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    The XFL has delayed launching their team names and logos, allowing enough time for me to work on my own idea in my spare time. I've tried to keep somewhat true to the original XFL with only one animal name. Anyway C&C welcome as always. EDIT: Here is the replacement for the Washington Sentinels. "Warlords" was one of 2 names the XFL had a copyright on in 2001 but didn't go with the name. There was much discussion about the logo on the helmet probably being hard to read from a distance. I chose black for the helmet to be consistent with it's usage on fatigues. Helmet would be matte, black jersey and tan as a trim color.
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    Here's a slight modernization, a rebrand of the current Kansas City Chiefs primary mark. Completely gone is the color black since the team has been using it solely as a supporting color, plus it's nowhere to be found on their uniforms – except for helmet logo usage. The entire arrowhead is tilted in order to make it look more aerodynamic and faster. Same goes for the "KC" initial and the letters themselves which I also revised. I also added some texture to the arrowhead, including the initial to improve the overall look. Kansas City Chiefs primary logo on colored backgrounds Kansas City Chiefs primary logo on a football helmet
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    These are also available on Under Armour's site, fwiw. Hawaii has the 150 jock tag, the others don't.
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    Worth it. I went to a Giants Cubs game at Wrigley and toured Miller Park around the 4th about eight(!) years ago and it was a fantastic experience. ProTip: If you can work it out to where you're in Chicago during The Taste of Chicago, you've got to make that happen. That is a GREAT event. Locals will probably scoff at that (Like they do any time someone says how excited they are for Lollapalooza), but as a visitor, it's something you would probably enjoy.
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    Edit......decided to continue this thread as a space for predictions for the upcoming NHL season (and beyond) to not clutter up the forum with another new topic With a few different alternate jerseys being leaked over the weekend, maybe we'll get a glimpse of what the Winter Classic jerseys will look like sooner rather than later. Thought I'd take a stab at predicting what we'll see on New Years Day... Dallas' is based off of a few of the Texans' variations in uniform style, and Nashville's is a fauxback paying homage to the Flying Dixies of the EHL. C&C appreciated, enjoy!
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    That cyan Zenni is a mistake or what?
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    Guess i’m In the minority but i’m not liking the bolts yellow face masks. A blue mask just feels better balanced and not so loud.
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    The helmet always has and always should be a major part of the brand. Updating to a more minimalist version that can be a proper emblem would be great IMO. I love Brownie would not mind making the elf the primary, especially with a nice update. I prefer the old Dawg Pound logo but regardless that should remain a fan logo rather than an actual part of the media identity. The helmet striped C is a solid idea that would work for me as well. The Browns have lots of options, but I only have two conditions for a primary logo: Stay off the helmet. No new colors. I don't want gray or cream or any other unnecessary nonsense getting thrown in. I preferred the old colors but maybe the new ones will look nicer with a better template. (PLEASE HELP ME CREDIT THE DESIGNERS ON THESE) What I really want is a combo between the striping on the B logo below with a block C instead (but not the literal Indians ones). That said this only works if the team returns to their old uniforms/striping, which I doubt happens.
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    Santiago wore the 09 from 1991-1994 so that's two seasons with the Padres and two with the Marlins. Here's a video clip of him confirming his reason last summer. He says the center strap sometimes made the 9 look like an 8. So it's not just having a 9 with a vertical line through it but it at times looked like a different number altogether.
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    Okay, gotcha. I was thinking the NOBs with the Dallas jersey. I don't think this one looks that bad. The green version on the other hand looked bad. The double line around DALLAS and the number clutters it up.
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    According to the Blazers in that Twitter thread, that will be their home court all season long. Makes me wonder if they’ll have any kind of anniversary uniform or not.
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    Same here. I was worried they’d have a black and gold 50th anniversary court like the Hawks had last season and that they wore with their City uniforms. I’m really glad to see them come up with a clean and classic court design that takes elements from some of their past courts. They’ll be playing their first preseason game in the Coliseum, on October 8th against the Nuggets. They did the same thing ten years ago for their 40th anniversary, so it’s nice to see them do it again. Kind of a shame it’s just a preseason game, but logistically speaking it’s much less of a headache to have a preseason game at the VMC instead of a regular season game.
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    The 1996-1997 NFL season was the last time all 4 teams that participated in the previous year's conference championship games (Colts, Cowboys, Packers, Steelers) made it back to the playoffs. Since then, at least 1 team has missed the playoffs the following year.
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    I genuinely dislike that movie for the line, "if you build it, he will come." That statement, transformed into "if you build it, they will come" has been used far too often to justify taxpayer-funded albatrosses for sports team venues. If you want a good baseball movie to get people to love the sport, there are better options. Major League, A League of Their Own, 61, The Sandlot, Bull Durham, and so on. I just happen to have a distaste for Field of Dreams and how schmaltzy it is.
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    I've always felt like the history of a sports team should belong to a city and its fans, and that team revokes itself of the right to claim that history when it moves, since none of the new fans care that the Expos almost won in '94, they just care that MLB is back in DC. I'd prefer if names stayed with cities as well (it rings especially true coming from a Hornets fan), and a new team can reclaim that past team's history, not as, say, a continuation of the franchise, but a continuation of the sport in the city, giving that new team claim to any previous history from the city. For example, the Browns wouldn't technically be able to claim they're the same team as the original Browns, but they claim any history from the original Browns' time in Cleveland. I'm not bullish on retroactively applying this thought process, since it's hard to really separate the New York and San Francisco Giants, but I'd like it if this was the method used going forward. Officially not the same team, but able to claim any history/championships/retired numbers made in the city.
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    We are... I work at Dick's Sporting Goods. We just received the limited Baker Mayfield jerseys with the NFL100 shield.
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    Oooo-kay. That was an interesting response.
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    Under Armour honors Wisconsin's storied football heritage by giving them throwback uniforms with Arial, a font created in 1982. UA's Cackalacky Sans Serif on all their other teams' fauxbacks is no better.
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    This is what the Wild have been doing as well. “The only Minnesota player to do x, which is from 1967-1993; 2000-Present” However the Wild have never pretended to be the OG Stars. (Like the Sens have pretended to be the OG Sens) They’ve just done the North Stars as Alumni
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    That isn’t true. Ottawa petitioned to be considered a continuation of the original Senators and the league denied it. The Senators hanging a banner for the original’s championships and wearing jerseys inspired by the original isn’t the same as the league giving them the rights to the history. The Senators situation is amazingly more akin in this case to the Nets hanging a Biggie banner and wearing Coogi inspired jerseys than the Jets situation.
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    What will it take for the NBA to allow teams to do whatever they want with their uni's, not going thru nike?
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    If these jerseys were for sale, you single handed make me a poorerer college student.
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    1) I wish one of these days would feature the Cowboys in blue for a home game vs the Giants (the only NFCE foe they have never faced at home in the current blue jerseys); 2) I wonder if the two blue at home games feature one with the gray pants and one with the white pants. 3) I wonder if the Saints are wearing their Color Rush whites in week 4.
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    I like. I’m glad there’s no gold on it and it’s in team colors.
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    Rams released their jersey schedule. All-yellow will be worn against Baltimore. White jerseys are gonna be worn too much for my liking. https://theramswire.usatoday.com/2019/08/12/nfl-rams-uniform-schedule-jersey-throwback-color-rush/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
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    I'm telling y'all, @rtrich11's concept logo is the one to go with (or at least base a logo from), with @andrewharrington's elf as the apparel/fan logo. Those two, in one package. Bam. Done.
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    Correct. Their "primary icon" is now the '76' logo and it will be on both the Association and Icon uniform shorts starting next season.
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    I hope the Mets win the World Series. It would be the most hilarious outcome, and perfectly fitting for how ridiculous baseball can be. Also hilarious: the Nationals have a better record than the Phillies.
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    Holy crap. Are you the one and only Jungle Jim? If so, your stores are insane! The beer section is my Graceland lol. But anyways I agree with you 100%. The unis they wore today should be their full time ones. With, a requirement of wearing knee high red socks.
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    OK then, Nike being absolutely lazy and still using Nike-speak to describe the host nation's uniforms sucks.
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    Up next, the Buffalo Sabres...
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    Those don’t have the slit that Nike shorts got on the side.
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    I don’t think so...too Bulls-y
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    is this new Orlando uniform leak??
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    you need a job at a designing firm, these mockups are amazing.
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    And now, the uniforms for the Anaheim 55ers. Colors: Purple: Royalty/Magic Kingdom Orange: Orange County of course. C&C Welcome.
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    You sick son of a b*tch.
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    For Major League, they actually shot the season in reverse to take advantage of the excitement in Milwaukee. The first days scheduled were the climactic game, where they needed a full stadium. Everyone in town was excited, and willing to come out and sit in the stadium all night for a chance to be in a movie. As the summer wore on, the production needed to bring in fewer and fewer extras.
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    I definitely understand where you’re coming from (and agree for the most part), but I also think that team identity and brand positioning are important to the discussion. Not every team is the Giants, Bears, or Packers, and I think the vibe that some newer teams are cultivating make monochrome uniforms more appropriate in that context. I think there’s also something to be said for variety. A homogeneous look among 16 teams is a lot different than a homogeneous look among 32, like we have today. Do the Seahawks look great in blue over white or grey? Yes, but I don’t think they look odd in all blue. They pull it off because of their identity and the brand they’ve built with it, and there are a handful of teams that can pull it off for the same reasons. It obviously goes wrong when heritage brands are forced into something like Color Rush, but ultimately, I think the debate should focus more on brand context than a very subjective blanket statement like all professional teams should wear contrasting pants because that’s how they’ve always done it. Some teams have no interest in the past and their brand strategy reflects that. It would be just as silly to arbitrarily force those teams into historically conventional aesthetics “just because.” If I were shopping for car, I’d expect the “professional” employees at a midwestern Cadillac dealer to dress and present themselves differently (more traditional, white shirts and ties, etc.) than the employees at a Subaru dealer in Seattle (more casual, outdoorsy, etc.), and that’s simply because of branding and regional culture. I don’t see why sports teams have to be any different.
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    And the Wild has the excuse of being a team made and named at the tail end of the 90's phase of stupid team names.
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    If they do go with Steelheads, lets hope that Duff McArdle, Colleen Blessed and Brett Parker aren't involved in the running of the team. They really screwed the previous "Steelheads" franchise.
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    Seems likely that Seattle Sockeyes and Seattle Steelheads are both in the running. It should be noted that no one has filed for a trademark for those names in relation to a hockey team as of yet. There is the romance novelist who has a trademark on Seattle Sockeyes for romance fiction print books and e-books. She also filed for a trademark on Seattle Steelheads for the same function back in January. So far, that trademark hasn't been registered. There were abandoned applications for Seattle Steelheads related to hockey. These were by the former (?) Microsoft attorney who appeared to want to squat on the trademark.
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    the collar of Blackhawks' Adidas jerseys bugs me. it's looks like they're wearing collared shirts underneath.
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    What people call it is not relevant to what it is. I almost never hear people say "Philadelphia", yet no team actually calls themselves "Philly".
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    Introducing the Charlotte Flyers. Appalachian Division, South conference. Named for the Wright brother's historical flight, and for the racing history of Charlotte. Made in Affinity Designer. C&C appreciated.
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    Next team up is the Houston Voyagers. (Coastal Division, South conference.) References the space exploration history of the city of Houston. Made in Affinity Designer. C&C appreciated.
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    Maybe I just need to get used to it, but every time I look at a college jersey, the swoosh really bothers me. I haven't warmed up to the New Era cap logo yet, either. Advertising has been part of baseball since its early days put prominent manufacturer logos on field worn apparel is a line I really do not want to see crossed. And I don't really consider myself to be an old school person by any means, although I think nostalgia is more integral to baseball than it is in other professional sports.
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    These are just horrible
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