xfl2020/status/1137470700426551296
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    I think the “M” cap logo was awful. Even if it did go with the mediocre word mark. The “TC” logo is much better logo, and still works for the Twins. If they had gone with a “MN” logo that could have been better...
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    The 3 on the left, would have been perfect for Houston.
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    What guy? You have a strange conception of how sports design worked 50+ years ago...
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    The Canucks are literally named after a pulp hero who was already turned into a hockey logo though “The team named after Johnny Canuck should use the Johnny Canuck logo” is not the radical opinion some of you are making it out to be
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    Nothing wrong with a cartoon-logo and I wouldn't at all be upset if the Canucks swapped the Orca for Johnny and left everything else the same. I'm just saying they don't need to go that route cause ultimately the Canucks are the players on the ice. I also don't see the problem with sticking with the Orca. It's clean, professional, looks great embroidered and one of the all-time Canuck greats had a hand in it's creation. Arguable point. It's also arguable that ditching the logo of the past 22 years and adding another one would add to these identity problems.
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    The orca refers to the Pacific Northwest, the area the team plays in and represents.
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    To all the people saying it's bush league......Its18 to 22 year old amateur athletes playing football in exchange for education. My god, this is the perfect place for blue turf. NCAA is indeed a bush league.
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    In many other sports I get why the logo on the front would be preferred for maximum visibility, but in baseball I think the sleeve is actually the better choice. When watching a game on TV most of the time you are looking at a better in profile view which means his sleeve is pointing towards you. That said the size and placement on the front doesn't bug me.
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    Leonard Tose had a handshake agreement to sell 25% of the Eagles to a Phoenix investor and move the team to Phoenix. It was a done deal - at least between the two parties - to the point where he and his family were scouting schools and planning relocation. He had insane gambling debts and needed to do whatever he could to keep the team, and agreed to sell part out of desparation. Only thing that kept them was the threat of a lawsuit by the league and city (league said that he couldn't move without a vote of other owners... as we've heard before), and the city ended up bending over so he could earn more revenue at the Vet. He eventually incurred more losses and had no choice but to sell the team to a total waste of skin and teeth Norman Braman, who was such a bad owner, he's literally the reason the players sued for free agency. https://www.inquirer.com/philly/hp/sports/20090114_Looking_back_to_when_Eagles_almost_went_to_Arizona.html EDIT: I was too young to know about any of this when it was happening, but if something similar happened now and the team left and then we got a new team, I'd have no desire to root for the Philadelphia Phlash or whatever dumb name they'd have. I'd want another Philadelphia Eagles, and I'd tell my brain to just conveniently forget about the true franchise lineage and technicalities. I've turned 180 degrees on the Cleveland Deal, and realized that none of this sports stuff is so serious that technicalities that have no real impact should prevent anyone for rooting for "their" team... even if it isn't technically their team.
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    I get what they were going for and it was perfectly showcased in the reveal video. It looks fantastic. Then you see the actual logo and it's like what the hell happened here? This isn't what you see at all. This is like buying an amazing Playstation game on Game Boy Color as a kid only to be disappointed by the downgrade. There's no detail and the ribbon/ring around the planet/ball is miserable looking. This looks nothing remotely space-like, but the reveal video makes it look like the Death Star from Star Wars.
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    Doesn't Carolina already have the Hurricanes? Ditto for the Rapids.
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    Big stripes on the Bucks
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    I like all of it except the pullover, a 150 year old franchise should really embrace the button up imo. The removal of black is very nice however
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    That's also the Independence Day hats, not All Star Game.
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    Salt Lake City also gets me. I do the bee idea, but it seems cliche by this point.
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    Des Moines, Iowa (or just Iowa in general) has always given me major problems. "Energy" is used by their D-League team, "Hawkeyes" is used by their college (and "Hawks" is used by Atlanta), "Blackhawks" is used by Chicago, and finding a name that relates to the farming industry without sounding silly isn't easy at all. For Salt Lake City I prefer to use "Swarm" (because Utah is known as the "Beehive" state). I love the name "Saints" for SLC, because of Utah's high Mormon population, but in an odd twist of fate, New Orleans uses that name.
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    Atlanta for sports other than soccer. There's nothing here you can really name anything after other than a Phoenix. I managed to name my fantasy baseball team the Copperheads however, due to those being a native snake of the southeast. Another town I think is hard is Richmond. Its just kinda there y'know
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