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    The Marlins look has potential. It's not that hard, they just need to focus on the blue more.
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    Totems and Kraken are out of the race? That’s fantastic.
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    I know I said this annoyingly a BUNCH of times already but I reallllyyy hope these come especially when the pelicans got 10 new guys this off season. With three of them who’s gonna be HUGE sellers (Lonzo, Ingram, Zion) (And two international players who have a country fanbase). But... I don’t think the pelicans value those hornets jerseys as much as I do.
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    I wonder if they'll actually wear the "Vancouver" or switch it to "Memphis."
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    Art Deco? And no. The original design was trash, and not even Conrad can polish this one.
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    The Marlins new identity is soulless. That's the only word I can think of for it. And the biggest shame of it is that it doesn't have to be that way. Remember how excited most of us where when we saw their new colores? Then they went and used them in the absolute worst way possible. The script is sterile AF. It's not even a real script, as nobody would ever write like that. It's computerized, perfect, and (again) soulless. Black and white is soulless. Their most interesting colores are reduced to next-to-nothing. I don't love their logo, but you could take it, along with their new colores, and build a dynamic - and classic - identity that would potentially boost it into the top or second tier of uniforms. Instead they have a boring, sterile, soulless identity that is nothing short of forgettable.
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    The "real thing" is also pathetic when seen from the outside.
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    This is what happens when you mess with the sports time continuum.
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    Boston sports are not sympathetic. Tom Brady is not sympathetic. No one cared that he was suspended and they won the Super Bowl anyway. Stop bringing Deflategate up; it worked out just fine for the Patriots.
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    Gonna start pumping these out two at at time now that I've completed every team... On to Vegas... Color Rush jersey: Full uniform: On to the Islanders... Color Rush jersey: Full uniform:
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    I'm not if we live in the same world. Phillies won the WS in '08. The first Philadelphia championship that I remember in my lifetime (i was very early 30s at the time.) In your view, the fans shoudl just be happy and passive that they got to see a championship 11 years ago? AYFKM? That run ended after the '11 season, and they faded into oblivion. I don't know anyone that's like "well, at least we got to see good baseball 11 years ago". No - people are pissed that they're spending $100 to go to a game to watch subpar baseball by a team that (for several of those years) didn't seem to care about the product they put on the field. That's aggrivating, and the memories of 11 years ago don't make it any better. The only thing that made it worth going to games was the *ahem* "distractions" - great park, drinking, having social outings, getting drunk, and starting fires*. It's silly and arrogant to think that the Royals fans should jsut be grateful that they got what they got, and while I get that the sports-market is different in the midwest, I highly doubt that anyone was 'dining out' on the team's 30-year-old championship. Remember - if you're 35 years old, you never saw any pennant-winning baseball there. If you're 35, you don't give a rat's ass about what they did when you were 5. You do have a point if you want to say that expectations are lower - of course they are. If a team simply wins a division, or even just plays winning baseball after years of horrific play, then that's almost like winning something (relative to how they've been.) But come on - to say that fans still happy about a 30 year old championship is beyond absurd. It's... super absurd. *not literally.
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    You were also suggesting that the North American system is lacking. Which, combined with a hypothetical look at the merits of pro/reg, make it seem like you're romanticizing/advocating for pro/reg. I'm not even going to get into the parity issue, because parity or a lack of parity can be engineered in either system. It's irreverent. What is relevant, however, is the fact the pro/reg is pretty much a historical accident. That the English Premier League was formed with being a closed league in mind shows that it's not just our side of the Atlantic that is adverse to it. The clubs that formed the Premier League would have closed the league off if they could. For many of the same reasons owners in the US and Canada will never agree to it- why agree to a system where your club- the one you paid billions for- can be devalued by being knocked down to a second tier league? Yes, compensation payments exist. I'm aware. Still? There are soccer clubs across Europe that have never fully recovered after getting knocked down, and compensation or not? Prestige is a thing, man. Owner egos are a thing. admiral's teeth are probably itching at my overuse of the word "thing," but I hope I'm making my point. Now factor in publicly funded stadiums in the US and Canada. I'm unaware of the situation in the UK, but I have to imagine public funding of stadiums isn't on the level as it is over here. Hennepinn County paid $350 million towards the construction of Target Field- over half of the stadium's cost. Will the people and elected leadership of Hennepinn County be happy if the Minnesota Twins got knocked down to AAA ball? No! They paid hundreds of millions of dollars for a major league ballpark. Publicly funded stadiums- to that extent at least- are pretty disgusting. At the very least though? People ought to get what they pay for. Poor purchase or not. I could go on. The travesty of disrupting league history by knocking out long-standing members. The logistical problems in nations as large as Canada and the United States. The fact that most cities in most leagues are their only city's team in said league, meaning pro/reg could mean eliminating valuable tv markets from the top flight. And I know man, I know. You said you're discussing hypotheticals, but come on. The only way pro/reg works in North America is if it's set up that way from the start- ie it develops as a historical quirk like it did in Europe (which even top flight European club owners would get out of if they could). It's such an out-there concept that even thinking what if is entirely, 100%, academic. The real issue references something @Gothamite mentioned earlier. About pro/reg supporters being a minority amplified by social media. Why is pro/reg so romanticized? Why is it such a dewy-eyed fantasy that even someone admitting it's untenable in North America is still ruminating over how it could work while trashing the system we have in place? The fact is...it's exotic. That's all. It's different, and the grass is always greener. We're used to the way things are in North America and so this weird way of doing things seems appealing. Add in the novelty of seeing the Montgomery Biscuits playing for the World Series or the Chicago Wolves playing the Chicago Blackhawks in NHL action and you have an easy mix of variables that leads to people romanticizing the practice. Thing is..."wouldn't it be cool if....?" is hardly a good reason to suggest North American pro sports consider implementing a system that will never work anyway. Yes, European soccer leagues are neat. Yes, they're exotic. Yes, it's nifty that sometimes (very rarely) you see a team climb the ladder and win the top flight's biggest prize. It's just a quirky system though, one that wouldn't even exist if the owners of the top flight teams could go back and do it all over again. It's fine for Europe, because that's how it developed. That's not how it developed here though. It's not going to work in North America.
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    Back in 2013, the Flames introduced a third jersey that proved to be short-lived, and Icethetics posted pics of various unused logos that were considered for said third. Then I posted some concepts using a handful of the unused stuff, including a new version of the C, a flaming, Saddledome-like hat, and a boot. I'd started thinking about revisiting it recently, and given how I'd used double green in my recent Eagles set, I wondered about using two-tone red for the Flames. To this end, I did a bit of color hunting before finding shades I liked for this set, with maroon replacing black. The main set is basically a toned-down version of the last home/away set in the older thread, something I'd wound up doing a while back when I posted an Isles set where, after tweaking it, I'd replaced the initial hem striping with the sock striping. I figured the Stars aren't using the idea right now, so the pants have Calgary on the stripes. The third is all maroon, and the curved hem/sleeve stripe alludes to the Saddledome. The western shirt-inspired yoke makes a comeback, albeit as a red & gold ghost yoke. I won't lie, I gave some thought to making flame-inspired "embroidery", but there wasn't a good place to really put it, so I junked the idea.
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    And just last year, Ravens DB Jimmy Smith was suspended four games for "evidence of threatening and emotionally abusive behaviors", yet Hill gets nada. There is no "standard".
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    Oh wow, Paddy Power is trying to start a no ad's on the shirt campaign?? Now that is an idea I can get behind. Kudos to them, hope this brings them some positive PR.
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    Brown facemasks aren't at every local sporting goods store. There are like 70 plain white helmets in FBS that look like they're straight out of Mom and Pop Sporting Goods...the Wyoming helmet is better than 90% of them.
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    Galaxy jersey with the "wordmark" Orlando or Magic...and you got me. Just the logo on the chest. Hard pass fam.
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    I actually liked the prior non-pinstripe set they had much better.
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    I do think that they could salvage this identity in some respects, but there's a ton of work that needs to be done to elevate it from one of the worst in MLB to one that's actually pretty great. They need to basically rethink the entire concept underlying the branding. Do away with the nightlife theme completely and adopt something that is very Miami (but not stereotypical) and distinctive. Make baseball not "fashion" jerseys. Adding "more blue" would be a major improvement (the most obvious step that needs to be taken), but that still wouldn't be enough. As many in this thread (including myself) have pointed out, the wordmark itself is actually pretty terrible in terms of actual design; it looks so machine-like and sterile that injecting color alone can't salvage it. I'm sure many would feel better about it if they make those changes, though. I feel like if they change the wordmark, they'd have no choice but to redo the cap insignia and primary logo as well. At that point it would almost be like they were starting from scratch. It's a Vice Super Lite, but I don't think that making it more closely resembling the Heat jerseys is the right approach, either.
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    It's Paddy Power, I'd attribute anything but good faith to them. Faking outrageous stuff to milk the publicity and then claiming that it was all to promote a good cause (and definitely not their bookkeeping company) is like their entire m.o., like the time they released a fake photo of them cutting down trees to read "GO ENGLAND" from the sky and then claimed it was to promote awareness for forest conservation.
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    Both of these explanations point to the same thing, though: that half-measures rarely make for good design. Trying to please everybody pleases no one.
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    That’s our @oldschoolvikings, baby! The shoulder yoke and flare-serif numeral font are fantastic. I do disagree with Paul about @BrandMooreArt‘s helmet tweak. Those stripes look a tad “sterile” for my tastes.
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    It's been said before, but I think the new primary uniforms are supposed to be sort of a Vice Lite look. My guess is they were too scared to take the risk of fully committing to Vice like colors, so they went with a safer option -- hence why it looks so boring
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    Parity can be both good and bad. It's good because (theoretically) every team has a shot. It's exciting if your team finished last one year and then wins the division the next year (even if they get thumped the next week.) It's bad because it can reduce a season to a crapshoot, where any team can win and it's just either luck-of-the-draw or chance that determines games. I tuned out of the NHL for many reasons, but one was that the playoffs had become almost a random simulation, where any mediocre team could win the cup, and building a dynastic-level team stopped mattering as much (I know this isn't the case every year.) At least in the NFL, despite the 'parity', the truly best teams tend to win out.
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    You had me until the bolded part. Dynasties do provide a sense of identity to certain eras*. However, if other teams believe they have no realistic shot of competing, they will eventually tune out. Rooting against the Evil Empire will only get you so far. * -- I'll add the late 60s-early 70s including the Orioles because it makes me feel good. This time I agree with the bolded part (except maybe the "warm for decades" part, per BBTV's post that appeared while I was typing). I obviously enjoyed watching the Orioles reach the World Series in 1979 and win it in 1983 (yes, I'm old enough to remember both). However, two of my other favorite Orioles seasons are 1989 (when they didn't even make the playoffs) and 2012 (when they lost in the ALDS). What made both of those seasons so memorable was that they were completely unexpected. The 1988 Orioles started the season 0-21 and finished 54-107. To make it until Game 161 in 1989 with a chance to at least force a playoff for the AL East championship was completely out of the blue and made for one helluva ride. Going from 69-93 to 93-69 in 2012 and making the playoffs after 14 straight losing seasons was just as fun.
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    That’s all fine and good, but alternate histories can and some do glorify the losing sides. And it sure seemed like you were advocating pro/rel here, which is why people extended you the courtesy and respect of a discussion.
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    I actually liked the Magic's sleeved jersey.... I always thought it'd have looked better without the sleeves, but it was a nice design:
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    Looks like Penn State and Michigan State had a baby. That's not a bad thing. The Land Grant Trophy, on the other hand...
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    Sounds like it's a pretty popular opinion around here, but I too have NEVER been a fan of the white helmet for Wyoming. They have a great color scheme with the brown and gold. It's a shame they kind of spoil it by pairing it with a generic white lid. It has that "classic" look, but instead of classic in this case being iconic, it's classic in that it just looks cheap and like they didn't have any other option than what the local sporting goods store had lying around in 1970s Laramie.
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    Or they could simply just give Marlins fans, who've had to endure a lot over the years, what they truly want and create a branding that is a modern take inspired by the original teal and black. This was actually what I was expecting them to do originally, because it's a pretty conspicuous slight to Loria, who made it clear he disliked teal. I understand that Jeter wants to mark his territory and "look forward, not behind" (blah blah blah), but brand consistency is also important. Nostalgia sure seems to be integral to baseball. The 2012-2018 identity was surely a Loria induced misfire, but from a marketing perspective, it's not very wise to unveil something completely new which yet again has Marlins fans yearning for teal and black. A branding works best if it feels like it actually has some staying power. Obviously a team should hit the reset button if a look simply isn't working, but this latest refresh of the team's identity feels tiresome and calls the firesales to mind. The Marlins would be smart to follow what the Blue Jays did to regain brand consistency; bury the two awful rebrandings and come full circle to a look that fans already associated with the franchise and its glory years.
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    I don't have the Marlins script, just the Miami script.
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    The current pelican uniform is the original pelican uniform...
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    That looks like something from Total Recall or Demolition Man
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    You can’t polish a turd, but you can shape it into a gem! Yeah, even by the standards of the time, this looks dreadful. @Conrad. did a fantastic job of turning it into something resembling a decent look, but there’s only so much you can do.
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    Were they pants or were they tights? Many players wear tights under their shorts during training camp/practices only thing I could find was some players with shorts that had orange towards the bottom in the back if that’s what you saw.
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    Yes. Discussion. As your subsequent response proves. And thank you for that, by the way.
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    Looks like you were right, @Jaffa:
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    Scored this signed game-used Syracues jersey for $10!
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    I remember hearing back in the Spring that the Broncos might experiment with new Uniform combinations in 2019. Don’t know if that means Orange Pants for their main set, surprise alternate, or (PLEASE!) White Pants to go with their CR that should what Denver wears for the rest of time.
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    They're more inaccurate than the letters..
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    I always liked the Fleur on the Louisiana silhouette
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    Yeah...point to "the same elements" all you want, one of these two uniforms is clearly more interesting and bold than the other.
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    So I thought about this some more...and it turns out they're already doing that, Brandon. I decided to look at the Saints' logo in silhouette and compare it to the silhouettes of other fleur-de-lis emblems throughout the world. There are plenty of ways to draw a fleur-de-lis, and this is by no means a complete list. Still? I hope it illustrates my point. The first two are the Saints' logos. Old and current. The logo of the World Organization of the Scout Movement is next. Then we have the image Wikipedia uses for their "Fleur-de-lis" page. Next we have the variations commonly assigned to the Kingdom of France. Next is the "North American" version, which is the style used on the Quebec flag, the New Orleans city flag, the flag of Franco-Americans, etc...Then we have the fleur-de-lis from the coat of arms of the city of Florence, Italy. And we finish up in eastern Europe, with the fdl found on historic emblems of Bosnia and Hungary. Simply put? You suggested that the Saints needed to "make something more unique in form," but the team already has that. They took a common historical emblem that has historic meaning to the locale- the fleur-de-lis- and put their own spin on it. I can't find a single case of a fleur-de-lis in heraldry that matches the silhouette of the Saints' logo. They've already made it their own.
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    Here are the Dodgers! Can't stray too far from the classics, but some changes were made that could be considered quite significant. The most notable one is the change of the number font, I decided to use Rockwell, based off of this Dodgers anniversary logo, and the team's overall 60's aesthetic since moving to Los Angeles. If you guys don’t like this font, I have one that’s a little “blockier” if you guys want to see. The away has a deep royal blue tint to it, and reverts back to the "Los Angeles" script but without any piping. The royal alternate has t-bar striping based off of the light blue alternate of the 40's. The Turn Back the Clock set is based off of the window-pane set of 1916, as the Los Angeles years don't really offer much variance in terms of throwback designs. Since the Dodgers are technically a blue & red team, for the alternate take I decided to remove the famous Dodger Blue, and put kelly green in its place. The decision to go with this scheme was based on Brooklyn's one-year use of it in 1937. It's a heavily underrated color scheme, and would fit well with the Los Angeles area, considering the Los Angeles and California flags. I thought about adding some yellow into the set, but decided it would become too busy. I'd love to hear anyone's thoughts, thanks for following!
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    I think they definitely cleaned up a few details that created overall improvement. I think I loved the 90's pinstripe uniforms so much that part of me looks at the current set and instantly thinks the design will never be as good as the inaugural version. I almost wish they'd drop the stripes or embrace the galaxy motif. Sorry for the hot takes.
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