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    Amazing and clean is not a description I would use. Especially knowing they could be wearing these beauts
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    The gold stripe on the jersey side panel and shorts to simulate the crack in the Liberty Bell...genius.
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    Define "temporary." If you mean it in the sense of "nothing is permanent, everything dies," then yes, Soldier Field will be the temporary home of MLS Chicago. In true 2010s Fire fashion, they've bungled this even when they've seemingly gotten something right. The city's forthcoming mega-development on the Near North Side, Lincoln Yards, is Rahm Emanuel's final you to everyone in the city below the hedge fund class. Designed in the vein of up-and-running urban atrocity Hudson Yards, its original plan called for a 25,000-seat soccer stadium, with no apparent tenant. Eventually, Tom Ricketts put in for a USL club there, but as talks progressed, the stadium got scuttled. If the Fire had lined things up two years ago and announced their intent to move out of Soccer Glendale then, that stadium gets built and they get a sparkling new home in the city. There have been some discussions of building a new stadium on the old Michael Reese Hospital site at 29th & King. This was land bought by the city in a much different time, as part of a rabid-with-power Richard M. Daley's plan to win the 2016 Olympics. The site has been an undeveloped blight for over a decade, but with a new mayor voted in on being the antithesis of Rahm's neoliberalism on bath salts, and the huge financial problems both he and Daley left behind, the current administration likely isn't interested in giving away prime land for free or building another stadium two miles from Soldier Field on the taxpayers' dime. And so, unless Hauptman and his lackey Rodriguez depart the club, it's likely that MLS Chicago spends its years drawing 8;000 a night in a 60,000-seat stadium while scuttling along the bottom of the table. And I refer to that team as MLS Chicago, because when the first reports of leaving Bridgeview for Soldier Field surfaced, they included news that management wanted to drop the Fire name and colors for something in the vein of "Chicago City FC." You know, so they can pretend they're a new team, finally rid themselves of whatever shreds of the Wilt legacy remain, and also dump all those pesky supporters.
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    Drinking lots of beer and getting into fights.
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    That's how I remember it, too. They wanted to avoid early season games in Florida or SoCal in black jerseys. Back then, pre-nike, the NFL had a fairly strict handle on alternates, and would only allow a team to wear one at home, and only twice a year. A yellow/gold home jersey had never been a problem, there are a few examples. (You'll note in both these examples, the road team is wearing white, because athletic gold is clearly not white.)
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    It was meant to be a stand in logo until they came up with a real logo after the name was chosen. The name was chosen late but the team almost instantly became good so people bought the merchandise and changing the logo in the middle of all that success wouldn’t have been good. Now since they are rebuilding from nothing I suspect a change will be happening soon.
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    I can't stand to look at the teams who do the same color pants/socks combo. It's worse than yoga pants. It actually looks like they are wearing pantyhose. Men playing football in pantyhose is a terrible look.
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    Vegas is fine for certain things, but absolutely not for summer outdoor sports. Neither Vegas nor Phoenix should be considered for an MLS franchise unless they're planning on building a dome. If Qatar is a disaster for outdoor soccer, so too are our desert cities.
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    Thought I'd just use a circle to dot the J. C&C Welcome.
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    Normally they just ask the player that’s switching to “buy” the dead stock of the old number. They probably did the same for Lebron but once Lebron saw the number he probably went nah I’m good. Probably a few tens of millions.
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    The thing that really sucks about the Wolves uniforms is that it would be a perfect update for the Mavericks. Instead the Mavericks will probably either ditch the double blue that was part of their most successful period or fail to incorporate the green they started with because for some reason someone in Minnesota thought board shorts and co-opting the Mavericks color was a good idea
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    Didn't think it was possible to make the Browns jerseys any worse, but yup they did it with gray. Missed opportunity to have an inverted orange version of the current color rush.
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    I shall do no such thing, for two reasons. One of these reasons is that backing up your assertions is your responsibility, not mine. But the more important reason is one of irrelevance. Even if FC Cincinnati did commit some kind of bad acts in connection with those places that you mentioned, this still would not make MLS a "Ponzi scheme", as that is the name of one particular kind of financial scam, the kind of scam that depends on an indefinite exponential growth of paying participants.
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    I weirdly like the Buccaneers inverted jerseys https://www.nflshop.com/tampa-bay-buccaneers/mens-tampa-bay-buccaneers-mike-evans-nike-pewter-inverted-legend-jersey/t-36590534+p-1470169795504+z-9-3375162312
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    I don't know if it's official but the Gators might be wearing throwbacks vs Auburn.
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    Was going through games on MLB TV since it's free this week and I noticed something during the Braves/Padres game that was pretty cool. The local Braves broadcast was using brown for the Padres because they were wearing the brown alternate but for some reason the Padres broadcast didn't do that.
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    I guess I could eventually see some sort of highly limited pro-rel where it's MLS Gold and MLS Silver, 20 and 20, but no movement beyond that. Less a soccer pyramid and more a soccer danish.
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    Do old people still bring radios and headphones to live sporting events? My grandpa used to do that at football games, where he'd listen to the team's radio broadcast while in the crowd for the actual game. Is that still a thing at all?
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    what about the Bears? They look like they’re from the 60s and the Seahawks current look i feel will hold up. The ones you listed are also incredibly plain. So why is plainness good for those but not for the saints? Yoga pants? All football pants look like yoga pants. Maybe the all black isn’t as good as the black and gold but I don’t see it as an issue with the all black. Maybe adding a gold stripe would help but it isn’t a big deal to me there isn’t much to stripe away from anyway and people praised the Jags for doing that. Personally the black and gold and fluer delis make it look clean but amazing. The colors just work so well and the fluer delis is easily the best logo in the nfl (btw they’re not even my favorite team)
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    I really like it! I wonder what it would look like in a blockier font more like their old logo, something more like this.
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    Oh good, no more Suxers jersey. Though, I wish thy had a red jersey. Two blue jerseys?
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    It's cool when these things happen. Like when Dee Gordon hit a lead-off home run during the Jose Fernandez memorial game after first taking the first pitch from the opposite side of the plate as a tribute.
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    Love the combination of eras on your first Predators set. Would like to see the concept taken even further with the return of silver.
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    It reminds me of a Duke jersey set if you take away the green. I love it.
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    You know there not a series a team any more, there in the premier league
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    I'm probably going to get bashed, but I love the Diamondbacks gray/teal/red uniforms. Something about the charcoal gray and bright teal really looks cool and unique.
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    That’s not that bad though, it’s fake, but it wouldn’t be a bad look for them to take imo
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    This might be the dumbest idea I've ever heard of and I already expect so little of the NFL. They're literally just proposing to move two preseason games into the regular season. "Hey, you know those awesome exhibition games that you don't watch because only the second and third stringers play? Well guess what... Those games matter now!"
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    Angels tossed a combined no no on their first night back home after the death of Tyler Skaggs, while they were all wearing Skaggs 45 jerseys. This is why no matter how rough it’s been for baseball lately, I’ll always love this silly little game.
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    Seen in Orlando Magic Reddit as what Orange jerseys "could" look like
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    Yeah, I know that’s standard interwebs banter, but anybody who calls it a Ponzi scheme really isn’t paying attention.
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    Milwaukee should have MLS. USL championship at the very least. They have the oldest professional soccer club in the country, and multiple amateur/youth sides that go back to the 1920s. There’s a huge soccer scene there, with no professional representation.
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    Never mind their crappy uniforms, I find it absolutely insane that this logo is still around
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    We really made it into a second page of this thread without a mention of Georgetown?
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    as a mavs fan I would LOVE to see them bring back the green more regularly or even permanently.
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    You just reminded me how much I miss this baseline.
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    Someone should really wear 99 for Brooklyn
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    I consider Al Davis to be a more rebellious cousin of Connie Mack. Both men were the franchise, a constant through most of their existence and the leaders for their most successful periods. Senility, money difficulties, and family squabbles ultimately damaged their legacy. Granted, the Raiders are in vastly better financial shape than the A's were when the Mack family sold the team, but the comparison is fairly accurate. The Al I remember was an ineffectual, Skeletor-looking grump who couldn't catch up to modernity. He, and the Raiders along with him, lost their way ages ago.
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    That would be so much better.
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    Anything that has orange trim or orange as a secondary color works for me. I don't understand why and probably never will, but I always a fan of a combination of navy blue and orange. And my favorite of them all:
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    I have a Tim Couch Browns jersey. Got it the year he was drafted. Haven’t worn it in YEARS. And this Dodgers fan thinks that Giants jersey above looks NICE.
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