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    I am so surprised at how many people love the coogie jerseys. As a Net fan, I think they are ok. Fine for an alternate. But I would have liked something different this year. In no way should they make that their full time look. This is my favorite jersey since the move to Brooklyn.
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    You just reminded me how much I miss this baseline.
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    This is also VERY good. Also, I disagree that the Nets need to return to R/W/B, as black and white is understated and classy, and is actually unused enough on it’s own to be pretty unique. I also think that it works with the move from NJ to Brooklyn because it sort of gives them a bit of a cosmopolitan feel. This might come across as some Nikespeak style gobbledy(I am racially insensitive), but the move to the simpler color palate suits a city like New York. R/W/B is fine for a backyard BBQ, which seems suited to New Jersey. But if you’re attending a “black tie” event, you would probably end up doing that in the city. What better place to “dress up” for an event than in Brooklyn? I say keeping the old colors in New Jersey was a good move. If anything, I’d like to see a B/W version of their NJ J Kidd championship loss era set. That I think would translate fantastically to the B/W color scheme (especially considering basketball nets are white). I get thats a bit a bit of a stretch, so don’t BBQ me too much for that, but I think the simple color scheme just fits a big concrete jungle better than your typical R/W/B. Plus, Batman. He wore black. Gotham is basically NYC, so... EDIT: I have NO IDEA where the hell the "Racially insensitive" line came from. That's either a really strange autocorrect, or someone is messing around with posts DOUBLE EDIT: So, apparently, when you type gobbledy(I am racially insensitive), the boards changes the g00k part to (I am racially insensitive) Thee's an Easter egg I've never seen before here!
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    The Mavericks' brand is so boring it's almost impressive
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    It makes very little sense for the Nets to adopt a RWB color scheme. The New York Nets look is a nice and classic one, but it also is waaaay too close to the Sixers' look. And I don't know why you'd want the Nets to rock royal blue when their two primary rivals for the foreseeable future, the Knicks and the Sixers, are already doing that. I have some quibbles around the current look (mostly the number font, which is atrocious) but I think it's stellar from a branding perspective. The stark color scheme is polarizing but that has helped them plant their flag and stand out. It fits their community (the modern-day Brooklyn) perfectly, which is to say "tough, but sophisticated, but really just moneyed beyond belief". And it provides separation from both the New Jersey and the Long Island eras, to further delineate the Brooklyn era. I think it's been one of the more successful rebrands of the decade and I don't see a good reason to change it, especially when they're about to sell a lot of merch.
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    Couldn't agree more. The color rush set (sans GIANTS of course) is how the giants should look on the road, imo.
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    One of my favorites was TCU years back. It's basically just triangles but it added to their look for years. Collar and sleeve piping seems to be a lost art now. I also love the tree twolves pattern. Are gradient patterns allowed? I'm not talking a full Utah jazz sunset, but what if a team wanted to go from red to black on their piping, top to bottom. No one's really going gradients there. We see camo a lot with wordmarks. But camo along the piping? I'm thinking more along the line of teztures. You mention stars. That would be great. Maybe an ocean Beach wave blue color for the clippers. A textured wavy blue trim for the clippers could work. Utah could have a muddy sandstone texture on their trim. The coogi set is one of the only ones to really open up the trim and piping to multiple colors. Let's see more NBA!
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    The New Jersey Nets’ grey alternate from the mid 2000s is one of my all-time favourite basketball uniforms.
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    I can't say I ever actually misconceived what the SIUe logo is considering I have a whole bunch of family in Edwardsville and the athletics logo rarely appears without "COUGARS" right underneath it, but I swear this thing looks like a demon beaver and not a cougar. And honestly, the SIUe Demon Beavers would be a much more unique mascot and I would fully support it.
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    It’s a horse vomiting the Space Needle.
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    The slate blue and bronze was just so 90s.
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    For years when I was younger, I could never understand how a backward "G" with a line says "D"isney.
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    Getting back to the Broncos... Does no one see an arm coming in from the right, sticking its finger into the horse's nostril?
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    To me, this is the most annoying look in the NFL. At least the Buccaneers uniforms actually complete a cohesive look.
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    super crude white city mock up:
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    He's trippin. This uni is going away next season:
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    As much as I think the 80s set is a great uniform, the 60s design is superior IMO. Its amazing how it still looks great even today and I love that they brought them back. The 80s are a good alternate but they should never stray away from the classic.
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    Since we're on the topic of Pittsburgh, I'd love to see the Buccos incorporate this script back into their identity. It's "rough" enough to work with the custom number font (or an improved version of it), while also not reading as "condensed" as the current wordmark. It'd work well for an alternate or a dugout jacket.
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    I get that, to an extent, but I feel like R/W/B is really befitting of a city like Philadelphia, and even moreso, Washington DC, too. DC, for example, also has three teams wearing R/W/B (Caps, Nats, and Wizards), and Philly also has two (Sixers and Phillies). I kinda feel like R/W/B would work fine for ANY of the traditional big east coast "Founding" cities. It's easy for the scheme to get a bit watered down. The Nets, with the move, are sort of the newest team in that market, so them changing makes the most sense.
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    They haven't been unveiled yet. This is just showing the last two iterations and stating that there will be new ones in 2019.
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    what am i buying here, deer urine? show me the park, not the deer
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    The only thing that is the same is eli manning facial expressions
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    Montreal Impact Primary Classic blue/black stripes for the Impact, though with a little more emphasis on the blue than what they currently use. The sponsor is Unibroue, brewers of the absolutely amazing La Fin du Monde. Change White/silver/white with a silver cross on the shirt and a silver/black tonal crest. I admit, this one's a little odd at first glance. My original thoughts revolved around invoking the flag of Montreal, but then thought that a shirt involving white and red wouldn't go over so well with their fanbase. I then thought about basing it more off of the Flag of Quebec, but having blue and black stripes on the primary means the need to stay away from large swaths of blue on the front of the change shirt. So the cross became silver and here we are. (I fear that gray/silver may have become the new all-white in this series.)
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    Loving this ASU helmet. They really need to have the center maroon stripe on the gold helmet be a full time thing. Would look a lot better with sparky but i’ll take it.
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    Minnesota United Primary Was there any doubt that I was bringing back the wing? It's a little different than the wing from the NASL days, but I think this version works a little better with a sponsor. Black on gray with black socks and a hint of the light blue throughout. The sponsor is Surly Brewing, one of the craft beer pioneers in the Twin Cities. Change A little "Minnesota black and blue" for the change kit with an interrupted black diagonal stripe.
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    I read the title as "Deer Water Park" and thought this was about log flumes and water slides. Now I'm sad.
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    @Conrad. is there anything to this?
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    New England Revolution I mentioned earlier in the series that I didn't make too many changes to the club logos. The Revs are the exception. Crest I'm still not entirely sure this is a finished product, to be honest, but I feel like it's a pretty good start. The top of the crest is laid out to resemble a revolutionary-era tricorn hat. The pine tree at the bottom of the crest comes from the New England flag the Revs have been using recently, though it's recolored navy to avoid adding another color to the crest. I carried over the soccer ball with stars to have a callback to the original logo. Primary The Revs have changed from all-blue to white shorts recently, and I found that I'm all for it. I kept that look here and added some red trim to the mix; I also added tonal hoops across the front of the shirt. The sponsor is Jack's Abby; their offshoot Springdale by Jack's Abby brews a collaboration with the Midnight Riders called Supporter Scarf. Change Taking some hints from the afore-mentioned flag of New England, the change strip is white/red/white; the shirt and socks have green trim, while the pine from the flag is shown in a tonal print of the front.
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    The Loons had an epic dark gray look in the NASL:
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    I agree. Nobody really wants to imagine a time when your biggest star (Grant Hill) spent more time on the injury list than on the court. Well, I wouldn't want to switch any of them now. Had color diversification been done in the 1960s or '70s (like what the A's did) beyond "brighten a few shades and use powder blue road uniforms," you could have plenty of color schemes that'd be classic today. The Red Sox in red/dark green (think now, but with dark green replacing navy), the Twins in green/blue of some kind, Cleveland with maroon/orange or brown/red or navy/insert lighter color here, or Atlanta with black/red could have all been fantastic given the right execution. However, that didn't happen, and the teams handle color distribution and font/uniform design well enough to differentiate them. I'm good with this. They handle their respective color schemes in inverted ways, so I've never seen the need for either one to "switch it up," save for the Canadiens using the 1940s white sweater as a third. I agree. It's far easier to use than royal/red and it fits with many apparel demands/matching colors.
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    The Mavericks need new branding desperately, perhaps more than any other team in sports. They have the colors right but the emo horse, wonky logos and horrible fonts just complete one of my least favorite identities ever.
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    I really like the Giants' identity.. to me, it's pretty darn cohesive and I think it offers great color balance (particularly the roads).. and since the two jerseys will never be worn simultaneously, it shouldn't be an issue.. the Texans and Broncos both do a similar thing, and the 90's Vikings had two different templates altogether.. I dig it, and I think it works.. Especially with The team's full color palette being featured on both the helmet and pants.. only change I'd make is have them wear blue socks on the road
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    Palace away. Puma’s done a great job with them this year.
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    I hate that charcoal that the Nets have used. It’s so close to black that it just looks like the equipment manager used cheap laundry detergent and faded their uniforms.
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    When I was a real little guy at daycare, I remember one of my buddies telling me look at Mr. Steve's hat! It says Sex! And we thought it was a riot. The logo was:
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    I not an overall fan of Adidas take for a lot of teams, but I think the stripped, kinda gimmicky basic looks that it brings for schools not as seeped in tradition (ASU and Wash) works for those schools, but when they tried pulling that at ND and Wisconsin (Ugh, dark years for those looks in the latter parts of the contract), it just came off as ugly and cheap looking. My thoughts on uniform supplier's relation to the success and or reputation of a team; Bottom-Level Looks => Bottom-Level Success & Reputation (Teams Typically Have Little Tradition & No Historic Identity) Nike Catalog Looks; typically aren't competing just looking for a look that doesn't cost much & low-to-moderate concern of reputation (In US, Nike is definitely more liked than Adidas) Adidas Catalog Looks; typically wanting to save money & aren't concerned with reputation Mid-Level Looks => Mid-Level Success & Reputation (Teams Typically Have Some Tradition & A Few Memorable Identities) Under Armour Catalog Looks; typically splurging a little to get some unique basic looks, as UA has shown to be more expensive than Nike & Adidas, also moderately concerned with reputation Adidas Custom Looks; pretty much either slight variation of catalog looks, a traditional look that they somehow also always mess something up about it, or some gimmick based on a tradition from the school (See all the throwbacks for A&M and the alts that were made for UCLA) High Level Looks => High-Level Success & Reputation (Teams Typically Have Lots of Tradition & At Least One Iconic/Consistent Identity) Under-Armour Custom Looks; high level of respect for traditional looks & good at finding ways of maintaining old designs on tighter & smaller uniforms,and there's generally a lot of effort put into the custom alts for teams (see Maryland's Alts and Notre Dame's Shamrock Series Alts) Nike Custom Looks; same as UA essentially but I would say that Nike is also good at helping teams create an Identity (See Oregon, TCU, Baylor, and Boise State) Obviously there's expections to this rule; Cal & Texas Tech both have custom (beautiful) looks from UA but aren't really powerhouses or seeped in much tradition comparatively to other schools Several schools that have Nike Custom Looks are still mediocre at best see teams like Vandy, Wake Forest, Baylor, Oregon State, etc A team can have basic looks and all of a sudden get really good (then get a custom look) i.e. Boise State However, I do believe there's enough evidence out there to support my theory here
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    All this penguins talk, I will also say as an unpopular opinion. In addition to preferring the 90s penguin logo. I liked the orioles 90s logo better than the cartoony bird.
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    That pitchfork is barely legible. Make it solid maroon and that's a real good ASU look.
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    Just be glad the parent club doesn't adopt the muscle-bound creature they use at minor-league Wilkes-Barre/Scranton:
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    Triple A All Star Game has gone back to each player wearing their regular uniforms. Way better than league specific uniforms they've had the last few years.
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    BC Lions 2016 to 2018. Orange and black at home Orange and white on the road
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    Los Angeles Galaxy Primary All-white, navy trim, and a sash; after years of wandering the visual wastelands, the Galaxy have developed an iconic look over the last decade, and I wasn't about to go messing with that. In this case, the navy sash is broken up by a yellow stripe. I did decide to simplify the logo a bit, as even the simpler flat version used for the jerseys seemed too complex and had too many colors for my taste. The sponsor is Monkish Brewing, makers of Galaxy Defender pale ale. Change I stuck with the Galaxy's tendency to go with an all-navy change strip, trimmed in yellow. The shirt includes a yellow "ghost sash".
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    The Dallas Stars used to wear black & gold at home, but green, gold, and black on the road. Also, the Detroit Tigers use orange on the road, but are strictly navy & white at home.
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    Wait, it’s almost exactly the same as the summer league jersey.
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    Let's see how posting this from my phone goes... Los Angeles FC Primary I think LAFC nailed their look from the off, so there's no real reason to reinvent the wheel here: all black with gold trim. The sponsor is Angel City Brewing, a local brewery in the Arts District that has partnered with the team. (I've been to their taproom, which has a cool layout.) Change I decided on what was, in my mind, a "double gold" look, but is really just a cream color.
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