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    I think the football-B could be a great primary logo for the Browns, but it doesn't belong on the helmet. The Browns are unique in not having a helmet logo and I think it should stay that way.
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    Weren't these well received? I thought they were. Colored numbers, white pants. This look works I think.
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    Speaking of schedule releases, check out the Padres: LOVE that color scheme.
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    Stupid sexy Panthers.
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    I think there's zero chance the Browns just make the current color rush uniform into the new primary. There has to be a marketing build-up, teases, videos of the players showing fake excitement (I think they've already even done that), and just generally a whole lotta hoopla before they drop a new uniform into stores for the purpose of selling a ton of new jerseys. There's no way they'd throw that all away just for the current color rush. Unfortunately, this is also the reason I don't believe they'll just go back to the previous much superior uniform.
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    And drop at least two of the outlines.
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    That logo makes it look like it's the 56th year anniversary.
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    Since the Sharks switched to the current logo (Which I've never actually liked very much to begin with) and colors, they've never had a single uniform that I've even remotely liked. the orange was an AWFUL addition. Every single thing about these two looks absolutely murders anything they have in the current branding package. And even though I absolutely adore that original Sharks look, I'm even willing to admit that objectively, those weren't that great either.
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    This photo makes me sad because this uniform is such a staggering improvement over what's used today, busy or not. Seeing the logo next to a hem-stripe and seeing the orange lining both sides of the black makes me loathe their current pajama-top look. All they had to do was remove the front numbers & shoulder yokes and they would have had a modern classic on their hands. Sharks if you're going to go with orange as a tertiary colour, instead of grey, embrace it!
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    Pretty much, yeah, but not with those giant player names! Yeesh!
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    Here’s the Blazers’ special 50th season court: https://www.nba.com/amp/blazers/forwardcenter/trail-blazers-unveil-new-court-celebrating-50th-anniversary-season?__twitter_impression=true I’m a bit disappointed (but not at all surprised) to see them put the 50th season logo at mid court instead of the standard pinwheel, but other than that I absolutely love this court design. The red on the outside of the court and the off-white/red keys are very reminiscent of some of their earliest court designs: And the best part of the whole court is the retro word marks on the baselines. All around this is a very solid look IMO, and one that will look great not only with their standard uniforms but also will the classic edition uniform that they will almost certainly have for this season. It’s also nice to note that they sanded down and repainted last season’s court to create this special floor for this season. That also means that there will be a new court for next season, though it remains to be seen if that’ll just look like last season’s court again or feature a new design.
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    I think each NBA off-season gets harder and harder for NFL players.
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    I really miss the lighter teal in the top photo. What a great color for that team.
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    They were an absolute sight to behold on TV today. But yes, the names were always WAY TOO BIG. Reduce that font, go with the rest, and never look back.
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    Had an idea to do a fauxback meets reality sort of uniform for the Yankees and the White Sox game next year in Iowa.
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    I thought the old Steelers alt/throwbacks worked in this respect.
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    I think it would also be nice to go to a sleeve patch that is just redlegs head. Maybe fill in his eyes some more and make him look a little less insane
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    Good. I've grown a little uncomfortable with him talking about how much money his producers don't have.
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    And today, Bill Simmons woke up to this.
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    These were the throwbacks in the Throwbackapalooza that I was most looking forward to and they did not disappoint. A lot of people on social media were gushing over these and I was included. This is what a baseball uniform should look like. If this was brought back full-time (provided the C got a slightly thicker red outline and they used the 1990's number font) I'd be a super happy Reds fan.
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    I'm not sure how people think that NC State uni is "a clean look". The mannequin looks like a cement truck exploded on him and the adidas-heavy shoulder stripes always looked bad.
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    This kind of logo application needs to make a return. It's incredible.
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    Those NC State alts would look better with a hint of red, like on the helmet logo.
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    Hey look at that, a stadium the White Sox may actually be able to sell out for once.
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    My OCD just needs the Browns to have a proper logo. Some sort of "B", the elf, ANYTHING other than the stock image used for helmets. I can't stand seeing this.
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    Indeed. I don't know how you would do it, but seems like the 5 should be smaller,
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    Does it? I feel like it's not that strongly attached to that era for anyone following the team, in part because it's always been a secondary logo. Still think they need an updated version with a C to be a primary (without being slapped on the helmet of course).
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    Portland is celebrating their 50th year with a special logo:
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    Definitely better than what they rolled out this year, but I feel like the anchor chain should be one color. It just doesn't look right being two color, particularly on gold.
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    Haven't seen a news article or press release yet but Idaho State's athletics website is now showing the new Bengals logo. Been seeing spots of it on social media for the past week. New version also comes with orange outline. Curious who the designer is. https://isubengals.com/ OLD (left) / NEW (right)
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    There’s only one problem with that set, and it’s the NOBs. They’re ginormous.
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    Exactly. The EDGE set that followed was just crowded. The stripes, the yoke, the orange, the front numbers, all of it was a no. The stripped-down, 3.87% faster sets that followed were/are dull and lifeless too. The originals are the next best option and a great color, but feel too static for a 90s expansion team in Silicon Valley named the Sharks. The Nike set matches the vibe of what the Sharks should be.
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    I love the Sharks second set, the Nike look. That's the team I grew to hate. That's the Sharks that I always picture in my head.
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    Thank you! I definitely thought about doing that, I just wanted to fit the "90's Hornets" look more into a baseball aesthetic. Although I don't think the white front-paneled cap looks bad, the main reason I implemented the raglan sleeves was to maximize black and minimize white in the identity. Adding the white front-paneled cap back in sort of counteracts that goal. For the throwback though, I would use the yellow underline with the white numbers. Here's a proposal for an update of the main set, complete with new red & yellow alternates. Thoughts?
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    It’s not a good look.
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    I think Winter Classic succeeds because there’s a very clear design directive and expectation for what it’s supposed to look and feel like, as well as what it’s supposed to do for the league; in other words, it has its own established “brand.” Stadium Series has a tougher time because “the future” is much more theoretical and subjective than the past when it comes to design, so I think Stadium Series will always be a bit of an outlier to the point you’re trying to make. Overall, though, I think what you’ve said makes sense. I can see how New Jersey and Toronto can be perceived the way you describe them, but I also don’t think their previous looks were doing anything particularly creative or unique. I think somewhere between where they were and where they are, there’s great potential for both teams to have timeless looks with a lot of distinctive personality. Ironically, all the ones you mentioned in the second half of your post were essentially designed by the teams from the ground up after being presented initial rounds of design. Unfortunately, there’s just no way around that. Sometimes it’s cold feet, sometimes it’s one person or a group of people not being aligned with the brief given by the team’s marketing department, etc., but at the end of the day, the team is going to decide how they want to look. All you can do is try your best to convince them that your point of view is valuable for their identity and brand.
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    The Panthers made a couple other modifications to their design. The Panther head is gone from the side of the pants to allow for greater flexibility. The dazzle cloth on the shoulders is also gone, as it wasn’t compatible with this Nike template. The idea that a certain kind of fabric isn’t compatible with a template in 2019 is utterly ridiculous.
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    The best part about this was changing the bolt’s light blue outline to dark blue, giving the logo a crisper, bolder look.
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    Paul Householder was almost Jarrod Saltalamacchia bad. Saltalamacchia would have had to carry over on to the pants on those uniforms.
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    Yes it’s chain stitch embroidering which was common for the time. Only a few teams still use it like the cardinals and black hawks. And maybe a few others.
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    Seems like, right? If there's money for Rusillo, there's money for a 401(k) plan (!)
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    When they went to that darker, they did get upset that Reebok was using the same base jersey as the 49ers, when they went dark maroon, to make the replicas. My cousin managed the Redskins store in Fed Ex around that time period of the Dark unis. I want to say they sent some back to Reebok.
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    Yes. Thank you. That truly sucks.
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    The fact that teams in 2018 actually used dazzle fabric is more ridiculous to me.
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