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    Josh Gordon or no Josh Gordon, weed (or even CBD) shouldn't be banned from the NFL. We're encouraging players get hooked on pain meds instead of much safer alternatives for no good reason outside of outdated morality (and probably a light dose of racism).
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    Can I just say how sick I am of this particular stupid ploy. The Miami Dolphins are doing it, the Padres and Brewers have been doing it, others, and now apparently Arkansas. "Here's the clearly superior uniform you all want, but for whatever reason we don't want to give you. We'll make it an alternate, and celebrate it like we're doing you a giant favor." Screw that garbage. Just make your best look your true look and stop gouging your fans for extra jersey sales. Buttholes.
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    super crude white city mock up:
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    100% of all the people hit by baseballs at baseball games are drunk millenials who only care about snapgram and myface apps and don't care about the game. RE: Extended Netting. I'm for it! First of all, it's 2019 - People are going to look at their phones. Obviously people should be paying attention to the game they paid to attend, but asking people to keep their eyes on the field for the entire game is A. unreasonable, B. impossible and C. the stadiums themselves are overstimulating attention dividers. I'm supposed to watch the video screen of the previous highlight, answer some trivia question, watch people dancing on the big screen, while the next pitch is being thrown. The seats are closer than ever, the balls are being hit harder than ever, and there's a higher emphasis on fouling balls off and working the count so there's more balls being hit into the crowd than ever. This is why almost every major league player wants extended netting because they don't want to kill some kid while trying to extend an at-bat. Even if someone is completely focused on the game, actual major leaguers sometimes struggle to react to these balls fast enough and they're trained professionals in peak physical condition. You simply don't have a lot of time to get out of the way. Jerry Franklin from Accounts Payable at Integrated Logistics isn't going to be able to get out of the way if the players can't and you KNOW Jerry Franklin from Accounts Payable at Integrated Logistics is paying attention to the game. People want so badly to make extended netting into a "pussification of America! I didn't wear a bike helmet when i was a kid and I survived! millenials and their apps!" thing and it's not. It's common sense safety and good customer service (because getting hit with a dangerous object is bad customer service no matter where you are). I'd rather sit safely behind a net (that I can barely see and I forget about after 3 seconds) while I pay attention to 90% of the game and enjoy myself than be on constant high alert for projectiles coming at me and my kids (I don't have kids). Also if you're a granny who keeps score you're not watching every single pitch either so cram the phone thing down your cramhole.
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    On to Chicago... Color Rush jersey: Full Uniform:
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    After watching both our women's and men's teams play on Sunday, I kept getting the urge to make a new set for them. Looking at the "new" crest and the previous one, I'm surprised the teams never tried basing a jersey design off the stripes on the crests. Also being a huge fan of the waldo uniforms, I wanted to go with a similar look, but not an exact copy. I decided to do three uniforms, and feature some of the young US stars. So without further adieu, here is my first concept in quite some time. Hope you enjoy. Home Away The back of the neckline on the jerseys feature a vertical USA. The women's team will have 4 stars surrounding them, while the men's are (sadly) blank. Third C&C appreciated!
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    The Skating Penguin was a bit of a victim of an attempted update/very bad digital trace in the 1990s. Compare these renderings (modern recreation of 1970s design vs. 1990s/2000s digitization/slight tweak of original): Note how the newer version, while better with some line weights (such as the beak), a different head shape, and better eye rendering, has a lot of lost sharpness in the glove detail and the stick end. Heck, the more angular stick of the original is probably better for the purposes of the design. It doesn't need any serious replacing, but it could just use some tidying up. Much like how the Orioles tidied up their cartoon birds: ...or how @ren69 nailed the original Dolphins' logo: Just a little bit of tidying up goes a long way, or re-digitizing logos from the original art renderings/providing better traces. @andrewharrington once said that the Rangers' shield was several generations removed from the original art. This is something that teams, especially if they're looking to expand throwback gear or update their look, should consider.
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    Video game leaks are hard to take seriously anymore given the customization options we have available, too.
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    To me, this is the most annoying look in the NFL. At least the Buccaneers uniforms actually complete a cohesive look.
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    Call me crazy, but I think a whole set can be done around this idea
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    Vacation has slowed down a little bit which gave me some time to get back on Illustrator and get the next team ready: So TCU decided to complicate things by releasing some damn good new uniforms before I got around to designing them. So the plan changed a little bit when it came down to it, but I think I found a good happy medium. Football - So as I said, the new uniforms were pretty damn good IMO. On the helmets, I got rid of the facemask color stripe, I always felt that facemask stripes can work, but not in this case. Full logo on the sides. Jerseys have the new Black Panther Horned Frog pattern around the neck, with a halved stripe from the helmet on the sleeves. Kept the number font the same, definitely works here. Pants have the same pointy stripe going down the side. Hockey - So hell froze over for these Frogs, and now the aesthetic matches. Halved stripes around the sleeves, with a straight stripe on the hems. Full TCU logo on the chest with the Vibranium pattern around the neck. Gave them a couple different pant options between purple and black which have the pointed stripe down the side. Also gave 3 helmet options between the three main colors. Baseball - First off the bat, to keep things pretty baseball classic, the T'Challa necklace pattern (I'm sorry, ill stop with this one), became sublimated so it wasn't as In Your Face as the other two have been. Halved stripes on the sleeves. Arched TCU on the home and away jerseys, with the Athletic Frog logo on the chest for the alternate. Pants also have the halved stripes because I feel that it worked better with the pants. Basketball - Finally, for the hardwood, the full color pattern returns to the neckline. Arched TCU across the chest of all 3 jerseys. Full pointy stripe running down the side of the jerseys. For the shorts, half stripe around the bottom of the shorts that end on the side hem line. HORNED FROGS above the stripe going along with the angle of the stripe. C&C welcome!
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    I read the title as "Deer Water Park" and thought this was about log flumes and water slides. Now I'm sad.
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    No, the Fire's lease was tougher. Not only did it require them to play there, it had a clause that if MLS was ever to introduce a second club to Chicago, that club would also be required to play in Bridgeview. If the Fire can get out of their lease, literally anyone can.
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    Watch Kawhi end up on, like, the Kings or Suns in two years just to :censored: with us all.
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    The Preds going to navy at home would be like when the Flyers went with black as the primary jersey during the '00s. The yellow is completely unique, and it sets Nashville apart from the Sabres & Blues. Plus, the fact that the rebrand happened to coincide with the team ditching the "expansion" label & becoming a model franchise means the yellow isn't going anywhere.
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    After a little bit of a break, we start off the final division with the Arizona Diamondbacks! Although I'd personally prefer the Diamondbacks to embrace the brick red more, they very clearly seem to be promoting the black, along with turquoise. I decided to try and run with that this time around, with sand being completely dropped from the identity. Off-white comes back in its place as the base for the home uniform, along with acting as an accent color on the brick red alternate and BP jersey. The away has more of a sand-tint to it as opposed to going with a full-on sand road uniform. The main striping pattern is based off of the 90's alternates. The Turn Back the Clock is also based off of the purple version of those uniforms. The brick elements of the 2nd alternate (cap, belt, & socks) could be worn with the main home & away uniforms on occasion. In fact, I would personally hope that they’d do it often. I think that's about it, hopefully this still helps the Diamondbacks to be a modern, cutting edge team while also still having a clean, concise identity that doesn't try to do too much. Let me know what you think!
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    80s/90s Sixers emphasized blue at home, red on the road
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    Call me crazy, but as a limited-use Color Rush Alternate, I'm entirely behind this.
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    The skating penguin is far more fun as a logo than the robo-penguin.
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    Adidas did a much better job on these than Nike did with their last Husky uniform.
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    The yellow looks great but they really need to come up with a bolder striping configuration.
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    If you lead a team to a ring, it's definitely not your wrong uniform
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    Hell, the scouts, literally paid to evaluate players sit in seats with netting, so the whole "view" angle is overplayed, too. Frankly, it would be nice to be able to pay attention to things other than the batter during a game- watch focus on a single player all the way through an inning, see how he's positioning himself, reacting. Increased netting is more chance to nerd out.
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    Is it possible for someone to *not* have a wrong uniform, given his success in both San Antonio and Toronto?
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    Nope. Scratch that. I'm so desperate for NBA uniform news that I literally think every "leak" is real.
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    The Dallas Stars used to wear black & gold at home, but green, gold, and black on the road. Also, the Detroit Tigers use orange on the road, but are strictly navy & white at home.
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    Replace the second purple with gold and I’d say it’s one of the greatest uniforms in the NCAA
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    Official photos of UW's uniforms are here https://www.huskiesnewera.com/inspired-by-history-designed-for-the-future They are so much better than I was prepared for.
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    Thinking a little bit more about this topic, and I think Nolan Ryan with the Rangers is a pretty prime example. He played longer with the Angels and Astros, but his 5,000th strikeout, 300th win, last no hitters, the Robin Ventura fight, and his HOF plaque all make the Rangers a very strong association in my mind, and I’m sure many others. Plus there’s the whole “Texan Legend” thing and from a purely aesthetic standpoint, that Rangers look fit him very well. I mean, the guy looked like a Texas Ranger. As far any possible criteria for the topic, it seems to check off just about all the boxes.
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    Correction on the Raiders, the home uniform has been the same since 1963 and nothing more. Slight font variations have happened but other than that it's been that way since 1963. The road uniform is where things get weird. They flirted with the idea of silver road numbers off and on in 1963, silver numbers were full time in 1964 and finally black numbers on the road jersey debuted full time in 1965, they switched back to silver road numbers in 1970 again, the current Raiders look on the road that we know of debuted in 1972 with the silver trim on the black numbers.
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    Maybe they take the game more seriously. At least this meaningless game stopped being used to determine home-field advantage for the World Series. One of the worst ideas baseball ever had.
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    100%. It's a beautiful logo that happened to show up at the wrong time. Anything that replaced the logo that was just seen with two Stanley Cups was going to be unfairly crapped on.
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    Personally I'd really like the diagonal PITTSBURGH script to come back for an alternate.
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    There's no question the so-called "robo-penguin" shouldn't replace the logo associated with five Stanley Cups. But why it can't be used on an alternate is beyond comprehension. It's the same basic concept as the primary logo, only done in a more realistic style and would be a far better option than simply removing the triangle from the cartoon penguin.
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    When someone calls that logo the pigeon or robo penguin you know they are very biased and aren't even being truthful. It looks a lot more like an actual penguin than the Skating Penguin logo does.
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    FWIW, the fan base hated these. A good concept that didn’t work as well in practice because they looked like lightning bolts. As @Clintau24 said, the Hogs set last year was a really solid look, and it’ll still be in the rotation for at least another season. But, this is what the fan base has been calling for. From our neutral perspective on the boards, we want each team to look unique and own their “look” as it would be if we were the ones creating the concepts in our own perfect world. But that’s not always what works best for the team. This is Arkansas’ best look. In regards to looking like a bootleg OU, they don’t play OU. You don’t change your whole identity based on another team that you rarely play. That’s why the Brewers should go back to Blue and Yellow, but even if they do that shouldn’t prevent the Mariners from doing the same. The same goes for the Rockets and the Hawks. Hell, Nebraska and Wisconsin looked nearly identical for years. But those were the best looks for each team individually. A non-rival shouldn’t dictate what you do as a program aesthetically. Expect Arkansas to add a white version and go with these full-time in 2020.
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    Ben Stokes (@robotcanary on twitter) crossbred Norwich City's badge with every club from Serie A. Given the club's German connections, we're trying to get him to do a Bundesliga set next.
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    Perhaps. Or the Knicks. Who knows what Kawhi thinks? I'm bitter he spurned the Lakers, but in a vacuum, I think what Kawhi is doing is great. Until the owners/governors get rid of max deals (a.k.a artificially depressed wages), players absolutely should leverage teams against each other.
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    I’m not taking requests on what you’d like to see. This thread is my own vision...feel free to take a stab at it yourself and post in a new thread (please do not reuse my templates/paint bucket over my own concepts).
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    I would rather have the Cartoony SKATING PENGUIN than the Realistic Corporate looking pos thing check out Andrew Conti’s Book BREAKAWAY: it chronicles the Events Leading up to and after Lemieux taking Ownership of the Franchise then owner howard ass hat baldwin has ADMITTED to wanting to CHANGE the Logo / Uniform and even Team Name! The NEW LOGO was NOTHING MORE than a Money Grab! Maybe if he hadn’t had such a hard on for WANTING TO change the logo, his mindset for handling Everything Else might have been different courtesy of pittsburghhockey.net (apologies if I’m not allowed to provide a link to another site) Hanging up the Skates. Gary Adams, an artist with Vance, Wright & Adams Design Group, came up with the “corporate-style” logo that was used on the shoulder patches until the start of the 2007-08 season. Adam’s said new Penguins’ owner Howard Baldwin wanted something more “marketable” and even considered changing the name back to the Hornets.” “Baldwin said: ‘They’re gonna kill me for changing the logo, why not the name?’ ” recalled Adams. “We even looked at replacing gold with the Vegas Gold color scheme.” The design was met with skepticism and superstition. Loyal fans thought the logo change was a Baldwin gimimick simply to generate money in jersey sales. Others, including Gessner, thought the logo change would ruin the Pens’ mojo. “They just won the Stanley Cup two years in a row and they wanted to change the logo?” recalled Gessner. “I was stunned and saddened. Wait did this article Refer to the logo as “corporate-style”?????
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    Major downgrades? Not really. I get wanting the striped socks back and maybe the navy undershirts (I like red), but don't tell me that this isn't a fantastic road uniform. Also, "historical identity for years" kind of falls flat when it's so tied to failure. They didn't look like the Red Sox, but rather the flannel Yankees with different-colored accessories. Heck, the Red Sox's biggest failures happened with navy-only road uniforms. Going back to navy-only was a mistake, one that I'm glad the team corrected. Of course, their best road look only lasted two years. Navy w/red outlines and placket trim is perfect. Except the white lettering didn’t contrast enough with the powder base. Outlines would help it immensely.
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    Too me this is the best set up for both Football and Baseball. You would have never guess it was also a baseball field on tv, unless you saw a baseball game played there.
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    Honestly, I'd prefer navy to be their home and make the yellow jersey a third. Navy just looks better as the home jersey for Nashville.
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    I bought a Longhorns Christmas ornament at Whole Foods in Austin a few years ago... the cashier literally thought it was a uterus ornament and remarked on it, before we set her straight
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