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    Art Deco? And no. The original design was trash, and not even Conrad can polish this one.
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    I do think that they could salvage this identity in some respects, but there's a ton of work that needs to be done to elevate it from one of the worst in MLB to one that's actually pretty great. They need to basically rethink the entire concept underlying the branding. Do away with the nightlife theme completely and adopt something that is very Miami (but not stereotypical) and distinctive. Make baseball not "fashion" jerseys. Adding "more blue" would be a major improvement (the most obvious step that needs to be taken), but that still wouldn't be enough. As many in this thread (including myself) have pointed out, the wordmark itself is actually pretty terrible in terms of actual design; it looks so machine-like and sterile that injecting color alone can't salvage it. I'm sure many would feel better about it if they make those changes, though. I feel like if they change the wordmark, they'd have no choice but to redo the cap insignia and primary logo as well. At that point it would almost be like they were starting from scratch. It's a Vice Super Lite, but I don't think that making it more closely resembling the Heat jerseys is the right approach, either.
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    That’s our @oldschoolvikings, baby! The shoulder yoke and flare-serif numeral font are fantastic. I do disagree with Paul about @BrandMooreArt‘s helmet tweak. Those stripes look a tad “sterile” for my tastes.
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    You say interesting, I saw horrifying. Tomato, tomato am I right? Anyway Goth's right. Alternate history is often used to romanticize/glorify lost causes and people who engage with that sort of speculation need to keep that in mind. We're getting dangerously close to off-topic stuff so I'll just say that no one was out of bounds to assume your "speculation" was in fact a form of advocating for pro/reg.
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    FBS and FCS are wearing the badge. D2 and D3 are wearing the decals.
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    I don't have the Marlins script, just the Miami script.
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    Didn't someone mock up the Marlins script in blue? I thought that looked great.
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    The Wild's website includes one for each of the names they considered https://www.nhl.com/wild/news/lets-go-white-bears/c-552722
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    Yes. Discussion. As your subsequent response proves. And thank you for that, by the way.
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    Scored this signed game-used Syracues jersey for $10!
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    I always liked the Fleur on the Louisiana silhouette
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    For me these teams need a change the most. No particular order 1. The Jags Jesus Christ this team has been a mess both on and off the field for the last decade. Say what you want about their last set at least they weren’t a generic template that Nike forgot to fill out. No gold makes these sets dead to me from the start. My tip take the last uniforms, get rid of the color blocks on the sleeves, use a regular stripe on the pants instead of the pentagon and of course get rid of the half gold bull :censored: and you got a really great set. People say these are going in the right direction but that’s because there’s nowhere else to go but up. These literally can’t get any less descript 2. The Jets Theyre an upgrade from their last set but something is just off about them. They have great colors and a beautiful Helene but something is missing from it but I can’t put my finger in it and thus chat come up with any solutions 3. Giants just completely blah. Just use the LT era uniforms 4. Cardinals The whole thing screams mediocrity which I guess fits the cardinals. The cards have never had a particularly good or iconic look so I’d go for a complete overhaul. Introduce a desert yellow-brown tertiary color. Make the face mask yellow, give the numbers the yellow outline, and maybe add the flag of Arizona to the sleeve caps. Honestly they need something
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    I think they definitely cleaned up a few details that created overall improvement. I think I loved the 90's pinstripe uniforms so much that part of me looks at the current set and instantly thinks the design will never be as good as the inaugural version. I almost wish they'd drop the stripes or embrace the galaxy motif. Sorry for the hot takes.
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    This one is just completely badass. I love them all but this one is my favorite
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    I think Tom Brady, Drew Brees and Russell Wilson should post IG videos of them smoking weed together. Just to see what happens.
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    Gimme the damn Pizza Rats, Staten Island!
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    Even with that unusual font in the vending machine↑, Pepsi is going old-school with its font:
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    Or that Spurs had the spine to tell them no. NYCFC did when Etihad wanted black and gold on our shirt, why can’t Spurs?
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    they really need to differentiate themselves from oklahoma...they don't need to be over the top modern but select a distinct traditional identity and stick with it.
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    "Norfolk Destroyers" rolls off the tongue better than its Hampton Roads counterpart does. And you can't use the state name, it looks like Vagina Destroyers.
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    I said that they (galaxy) were third worst in our history, behind the grey and "stars". I hated the grey jerseys, although the general idea can be salvaged IMO.
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    Those scripts are more organic, and they use colour well. The blue wordmark on the Dodgers' jersey pops against the white, and is complemented by the red front numbers. The A's green and gold is distinctive and colourful. The Marlins, in comparison, have two problems. The first is that unlike those classic teams? The script is too uncanny valley as @SFGiants58 and @Marlins93 have said. The Dodgers and A's scripts may have been touched up over the years, but they still have character hand drawn wordmarks have. The Marlins' script was very clearly designed entirely digitally and so it lacks the character of the classic scripts it's trying to mimic. The other problem is the colours. Whereas other teams with wordmarks on plain jerseys make good use of colours given their limited options? The Marlins simply don't. Everything comes off as black on white, or black on grey, or black on black. That works for a team like the White Sox, whose entire identity is being the white and black team. Even the Sox have a more dynamic identity, however. The Marlins aimed for a Heat-esque Miami nightlife look of bold colours against black, but it fell way short. We have enough footage and photographs to prove that the identity just looks drab and bland in anything but ideal lighting conditions. So the sterile script combined with an over-emphasis on black at the expense of their bright red and blue shades leads to a uniform that reads as bland. Sure, it's got all the same elements as the Dodgers' uniform, but all the crying about double standards won't change the fact that the Dodgers' uniform is way more visually interesting and colourful.
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    I bet if he wants it they could come eventually tho, in a year or two
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    Who likes their third kits with an extra helping of crazy? Good, because that's where we're starting off. Atlanta United Between the usual red/black stripes and the white/peach stripes, there wasn't much room within the regular Atlanta color set to fit in a third that was different enough to justify its existence. So I took some inspiration from the Atlanta Hawks' lime green jerseys from the 70s which were brought back as "Hardwood Classics" a while back. Crazy? Totally and completely. But they'd definitely be memorable. Here's the full Atlanta set:
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    All concessionaires wear these jerseys, be they roving the bleachers or standing behind a counter. Which is good, because it's another reason why the Yankees will never wear it as an alternate.
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    As we always say: The team still has final say in what they wear on the field.
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    That’s Nike. Matte fabrics are easier to sell.
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    17 game season, with every team playing 8 at home, 8 on the road, and one neutral site.
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    Next up is Drexel, requested by @Sarcastronaut (welcome to the boards!): So it took us a while, but we finally got to an appropriate name for the Harry Potter universe Anyway, Drexel's current uniforms are pretty good, but that pattern reminds me quite a bit of a dragon wing, so I figured, why not use a dragon wing? I grabbed the wing from this logo and stuck it on the front with a Drexel wordmark. I figured I'd stick it on the back as well since that's how the team does it now, and what good does having only one wing do for you? I didn't like the way the wings looked on blue as much, so that's why the primary is white and that's why the blue jersey takes a different approach, with three stripes serving as a sort of minimalist version of the wing. The D-dragon logo finds its way onto this one as well. Blue shorts and gold socks complete both sets. C&C appreciated! Unless someone makes another request in the next day or so, this will be the last college team. I'll still be doing community teams, though, so don't touch that remote!
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    Couldn’t agree more. The extra outlines are pointless visual clutter that downgrade the logo. If the Saints wanted to include gold in their primary logo, they should have just added a gold outline for other applications, like the Packers did in the 1980s. This logo didn’t need anything else.
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    Oh, hot damn! Ever since I started watching I'd thought of doing such a project. That's awesome.
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    That sounds like what Cowboys fans would've said they wanted in the early 2010's.
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    Came here to say the same thing. I hate the current Bucs identity but I’m digging this jersey for some reason.
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    In 5 years Titans fans will SWEAR they actually wore that red jersey in a game.
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    We really made it into a second page of this thread without a mention of Georgetown?
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    Alonzo Mourning on the New Jersey Nets. It was weird seeing him not in a Heat or Hornets jersey, but the look was just right.
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    Why haven't I shared this yet? I have an Instagram page with some of my best finds @lockerswap716 Didn’t want to wait til the sales Thursday & deal with those insane 4th of July sales crowd... scored a hat trick (and 4 jerseys):
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    I had no idea the helmet was polarizing; I cannot imagine the Bengals sans that helmet! If I had to guess which NFL helmet is most polarizing I'd say Seattle or Tampa. IMO the Bengals' current set is a few little tweaks away from looking really nice! here's what they would look like with ... -no white side panels on jerseys -no white at top of pant stripes -no contrasting nameplate / shoulders on the roads -no drop shadow (I guess I'm in the minority who thinks their font goes with their look) -lack of black pant alts at home
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    Jeez, their uniforms aren't THAT bad. Only so much you can do with a tiger themed team. At least it's unique and not some generic uniform with standard geometric striping, which some people on these boards wish every team would adopt. Plus the helmet is one of the more creative in the league.
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    Jacksonville Jaguars: 1926 Throwback: The First Attempt at Jacksonville Football Going back to the Bears Barnstorming tour of early 1926, Stanford star and soon to be Duluth Eskimos star Ernie Nevers decided to create a team for Jacksonville. However, even less was found about the 1926 Jacksonville All-Stars than the 1926 Tampa Cardinals. What was found, though, was presumably the plain Jacksonville uniforms, a program that is the basis of the color scheme and wordmark, and some action shots from one of Nevers' later barnstorming all-star teams. 1993 Throwback: The Copyright Infringement Prototype The first logo and look of the Jaguars would never see their time on the field on Sundays, but did land a brand deal with the car company Jaguar via Ford over a potential copyright infringement lawsuit, and is a special kind of weird. What could have been the league's first asymmetric uniform, this set featured an offset spaghettified jaguar that acts as a one-sided skinny yolk in addition to one-sided TV numbers and sleeve stripes, and bright colors. 1995 Throwback: The First Of Many The Jaguars are the NFL's equivalent of the Arizona Diamondbacks; a relatively young team that likes to make a new look every half-decade even if the old set was decent. Contrary to the Panthers, the Jaguars look quite different now than they did in their inaugural season with a classic, conservative but distinct uniform. Given the evolution of the Jaguar uniform, it's obvious that the organization is realizing that they only downgraded at every uniform change, leading to a classic, conservative but distinct 2018 rebrand that hints at bits and pieces of this time in Jags history.
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    I need this to be a reality ASAP. The helmet alone is worthy of a throwback design.
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    The fact that they are showing those color rush uniforms off more is further proof that they realized they made a big mistake with the 2015 rebrand.
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    Not a perfect update of the classic logo, but worlds better than what they use now.
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