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    On the Patriots, the 1994 set, basically a hybrid of the 1993 and 1995 Uniforms, is underrated and forgotten. It has the Pants and Facemask from the Latter, while having the Jersey from the Previous, but fixing the TV Numbers.
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    Found this on Twitter. Have no idea what the level of authenticity is, but with that fake Vice jersey leading to a confirmation, I figure posting this can't hurt.
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    There is a recent trend of ignoring the actual histories of relocated teams, in favour of a fantasy version of history. This Nationals/Expos event is in sharp contrast to that troubling trend, and is in keeping with the traditional value of respect for a team's history. (This issue has been argued at length in several other threads.)
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    What is this I don’t even.
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    Toronto and Montreal have always been rivals. They've been rivals for the spot of being Canada's economic and cultural centre, there's the French and English Canadian divide which the Montreal/Toronto dynamic encapsulates. And there are the sports rivalries that play off of that. Maple Leafs vs Canadiens is probably the NHL's oldest continuous rivalry, and the Argos and Als are rivals in the CFL. The Blue Jays and Expos would likely have been rivals had the AL/NL format not kept them apart for most of their shared history. So I have no doubt that a Montreal team in the AL East would quickly become the Jays' top rivalry in no time. One of the suggested essay topics I had as a second year undergrad history student taking the Canadian History Survey course was "In what ways did the Montreal Canadiens and Toronto Maple Leafs rivalry help define English and French relations in mid-20th century Canada?" I was boring and wrote about the Canadian military's unification and peacekeeping efforts instead, but the fact that it was a serious essay question in a history course at a top flight university shows that yeah. The Montreal/Toronto rivalry is a big deal in Canada.
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    I'm definitely hoping so. I would love to see this concept from @Conrad. see the light of day.
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    Also, the Sabres changed their look when they moved into their new building. The sponsor of the building? Marine Midland Bank, which had been bought by HSBC and was using their red/black color scheme. Buuuut, the arena itself was decked out in a blue rainbow, purple, and some earthy red-brown, so the idea that they were orchestrating a grand master plan is probably just daydreaming.
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    I know it'd never happen, but I wouldn't mind the Brewers dressing as the Browns against the Cardinals. The Browns did, after all, originate in the 19th century as the original Milwaukee Brewers.
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    HA! This is Nike and the NBA, the beaten horse hasn’t even died yet.
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    Those 4th of July hats the Cubs are wearing remind me of the away caps they used to wear like this one. Those were really good and they should bring them back.
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    I'd rather have a new identity for the former and I'm happy with the identity for the latter. The Oilers' identity was garbage that I'm glad the NFL forced into retirement (which is what they should have done with the Browns, but I digress). Since we're trying to brand the team for a post-Bill 101/post-separatist referendum Quebec, I'd rather they play up their French Canadian nature. Voyageurs, one of the rejected names from the original branding, could be excellent. Just make sure to be "culturally aware" enough (e.g., include the tree for the Native American community in the imagery somewhere) and you should be good. Why must you give me ideas? I still stand by my rule of "if there's no replacement team, don't do a throwback." I guess with the Rays' little announcement/poor attempt at stadium blackmail or lease breakage, the Nationals now meet this requirement (sort of).
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    Actually, yes, this is an important clarification. I should have said they didn’t screw up the basic design of it (because they knew what would have happened if they did), but they did indeed screw it up with all the little adjustments, every one of which made the helmet worse, with the possible exception being the thicker stripe. I don’t hate the brown mask (I preferred grey paired with the traditional look) but the red-orange, the matte finish, and the carbon fiber texture are not welcome.
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    Since TV#s aren't a requirement anymore (at least for throwbacks), they could just lose them altogether to make it work. Also... those Suns uniforms would look just fine today. I don't really associate them as a '90s design, because I really think they would look good in the '00s, '10s, '20s, etc. That was a really good set. 100x better than the red-numbered version, and a uniform that they could have worn for a long time, however, since they did introduce those Apex uniforms, that's what the Patriots of that era are associated with, and the one that would make the most sense to throwback to. The giant-Elvis set is my favorite Patriots uniform, but the 'hybrid' one is also a great one.
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    Other than some odd legal fiction like the Ravens/Browns and possibly Sonics/Thunder, there really aren't that many teams that deny their existing in other cities or identities.
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    Well, Tubbs was a New Yorker. So obviously the Marlins are Tubbs, with that carpetbagger Jeter in the administration suite.
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    The idea of the Nationals wearing Expos uniforms is so very satisfying. It feels like a statement in support of the honest accounting of history, coming as it does at a time when that important value is increasingly under attack. But for them to wear the road uniform does not make much sense, as they will be at home against the Royals.
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    Hey Marlins, this is how you do it...
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    I don't like this part of your schtick. It seems needlessly mean spirited.
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    That jazz jersey is BEAUTIFUL.
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    So ironic that they were the more popular team in St. Louis until the 1930s, and doubly ironic that they almost forced the Cardinals out of town in the 1950s.
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    In fairness, that's in part because the Browns were an absolutely terrible team for pretty much their entire history, and so, really, there's nothing for the Orioles to bother celebrating about their history in St. Louis.
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    DO YOU THINK THIS IS CLEVER OR FUNNY? Because it’s not, it’s neither of those. Drink responsibly fellow board members.
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    Brewers continued their tradition of going the extra mile, and added what looks like red tape(?) on the bills of their batting helmets.
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    B-b-b-but they're not the same franchise! Why do people tolerate this attack on truth and the rule of law? What kind of values are we teaching our children? Is our great Republic which has stood for 243 years to be torn asunder and burned to the ground, its foundations shattered, the bright spirit of enlightened men gathered in a Philadelphia hall extinguished, the blood of thousands spilled for naught, under the nefarious onslaught of knaves, cowards, and thieves who twist the vary threads of the fabric of our civilization into knots with their duplicitous and insidious corruption of the values we hold so closely, so dearly, so passionately to our hearts? Is that really what you people want? DO YOU THINK THIS IS A GAME
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    All of this conjecture about other cities and "updates" on leagues which never did or never will play is nice and all to illustrate how well you may use Google (/sarcasm) In actual news (w/ Oliver Luck quotes too!), XFL rule differences over NCAA and NFL will likely include:
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    No one ever said it was a good imitation.
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    Kurt Cobain is rolling in his grave.
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    My only thought for the Cardinals to throwback as the Browns would be to acknowledge St. Louis baseball history. Much like you see teams throw back to the Negro League teams that once played within their city. Outside the one time the Orioles threw back to the Browns (2003 according to Uni-Watch), there has been no interest in representing the first 52 years of the franchise's history. I think the Orioles should give their blessing, but I see no problem with the Cardinals, or at a stretch the Brewers paying homage to the St. Louis Browns.
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    FC Cincinnati Primary While the current pattern they're using is a little odd, I like the broken-stripe motif Cincinnati is using, so I incorporated it here. The stripes are made of diagonal lines in the angle of the stripe in the club crest. I also thought they could use a little more orange overall, so I gave them orange socks. The sponsor is Listermann Brewing who brews Stoppage Time cream ale in collaboration with an FCC supporters group. Change The stripe pattern carries over onto the change kit, this time in a more subtle tonal pattern.
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    Las Vegas is the sweet spot for the many LA Raider fans that are still here. They will drive to Vegas. They wouldn't drive to San Antonio, which is probably also claimed by Dallas or Houston as a satellite market. Also the Vegas-Phoenix corridor is fast growing and so it's actually a very big market, much bigger than San Antonio.
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    Good to see the Indians 70s C logo, the Florida Marlins logo, and the Twins World Series logo.
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    I'd only say that the helmet was the thing that they screwed up the least... not that they didn't screw it up. The new shade of orange is a little too red, and the brown facemask is a downgrade from the gray. I get that the traditional gray would clash with their contemporary look, but even white would have worked better than brown IMO.
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    It's a big year for them to do this, what with the anniversary and all. That said, I will be happy when they resume wearing their normal stuff next season. They've done some relatively creative things with the helmets while staying within the one-helmet rule, so kudos to them.
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    Wasn’t sure where to put this but I thought it was worth sharing:
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    They would have to shrink shoulder Elvis there to make it work. Plus make the T.V. numbers slightly smaller so that the Nike swoosh could fit. I like those Patriots uniforms. Oh, and What's wrong with these Suns uniforms? They look bad ass!
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    The Jaguars new uniform is so close. Honestly, the simplicity of it is the best thing about it. The number font is my favorite in the NFL. With just a few simple adjustments it become quite possibly my number one NFL look. Here's what I'd do. Get rid of the black jersey and pants. Teal becomes the primary home. Make the spikes and sleeve details on the white jersey teal, and add a simple pants detail. Done. This also allows us to have a really nice throwback.
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    On to the AFC south. This division turned out to be fairly easy to do the whole "minor changes only" idea, except for one notable exception. The Colts, Texans, and Jags all just needed very small tweaking IMO. The Titans, of course, are a complete disaster, and it was very difficult to find just about anything worth saving. Here we go... Start with the Colts. My only real change, other than template, was to reintroduce the sock stripes and to add a small logo to the jersey. To pull this off, the cut of the jersey sleeves/shoulders would have to be adjusted. I'm picturing it to be something like what was done with UCLA, which is obviously possible.
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    Chicago Fire Primary I went for as close to a classic Fire look as I could, which isn't too far off of what they're currently wearing. The sponsor is Half Acre Beer Company, makers of the fantastic Daisy Cutter Pale Ale. Change Fire fans have clamored for a Chicago-flag-themed kit over the years, so I went in that direction.
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    The Nationals wearing Expos throwbacks is just plain wrong.
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    I like Bryant Gumbel's "This is awkward" face in this photo.
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    Those are still my favorite pant stripes of all time. Cannot believe they ditched them so fast.
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    Nike is about to give all NBA teams an identity crisis if that Jazz jersey real.
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    Next up is Portland and Washington. C&C appreciated!
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    Remove the middle green/teal color in the wordmark and make the gradient a little cleaner, and that is a perfect Jazz jersey.
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    I'm just sitting here, hoping for either of the Winter Classic jerseys to be the base of a new identity. Speaking of popular '90s throwbacks that should be a bit more "in vogue," Aside from the shoulder numbers, this is the best the Patriots have ever looked.
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    I see the Raiders more as a faded, flabby former biker who is still coasting on the bad rep he earned in his youth. Likes to talk tough every now and then but desperately hopes nobody calls his bluff and asks him to put up. More pathetic poseur than badass outlaw.
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    And the Cardinals get the biggest overhaul... there just really wasn't much to save. The new logo, obviously stays and the number font is pretty good. Other than that, it's a retreat to the past for them...
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