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    The last one actually resembles a front view of a plane, so it's definitely passable.
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    The Reds are never going to come up with anything that looks better than this. Just go back to them and call it a day.
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    The football is the worst part of the helmet (other than the color clash with the uniform.) I get that it's a nod to the Namath and Testeverde/Sanchez era (lol), but it's dumb, redundant, creates a weird arc for the wordmark to follow, clashes with the angles used elsewhere in the uniform, and is redundant and dumb.
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    And the worst part about it was the blue pants. As long as this is monochrome from the neck down it goes without saying that this will always be their worst choice. And there really isn't even a quick save. If you use white pants, then the gold numbers don't work, and if you use gold pants, then the white helmet will get complaints. Enough Band-Aids and partial fixes. The chargers need to stop half-assing it, go ahead and adopt light blue and gold as their color scheme and design a new uniform specifically for those colors. Use the 60's as a reference, but get it right.
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    The Niners have their classic script and helmets painted in the end zone. It looks incredible. They need to keep this forever.
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    They need to get rid of all the black in that uniform. It's unnecessary. COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY!
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    I get annoyed every time I even see a video announcing uniforms. Just post the pictures. I don't care how well edited your video is, I just want to see what stupid or boring idea (Look! a black or grey or white uniform! It's fire/different/clean/icy!) has been put forth.
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    They didn't change their crest, they just put a shield around it. They do that from time to time; this particular example is a reference to the 98/99 Treble winning squad.
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    I don’t get “but it’s a third” is an appropriate response to a jersey that has no redeemable property to it. It doesn’t look appealing, it has no contrast will be incredibly hard to watch. It’s just a :censored:ty design plain and simple
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    I didn't bother to click into the nonsense. What makes them "battle ready"? Or at least any more "battle ready" than what they usually wear? Are they made of chainmail? Kevlar? Why wouldn't other teams want uniforms that are "battle ready" so that they're not at a disadvantage?
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    Looks solid to me, though would be better with Powder Blue replacing the navy.
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    I think it’s your screen, I see purple, not even close to blue.
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    Plus, those shorts don't look like the Nike template.
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    Green with gold outlines for the white and gray jerseys look much better than the reverse. The Boston-style number font matches the monogram well; personally, I'd keep it. You could try @coco1997's suggestion of darkening the gray, but it looks fine as-is to me. The only thing that might be able to be improved IMO is the Shamrocks wordmark font. It's really really close, but I'm not sure if such large slab-serifs feel quite right. Other than that, this looks amazing! The monogram is clean and the shamrock/baseball logo is beautiful! Great work!
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    Here I thought those last versions of the rainbow racing stripes Astros roads were peach. Blame fuzzy youth nostalgic memories and standard definition television for the goof.
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    I totally get why it's no longer feasible to be a "black" or "white"-shoed team, but if black isn't a team color, it should only be allowed if the team does mandate that everyone wear black, otherwise it's no different than an Eagle wearing red.
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    I love Navy, and Orange, but come on. All you have to do is a Navy version of their classic set. They downgrade their uniform every chance they get
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    So basically, they chose the winner, had someone create two flags and a cheap website that would take 20 minutes, rigged their own online poll, then "disqualified" the top two so they could get clicks in the midst of "controversy."
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    I don’t like temples, it makes me think of one of those reversible practice jerseys that has a different color that’s poking through the mesh on the inside.
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    Split the difference and use the Royal CRs.
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    My one problem is that the powder bleeds pretty thoroughly into the yellow, producing an ugly shade. A darker powder or a white buffer between the two shades would improve it (a la the ‘90s design). Heck, demoting navy to an in-between color could work.
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    That’s common with purple; it often reads as blue under the right lighting conditions.
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    I genuinely dislike that movie for the line, "if you build it, he will come." That statement, transformed into "if you build it, they will come" has been used far too often to justify taxpayer-funded albatrosses for sports team venues. If you want a good baseball movie to get people to love the sport, there are better options. Major League, A League of Their Own, 61, The Sandlot, Bull Durham, and so on. I just happen to have a distaste for Field of Dreams and how schmaltzy it is.
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    City flag inspired logos are very cool and I like all that you've done with this set so far, but I have a minor quibble- keeping the fleur-de-lis and the whine pine but replacing the rose, thistle and clover could easily perceived as alienating to the Anglophone support base. The '69 also makes sense but obviously has a more...unwholesome...meaning. (Thinking out loud, perhaps you could make the four corners of the flag the old EMB logo, the city logo, the baseball, and an orange traffic cone- baseball sometimes avoids these types of whimsical things, but it's sort of an unofficial symbol of Montreal, a city eternally under construction. Certain types of tourist shops even sell salt & pepper shakers shaped like them! https://www.mainandlocal.com/products/salt-and-pepper-montreal-traffic-cones) Your work is wonderful otherwise, I love it and I am often critical of people's Montreal work on this forum.
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    I like the modern update for the Expos. It's clean, bright, tasteful. Très agréable
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    Browns wore all white socks last night, and I was pleasantly surprised at how good it looked. I think because of how busy the rest of the uniform is, the white socks take away one more element, and really worked with that combo.
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    Those don’t have the slit that Nike shorts got on the side.
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    I don’t think so...too Bulls-y
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    you need a job at a designing firm, these mockups are amazing.
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    Yeah, as a non-Jets fan, I still like the Jets helmet from the 80's. That logo, with this current new shell, would be a very decent 8.5/10 for me. That's the only thing missing.
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    I do feel like these caps have already existed in some forms for most MLB teams:
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    Interesting point, though I might argue that if the goal is to highlight the player and downplay the team, then shouldn't the name and/or number on the back be more visible? Either black on the white jersey or even a team color (which could work great on the white jersey, would be hit-or-miss on the black). That said, this is just so drab. White hats with white logos? Downplaying the team? Mission accomplished.
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    I thought the World Series really had something for a brief second when they hit the “Fall Classic” theme hard in 2011: Not saying that it was the best WS logo ever (it wasn’t), but I thought the fall branding concept was a great, fresh route to explore and would’ve loved to see the league keep going on it.
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    I got another one, this time for the NFL on FOX. This time I based the scorebug off the shape of the FOX NFL logo. It's similar to the 2014-2016 iteration except longer, features team logos, and of course is a different shape. D&D text color changes on 4th down to red. Also note the arrow at the bottom, which is a possession/flag/challenge indicator. Currently purple for the Vikings. Arrow at the bottom turns red and infobox indicates that Detroit is the team calling the challenge. Indicator arrow is solid yellow before announcing the flag. When the penalty is announced, half of the arrow changes to the color of the offending team, and penalty details are listed in the infobox. Touchdown animation. I noticed that for teams with a gold/yellow secondary color, it would be hard to distinguish a touchdown from a flag. So I made the flag indicator yellow brighter to differentiate it from the other team colors. Feedback appreciated as usual.
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    To be honest, I haven't had much interest in making concepts since our ethereal benevolent mods took down the fan fiction section and HJC is gone, but my 2 local hockey teams put out competitions, so I designed a couple uniforms. First, the Kalamazoo Wings wanted a design celebrating their affiliation with Vancouver. You can only make so many plain boring blue and green jerseys, so I decided to go another route altogether bringing back the much-hated (but also much-loved) flying V, but as a flying K. For the Grand Rapids Griffins, they wanted something from the 1990s, so I went all out with the teal, wild patterns, and a gradient along with a custom logo. What do you think?
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    I think 3 will win. It's a throwback to the 90s Knicks, enough said. They should throw back to this:
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    On to the next set of teams... Next is Nashville! (gasp, all yellow!) Color Rush jersey: Full uniform: On to San Jose... Color Rush jersey: Full uniform: This series is almost coming to a close! I'll post Washington/Winnipeg/Philly next and then conclude with Pittsburgh and New Jersey - which I've been saving for last because they break some of the rules that I've followed throughout this series.
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    So about the Heritage Classic, I think Flames and Jets would wear reverse versions of their retro jerseys, very possible. So, the Jets would wear the blue version of their Heritage jersey,but they should wear blue pants to match the 1978-79 uniforms. And Flames would wear the white version of their retro alternates easily, but I wonder if Flames had a few features from Calgary's former WHA team, the Cowboys. Like adds Cowboys' logo on the shoulders or inside the collar.
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    Actually it is pretty "out of place". Clipper ships were fast three-masted sailing ships which were in use generally in the early to mid-1800s. Decline in the use of clipper ships started with the economic slump following the Panic of 1857 and continued with the gradual introduction of the steamship, and the opening of the Suez Canal in 1869. Clipper ships were frequent visitors to California... but not to Los Angeles. San Diego and in particular San Francisco were the destinations of clipper ships, due to (1) their natural harbors and (2) being commercial and military points of destination. Los Angeles had no such natural port; the closest thing to it was the slight bay at San Pedro, which was only a shallow mudflat, too soft to even support a wharf. Sailing ships at that time either had to be anchored off-shore and their cargo ferried to shore in smaller boats-- or they had to be beached. Neither was an attractive prospect, so commercial sailing ships rarely called on Los Angeles. The Port of Los Angeles, with its wharves, docks and a man-made breakwater, didn't come into being until the early 20th century, well after clipper ships had been supplanted by steamships.
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    There's a perfect identity that fills middle ground for preserving the nostalgia clippers name and while also rebranding the name as an homage to ballmer...
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    I don't care enough about Kiss, to be perfectly honest. Though there's a reason they have to modify their logo in Germany
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    I'm getting some unfortunate SS vibes.
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    He's saying the arched "Vancouver" logo has been replaced everywhere, not just on the jerseys.
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    That would be so much better.
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    I think the Martinique flag just goes half a step too far; I think it's a little busy with the middle circle and the stars switching colors. I'd do a green circle around the blue conch, and then blue stars.
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    Because they lead to crap like this, and I don't mean the Racine Raiders uniforms in this photo. That was the Northern Illinois Cowboys. That's a friggin's star "wrapping" their jersey:
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    Los Angeles Kings This is one that, with the exception of the logo and number font, was a complete revision of their look. I get that they won two Cups in the home plate jerseys (and I have two team-issued home plate jerseys in my collection) but that doesn't make the look good. Instead, what I've done is I've gone to a purple, silver and black color scheme and brought back the crown and shield as the logos. I've also changed the name font to something that, IMHO, works better with the numbers than the font that they currently use. One thing that I'm not sure about is the shield as the shoulder patch. That may end up getting revised.
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