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    Holy , those are so much better than their current uniforms.
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    "Bro, hear me out. If the Angels want to take Major League Baseball to the next level ya need a swerve. Personally, bro, I'd have the Angels turn on Anaheim and Los Angeles, bro. They'd never even see it comin'. Ya move east and become the Inland Empire Angels, swerve everybody and just staht prinin' money, bro. We'd be off to da races, bro."
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    So I’ve been noticing a new version of my Birds' cap logo being circulated, mainly on TV displays, and also on the banners and big screens at Busch. Here’s their "current" emblem... and here's the one I’ve been seeing... I kinda like it. I like the new serifs on the letters, and that the T is no longer bumping up against the top of the S. I hope they switch to this for real, but what are your thoughts on this?
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    I figured I'd go to the source. I tweeted the Cardinals twitter page a question about wether this was a media only update (I've only noticed it on their posts) or if it was going to be updated team wide. We'll see if they respond.
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    Thank you so much! I'm glad you like it. The Padres will be coming up next, but the Giants will be right after that! Thanks! I'm pleasantly surprised by the nice feedback it's gotten. Thank you! I've really come to love kelly & red as a color scheme, and was glad to have it come to fruition here! You are correct, they sure did! I forgot to mention it originally (but have added it in to the post now), but that was absolutely one of my inspirations for going with the scheme in the first place. It would have been interesting to see what would have happened if they did help break up the bad run like you said. You're right, it was bothering me too that the red numbers bled on the green jersey, it's been updated above with a white outline, which I think looks a lot better. Here's a version of the set with yellow added, going all-in with the LA flag, inspired by @SFGiants58's Los Angeles Athletics set. Using yellow as an outline worked really well on the main home & away, but I sort of had to embrace the "rasta" colors completely on the alternate. Thanks for the feedback! Yea, there was no way I was using "D-Backs," it's got to be my least favorite moniker in the league. I also like the purple socks more for the fauxback. I'd be happy to show you a full version of the set in the fauxback colors! Here's a look: The only uniform I'm not too big of a fan of is the black jersey. I think it could probably even be taken out and replaced with something more unique like a copper or turquoise alternate. As for the Rockies throwback, so far I've mostly been able to keep the same number font for the fauxbacks as has been used in the main set. I have now taken the "spikes" off of the throwback though to create a more regular block font, which would have been expected in the time period. For the Dodgers, I updated the original post to make the numbers a little bolder, which definitely does pair better with the strong LA logo. Great suggestion! I wouldn't have even noticed they were a little too thin. Yea, the Dodgers don't really give a lot of options when it comes to unique fauxback ideas. I would have gone with the famous powder blue set, but I think that would have been a little predictable. I totally understand what you're saying in that it doesn't quite feel like "LA," I had that same thought while making it. I think in the age now where literal sleeveless jerseys and shorts are starting to make a comeback and wacky Stance sock designs are the norm, I think it's more fit to work, in a quirky way. I really appreciate all of the feedback everybody, the Padres will be up next!
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    Can't confirm for sure, but from what I've seen, it's not looking promising that we'll see that template next season. As you might have seen on my twitter, I'm a big fan of the template as well!
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    Dude this is super dangerous, you probably shouldn't be sitting in the street at any time.
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    We really made it into a second page of this thread without a mention of Georgetown?
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    Thanks for the compliments and comments, y'all. Onward... Montreal Impact I took @mr. negative's suggestion and went pink for Montreal. Nothing really special about it, but it would be a nice change of pace. (This will also not be the last pink you see in this series. Also, seeing this again is giving me a hankerin' for a La Fin du Monde.) Collection de Montréal:
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    These would match perfectly with their new yellow facemasks. I actually like these better than the color rush ones.
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    They'll be too busy watching the Weeks15-17 and the NFL playoffs to care who is the QB for the XFL's New Jersey team.
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    Perhaps not the most authentic confirmation...but apparently there is something to it. https://dodgersway.com/2017/06/06/dodgers-stadium-history/ Changing the seats back to the "muted pastels" was the best thing Frank McCourt did.
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    That’s true. At a minimum, Vince does bookend bros.
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    LA Galaxy A few years ago, the Galaxy did a quasi-fauxback inspired by their inaugural kits from 1996. I decided to take it a couple steps further. All three options for the Galaxy:
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    Well said. The classic home and away jerseys are as good as ever. I don't think those will be changing any time soon - if they were going to do so, 2017 would have been the logical time to do it with the change to Nike and the move to a new arena. All that happened then was the new logo (a good one IMO) and the reversal of the blue and red stripes on the side panels on the home jersey. Other than that, they've essentially been the same for nearly 20 years at this point. The downside is that their alternates have been a hot mess since the red one was discontinued in 2008. I'll never understand their continued insistence on navy, gray, and black; and the damn "Motor City" thing has been beat into the ground. Overall, a few tweaks and their identity would be perfection for me as a Pistons fan. Now, if only their basketball operations management could ever regain some competency..
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    boom! And we’re all set!
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    You're right. That's also something that's made me not buy a throwback blue/gold Rams hat yet. The logo is either that far too detailed Ram or its the helmet, and I just can't stand for wearing something on my head with a logo of something you wear on your head. The "hat on a hat" situation. --- When it comes to making an LA monogram, you definitely have to be creative at this point. We've seen more than a few, good and bad.
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    Speculating that they will go with a more horns-centric approach somehow... I'm not sure what other kind of ram logo would be better than the ram head.
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    So Kevin Demoff was on local radio didn't give a whole lot of new information but he confirmed that the Rams are dropping the Ram head for something new. It's kinda a shame if you ask me because it's really good logo that I thought would hold up for a long time.
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    Kinda random but I remember in NBA Ballers video game there was 1v1v1 mode and if you chose 3 players from the same team, one wore the home jersey, one wore the away jersey, and one wore a grey alternate. They had one for every team. Some of them looked pretty good.
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    The only way to avoid that is convincing the Pats to wear either silver or white pants (highly unlikely).
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    And the Wild has the excuse of being a team made and named at the tail end of the 90's phase of stupid team names.
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    If they do go with Steelheads, lets hope that Duff McArdle, Colleen Blessed and Brett Parker aren't involved in the running of the team. They really screwed the previous "Steelheads" franchise.
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    Peruse the Chicago Bulls twitter feed. The last couple of days they are polling fans on favorite throwback jerseys. Could this mean they are getting throwbacks this year, or perhaps already planning ahead for 2020-21? @Conrad.
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    I couldn't agree with you more on everything, especially the basketball operations side. The alternates have been terrible. I want them to reintroduce the red badly, I would also love if the brought back the lightning bolt throwback or even had a bad boys throwback.
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    A few interesting minor/junior hockey ones...
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    I remember making a Dodgers concept of that checkered design. Even though the Brooklyn original is one of my favorite uniforms of all time, when I had enough time to kinda self-critique my work...well, I found myself thinking my LA version was a poor fit for the location. Can't really explain why, it just felt off. Somehow, your version feels like it might be a better fit for where the Dodgers are now.
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    The Raiders never wore this on the field but I owned this jersey and it was amazing. I miss metallic sheen on NFL uniforms in general.
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    This one is just completely badass. I love them all but this one is my favorite
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    just thought of one; love this uniform
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    Art Deco? And no. The original design was trash, and not even Conrad can polish this one.
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    I'm feeling Buffalo's red is out of place...
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    Vancouver Whitecaps Primary The inclusion of the chest stripe this year showed me that this team really needs to keep it full time, though wrapping it around to the back doesn't really work well. The sponsor is local brewery Brassneck. Change Yeah, I know that a palette swap is kinda lazy. In this case, I don't care. These are, to me, two classic Whitecaps looks. ---------- So that's primary and change kits for all of the currently-playing teams. As I mentioned earlier, I'm working on third kits for all of the teams, as well as working up looks for the future teams that have been announced: Austin, Miami, and Nashville.
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    1. Yeah, they wanted to go with the reference. 2. The Rangers have always been located in Arlington, which is between Dallas and Fort Worth. I suspect this became something of a "Minnesota Twins" scenario in which the Rangers ownership wanted a place-name that didn't favor either city (especially since there were baseball rivalries between the two in the past.)
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    New England Revolution I mentioned earlier in the series that I didn't make too many changes to the club logos. The Revs are the exception. Crest I'm still not entirely sure this is a finished product, to be honest, but I feel like it's a pretty good start. The top of the crest is laid out to resemble a revolutionary-era tricorn hat. The pine tree at the bottom of the crest comes from the New England flag the Revs have been using recently, though it's recolored navy to avoid adding another color to the crest. I carried over the soccer ball with stars to have a callback to the original logo. Primary The Revs have changed from all-blue to white shorts recently, and I found that I'm all for it. I kept that look here and added some red trim to the mix; I also added tonal hoops across the front of the shirt. The sponsor is Jack's Abby; their offshoot Springdale by Jack's Abby brews a collaboration with the Midnight Riders called Supporter Scarf. Change Taking some hints from the afore-mentioned flag of New England, the change strip is white/red/white; the shirt and socks have green trim, while the pine from the flag is shown in a tonal print of the front.
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    Los Angeles Galaxy Primary All-white, navy trim, and a sash; after years of wandering the visual wastelands, the Galaxy have developed an iconic look over the last decade, and I wasn't about to go messing with that. In this case, the navy sash is broken up by a yellow stripe. I did decide to simplify the logo a bit, as even the simpler flat version used for the jerseys seemed too complex and had too many colors for my taste. The sponsor is Monkish Brewing, makers of Galaxy Defender pale ale. Change I stuck with the Galaxy's tendency to go with an all-navy change strip, trimmed in yellow. The shirt includes a yellow "ghost sash".
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    No. The Pilots are basically a piece of 50-year-old trivia in terms of their place on the minds of baseball fans, and it would be even worse if not for the existence of Ball Four.
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    FC Cincinnati Primary While the current pattern they're using is a little odd, I like the broken-stripe motif Cincinnati is using, so I incorporated it here. The stripes are made of diagonal lines in the angle of the stripe in the club crest. I also thought they could use a little more orange overall, so I gave them orange socks. The sponsor is Listermann Brewing who brews Stoppage Time cream ale in collaboration with an FCC supporters group. Change The stripe pattern carries over onto the change kit, this time in a more subtle tonal pattern.
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    this has been out about a year i think, so apologies if its been posted about already, but i just found and watched this last night. IMO, its the single best film ever made on the profession of Graphic Design. https://designcanada.com/ trailer:
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    At the very least, I have some confidence that the Whalers MK II would be a success. Not an amazing amount, but some. Somehow, we’ve made it this long without bringing up Les Expos. They’ve become fairly popular these past few years, even though I doubt how successful they’d be as an expansion market. Sure, MLB did them dirty, but so did the Separatists, the city of Montréal (Le Stade Olympique/Éléphant Blanc), and the Blue Jays (claiming all of Southern Ontario). Fate didn’t work in their favor, and I’m not sure a new team would have more fortune (save for a VGK-level expansion draft).
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    lol Carrying water for the NHL is dangerous work.
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    They'd be considerably better off. More TV money, lower travel expenses, probably would have capitalized on the Bruins' downturn. And at the risk of getting too speculative, there's a pretty good shot that Karmanos eventually sells the team to some Connecticut-based hedgies and screws back off to Farmington Hills for good. Whether that ends up being better than Karmanos or the predatory auto loan man, we can't say for sure, but it's hard to imagine much worse.
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    Hartford is a bigger TV market than precious Las Vegas, so I don't see why they couldn't make it work. With at least an equivalent arena, does anyone think they'd be worse off than they are in Raleigh?
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    I mean, of course Hartford's not getting an NHL team any time soon, the city's biggest arena is still the one that chased the Whalers out in the first place, except now on top of everything else it's 20 years older. But for me at least it's hard to fully "get over it" when the Whalers arguably still have as big a fanbase, if not a bigger one, than the Hurricanes do.
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