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    If you want to get rid of the silver, you need to start with the helmet. As long as the helmet is silver, the pants should be silver at least 75 percent of the time.
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    Where do they hide it?
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    *sighs heavily* indeed, if only i could make that article. a couple months ago, you all would have known WAY more than is currently publicly known. selfishly, i'll trade that in a heartbeat for my job in the industry
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    Nipsey Russell wasn't even half as important as Prince.
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    I still can't believe that the 100th Season of the NFL will open with Bears vs Packers and neither team will be wearing throwbacks. That's a huge missed opportunnity. I tried it out on Madden 20 and it was pretty awesome.
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    I get that Nipsey Hussle was a big deal to his own crowd, and it's merited because apparently he did some fantastic things for not just his neighborhood, but the entire city. That being said, the idea that he was anywhere even in the same stratosphere as Prince really comes across as a bit of postmortem glorification/God-status creation. And I get that. I grew up a HUGE Sublime fan and am fully aware how their lore was VASTLY enhanced by Brad's death and they rode the coattails on that for over two decades. And while I like Nirvana, they get a lot of this, too. They may be the ultimate example of this, actually. You know what they say, death tends to make everyone's opinion of you absolutely glow. I still have ZERO idea what Nipsey Hussle did musically, and had never even heard of him before his death. If you put on ten songs and asked me to pick out the NH song, I would still have absolutely no idea which were his. I wouldn't consider myself a hip hop connoisseur or anything, but I'm not totally in the dark about it, either. I think his overall legacy is being just a tad overstated.
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    Boy, I wish that were true. Here's all the mistakes they can, and have, made; Light blue over white... The horrific all-black... The EVEN WORSE all-black with black socks... As you noted, the nauseating light blue over black... And the nightmare-inducing all light blue... By a magnitude that's difficult to calculate, this is the Panther's best look. And it's one they've stupidly almost abandoned.
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    The white helmet is NOT happening.
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    If the Yankees had to have an alternate (hopefully on the road only) I would love one that resembles the classic 90's Starter jackets Yankees script on the front, the classic Uncle Sam hat logo on the left sleeve and navy-white-navy-white piping on the neck and sleeves...
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    I love how this thread has become “Ask @Conrad.“
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    Would love to see them lose the "Browns" wordmark from the pants and continue the stripe all the way down.
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    Given free reign, the Bengals are a team I'd make more drastic changes to, but since I'm attempting to just fiddle as little as necessary, here's what I've got. Clean up the sleeves and pants stripe, orange socks to kill the leotard, and block numbers for a more solid overall feel.
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    XXXTentacion jerseys for the Heat when
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    I literally never heard of Nipsey Hussle before he died. Actually he was in the pilot of Crazy ex Girlfriend but I would have never guessed he was famous.
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    Really stickin' my neck out here saying that Prince was a bigger deal than Nipsey Hussle, these are the kinds of brave opinions you only get at this board. The Crenshaw jersey just makes me think they're honoring semi-obscure '80s musician Marshall Crenshaw and his thoughtful power-pop songcraft.
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    I live in LA and had never heard his name before his death and it's not like I'm some old fart I'm 24. The dude was a good guy from all I understand but he wasn't anywhere near as important culturally as prince. If something happened to Ice Cube, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Snoop, or even to honor the doors I could see something happening since they are much bigger staples of LA culture. I personally think the Lakers brand and LA it self is way to large to do something like this for anyone anyways, it works for Minneapolis because they are so much smaller and prince was one of the few great cultural icons from the area. If you ask people to think of a great musician or band from LA you'll get as many answers as people asked this idea dosen't work for LA.
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    Honestly? If they're going to do teal I would just prefer them to do a straight teal throwback. I'm not a fan of the identity at all but 90s kitsch is in and why not capitalize on it while you can? Besides, I may dislike the identity but I think it would be fine as an alternate. My main objection to the teal concerns suggestions that the Pistons need to go to it full time again.
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    The Browns are, thankfully, about to completely dump their current garbage, but if I was tasked with trying to save as much of it as possible... well, I still ended up changing quite a bit. How could you not?
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    I'm probably on the unpopular side of this argument, but I don't think the colors need to change at all. I'd just remove the "carbon fiber" pattern from the helmet. If the colors do ultimately change, though, I hope the helmet finish remains rather than return to a glossy finish.
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    Thank you for the suggestion! It did help me notice a minor drop-shadow error. Thanks! The slab-serif N will be part of the full update. Thanks. Thanks! The navy does beat the charcoal grey. Anyway, here's the whole update! The next concept should be up later today.
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    Thanks. It actually wasn't something I realized until this discussion, so thanks for the back and forth! Basically, only two new teams since 1980 have adopted a straight up red, white, and blue identity (Blue Jackets and Texans). And those teams had thematic reasons to do so. Any other modern changes to red, white, and blue have been because teams have returned to their older, more traditional colour schemes (Capitals, Wizards, Pistons, 76ers). All in all? Newer teams seem to understand that a lot of traditional teams have red, white, and blue, and have gone with more unique colour schemes. So I really don't think the "over-use" of red, white, and blue is a problem, really. It's used by a lot of older teams, as a remnant of a time when branding wasn't really a concern. Newer teams are, by and large, forging their own paths. Which is a very good thing. The teal Pistons identity would have been much better had the Pistons been a 90s expansion team. I hate any uniform that opts for a city or location nickname. That the Raptors won the NBA Championship in jerseys that just said "NORTH" is the one thing about that game I'm not fond of. I think the problem the Pistons face is that their primary uniforms (I know we don't have primaries in the NBA anymore) are pretty traditional. What else do you do? I agree, the red version was a nice change of pace and I wouldn't mind seeing it again. Aside from that? Well...they've done fairly generic navy and grey (chrome) uniforms. Honestly? I would go with throwbacks. The classic look they have, which dates to the Bad Boys mini-dynasty of the late 80s/early 90s, only dates back to 1981. I would look further back for alternates. So maybe.... Standard royal blue Standard white Red 1974-78 throwback Teal throwback ...as a four uni set? The Pistons have a lot of surprisingly unique pre-80s uniforms they could draw on. The mid/late 70s with the bold side panels. The late 70s lightning bolt design. Late 60s powder blues. Mid 60s script wordmarks. Late 50s/early 60s stacked wordmark and front numbers. You could go with straight up versions of these as throwback alternates or mix and match elements of them to create new uniforms that harken back to older looks. There's untapped potential in the Pistons' history. They just don't want to go for it, for whatever reason.
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    To expand for those curious, a natural fiber like cotton is naturally hydrophilic (absorbs water) but that water doesn’t have anywhere to go because the evaporation rate (drying time) is slower than the absorption rate, thus the cotton becomes soaked and stays wet until the evaporation can catch up (essentially not until you’re done sweating or it stops raining or whatever the case is. As mentioned, though, Cotton can be blended with other fibers and/or treated to become more hydrophobic (repels water). Essentially what happens is the treatment doesn’t allow the cotton to absorb as much water, resulting in a cotton that dries faster. Similarly, a cotton blended with a synthetic contains less cotton and therefore also absorbs less water. Cotton blends are softer than their full synthetic counterparts. Synthetic fibers are naturally hydrophobic and absorb very little water compared to natural fibers, but that’s not ideal either because they don’t naturally absorb the water off the skin and as a result you end up very drippy underneath the fabric. Synthetic fibers are often treated with a hydrophilic coating to help pull the water off the skin, and because they’re naturally hydrophobic, the water tends to sit on the outside of the fiber where the sun and air can evaporate it. Wool is by far the most interesting. As a natural fiber, it’s hydrophilic (even more absorbent than cotton), but because it’s essentially a hair, it’s not hollow and it’s able to hold the extra moisture in the center of the fiber. The outside of the fiber is actually quite hydrophobic (that’s why a wool hat or jacket takes much longer to become soaked, and why sheep and goats are well-adapted to rainy environments). Because the fibers hold water in the center, wool is also very fire resistant. The structure of the fibers combined with the hybrid moisture control give wool unique thermal properties as well. The fibers are crimped so they don’t lay flat against one another. Rather, they create tiny air pockets throughout the fabric. Wool is a good insulator because these air pockets can trap heat very well. Conversely, the air pockets can also keep you cool in warm weather because as you sweat, the wool absorbs the sweat (but because the water is stored in the center, the wool doesn’t feel as wet on your skin as cotton), and the airflow through the pockets is cooled by the moisture in the fibers.
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    Iconic? Dozens of teams throughout sports use “here we go [two syllable team name] here we go”. Browns fans, your rival, for example, lengthen their name to “Brownies” for this pretty standard chant.
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    Raleigh seems to be missing two kinda important things that might play into its viability as an expansion city. 1) an ownership group with the ability to secure the obscene capital it would take to pay expansion fees and other startup costs, and 2) any sort of commitment at all to get a stadium built if a team comes. This is all a total total waste of time until there’s an owner that wants (and can afford) a team, and a rock-solid stadium plan.
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    A bit of a break, but back at it. I'm coming to the last two divisions and they are the hardest for me to stick with the small changes plan. The AFC North has three bad uniforms IMO. Cinci and Cleveland are unmitigated disasters, and the only thing that keeps the Ravens out of the bottom 10 is the number of teams that have changed to something worse in the last decade or so. So let me start with the easy one... the Steelers. The only real noticeable change to the primaries will be to bring back the block numbers and drop the chest logo. The alt. is, obviously, a fauxback gold version of the batwing jersey, which I'm kind of happy with.
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    It's a real shame the A's owners didn't put in the minimal effort it would've taken to reclaim the San Jose market for themselves, then. They had, like, two decades to file the paperwork and just never bothered. The A's have nobody but themselves to blame for the situation they're stuck in right now. Good thing there's a really solid, growing market about 100 miles to the east of Oakland that is ripe for relocation!
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    Very underatted uniform. I hope one day Pistons bring back it.
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    Has it been mentioned that the majority of the new Nike collars are basically the old wishbone Nike collars turned inside out?
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    @Ice_Cap - thanks for the refresher. I do remember Dan Parker being correct about the side panels for the Titans, but aside from that he was throwing out info and seeing what would stick. It’s good to see that the mods kept tabs on his ramblings (he had some about the Las Vegas Raiders as well). With regards to incorrect ramblings, Thank goodness. A revival of the classics without the orange helmet would be one step forward, two steps backwards.
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    So the mod team kept a running tally of his claims for each team. For the Jags he claimed that... -They would keep the logo (true) -The helmet wouldn't feature the logo, but would feature a "JAGS" wordmark (false) -Jerseys that were "UCLA teal instead of love ya blue." (false) -Gold helmets and pants with black stripes (false) In his defence he later insisted that the gold helmets were "changed to black" but that was shortly before the leak that showed black helmets. Regardless, his specifics on the helmet decal (a "JAGS" wordmark or script instead of the logo) never seemed to have been true. He did more or less call the Dolphins changes from that year correctly, saying they'd be minor and that most people wouldn't notice. All the Dolphins ended up doing was dropping the navy and adjusting the shade of orange. He was likely someone who knew someone who could get him a peak at conceptual work, and he blew that up in his own mind to the point where he claimed he had super insider status. He obviously had some insight, but not nearly at the level he claimed. For the Browns? Here's what he claimed. -Completely overhauling. -A proper logo. -White helmet. The white helmet was his only real claim, as they other two could be extrapolated by anyone who had been following news on the Browns redesign. He said a lot of stuff about the Titans, claiming there would be all red and all silver uniforms alongside navy and white. And that it would be "Oregon-esque" in terms of combos. Instead we got a navy jersey, a white jersey, and a Columbia blue alternate. With navy, white, and Columbia pants. We did just get a red Titans fashion jersey as part of the "inverted" fashion jersey unveiling, but I doubt any of those see the field. He had a bit more insight than the usual Reddit mooks (BradyIsMyHomeboy, TheSoundOfThrowingPennies) but made a lot of unsubstantiated claims all the same.
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    Wrapping up the series with the San Francisco Giants! Gold is dropped as an accent from the main identity, as honestly I think it just muddles up things. The upright wordmarks are retained from my Redesigns series, to mimic the towering Golden Gate Bridge and the "giant" nickname. The away jersey gets a dust/gold tint to it, reminiscent of AT&T Park. The black alternate is based on @SFGiants58's take on his team, with my version having four stripes instead of three on the sleeves & socks, reflecting the "crossbars" of the Golden Gate Bridge. The Turn Back the Clock set is based on the Giants' orange 70's uniforms, with an orange hat and socks to boot. When the Giants are on the road in Spring Training games, this orange hat would be worn with the BP jersey, much like they actually do. Well with that, my take on MLB x NIKE is officially complete! I had a great time imagining & creating the concepts for this crossover, this was probably my favorite series I've done. I hope you all enjoyed following it as much as I enjoyed formulating it! I'd love to hear any thoughts you have on the series in general, or maybe even some of your personal favorites you had along the way. Thanks again for checking this out.
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    Nope. For pullovers to be used by the Reds, Red Sox, and Cardinals was just as bad as pullovers on the Yankees would be. Which is to say: very bad. There was nothing wrong with the normal button-down version of this uniform.
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    Excellently put. Thinking back, the Pistons in teal is obviously wrong, and blue/gray or whatever may look good in a vacuum, but these teams do have history to stick to. I just hope the Pistons can do something good with their other alts, since the "chrome" statement is awful and basically anything with "Motor City" on it has been garbage as well.
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    The one thing I'd love from the Cavs is a gold jersey again. Just like the Pistons in red, the Cavs should be in gold.
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    Vancouver could get both of these done at roughly the same market size with higher population density and snag a much bigger television deal in the end.
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    The contraction threat, or at least the reasons for it, were made in very bad faith though.
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    I hate this... because it's exactly what the Browns should've done.
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    It's The Sun. Who gives a :censored: what they report? I don't believe a word of it.
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    I trust the Sun to be truthful in anything about as much as I trust a guy with a hook to do my colonoscopy.
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    Yes you have..it was full of @Conrad. concepts from leaks gathered from sources. It would come out MONTHS before the season started. Would have info on new uniforms and throwbacks. But lets not dwell on the past..but embrace the future.
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    The Detroit gray is so dull. Maybe not every team needs four (or more) jerseys.
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    Still haven't heard what the upcoming jersey news is. I'm assuming the NFL approved the Browns request to use the Color Rush jerseys more than 3x? Feel like that would be a no brainer. If they get denied maybe go with orange as the primary for 2019 just to avoid using the current brown. It's probably too late for a throwback and too early to be anything related to 2020.
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    I don't think there's ever been as great a turnaround in ownership of a company that from Donald Sterling to Steve Ballmer. From a racist slumlord who refused to pay coaches he fired to a guy who's building his own stadium and got the top free agent on the market. It's truly been the Summer of Ballz.
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    That's amazing. Put it in Seattle.
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    I don't think the basis for this topic is correct. I believe the sequence was: 1. TB brings in Kolarek to pitch for one batter. 2. TB moves Kolarek to first base, brings in Roe to pitch for one batter. 3. TB removes Roe, moves Kolarek back to pitcher, brings in Choi to first base for remainder of inning. It was only after that final substitution that Cora caused a scene, not that that move was illegal but apparently over confusion over the subsequent batting order, which even the umpires couldn't give a straight answer on. I don't see why the removal of the DH has to involve a manager specifying who goes where or "umpire's discretion" otherwise. Seems like a weird loophole. Once Kolarek became a field player, he should be in the DH spot, and Roe (then Choi) would take the substituted first baseman's spot in the order, no? Why should this be a choice for anyone? Also this whole thread is weird and mean-spirited.
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    The Twins identity is the most annoying to me in baseball. Just go back to the Metrodome/World Series uniforms
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    I've never heard Steelers pronounced as one syllable. I don't think it's possible, really.
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    The Jaguars new uniform is so close. Honestly, the simplicity of it is the best thing about it. The number font is my favorite in the NFL. With just a few simple adjustments it become quite possibly my number one NFL look. Here's what I'd do. Get rid of the black jersey and pants. Teal becomes the primary home. Make the spikes and sleeve details on the white jersey teal, and add a simple pants detail. Done. This also allows us to have a really nice throwback.
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    Yeah, I feel better about baseball's future than football's. Baseball is, after all, the greatest game ever created. And basketball, pfft, Adam Silver just admitted they played themselves by getting everyone talking about the NBA on social but not bothering to watch the games.
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