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    It's like they didn't even bother to look at the 88 uniforms. Numbers are not even close, ND logos are wrong, and no alternate helmet with the old spray-painted finish. At least the pants color is similar enough? Under Armour really phoned it in this year.
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    New alternate for Maryland (via RT from Clintau24)
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    Speaking of schedule releases, check out the Padres: LOVE that color scheme.
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    The XFL has delayed launching their team names and logos, allowing enough time for me to work on my own idea in my spare time. I've tried to keep somewhat true to the original XFL with only one animal name. Anyway C&C welcome as always. EDIT: Here is the replacement for the Washington Sentinels. "Warlords" was one of 2 names the XFL had a copyright on in 2001 but didn't go with the name. There was much discussion about the logo on the helmet probably being hard to read from a distance. I chose black for the helmet to be consistent with it's usage on fatigues. Helmet would be matte, black jersey and tan as a trim color.
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    Here's a slight modernization, a rebrand of the current Kansas City Chiefs primary mark. Completely gone is the color black since the team has been using it solely as a supporting color, plus it's nowhere to be found on their uniforms – except for helmet logo usage. The entire arrowhead is tilted in order to make it look more aerodynamic and faster. Same goes for the "KC" initial and the letters themselves which I also revised. I also added some texture to the arrowhead, including the initial to improve the overall look. Kansas City Chiefs primary logo on colored backgrounds Kansas City Chiefs primary logo on a football helmet
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    Thanks! I think you'll like a later part of this. Thanks. Thank you, even though the design tries to avoid the outright Pepsi copying of the original Whips' design. Anyway, it's time for a slightly different take! MONTRÉAL EXPOS, PT. II B - The Flow of the Fleur This variation on a Whips-style design takes influence from my part I design, marrying the Fleur-de-Lis with an abstract M in a circle. This way, the logo incorporates an important piece of French Canadian iconography while staying within the strict color balance set up in the first part II design. It still fits in with the period logos as well: The logo sheet swaps the first part II design for the second one. Aside from the new logo and tweaked color distribution, the design is the same as the first part II concept. The uniforms now flip the distribution of blue and red, while also using the "Montréal" script on the road uniform. I implemented a script road uniform, since the color balance allowed it to serve as an "expanded" version of the insignia. The alternates have the "Montréal" script and insignias flipped from the first part II alternates. I carried over the pinwheel cap and Canada/Saint Jean-Baptise Day uniforms from the previous take, albeit with the appropriate color distribution flips. The jacket remains the same, albeit with the new logo. While I like this logo as well, I'm not as keen on it as I am with the first alternate take. Still, it's good to see multiple directions the Expos could have taken in establishing an abstract identity. C+C is appreciated, as always! Up next, the "eMb" gets a bit of an overhaul.
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    Speaking of NOBs, I miss the customized looks that differentiated teams ... much like the warmups. I wish Nike and the NBA would bring some of that back.
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    I can see why Reno is calling it a punk move. After all, Nevada's football program is a whopping 72 years older than UNLV's. It does seem an odd move, but they are honoring a historical team so I guess its okay for one game. If they switched to it full time or a variant of it with no mention of Las Vegas, then its an issue.
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    They're not perfect, but as a Gamecock fan, I really like the look. Helps SCAR stand out amongst the rest of the red schools in the SEC and would make for a solid full-time look.
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    The league had held the Jets' intellectual property for vintage merchandise purposes. TNSE asked if they could have it and the league said yes. (Funny how the NHL had such a moment of clarity and magnanimity when the Canadian dollar was at par or close to it.) The Coyotes still have the season-by-season record books, but all the 1972-1996 logos and uniforms belong to the current Jets. (The media-guide workaround is to refer to 1979-1996-lacuna-2011-pres as "Winnipeg NHL history.") The league now holds the Thrashers' intellectual property for vintage merchandise purposes. Oh jumping Jesus on a pogo stick this is the Ryan Lambert "YOUR BEST PLAYER IS ILYA KOVALCHUK WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT" bullying again. It's a promotional stunt; how do you police an old-timers' game? Old North Stars played in Minnesota's game; it'd be silly to do anything else.
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    It's not that complicated. The Gunds owned the Barons. Then as the Stars and Barons were both going broke, the Gunds assumed ownership of a merged organization after a draft that dispersed the ass end of the roster to the rest of the league while the good halves of both teams continued as the MNS. Then they sold the Stars at the same time that they received an expansion franchise, and effectively reversed the dispersal draft with an expansion draft that entitled the Gund-owned franchise to 50% of the Stars' roster. So the Barons essentially ran alongside/within the North Stars from 1978-1991 and then spun back off. The only reason the connection isn't made is because the Oakland/Cleveland organization was so historically and hilariously incompetent that the San Jose Sharks are absolutely right to disavow any lineage. All the Seals/Barons ever did was wear white skates, trade the first overall pick that would become Guy Lafleur to the Habs for a pack of smokes, and fail to make payroll in the middle of a field halfway to Akron. Otherwise, it's simple: the dudes who had an NHL team in the Bay wanted to move their team back there but they couldn't so they made a new one out of half of it (and then the rest of the team moved to Dallas anyway). EDIT: I replied on Page 39 without knowing Cosmic beat me to it on Page 40. Not trying to talk over you good buddy
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    Wasn't sure where to put this, but this is adorable: Only $5 too!
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    The best part of these across the board is the mesh number detail that makes them look like throwbacks. That being said, most are pretty underwhelming IMO. Not a lot of accurate detailing. Best one has to be SC for the white circle logo. A lot of these just feel way too 'safe' for me to praise them.
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    Well...kind of, kind of not. The Coyotes did do the playoff White Out for a while (I can't remember if they still did it last time they were in the playoffs, but they certainly did at one point) and they still honour all the old Jets retired numbers. They even made a big show of un-retiring Bobby Hull's number when Brett played for them for a season. Honestly, I think the Jets/Coyotes dynamic is the ideal way to handle these things, and represents a good compromise for everyone who thinks relocation should work one way or the other. The original Jets are the Coyotes, and they hold the record books. The new Jets have the Thrashers records, but they own the original Jets' IP to do stuff like throwbacks and Old Timers games for the fans who clearly have nostalgia for the original Jets team. The record books remain intact, and people get to indulge in some nostalgia. Which is why I can't agree with @Heitert on this one. The new Jets aren't the old Jets, and the records are clear on that. So if that's the case, why not let them honour Winnipeg's WHA/NHL history as they see fit?
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    Not a fan...very boring and very basic. This is a better throwback look, IMO (and one of the best throwbacks in CFB, period): \\ Though it would have been way out of the box and great if UA said "let's get crazy" and use this:
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    That’s the most OITGDNHL thing I’ve ever heard. What do you mean it’s not that complicated? My goodness.
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    I thought the old Steelers alt/throwbacks worked in this respect.
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    For fun I decided to start a project redesigning the NHL with absolutely no logos the teams have previously used. We're going to start out west with the Pacific Division first. For the Anaheim Ducks, I created a duck mask logo and a more Duck-like color scheme that pays homage to Orange county. The Arizona Coyotes have a darker double red scheme and new logos with a Native feel to them. The Calgary Flames have a simple cowboy inspired look as well as an alternate that celebrates the city of Calgary using its' crest. The Edmonton Oilers have an industrial looking logo and rely more heavily on blue and white using orange as more of an accent color.
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    What NHL game do you play?
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    These are also available on Under Armour's site, fwiw. Hawaii has the 150 jock tag, the others don't.
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    Not real-life news, but 2k20 will have all-decade teams wearing uniforms inspired by All-Star teams from their respective decades: As best as I can tell, these are the uniforms corresponding to each one: 80s: '86-'92 90s: '96 unis, with the '93 star 00s: '06 10s: '12
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    A number font that isn't that similar to the 1988 team is kinda weird. I realize the Champion font may not be possible...but a non-serifed, skinny-curved 1 (for lack of a better description) is more South Carolina than anything Notre Dame ever wore. I just saw they used the same number font for Maryland's throwbacks...and it still doesn't look good.
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    Worth it. I went to a Giants Cubs game at Wrigley and toured Miller Park around the 4th about eight(!) years ago and it was a fantastic experience. ProTip: If you can work it out to where you're in Chicago during The Taste of Chicago, you've got to make that happen. That is a GREAT event. Locals will probably scoff at that (Like they do any time someone says how excited they are for Lollapalooza), but as a visitor, it's something you would probably enjoy.
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    The brown looks maybe a little bit too dark to me, but there’s no reason to complain at this point. It’s hard to believe the brown & yellow is actually coming back!
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    Thats a fun trip even if your favorite team isn’t involved. A while back I went to miller/Wrigley/US Cell in a fri/sat/sun trip. Loads of fun. I recommend it. If you’re a rays fan find the series they play the Sox and build it around that if you don’t want to go around the fourth
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    Major League A League of Their Own Bull Durham The Sandlot All better than Field of Dreams EDIT: I will entertain arguments for Rookie of the Year; Gary Busey never duped a Chicago exurb into building a ballpark behind a Walgreen's
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    Is there a bandwagon forming to talk about how terrible Field Of Dreams is? If so, count me in. That 1988-1993 era was a golden age for baseball movies and Field of Dreams gets lumped into it for no good damn reason at all.
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    I would have gone with a darker wood stain to make the white key pop more, but otherwise, that’s a nice court.
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    I love that they painted the key white and red. The Memorial Coliseum court is one of my all-time favorite looks, so I appreciate the partial homage. That’s a court scheme that’s pretty unique to the Blazers and one I wish they hadn’t gotten away from originally.
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    As I noted, Cal will not (98% sure) be getting anything as we already have a throwback alternate as well as a yellow alternate. I wouldn't mind an away version of the Joe Roth set but that will probably not be coming. Navy also will probably see a set closer to the Army-Navy game. Here is Temple
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    This is generally my opinion on the matter; active franchise records should stick with the franchise wherever it goes, fully defunct franchise records should stick to location and be applied to a new team in that city should it come (Ottawa 1.0's records, for example, would be transferred to Ottawa 2.0), and team logos and jerseys are generally best designated to their location specifically in the case of a move. So in this case; Arizona gets WHA/NHL 1.0 Winnipeg's records and retired numbers, while the Thrashers/Jets 2.0 get the 1.0 Jets' logos and jerseys. Fans in Arizona didn't grow up watching the Jets and being massive fans of the team, so the Coyotes throwing back to a era where they were in a totally different market, especially since there's currently a team named the Winnipeg Jets, would be pointless. Winnipeg throwing back to the WHA/NHL 1.0 Jets makes sense since it's the same city and team name. Arizona doing so would be at best headscratch-inducing, since they're appealing to a market not their own with jerseys of a team that has nothing to do with their current identity. (Side note: this is why I don't like how both the Coyotes and the Jets both get the old Jets jerseys in EA's games; the Coyotes never even throw back to their time as the Jets to begin with aside from the banners, so why even let players dress the Coyotes as the Jets when we have a Jets team in the game?)
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    Guess i’m In the minority but i’m not liking the bolts yellow face masks. A blue mask just feels better balanced and not so loud.
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    The helmet always has and always should be a major part of the brand. Updating to a more minimalist version that can be a proper emblem would be great IMO. I love Brownie would not mind making the elf the primary, especially with a nice update. I prefer the old Dawg Pound logo but regardless that should remain a fan logo rather than an actual part of the media identity. The helmet striped C is a solid idea that would work for me as well. The Browns have lots of options, but I only have two conditions for a primary logo: Stay off the helmet. No new colors. I don't want gray or cream or any other unnecessary nonsense getting thrown in. I preferred the old colors but maybe the new ones will look nicer with a better template. (PLEASE HELP ME CREDIT THE DESIGNERS ON THESE) What I really want is a combo between the striping on the B logo below with a block C instead (but not the literal Indians ones). That said this only works if the team returns to their old uniforms/striping, which I doubt happens.
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    They got the pants to match the Sterling Sharpe/Todd Ellis set but I wish they would've used the actual, overly detailed throwback helmet striping shown above. I'm happy for the white circle and logo to certain to the garnet helmet in place of the script "Carolina."
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    It looks like the Sixers side panels are still overlapping the shoulder trim. As some of you may already know, this bugs the hell out of me. The main reason this bothers me as much as it does is the fact that Sacramento's uniform doesn't have that overlap. It actually stops right below the trim, so it can't be some "limitation" to the jersey cut. Oh, and that damn GE logo is still a few clicks too large.
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    This would have looked better if it wasn't italicized and this photo...lmfao at those haircuts: I should note (though it's probably obvious) that the Blazers' NOB was the arched italics that really didn't work with names like "Stoudamire"
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    I think the 90s change was a good then-modern upgrade to the lowercase unis. The only problem was the italics, both on the front and back (arched italics is so hard to pull off, yet the Blazers and Mavs both wanted to do it).
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    Maybe they should just give the Thrashers history to the Coyotes and call it a day. "Here you go Phoenix. Now you can honor TWO franchises nobody wants!"
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    I feel like if you didn't watch The Natural 30 years ago, it's kind of hard to appreciate it. I saw it for the first time last summer, and it couldn't possibly live up to its reputation. And, as it happens, it didn't. In large part because, to me, it seemed like there were four total sets repeated over and over again, and it felt far more like an assemblage of actors going through scenes rather than an actual cohesive narrative. For the Love the Game remains close to my heart though, probably because I did indeed watch and enjoy it in 1998 or whatever. It's no Draft Day, but as far as Costner sports movies are concerned, For the Love of the Game is terrific. Tin Cup is his best sports movie.
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    Same here. I was worried they’d have a black and gold 50th anniversary court like the Hawks had last season and that they wore with their City uniforms. I’m really glad to see them come up with a clean and classic court design that takes elements from some of their past courts. They’ll be playing their first preseason game in the Coliseum, on October 8th against the Nuggets. They did the same thing ten years ago for their 40th anniversary, so it’s nice to see them do it again. Kind of a shame it’s just a preseason game, but logistically speaking it’s much less of a headache to have a preseason game at the VMC instead of a regular season game.
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    Portland is celebrating their 50th year with a special logo:
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    The 1996-1997 NFL season was the last time all 4 teams that participated in the previous year's conference championship games (Colts, Cowboys, Packers, Steelers) made it back to the playoffs. Since then, at least 1 team has missed the playoffs the following year.
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    Moving on to the next team, the Indianapolis Checkers! (Thanks @texashockeyfan for the suggestion!) Refers to the checkered flags used in racing, a sport that is a staple in Indianapolis. The flame at the top of the I is taken from the Indiana flag. Uniforms use checker patterns throughout the striping. Made in Affinity Designer. C&C appreciated.
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    I genuinely dislike that movie for the line, "if you build it, he will come." That statement, transformed into "if you build it, they will come" has been used far too often to justify taxpayer-funded albatrosses for sports team venues. If you want a good baseball movie to get people to love the sport, there are better options. Major League, A League of Their Own, 61, The Sandlot, Bull Durham, and so on. I just happen to have a distaste for Field of Dreams and how schmaltzy it is.
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    Up next are the Los Angeles Kings. For their look, I used Forum Blue (purple), Gold, and Black. The two shiny glares on the crown are for the club's 2 Stanley Cup Championships.
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    I’m not positive, but I’m pretty sure I remember reading somewhere that Nike had a helping hand in designing these, unfortunately. That would make sense with the cleats being so prominent in the unveiling.
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