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    Why can't they both embrace it?
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    If there's something in college football more dull and played out than the all-black uniform, I don't know what it could be. Yawn inducing.
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    I graduated and played baseball at Saint Patrick HS back in 2000. The baseball team always took a backseat to the football and basketball teams so jerseys were usually pretty standard stock from our suppliers. No custom fonts or logos. So, I figured I’d sketch out what I’d want to wear if I were still playing. The SP monogram and Celtic Shamrock sleeve logo are custom designed by me. I wanted to go with a classic look because the school has been around for over 150 years. Would love to hear feedback on what you like and what I should work on. Thanks!
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    Alejandro Bedoya became a man and somewhat famous.. Due to board ToS and rules, I think I better not post a link tothe actions of Bedoya and MLS as Garber begins year 20 as Commissioner.
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    WHY do You Capitalize words At Random?
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    the white out uniform
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    Small world indeed. I almost went to Cross myself. Was 50/50 until the final minute. Thank you for the feedback!
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    Arizona is trying to find a spot(s) on the court to bring back the old school cactus/mountains/sun logo that was on the court during the Lute Olson era. Problem is the A logo is required by the university to be a center court, the Pac-12 logos are required, there’s the Lute & Bobbi Olson Court logo, plus the logo of the university’s hospital that is paid for. Also hearing of new uniforms this season but I’m not able to confirm anything.
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    I like the diamond returning, not sold on the colorful gradients.
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    I'm not one for catalog designs but I wish we actually got those pants rather than keep the wordmark'd pants.
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    According to Madden 20 you are correct.
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    Thanks for the comments, guys. I found myself a little busy over the last few days so I haven't had a chance yet to implement any changes, but I'll look at these. @JG36, I think I'm married to the T-bar road striping. I've always liked it and thought it was tragically underused in the Majors. But I'll try your suggestion and put it up for comments. @coco1997, you're correct about the phantom roundel. That's how the logo started. I tried angling the interior of the wings to match that of the C, but thought it was too heavy on one side due to the slant on the C. I'll try to take another stab at it. Also I think you may be correct about the colors bleeding. I didn't want that many outlines originally, but I thought the result actually looked muddier. I'll definitely go back and try more versions. I'm thinking maybe just sky blue outlined with yellow, but it's got a serious UCLA vibe going on.
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    Awesome template that you put together like Frankenstein. Took a lot of good parts from templates around and really made your own solid look. The tuques are a great little add on for sure. The update to Thief River seems like the appropriate next step in the teams jersey history. It reminds me of the Chicoutimi Saguenéens but wildly more tame. Also should note that I think Steinbeck’s logo is a thing of beauty, don’t know what about it hits me but it is a classic. Keep it up!
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    this is gorgeous. excellent job.
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    Yeah, I'll give you the White Sox. Also, it's just my personal preference, but I grew up the the Dodgers using their nickname with a white keyline on the gray, and it's still what I think of as their look. Something about the blue elements having a white outline, and the (already vaguely out of place) red number not having it.... Plus Steve Garvey's bulging forearms... just says L.A. to me.
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    The White Sox. Their road uniforms, prior to the slight tweaks that downgraded it, were some of my favourite uniforms in all of baseball.
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    If I’m someone from Podunk Iowa that saves up to make my once in a lifetime trip to Yankee Stadium and they’re wearing blue jerseys with a cursive Yankees script and wacky-ass hats, I’m pissed off, because that’s simply not the Yankees brand. I felt that way (not quite as much as I would if it was the NYY) when I made my first trip to Wrigley... but I had several more in my future. Im sick and tired of morons that begrudge the Yankees for holding true to their brand (even if they’ve caved in recent years). I wish the Phillies had resisted their short-lived red jerseys, all the Thursday light blue throwback alt. For them, without the same brand as the Yankees, I’m fine with an occasional throwback weekend, but no need for all the alts.
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    Agreed. I did like the sky blue jerseys after the recoloring in ‘04. A fix here and there — namely changing the numeral font and removing UTAH down the shorts — would make it perfect.
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    The black jerseys sucked, but the template should have been used to update the Jazz instead of going to those dreadful double-blue uniforms with the phantom side panels. Solid purple with sky blue side panels and copper/spruce trim would have been nice.
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    I think you missed @mgfoxx‘s comment
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    I'm against a "road alternate" because it will inevitably be decided that they should wear it at home to "market" it to home fans. And the Yankees should never wear anything but their home uniform at home. It's bad enough they've futzed with the caps a few times.
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    I absolutely love that number font. If you squint hard enough that 9 even looks like the shape of a beer barrel. With a new name for Miller Park next year, probably a ton of new faces on the team, this is prime time to move forward with a change in uniforms.
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    I really like seeing this. But I would also like them to break out the original, more ornate number font that was worn with this uniform in 1972 and 1973.
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    I agree the black jersey is underrated. Their identity was evolving similar to Raptors that season, both made changes from the expansion uni set. Always wonder how the fan base and unis would have turned out if they have stayed couple more season when they drafted Shane Battier and Pau Gasol in 2001.
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    I just wish the Grizzlies had gone with an Ancient Egyptian-themed identity upon moving to Memphis (named shared with an important city in Ancient Egypt). We've got Greek and Roman teams, why not Egypt? Put some hieroglyphs on the sides of the court, use turquoise and earth tones, and you'd be set!
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    I've been out of the concept game for a while but my creative juices got going again and decided to throw this concept together. This was inspired by the Flyers new wordmark font and their Stadium Series practice jerseys (see below). I am anticipating comments saying that it's just a recoloring of last years stadium series jersey. And I would like to counter that argument with the following: I have been a flyers fan my whole life and they have used this striping pattern on their arms for a very long time. The only difference is that there is no stripe the length of the arm connected to it. (Check out their uniform history from 1983-2007) I just had to make the top stripe a little thicker so that it will look good. Secondly, as an extension of first argument, this would be a realistic third jersey look considering their history with this striping pattern. In my opinion it is very rare that a third jersey that is completely different from anything they've done before is received well. Think of Atlanta's weird maroon jersey, Florida's baby blue thirds, basically anything Buffalo has done, and the "throwback" flyers jersey which I never liked because it just never looked like a Flyers look. I imagined a lot of different options and I couldn't imagine anything looking better than this look. I even thought about a stripe the length of the arm where the outline was the shape of the crack in the Liberty Bell, but I didn't think that would work very well. And lastly... yeah, it kinda is a recoloring of that jersey... shoot me lol. I also realize that the arm stripes on the middle image don't look symmetrical but the striping is similar to what the Flyers have always used which is a curved look so that there is no point on the outside of the arm, just a smooth line. So from the outside of the arm it will look straight but from the inside of the arm it will look curved. Lastly, I put together a possible 3rd logo below. I was always going to use "Philly" on the front but I thought this might look good on the shoulder, but I never quite fell in love with it. Also, for realism's sake, the only time the Flyers have had a shoulder patch is for a memorial or the 50th anniversary patch. So adding the shoulder patch wouldn't be a very "Flyers look." It is essentially the Liberty Bell logo from the Phillies batting practice/spring training hat with the Flyers logo on top. And in all honesty, it is a direct copy of the new Phillies logo. But I thought I'd share it anyway, so let me know what you think. I am always open to constructive criticism so I'd love to hear what you all think.
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    So about the Heritage Classic, I think Flames and Jets would wear reverse versions of their retro jerseys, very possible. So, the Jets would wear the blue version of their Heritage jersey,but they should wear blue pants to match the 1978-79 uniforms. And Flames would wear the white version of their retro alternates easily, but I wonder if Flames had a few features from Calgary's former WHA team, the Cowboys. Like adds Cowboys' logo on the shoulders or inside the collar.
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    I don’t mind that. Remove the side piping and you got a good look in place.
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    Hey all. Been a LONG, LONG time since I've been around. But I noticed this mysterious logo on Fox Sports Midwest a few months ago. Tweeted about it, but never really dug in. Then someone linked me to this thread, and that's when I saw that the team was also using it on social media. I reached out to Cardinals presidents (one on the business side, one more on the baseball side) Bill DeWitt III and John Mozeliak. DeWitt rarely response, but Mo almost always does. There's a stupid funny backstory to it, but long story short, Mo actually tends to reply. Or an employee posing as Mo humors me. Either way. Mo gave me a brief response: "Not sure why this but I will ask around." Of course, I probably contacted him at one of the times of the year this would be his lowest priority. Nonetheless, it appeared to me Fox Sports Midwest had corrected their logo shortly there after. Maybe related. Maybe coincidence. But the team kept using the mystery logo on social media. Then today, the Cardinals announced their Star Trek theme night. And sure enough, the STL logo on the side of the cap is not the official team STL, but this new mysterious logo. It'd be weird enough if an incorrect file was floating around and permeating all things. We have actually seen that in other things in sports before. Having worked in collegiate athletic departments before, I especially know how this goes. But this is weird because as you guys have discussed, it's not an old logo or even one of the old unofficial-official logos. It's entirely it's own thing. And it's not got any signs of being some sort of distorted amateur logo, it's a pretty well crafted mark. So it really is a mystery. I reached back out to Mo sending him the picture of the Star Trek cap. If I uncover anything else, I'll report back. Definitely a strange one here.
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    Honestly, their former city jersey would make a great template for a primary look. I love the old San Diego colors, but I think red, white, and blue would also translate to this pretty well. I would just swap out the waistband logo to something nautical to complement the sail design on the shorts and I think they'd have a winner. Maybe re-work the font for the wordmark too.
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    For reference, I never really loved the standing version, so I updated the “stiff arm” one: Let’s just say I’ll be livid if they botch this again.
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    The plain old gimmickless CCM collars Never mind the Zhamnov
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    Of course it still looks like garbage, it's an Adidas collar. Can't polish excrement...
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    I literally never heard of Nipsey Hussle before he died. Actually he was in the pilot of Crazy ex Girlfriend but I would have never guessed he was famous.
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    Looks nice! Your pants stripe quite simply pairs nicely with the jersey 'slashes' if you will. Jags fans would love a throwback to that era, but my personal preference would be to go with the numbers worn from '98-'08. That's probably coming from a place of nostalgia for me. I view it as the pinnacle of our uniform history, as those would be the uniforms our greatest player (Fred Taylor) and our greatest team ('99) wore. I understand the desire to minimize the black, but black on teal might actually be my favorite combination of them all. I'd hate to lose it. I think the teal pants help bring out the teal accents in the black jersey. I would not complain if this was our primary look. = I think adding the teal to the white jersey like you have done would have a similar effect when paired with the teal pants. Adding the black stripe on the pants would really complete this look to tie the jersey and pants together. (Look how striking that teal is in the Florida sun!) Ultimately, the Jags have a solid foundation to build their identity on, but I think they need to become strict about wearing the right combinations. Some are home runs, and others are huge misses. (Looking at you, black over white.) TL;DR: Nice job! :)
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    What? No royal blue?? This looks awful. I love metallic gold but it's not right for Sabres. Exactly, the navy is not helping. They should brought the royal blue back. the fans loved the royal blue. Their 2018 Winter Classic jersey is so beautiful and would make a great road jersey if they bring the royal blue back. And Ducks, I very glad they are bringing the orange back. Honestly, this orange should become primary home and make a white version for road. Yes,I missed the Mighty Ducks logo. it's much better than their current logo.
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    boom! And we’re all set!
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    Houston Texans Redux: 1984 Throwback: The Best Of The Non-Oilers Despite the WFL Texans having the same name, the USFL Houston Gamblers were actually decent at football and had a great negative space logo. Also, the Gamblers featured Jim Kelly before he lost 4 Super Bowls. 2000 Throwback: The Throwback Prototype Throwback Taking @Htown1141's suggestion, I reached out to Mark Verlander, designer of the Texans logo, on insight into the original vision for the Texans and he said this: and sent me this rendering, which I modernized. 1978 Throwback: Some Columbia '78 Oilers. Recolored bull. 'Nuf said.
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    Really highlights the nature of the argument. On one side we have: and this: And on the other you have the NFL and athletic programs channeling their inner Nathan Thurm. Pretty stark contrast.
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    Fun fact: An American team has won the Grey Cup (1995 Baltimore Stallions) more recently than a Canadian team has won the Stanley Cup (1993 Montreal Canadiens).
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    Cincinnati Bengals: 1921 Throwback: The First Cincinnati NFL Team There were plenty of attempts at pro football in Cincinnati in the 20s and 30s, but none of them really stuck or had any success. The Cincinnati Celts lasted a single season in the NFL, but had plenty of amateur seasons before and after their lone 1921 season. I couldn't find any glimpses of the back of the jerseys, so I assumed the Celts used a block similar to the era. The logo comes from this which seems to be more legitimate than the Impact font modern recreation found everywhere when looking the Celts up. 1933 Throwback: "The Worst Team In The History Of The NFL" What I thought was an interesting look of a team in the 1930s turned into finding a lot of articles calling the 1933-34 Cincinnati Reds football team the worst ever. Managing only 3 wins in almost 2 seasons in the NFL before getting suspended for not being able to pay league dues is a compelling argument. Nonetheless, I found the all red look interesting and looks like if the Wisconsin Badgers and Michigan Wolverines had a baby. The wordmark comes from this game program. 1968 Throwback: The Last Of The AFL The AFL's last franchise was founded this year and decided the best thing to represent a Bengal on their helmets was just... well... "BENGALS." Be it uninspired compared to the current tiger stripe, it was the first wordmark on a football helmet I believe. Bonus 1981 Throwback: You're Welcome, @NicDB The closest Cincinnati has been to winning a Super Bowl came in these. These are the reason this guy is a thing we need to endure Sunday nights. These were revolutionary in the stripe game. These gave the Bengals their still unique helmet. You may have wished that the shoulder stripes went all the way around, though. Me too. But, with the Vapor Untouchable template, shoulder stripes get cut off at the top of the collar triangle and bottom of the nameplate (as seen on the Jets).
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    Thanks, Gothamite! My thoughts exactly! Your blog has definitely been inspirational and I wish the wordmarks on the letterheads you've dug up see the light of day on some merchandise too. Calm down kids, my intention was to just do the Packers, but I suppose there's demand for more, so what the heck? I might as well get this one done with quickly... Chicago Bears: 1920 Throwback: "Wait, They Used To Be Red?" Throwing it back to the red Staleys jerseys and 1st Bears NFL (then APFA) championship. Wordmark is based off of this mural in Decatur that's also been used by other various merchandise. Due to there not being much pictures showing the backs of these jerseys, I assumed the Staleys wore this type of block (as did most teams in the 20s) and as gridiron-uniforms.com assumed, that the numbers were white. 1933 Throwback: Color Switch of the Current Throwback, Essentially Winning their 3rd NFL championship in these, there were actual pictures of the numbers on these jerseys, so the block has been adjusted accordingly. The logo and wordmark are taken from this 1933 game program.
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    Syracuse is always a team I felt could use a unique look however the football team took a step forward and then two steps back with their latest redesign. The lack of orange, overemphasis on navy really ruins it for me. And then there's the unnecessary grey that gets thrown in to it. But the sleeves offer something to be desired to me. I'm always a sucker for that style of "speed" striping they use because I find that it can be very versatile which drove the design of these uniforms. Football - It's a return to the simpler with a mix of the modern thrown in. It marks the return of stripes to the helmet, with the new "speed stripe" making its debut. Block S on the side. Navy helmet to serve as the alternate. Jerseys have the speed stripe wrapping around the sleeve caps. Yes I'm keeping the much maligned font. Again, I'm a sucker for custom fonts, and I personally like the look of the font. Block S at the base of the collar. Pants are equally as simple with the stripe down the side of the pants. Hockey - While the women's team is a Division 1 level team, the men do not have the same such luck. So for the imaginary D1 mens team, much of the same comes over from the football uniforms. Speed stripes adorn the sleeves and make their way onto the hem. Pants have the same stripes, socks just have a triple stripe as opposed to the whole speed thing. Baseball - The resurrection of the baseball team commencences with similarly simple look as the previous two sports. Sleeve stripes are speedy in nature, thought the old basketball script would look good on the chests of the home and away uniforms so there it is. Orange and navy hats/helmets for your viewing pleasure. Basketball - I strayed a bit from the source material here on these. I LOVE the shorts the basketball team currently wears, and I like the overall simplicty of the IRL tops. So I strayed a bit from the previous three uniforms and did a little bit of their own thing for basketball. I kept the same wordmarks because everything else looked wrong and didn't work. Under the arms down the sides are a shortened version of the speed stripes. the shorts got wild. basically I combined the short stripes with the speed stripes and BAM, you get what you see. And because I used the basketball script on the baseball uniforms, it felt very wrong to not use it on a basketball uniform, so there are permanent throwbacks in the rotation. Plus I just watched Requiem for the Big East (which is an amazing 30 for 30 if for some reason you haven't seen it by now), and the 'Cuse uniforms from those days look amazing. C&C welcome!
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    I told myself I wouldn't change the order of teams. I told myself to stick to the list that was generated for me. Then Oregon, the reason college football looks 3/4 of the way it does today, dropped their newest cutting edge uniforms that IMO fell flat on their face. I'm glad the wings returned to the helmet, but the jerseys and pants being blank as they are kills the look for me. So my apologies to UCLA (who was up next) for jumping them, but it just felt like the godfathers of mix and match uniforms after their uniform release was the right thing to do. My personal belief is that the Ducks uniforms peaked with the Alamo Bowl uniform style with the "sharper" looking wings, and then things went down hill from there when they started dressing up like Puddles, and acting like Lewis and Clark (granted that was really just the helmet), then they played up the "blue collar" motif and things just got too weird and too mismatched and any and all cohesion was gone. Now regression isn't something the Ducks are familiar with, but again, the Alamo Wings I think were the best they've looked and were criminally underused. Football - the mix and match masters kick us off. On the helmets. I liked the O on the side. I also like wings on the sides as well. Rather than give them a satin green O helmet and a white wing helmet. Each color has both an O and a Wing helmet. I illustrated that accordingly to save space on the image, so no the Ducks did not fall into the mismatching sides category. On the jerseys, the wings are thinned out a little and angled in a slight V pattern. Puddles is on the sleeves and I went back to the Autzen font (the one Mariota wore most of his career). For the pants, I put the wings at the bottom of the side of the pants and the O on the hip. Hockey - Oregon hockey is super well dressed as well. At least on the green jerseys, I can't speak for the white uniforms as I had a tough time tracking those down. Either way, I didn't really change too much as the hockey look was strong and I felt as thought the wings weren't enough to carry the uniforms by themselves. So I kept a lot of those uniforms the same, and added sublimated wings to the shoulders, done similar to the Playoff Rose Bowl uniforms. Beyond that, stripes on the pants as well as Puddles on the legs. Baseball - Baseball went a lot the route of hockey, in that they had a uniform that was really hard to change and it already looked super good and it was hard to change it. So I built off of that, and really just added the sublimated wings to the shoulders on the home and away because the wings being the focal point felt a little too much for baseball. Hats and helmets are green/yellow with the O and green/white/yellow with Puddles. On the alternate uniform, I did use the wings as the focal point, and put them on the sleeves. For the pants, i used the NW stripe and cut them off at the sublimated wings at the bottom Basketball - Finally, at basketball, I put the wings on the shoulders much like everyone else. DUCKS on the home and OREGON on the away. On the shorts, I kept it simple and did it football style with the wings coming up from the bottom of the shorts. On the alternate jersey, I put FIGHTING DUCKS on the yellow jersey because it's a basketball tradition. Beyond that not much else to say here C&C welcome!
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    You may think that me using the silver for the header image for Georgia is weird but you'll understand once my NikeSpeak is spoken. The Bulldogs went through the Nike process and came out with a great looking identity that complimented decades of history. So for me, the goal here was to compliment that compliment but extend it to all the sports and create a look that encompasses all the sports and still screams Georgia. The focal point I used was the football pants stripe (hence the silver background). But I didn't want to use silver on everything because I see Georgia as red,black and white team. So you'll see how I worked with the stripes for everyone. Football - I saw no reason to change the helmet so the normal helmet stays exactly the same. On the jerseys, I used the stripe from the pants with a caveat. I didn't recolor the stripe for each jersey, so in essense the stripe is the same color on all the jerseys, but the jersey color hides one of the stripes on each jersey. UGA mascot logo on the bottom of the collar, captains C on each jersey. Silver britches are the main pants with the full stripe. Alternate jersey is all black. I remember reading about bad luck with the black helmets and pants and the way I see it, luck can change. Hockey - The hockey Bulldogs have used a lot of looks. I believe the current look to be based off the Senators uniforms, which is a no go for me, so they get a nice overhaul. Same striping for the jerseys as football, also did the same striping on the yokes as well as down on the socks. Pants I had to go black across the board because the red didn't work and neither did silver. Alternate has the UGA logo on the chest. Baseball - Baseball really is a lot of the same as the rest. Red hats and helmets are the go-to's. The GEORGIA wordmark works better to me on the chests than the BULLDOGS one does so Georgia is on the front of the home and away jerseys. White pants and silver britches. There is also a black alternate set. Basketball - Finally, the basketball uniforms adopt a lot of the same convention as the rest of them. GEORGIA on the front of the home and away like baseball, the alternate gets BULLDOGS. Single color striping around the collar as well as the hem of the shorts. Triple color striping around the arms, down the sides of the shorts and the jerseys. UGA mascot logo on the waistband. Not quite the most lengthy write up, but nevertheless, let me know what you guys think!
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    So I couldn't find a way to make the pattern on the Michigan State alternate uniforms any more subtle, and I decided to move on from them. I knew that at least one team would be getting new uniforms during this project. I beat Virginia's official release, but couldn't beat VT's release of new football uniforms. I'm also going to ignore the new uniforms they released. I think that they are a downgrade from the previous set and while they are cool looking and unique, I personally don't like them. When VT went back to the UCLA stripes a few years ago, I was a big fan. Then they tried to get too wild. Hokie feet helmets, Navy knockoffs, Hokie Stone uniforms. West Virginia catalog unis. BFBS uniforms. It all ends now. No more black, no more grey. As I mentioned above, I liked the UCLA style stripes the football team had worn for a while now but wanted to make the uniforms feel more unique to VT. I used the helmet stripes from before the stripes went full Denver Broncos as a base and used that as the base design for the uniforms. Football - VT's football uniforms have gone up and down over the years. Between piping and stripes and patterns and BFBS/GFGS, it's a mess. This serves to clean up the look as well as unify it. The helmets remain largely similar to what they have now, except the old striping returns to the helmet. The jerseys also don't change a whole lot. The shoulder striping has a chunk taken out of the corner like on the helmet stripes. Also the logos on the sleeves are colored opposite the numbers as a throwback to the Michael Vick era. The Hokie Stone does survive on the uniforms, however it's just limited to the numbers. Pants have a short stripe based on the helmet stripe. Hockey - For the hockey jerseys, I went the Golden Seals route with the stripes on the shoulders. I also added smaller striping around the bottom of the sleeves and the hem. For the pants, the same striping as the football uniform pants. Socks have the same striping. Pretty simple. Baseball - Baseball was probably the most unique. Hats and helmets are pretty simple and straight forward. The jerseys are a little unique for baseball. I did some stripes on the shoulders, but because there isn't a whole lot of real estate on the shoulders, I also did stripes on the sleeves and those have the corners taken out. HOKIES on the front of the home and away and VT on the orange alternate. the pants also have the shortened stripes. The fourth jersey I found on line as one they've worn in the past and I thought it was too cool to get rid of. The wordmark is based off of the St. Louis Cardinals but with the hokie logos. Basketball - Finally, the basketball uniforms keep a lot of the same conventions. Thick collar striping on all the jerseys, with shortened striping on the sleeves, a lot like the Knicks uniforms of old. I also added a truncated stripe on the jerseys that lines up with the shorts. Shorts have striping around the hems on the legs and the logo on the side. C&C welcome!
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    I'll start getting the links set up in the first post to each team, and next team up: the Clemson Tigers Much like the Ohio Bobcats, Clemson doesn't take things too wild with their uniforms. Their uniforms across the four sports have a classic feeling to them. Well, except for maybe the newest basketball uniforms with the tiger pattern going up the sides. For the Tigers, I took what I found to be the most identifiable icon of their sports and used that as the base for their identity and to me that was their football helmet. Another goal of this was to get purple more involved. While I don't think that it should be used overwhelmingly, it adds a nice contrast to the orange and white. Football - Did you expect a large change? The helmet didn't change at all and I didn't add any alternate helmets. Any other color looks weird for the football team. For the jerseys, I love the paw logos on the shoulders and I added the stripes on the sleeves to get more purple in the jerseys. I changed the pants stripe to match the helmet and jersey striping. Orange and white remain the home/away with purple being the alternate. Hockey - Much like the football uniforms, the uniforms are very simple. Paw print on the chest, with stripes on the sleeves and the hem. For the alternate, I took a page from their club hockey team and did a uniform with a chest stripe and the paw print on that. I went a little out of the box with the pants and helmets. I didn't like how a white helmet looked so both the home and away uniforms would be worn with an orange helmet and the alt gets a purple helmet. As for the pants, I thought purple provided the best contrast, but I also added an orange pair if they felt like being a little different. Baseball - Alright first off, I just want to say that while most college baseball teams have a script logo that's baseball only, a lot of those might end up going by the wayside and at the same time they might get used on other uniforms as well. Just a warning as we move forward. Anyways, Clemson was one team that loses their scripty font. I just felt like it didn't match the aesthetic I was setting up. Main hat/helmet is orange with the paw print and the alternate hat/helmet is purple with the block C on the front. Uniforms don't deviate too much from what exists already. Biggest difference is the block CLEMSON on the front of the home and away and TIGERS on the alternates. Pants have the same striping and the socks are striped as well. Basketball - Basketball changes a fair bit. Simple one color striping on the sleeve and collars with the triple stripe down the side of the jersey. Shorts have colored waistbands with the stripes down the sides and around the bottom hems of the shorts. Paw logo on the sides as well. The alternates clean up a little bit and get rid of some of the single color striping and the waistband. I changed the wordmark to the CLEMSON with the paw replacing the O. C&C welcome!
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