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    Angels tossed a combined no no on their first night back home after the death of Tyler Skaggs, while they were all wearing Skaggs 45 jerseys. This is why no matter how rough it’s been for baseball lately, I’ll always love this silly little game.
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    Was going through games on MLB TV since it's free this week and I noticed something during the Braves/Padres game that was pretty cool. The local Braves broadcast was using brown for the Padres because they were wearing the brown alternate but for some reason the Padres broadcast didn't do that.
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    After watching both our women's and men's teams play on Sunday, I kept getting the urge to make a new set for them. Looking at the "new" crest and the previous one, I'm surprised the teams never tried basing a jersey design off the stripes on the crests. Also being a huge fan of the waldo uniforms, I wanted to go with a similar look, but not an exact copy. I decided to do three uniforms, and feature some of the young US stars. So without further adieu, here is my first concept in quite some time. Hope you enjoy. Home Away The back of the neckline on the jerseys feature a vertical USA. The women's team will have 4 stars surrounding them, while the men's are (sadly) blank. Third C&C appreciated!
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    This might be the dumbest idea I've ever heard of and I already expect so little of the NFL. They're literally just proposing to move two preseason games into the regular season. "Hey, you know those awesome exhibition games that you don't watch because only the second and third stringers play? Well guess what... Those games matter now!"
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    Didn't think it was possible to make the Browns jerseys any worse, but yup they did it with gray. Missed opportunity to have an inverted orange version of the current color rush.
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    the gradient throwback is my favorite of the Rays set.
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    Here's my prototype based on the suggestion by @appleclock C&C Welcome.
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    I shall do no such thing, for two reasons. One of these reasons is that backing up your assertions is your responsibility, not mine. But the more important reason is one of irrelevance. Even if FC Cincinnati did commit some kind of bad acts in connection with those places that you mentioned, this still would not make MLS a "Ponzi scheme", as that is the name of one particular kind of financial scam, the kind of scam that depends on an indefinite exponential growth of paying participants.
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    Hopefully it does well enough that they might mothball the gray and bring the old red back as the statement.
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    Highlights of the week: Already flipped the Mogilny... but that Theo Fleury!! The White Liberty has been one of my personal holy grail jerseys - nabbed it off Facebook for $15 this morning!!
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    This is nonsense. FC Cincinnati is amongst the league leaders in attendance. And the Reds have publicly stated that they now for the first time have major-league competition for fans' attention and money. Anyway, on the general question of the thread: there are at least a half a dozen cities in Canada and the northern part of the U.S. that deserve NHL teams more than f-ing Las Vegas or Phoenix where there's no such thing as ice, or anyplace in Florida or Texas.
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    Getting a real Renegade vibe from it. But this is the first time an Ottawa team has worn black over white since October 29th 2005, They lost 43-23 to Montreal.
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    Misunderstanding. I though he was referring to how they actually look, not when they wear what they wear.
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    Perhaps @andrewharrington can answer this... I've noticed the Orca with the arched "Vancouver" is still listed as the Canucks primary logo on the mother-ship. Are they still using this version for branding purposes in spite of the recent tweak to the jerseys? Chris has added the updated Stick and Rink but still we see the word-mark. Any insight would be very much appreciated.
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    I weirdly like the Buccaneers inverted jerseys https://www.nflshop.com/tampa-bay-buccaneers/mens-tampa-bay-buccaneers-mike-evans-nike-pewter-inverted-legend-jersey/t-36590534+p-1470169795504+z-9-3375162312
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    Somewhere out there there's probably a game-worn Clint Malarchuk jersey with plenty of that color on it...
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    I don't know if it's official but the Gators might be wearing throwbacks vs Auburn.
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    Whether California S.B. 206 or Washington HB 1084 becomes law, the NCAA will be in a dilemma regardless. Their NIL Working Group chaired by Big East Commissioner Val Ackerman would not only have to adhere to state law(s), but also to a federal rulings from the O'Bannon and Alston cases which were tried in the court of Judge Claudia Wilken. In short, NIL really isn't tied to education, and thus would likely violate the O'Bannon ruling, which reads in part: The attorneys for the NCAA may state that the compensation isn't tied to the university and thus education, but rather from a third party, which would keep member schools within the O'Bannon ruling. San Diego sports attorney and adjunct professor Len Simon has written about the third party work around in an Op-Ed as well as a dissection of the Alston ruling.
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    Yea I slept on those. Great unique color, although I like the current ones the best.
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    I'm not a huge fan of all white football uniforms. Usually I think they're a little bland. I prefer colored pants for most teams with their white jerseys. But this is a sharp set, especially with the glossy helmet.
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    The first Color Rush jerseys for sale were the cheaper, everything-is-sublimated “Legend” series, just like these inverted jerseys. Though I’m 99.99% sure these are fan jerseys. NFL diesn’t need a new line if gameday jerseys.
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    Safe bet that these are just for fans unless we have another “Color Rush” surprise heading our way but a few teams have some items showing up called “inverted” where it’s their current look in a new colorway (some are really cool, some are nightmarish) Below is the Titans. I’ve also found gray Bears, gray Chiefs, pewter Bucs, gold Saints, and red Giants. Going to play around with url’s And see if i can find other teams. Shop link for Saquon in red so you know these are real items and not a photoshop scam https://www.nflshop.com/new-york-giants/mens-new-york-giants-saquon-barkley-nike-red-inverted-legend-jersey/t-13495657+p-366938316275+z-8-3292104249?SSAID=314743&_s=share-a-sale&utm_source=Shareasale&utm_medium=affiliates&sscid=71k3_bj3tk
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    Doesn't this bring Chris Paul full-circle too?
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    The giants are some of the best uniforms in the league right now. They’re classy, and they’ve won (and lost) a lot in them. I think this would be a good alt, it’s a really sharp uniform, I just prefer the currents
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    Never mind their crappy uniforms, I find it absolutely insane that this logo is still around
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    I don't think KC fans take issue with the Chiefs having fans who live outside of their city. After all, most of the state of Missouri is oddly KC Chiefs and St. Louis Cardinals fans, and it was that way even when the Rams were in St. Louis. It's mostly because both have much longer lasting roots in the state than their cross-state compatriots. But it's always been hard to find a Royals fan in Springfield unless they're a KC transplant, and there were never really Rams fans in Columbia unless they were a St. Louisan going to school at Mizzou. It's just how it was: Cardinals and Chiefs. I think the implication that the KC market didn't like was that the team somehow belongs to Missouri, and therefore also St. Louis, rather than belonging to greater Kansas City (and, of course, the preferences of fans from Kansas also have to be considered). On the flip side, I think the Blues and Blues fans would be more than happy to accept KC fans into the fandom fold, but in spite of being the only NHL team in Missouri they definitely have a very St. Louis centric fan base. Plus, Mahomes coming to a Stanley Cup Finals game definitely did quite a bit to endear St. Louis to the Chiefs and perhaps grabbed some Chiefs fans' attention regarding the Blues. Regardless, my point was less about KC or St. Louis and their desire to attract more fans from around the state or country and more so that they are definitely very distinct markets that don't usually appeal to the cross-state city's sports fans, even if there isn't another team in the state competing for fans and attention in the same league. So therefore, as a Missourian, it's hard for me to wrap my brain around a team from Charlotte claiming to be Carolina's team, or a team from Raleigh doing the same - because St. Louis and Kansas City would never imagine trying to make a similar claim on Missouri. In a state where a single major city dominates the market like OnWis97 mentioned it might make more sense. Denver is the only show in town when it comes to professional sports, so therefore claiming Colorado isn't really audacious or bizarre (it just isn't my preference for how to name a team). But for Tennessee, Carolina, Florida, or Texas it just strikes me as odd considering what I see in Missouri... but maybe their cultures are just different when it comes to rooting for another city's team if it's the only team in the state.
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    My initial reaction is to agree with this. But then I realise that I like the name "California Angels" better than any other the team has had. So I am not completely consistent on the matter. In the third version of the MISL, a team in Independence, Missouri took the name Missouri Comets, naming itself after the Kansas City Comets teams in the original and the second MISL leagues. The team eventually came to its senses and changed its name to Kansas City Comets, though it still plays in Independence. It is currently in the MASL. Here is where I, as an arrogant big-city type, lecture the fine people of Kansas City. If you want to see yourself as a major city, then you have to be prepared to have fans from outside the city limits. The Yankees have fans in Europe, just as Barcelona have fans in the U.S. Having fans from out of town does not diminsh the team as "yours". Also, we should remember that, before the Rockies came about, the Royals' fanbase extended well into the big square states of the Southwest. In addition, when a team moves, jilted fans turning to another team is pretty natural. The Blue Jays sure have plenty more fans in Montreal than they did when the Expos were around. And in the period between the move of the Senators away from Washington and the move of the Nationals to Washington, the Orioles were considered to be essentially Washington's hometown team, so much so that presidents would throw out the first ball at Orioles games.
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    I was thinking about a splitting the difference... White numbers on the black, but I'm keeping the silver numbers on the red. I do love a good biscuit.
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    We really made it into a second page of this thread without a mention of Georgetown?
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    It's Northampton Community College, NJCAA Region 19. It's in Bethlehem, PA.
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    I'm surprised how many people dislike the Mavs brand and unis. I, for one, think it's one of the best looks in the NBA It could use some cleaning up, and it's definitely been chipped away at over the years, but the logo is really solid ad the uniforms are still pretty good (The original emphasis on the navy was better, though).
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    I thought the previous design was kinda ugly with the box and now this one is too plain.. Just go back to these
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    Yellow looks amazing as a primary colour. However, I much prefer yellow to be used as a light colour. The NHL should, at least, have teams wear white & yellow at home in the second half of the season.
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    I'm all for anything that makes it more difficult for adult child Zack Hample to collect baseballs.
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    Whether they have serifs or not (and regardless of anyone’s personal opinion on the vibe that is projected by the presence or absence of serifs), it still comes down to the form, proportion, and cohesion with the other numbers in the set. Naturally, I have a short list of critiques, but overall, I think the Yankees do pretty well here: The arm of the 3 is a little short, creating too much negative area in the number. The 4 feels a tiny bit too heavy, and the elbow is maybe a touch too stubby. Lastly, I’ve never liked the chamfered inside corner on the ends of the 6 and 9. Despite this being the easiest (sometimes only) way to identify Wilson’s block number set from other manufacturers’ sets, it’s always stood out as very strange and clunky since the other numbers all have square inside corners on pieces like that. On these, I would say the same thing about the arm of the 3 and elbow of the 4. I would also point out that the flat bottom of the 2 makes it look too wide, and the slant of the 7 is a little extreme, making it also look quite wide in comparison to the others. The overall aesthetic of these, though, is just not something I’m into, at least not the way it’s employed in MLB. Removing the serifs can add a clean, elegant quality to a number set, but I think that elegance is lost again when all the corners are double chamfered, like you’re taking away one pocket from the formal shirt but adding two more somewhere else. They look very “local screen print shop” to me. That’s not inherently bad if a couple teams are using that look to support the vibe of the brand they’ve built, but it feels a little cheap when so many teams do it.
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    Here's one: I think the LA Clippers' 1990s jerseys were fine. Same for their logo. Yeah, the logo was pretty obviously based on the iconic logo of their better-known Southern California brethren. It still looked pretty good. Yeah, the color scheme was generic. Same for the jersey design. But I still thought they looked pretty good. Were the uni changes in the early aughts an upgrade? Yes, of course. I'd still take the '90s set over that horrid black alt, and the '90s logo over the horrid current logo, though.
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    I consider Al Davis to be a more rebellious cousin of Connie Mack. Both men were the franchise, a constant through most of their existence and the leaders for their most successful periods. Senility, money difficulties, and family squabbles ultimately damaged their legacy. Granted, the Raiders are in vastly better financial shape than the A's were when the Mack family sold the team, but the comparison is fairly accurate. The Al I remember was an ineffectual, Skeletor-looking grump who couldn't catch up to modernity. He, and the Raiders along with him, lost their way ages ago.
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    Why haven't I shared this yet? I have an Instagram page with some of my best finds @lockerswap716 Didn’t want to wait til the sales Thursday & deal with those insane 4th of July sales crowd... scored a hat trick (and 4 jerseys):
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    Whoa, there. The self-described "New York chauvinist" admits to eating - and enjoying - Pizza Hut!? I'm absolutely flabbergasted.
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    Here you go, BK...I got the colours close...(they're hard for me to get spot on)... Also, Midwest...I took the bits out of the Sockeye's mouth in this post...looks better!...Thanks...
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    The old mark was considerably better. Unique, classy typeface, and perfectly evoked the theme of the park. The new logo is bland - the opposite of what a theme park should be - and I hate the use of three photos in a single logo like that. Looks terrible, and will look even worse when shrunken down on a smaller application.
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    That logo's only associated with failure because the storyline it was introduced in was terrible.
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