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    Amazing and clean is not a description I would use. Especially knowing they could be wearing these beauts
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    it won't be an orange uniform.
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    The gold stripe on the jersey side panel and shorts to simulate the crack in the Liberty Bell...genius.
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    Can somebody please explain why the Pistons insist on wearing Black and Grey Uniforms rather than wearing red?
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    Perhaps if you put more words in all caps it'd help me see your point. Remember, it's he who types loudest that wins.
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    Better (official) version:
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    This matchup is beautiful. The best these teams have looked against each other in years.
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    The greatest rivalry in sports is the users of this site vs. the existence of the city of Las Vegas.
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    Not at all saying I believe it’s real, but IF it were real, that wordmark would drive me nuts because the orange as the “a” reads as “Orlondo”.
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    Actually embracing what your region is known for! What a new concept. </sarcasm> I dig it. Maybe they can get this dude to sing at the halftime show
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    Still needs black stripes on the pants.
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    It's Ponzi, not "ponzy." And what you described isn't a Ponzi scheme, which has a very specific definition. What you described is basically just a bait-and-switch, promising the world and then not delivering.
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    Define "temporary." If you mean it in the sense of "nothing is permanent, everything dies," then yes, Soldier Field will be the temporary home of MLS Chicago. In true 2010s Fire fashion, they've bungled this even when they've seemingly gotten something right. The city's forthcoming mega-development on the Near North Side, Lincoln Yards, is Rahm Emanuel's final you to everyone in the city below the hedge fund class. Designed in the vein of up-and-running urban atrocity Hudson Yards, its original plan called for a 25,000-seat soccer stadium, with no apparent tenant. Eventually, Tom Ricketts put in for a USL club there, but as talks progressed, the stadium got scuttled. If the Fire had lined things up two years ago and announced their intent to move out of Soccer Glendale then, that stadium gets built and they get a sparkling new home in the city. There have been some discussions of building a new stadium on the old Michael Reese Hospital site at 29th & King. This was land bought by the city in a much different time, as part of a rabid-with-power Richard M. Daley's plan to win the 2016 Olympics. The site has been an undeveloped blight for over a decade, but with a new mayor voted in on being the antithesis of Rahm's neoliberalism on bath salts, and the huge financial problems both he and Daley left behind, the current administration likely isn't interested in giving away prime land for free or building another stadium two miles from Soldier Field on the taxpayers' dime. And so, unless Hauptman and his lackey Rodriguez depart the club, it's likely that MLS Chicago spends its years drawing 8;000 a night in a 60,000-seat stadium while scuttling along the bottom of the table. And I refer to that team as MLS Chicago, because when the first reports of leaving Bridgeview for Soldier Field surfaced, they included news that management wanted to drop the Fire name and colors for something in the vein of "Chicago City FC." You know, so they can pretend they're a new team, finally rid themselves of whatever shreds of the Wilt legacy remain, and also dump all those pesky supporters.
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    The Nets had a beautiful grey road uniform. They wore it alongside the blue road uniform.
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    Let's dispense with the notion that anything about Clay Bennett moving the Sonics to OKC was "last-minute," shall we?
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    For some people, has it ever been? Baseball, to me, is as much about being at the stadium as is the actual game. I've been to plenty of Dodger and Angel games where neither team was going to be in the playoffs and thus, all the games after the All-Star Break were somewhat meaningless. But going to Dodger Stadium is fun. Chance to spent an evening away from home, get a few Dodger dogs, just listen to the crowd. I don't even remember the actual game and who won or lost, and it wasn't really important. But if I went to Dodger Stadium right now? I'd be much more focused on the game because the team is contending. So I think it's also situational.
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    I'm guessing you didn't actually read anything that's been posted.
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    Traditional ≠ Good. There's the reason why I'm not into the idea of the Yankees dropping the white outline. The Red Sox dropped red and it looked SUPER off. It didn't feel right at all. Something was missing and they fixed that when they brought back the red. Is it traditional, yeah. Is it automatically better? ehh.....not always.
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    Drinking lots of beer and getting into fights.
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    My Ideal Nashville Predators: The Predators made a great decision back in 2011 when they updated their logos and switched to yellow as their primary colour. However, I also loved how unique the striping pattern of their original jerseys were, so I tried to bring a bit of that back with this concept (I made a similar concept back in 2013). New Look Nashville Predators: My idea with this concept was to place the sleeve numbers in a guitar pick shape, and place those over top of the stripes.
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    Good example. The road uniform here was an embarrassment. Literally every thing about it sucks - the black cap with a goofy/cartoony snakeD that represents the nickname rather than location, the road pinstripes (99% of time awful), the overly outlined, overly shadowed wordmark that doesn't match anything else in thier set, just... awful. They'd look better on the road if they just went out there covered in feces. That being said, I'm in the minority that thought the A-chest home uniform was a classic that they could have kept using for decades.
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    That's how I remember it, too. They wanted to avoid early season games in Florida or SoCal in black jerseys. Back then, pre-nike, the NFL had a fairly strict handle on alternates, and would only allow a team to wear one at home, and only twice a year. A yellow/gold home jersey had never been a problem, there are a few examples. (You'll note in both these examples, the road team is wearing white, because athletic gold is clearly not white.)
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    It was meant to be a stand in logo until they came up with a real logo after the name was chosen. The name was chosen late but the team almost instantly became good so people bought the merchandise and changing the logo in the middle of all that success wouldn’t have been good. Now since they are rebuilding from nothing I suspect a change will be happening soon.
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    Honestly, I think it just applies to stars that significant jersey inventory. There has been a number of players switching numbers last minute this off season.
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    Exactly why LeBron isn’t changing numbers, Nike won’t let him because they’d take too big of a loss on the current LeBron #23 inventory. Nike controls how teams dress, and now they’re telling players what numbers they can or cannot wear. Welcome to the Nike Basketball Association
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    Disagree. Other than when they were wearing navy socks, there was nothing wrong with that uniform. The sleeves could have gone either way, but red looks fine. It'd look better if players weren't wearing the pajama pants and were showing red socks.
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    Navy caps with a red brim would best.
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    I know it’s been stated why, but, with all that’s happened in OKC and the upcoming Tank Season down there, this logo can burn now. It has no reason to exist:
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    The New Jersey Nets’ grey alternate from the mid 2000s is one of my all-time favourite basketball uniforms.
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    The thing is, they're not even 'distractions. What are you supposed to do when there's a pitching change? Sit there debating the merits of bringing in a lefty or watching his warmup pitches to see if you can pick up on how his stuff looks that day? Someone said "that's what the ticket is for". Bull crap. The ticket is for whatever I bought it for. If it's to gain entrance into the beer garden, or to catch up with friends and BS with each other about life, or to watch the game, or just to eat 32 $1 dogs, then so be it.
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    Seasons are way too long, and so many games don't really matter or are between teams that have nobody worth watching, and cost too much to go to just because you "love the sport". If you "love the sport" go watch a high school game. If you take all that other stuff away (maybe not kiss cam... that's dumb af) then attendance would plummet, because kids love some of it, casual fans get into it , and honestly.... at least with baseball... you need distractions because it's a dinosaur of a game that moves... so.... slow. You get to a playoff game or a late-season game in a tight pennant race and people are glued to their phones and distracted by everything else, then yeah - that sucks because there's plenty of people that would probably have appreciated the experience more since those tickets (in some places) are really difficult to get. Other than that? Screw you if you think I should be sitting there keeping score or doing nothing but commenting to someone "well, Joe West is sure giving him that outside corner today". Again... go watch an amateur game.
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    There was a "silent" NFL game in 1980
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    Didn't think it was possible to make the Browns jerseys any worse, but yup they did it with gray. Missed opportunity to have an inverted orange version of the current color rush.
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    I just threw up a little.
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    Haven't seen this one mentioned yet, and I remember it being one of the more egregious examples--one that was set in motion as early as 2003 with the switch to black numbers on the road jerseys, but really went into motion the following seasons. I give you...the Jacksonville Jaguars. First, their normal home look, from 2004: But then, what became their primary road look that same season, on up until their rebrand in 2009--which is what led me nickname them the "Blaguars": And then, of course, speaking of 2009, their primary home and road looks from that second uniform life... Oh and, just to seal in the whole "Blaguars" thing they've been carrying on since then, their alternates that came some later... And of course, this has continued on into this past season, as well.
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    I'm in agreement with everyone who responded here that the colors are nice. I have yet to hear a single person anywhere tho, explain how it's a good logo and their reasons why. Not even the designers themselves. I'm waiting...
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    The logo is verrrrrrrrry pedestrian, but I do love OKC’s colors — the double blue looks really good next to the orange and gold, IMO.
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    Don’t hate on me but, the okc logo has kinda grown on me. Could it be better? Definitely I just like how the colors work together
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    I weirdly like the Buccaneers inverted jerseys https://www.nflshop.com/tampa-bay-buccaneers/mens-tampa-bay-buccaneers-mike-evans-nike-pewter-inverted-legend-jersey/t-36590534+p-1470169795504+z-9-3375162312
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    I don't know if it's official but the Gators might be wearing throwbacks vs Auburn.
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    Unpopular opinion probably...the coolest jerseys Nashville ever wore were their first jerseys...navy, yellow and silver was a cool look. The logos (main and shoulder) are now much better, of course, but the overall design is one of my favorites. Buffalo needs to go back to royal and yellow gold so Nashville can bring something like this back.
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    When ever I think of better uniforms for the Mavs I think of this concept. Cuban just make the check payable to Conrad Burry @Conrad.
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