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    Anything other than Copperplate Gothic is an improvement.
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    I really wish I had gone through with my "Dumb Guys of the Greater Midwest" thread concept. Waukesha County alone has like three types of Dumb Guy.
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    The idea that Johnny Canuck isn’t "mature" or "serious" enough to be the primary logo of a hockey team (named after him) brings to mind a CS Lewis quote. The fear of being seen as too immature and unserious isn't an adult's perspective. It's the perspective of an adolescent.
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    Perhaps a hot take, but I really miss this alt.
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    I feel like if they went with San Francisco, it'd be sort of giving a middle finger to Oakland. And as mentioned, they've built such a massive brand with their stars and championships, it'd be dumb to ditch it now.
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    Just an aside.... It is pretty much common knowledge that the name "Bandits" came about via Burt Reynolds' minority ownership stake in the team, with "The Bandit" being his most iconic character. This led to Burt's crew being involved-- Jerry Reed's Banditball song, Loni Anderson's poster, etc.: But what many don't know is that the Tampa Bay logo, with the Bandit all in black except for a red bandanna, riding on a black horse, was actually adapted from an image in the 1977 movie "Smokey and the Bandit" -- in particular, the mural on Beau "Bandit" Darville's rig (yeah, I know, Cletus "Snowman" Snow was driving it, but it was actually the Bandit's rig). Check it out:
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    Still wouldn't be ideal, but almost anything is better than Copperplate at this point.
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    This is a bit different as it's not a logo or a uniform concept, but I made this piece after Brazil's first game against Jamaica and plan to do some more with notable games of this World Cup. Would love some c+c ______ I don´t even know if this is the right forum to post this type of stuff, but I've done and seen illustrations here and it's a sport design concept after all. If I'm wrong it's my bad, and mods can tell me
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    Waukesha is an old Algonquin word meaning "Well what about black on black crime?"
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    In my humble opinion, the time for Vancouver's NHL franchise to abandon its existing logo and adopt a brand identity package centered on a depiction of "Johnny Canuck" is long overdue. Enough with the current logo's bastardized Haida art orca. No wonder the whale looks so angry: it appears to be struggling to extricate itself from an extremely tight sleeping bag with a broken zipper. Enough with suggestions that the garish "Flying V" branding of 1978 through 1985 be revived. I'd compare said period in Canucks' history to something out of the world of Rollerball, but that would be an insult to the talented, hard-working artisans in the Costume Department of the motion picture Rollerball. Enough with calls for the return of the "Flying Skate" branding of 1985 through 1997. Were the Canucks of said era an elite figure skating club? Visionaries who could foresee the Red Bull Crashed Ice Tour? Then why a logo that appears to depict a skate that is either performing a toe-stop, or descending an ice cross downhill track? Enough with calls for the "stick-in-rink" logo to be returned to primary logo duty. It is, at best, a solid secondary mark. It is time for the Vancouver Canucks' braintrust to get out of its own way when it comes to settling on a branding direction, to cease trying to reinvent the proverbial wheel, and to simply engage a talented graphic designer to create a depiction of "Johnny Canuck" - national personification of Canada since the 1860s... daring comic book hero of the 1940s... a symbol of the love and pride that Canadians feel towards their homeland - that can serve as a modern pro sports logo. Whatever form that portrayal of "Johnny Canuck" might take on - logger, soldier, farmer, pilot - just get it fu¢king done already.
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    Maturity is arbitrary and subjective, and at the end of the day they're playing a game. I don't think appearing 'mature' matters all that much and if it did, a furious apex predator seems a lot more immature to me than the other options.
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    Too snarky? My apologies, I really wasn't trying to be outright rude, just semi-funny rude, I guess. I just think it's hard to apply a modern Nike/Adidas/UnderArmour type of "designer" label to the way sports uniforms were designed before, say, the 70's. The first time I remember hearing about an outside the team agency doing design work for a team was with the Houston-based ad agency McCann Erickson designing the Astros' 70's rainbow uniforms. (That is by no means suggesting that's the first time it happened, just the first time I remember hearing about it... the story is on uniwatch here https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/20219881/the-history-houston-iconic-rainbow-uniforms-story-worth-telling There's also the story of the Vikings' hiring Los Angeles sports cartoonist Karl Hubenthal to design their original look. (Also from uniwatch https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/21409647/the-full-story-how-viking-uniforms-came-minnesota But earlier than that, I suspect uniforms decisions were chiefly made by the Coach/Manager/Owner (and in the 1930's Bears case, that's all the same guy... George Halas.) He bought (kinda) the Decatur Staleys, named after the Staley food starch company, moved them to Chicago, and chose the colors based on the University of Illinois. Apparently the Bears ordered their equipment from Wilson Sporting good, which was also based in Chicago. In the first half of the 20th century, there were dozens of family owned textile manufacturers that provided sports uniforms and equipment, and schools and teams could just pick them out of old fashioned printed catalogs. Those catalogs are pretty cool... this site has a bunch of them http://www.antiquefootball.com/cat/football_catalogs.html Anyway, I don't know, but my guess is there was a uniform style offered in a catalog that had stripes inserted on the shoulder, and repeated them down the sleeves. Mr. Halas, being an obviously important customer, asked for that style, in white, with alternating navy and orange stripes, And they were delivered, and looked awesome (although apparently hated by the fans at the time). Although I guess you could ask what little old immigrant lady sewed those original uniforms for that company's catalog to begin with, and should we consider her the designer. Hmm... maybe you were right to begin with. (these are hockey jerseys, but it's the same idea... pre-set striping patterns that you could insert your own colors and possibly logos onto... pretty obvious in this case what the letters stood for.)
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    I hated that feature of the hat. In my opinion, the Padres best hat was the late 1980s brown with orange letters and I really hope they have a yellow-letter version of that. I would not be surprised if they use both...the two-color either on the road or with a specific alt. I could live with that...but I really want to see the basic hat with the yellow letters.
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    Metallics are much harder to maintain a consistency across the range of licensed product from apparel to key chains as well as digital. You can only execute a true metallic in certain applications - so you have to resort to flat for the rest.
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    I really hope they do more than just add the new logo and fonts on. Maybe an unpopular opinion (I’m actually not sure if it is or not), but I’ve always felt the uniforms were not great and need quite a bit of work. I’ve never liked the side panels on the jersey, as in my opinion they really clutter things with the crest already being so dominant, and the cable design on the shorts has always looked a bit forced and corny to me. Just too much going on when there really doesn’t need to be. They ought to look at something like the ‘75 set for inspiration in terms of uniform layout and structure, it does the job a whole lot better and cleaner than the currents have.
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    Another day, Another team, the Chicago Cubs. A team that has a great home uniform and nothing else. My attempt is to establish a better color balance on road and alternates. Also got rid of the walking cub and replaced it with the fiercer throwback logo. A fauxback completes the set.
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    How is a skating lumberjack different from a skating penguin? Both are great logos and represent their fan bases perfectly. I like the new Canucks uniforms. They finally got it right.
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    Only teenagers confuse “grimdark” for “serious”. Nobody has ever accused the Yankees of not being a “serious franchise”, and their logo is a cartoon hat perched on a stick. Nobody has ever accused the Maple Leafs of not being a “serious franchise” and their logo is a graffiti-covered leaf. The team is named after a cartoon character. A deliberately goofy one at that. A political symbol for a country that refuses to take itself too seriously. Seems like a mistake to dress them up in pretentious clothing.
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    Um, have you not been paying attention to the NBA for about a decade? "Coach forced him..." Good one.
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    Huge improvement in my mind. Since Golden State is nationally televised year round, it's given us all plenty of exposure to the flaws of the logo day after day. Getting rid of Copperplate is a no brainer, but the now "old" logo just needed the lines thickened up and the negative spacing widened, which these updates take care of. 1) The bottom left corner where the bridge meets the circle: Before it had this small blue spec (or yellow depending on blue or yellow version) that just bugged me since it was sloppy work, but now that area has been enlarged and is no longer a minute spec. 2) The bridge cables were as thin as strands of hair in some areas, and there were too many of them. Less detail = better. Thicker lines = better. 3) The horizontal "slash" that runs along the street has also been thickened. Before it was so narrow that it barely showed when reproduced. 4) The two vertical bridge support beams were too close together and the negative space between them was too thin. That's been widened. The only issue that wasn't fixed completely was the way the top right of the W still dips below the top left of the A, and they still don't align along the same bottom circular path, but now that the W lost its right serif, it's not quite as noticeable as on the Copperplate font version. I guess that's just the nature of having a wide letter, like W, attempting to run along an arched path without manually manipulating the letter. This is a great example of why proper negative spacing is so important.
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    Wish you would step back From that ledge my friend You could cut ties with all the lies That you've been living in And if you do not want to see me again I would understand I would understand
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    Some of the update is nice. But I am getting tired of the generic sports font being left sides serifs.
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    I'm gonna disagree with that. Whatever you can say about Johnny Canuck's moustache? It's a far more whimsical logo than a 90s-style aggressive orca breaking through shards of ice. He's a skating lumberjack with a hockey stick. He's from the same design school that brought us the Padres' swinging friar or the Reds' Mr. Red. He certainly qualifies as whimsical. It really isn't. The team's named after Johnny Canuck. There's a Johnny Canuck logo ready to go. I'd argue the Canucks' unwillingness to embrace that has led to their identity problem. Of course you can't find yourself as a team if you refuse to commit to the logo you're named after.
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    I would argue that adding logos where none existed violates the essence of the original. Tweaks really ought to be limited to constraints of modern equipment, such as the higher sleeve stripes.
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    I wouldn't mind it if the logo was on both sides and the number was on the back.
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    This thread is hilarious to read. Nike swoosh looks fine. Cry a river.
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    Can we stop calling them 'manufacturer's logos' and just call them advertisements? That's part of how they brainwashed people into thinking it's OK.
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    I think you might be taking this just a little too seriously.
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    Wanderers FC The Wanderers Football Club was officially born on January 24th 1878 for the will of 3 boys. These were great friends and they had begun to feel this propagating more and more of this new sport. They also wanted a personal club at all costs. The choice of the name was particularly difficult. John McAvoy proposed a simple Glasgow Football Club, Jamie Wilson and Alexander Grant instead proposed something more unusual, The Wanderers Football Club. They chose this name because their intention was to travel around the world to play this fantastic sport. The Wanderers is one of the most successful clubs participating in the Premier Division. It has won 10 times in the course of its history as well as several national and international cups. Today the club is considered one of the Big 6 of British football playing every year chance to win the title, even if the last title dates back to 2003. The emblem of the Wanderers Football Club is quite special and unusual. The father of one of the three founders was an adventurer, specializing in exploration of Africa. When he returned from one of these trips he told his son about his encounter with this gigantic creature that impressed him greatly. That boy was so fascinated that he proposed it as a symbol of the newborn club. Since then the coat of arms has remained practically unchanged. Map Kits The Wanderers shirt is one of the most recognized in the world. The shirt is divided into 4 parts, black and white. Since its inception the clb has used this particular style. Another peculiarity that distinguishes the Glasgow club uniforms is the fact that with the exception of the technical sponsor, which from 2016 is New Balance, it has never fouled it with a commercial sponsor leaving it immaculate always during its history. 
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    Totally agree. It has to be the traditional all yellow on brown for me. Just a better design and look all the way around.
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    Yeah it felt mostly to me that they were still celebrating the turnover and they started behaving appropriately when their players told them to quiet down. Maybe there were a few aholes cheering for an injury, but I don’t think it was nearly as bad as the people who were all “Canada is a wretched hive of scum and villainy!!!!!” made it seem.
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    Because one is a screen printed graphic, another is fabric, and the last is a sticker. The screen printed t shirt is going to have variance depending on the lighting because that’s what the metallic does.
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    I’m going to go ahead and say this is a downgrade.
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    Alright, here is the set with the brighter shade of red. I do think it's a slight improvement. The Brewers should hopefully be up soon.
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    The new alternate logo reminds me of the old Horizons Pavilion from Epcot.
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    I really hope they don't go with a two-color SD logo.
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    Shooting at the walls of heartache bang, bangI am the warriorWell, I am the warriorAnd heart to heart you'll winIf you survive, the warrior, the warrior
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    Um dude, it’s nothing real enough to blow your brains out. Go outside and breathe
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    Raptors ripped off nine straight points, took a six-point lead, Warriors only had one timeout which Kerr desperately didn't want to use...and then the Raptors themselves, whether it was Nurse or an on-court decision, called timeout. Outscored 9-2 the rest of the way. Two points in the last 3:05 of the game. The chances of this backfiring on them are astronomical. They gave a championship team life again, just like their hockey team did a month and a half ago. Unbelievable.
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    Swap out the place name and team name accordingly, substitute a fleur-de-lis for the maple leaf, and this would have made for a solid Québec Nordiques logo.
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    When the Monster Energy made the NBA finals, I spat out my Toronto Raptors.
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    The Bay logo has a vague ball design at the bottom, but I'm not sure if that would be enough to meet the requirement.
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    Just let me see the uniforms. If it doesn't look anything like this... Them throw it in the trash
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    Kind of feels like the Nike logo has been part of the Yankees uniform for years:
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    I really appreciate the kind words! Being mentioned in the same family as Artur Wrona's concept means a lot! I'm glad you weighed in on the pinstripes -- along with the maple leaf shorts detailing, that was an element I was really on the fence about. Everything about the uniform was so horizontal with the striping, and once I added the pinstripes in for vertical movement it didn't look right without them! I may tinker with removing the pinstripes but finding an additional detail to add in, likely on the shorts. They feel like they need one more clear Toronto Raptors identifying element. Also, I've adamantly against a purple uniform since starting this project....it just feels a bit too much like a step back towards the '90s for my tastes. However, I went ahead and drafted one up to see how it's received. It's the same design as the Association and Icon Edition uniforms, with the only differences being the strokes around the wordmark and numerals and the contrast-colored maple leaf shorts detailing. The wordmark looks a bit off to me, but I'll be interested to hear your thoughts! Thanks! Toronto Raptors Statement Edition Uniform Concept
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    Hard to believe this "iconic" logo is going on two decades.
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    I love that the pose has that vintage NCAA fightin' (insert name here) quality to it, which makes the design fun without being disrespectful. I don't want to be "that guy" who posts his own work in someone else's thread (so I won't), but I did recently complete client work depicting the "Justice is Blind" statue, which seems relevant, and I used the old NY Rangers alternate as a key reference: This logo doesn't really have eyes, a nose, or mouth - simply the shadowed contours left where the light doesn't hit. I don't think every logo should follow this blueprint, but do I think that, in general, using bold, thick lines and lighting to imply features instead of specifically drawing them out creates the strong composition you see in a lot of logo and vector-style designs. Your latest update looks very specifically like something I might create myself in-progress - don't be afraid to get bold with your use of the dark blue within the design itself to flesh everything out!
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