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    Lucy - Don Garber Charlie Brown - Sacramento Football - Major League Soccer Didn't feel like actually constructing this as a meme.
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    TAMPA BAY LIGHTNING I never thought there would be an upside to getting my wisdom teeth out but I have so much time on my hands now. Who do you want to see next?
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    NFL probably has the best. It's the only league without a team with a double-name and doesn't have any really god-awful names. Some names are generic, granted, but a lot of the more generic names have historical reasoning behind them. The worst name in the NFL is probably the Buccaneers because it's so long and wonky, especially with "Tampa Bay" preceding it. The MLB similarly has some generic names with historical significance (naming a team the "Phillies" would not fly today), but it has it's own share of meh names. One that wasn't mentioned in the OP was the Washington Nationals, which I personally dislike because it shares the name of the league they play in. These two are still miles ahead of their counterparts. The NHL also has too many double names and singular names for my liking (Red Wings gets a pass) and the whole idiocy that is the Vegas Golden Knights. I was going to go on a tangent about the Maple Leafs, but apparently they aren't named exactly how I thought. Kudos for grammar I guess. The NBA has the worst names of the Big 4, with a lot of the major reasons pointed out in the OP. One that was not mentioned is arguably the worst modern sports name: the Brooklyn Nets. That's like naming a football team the Endzones or a hockey team the Goals.
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    This. Saw this a lot when I was in Strength and Conditioning with strained hammies
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    This looks amazing. If this were to happen it would honestly crack my top 5 favorite looks in the NFL.
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    Here's a slight modernization, a rebrand of the current Kansas City Chiefs primary mark. Completely gone is the color black since the team has been using it solely as a supporting color, plus it's nowhere to be found on their uniforms – except for helmet logo usage. The entire arrowhead is tilted in order to make it look more aerodynamic and faster. Same goes for the "KC" initial and the letters themselves which I also revised. I also added some texture to the arrowhead, including the initial to improve the overall look. Kansas City Chiefs primary logo on colored backgrounds Kansas City Chiefs primary logo on a football helmet
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    Finally. It took them long enough to ditch the navy look; and looks like the additional outlines in the logo are also out the door, which automatically improves it tenfold. Between this and the Canucks finally dropping the stupid "VANCOUVER" script from their jerseys, next season looks to be a big step on the road to finally fixing the errors the two made in branding completely.
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    Towards the last couple minutes of this clip, Jerry Colangelo explains his choice of "Suns" for Phoenix's NBA club. Perfect for a warm-weather city, but would the branding still be effective if for some reason they instead went with Arizona Apollos?
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    Cole Hamels is wearing the same "DPM" patch the Phils players have been wearing throughout the season to honor former chairman David Montgomery
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    Plus the Bengals. And, IMO, you kinda have to throw in the Broncos... pre-Reebok, it's true, but they sorta kick startred the whole trend.
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    That limits design choices. There's a reason most alternates are dark. If your team's colour scheme is blue, orange, and white then you likely have a white and blue jersey. So the obvious alternate choice is something with an orange base. Alternates should either be throwbacks or they should do something fun with the brand the primaries don't. That usually means emphasizing a part of the colour scheme that's not usually emphasized. Which means a coloured alternate. You should probably watch some Red Wings or Hawks games if you want to see those uniforms then. It's 2019. Technology and a multitude of viewing options makes that a very easy thing for you to do. This isn't 1970 where you have to wait for them to play your hometown team to get a glimpse of them. The goal should be making things easy for the viewer. And I'm not talking about you, or me, or anyone else who comes to this nerdy niche corner of the internet. I'm talking about your average fan who doesn't follow uniform news. Your average fan should know instantly who's home and who's on the road just by glancing at the game. So alternating may screw with that. Also I'm all for whites on the road because it's easier for equipment managers. Why should they have to lug around two separate sets of gear on a road trip just to appease nerds on the internet who want it to be 1985 all over again?
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    Caps don’t need that retro clown uniform. That’s a situation where I feel they’re better off with what they have now.
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    As a Pens fan, bout damn time! - Pens went Retro (long time fans have wanted the '88-'92 uniforms Back ever since ass hat howard baldwin changed the logo / uniform for the '92/'93 season) - Isles went Retro. - Oilers went Retro then went and F'd it up again ...smh. - Calgary needs to go Retro (seeing their '80s Red Retro in the Playoffs POP on my HDTV screen was AWESOME). - It'll never happen but the Caps need to go Retro full time. - The Kings need to Embrace Purple (Forum Blue) and Gold, enough of the Oakland / LA / Oakland Black and Silver - My wife is originally from NJ and wishes they would go back to Red / Green full time
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    This isn’t accurate. The Cowboys are wearing Navy versus the Bears. And I can’t imagine the Cowboys would wear navy vs. Green Bay as well. https://www.chicagobears.com/photos/2019-bears-uniform-schedule
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    I 100% agree with the rankings, because while I actually like European-style names for soccer/football clubs, I agree that the legion of FCs are far too repetitive for a nation that prefers unique monikers. And ya, Real Salt Lake is an egregious misuse of Euro-style naming conventions. I also agree with the reasoning behind the NBA and NHL for why they'd be ranked that way. I'd place MLB ahead of the NFL, but that's likely due to some personal bias rather than an objective determination. But even so, apart from the aforementioned Rays, MLB nicknames are either steeped in history or tradition, or make perfect sense for the club for newer teams. I also actually really love the nicknames for both the Reds and the Browns, and count the history behind those team names as an identity asset, no matter how "boring" some may find them. In regards to the NFL, I'm fine with the nickname for the most recent expansion team (Texans), although I do find "Titans" arbitrary and "Jaguars" rather generic. But both leagues have classic, unique nicknames (such as Yankees, Red Sox, White Sox, Orioles, Reds v Steelers, Dolphins, Raiders, and Packers).
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    Uniforms for the Tortugas: And a prototype for the next franchise to be granted: The Memphis Hound Dogs. C&C Welcome.
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    I’d also like to see higher numbers (70-99) in general used throughout the bigs. IIRC there were 4 numbers never used by a Major League player at the start of the 2019 season (80, 86, 89, and 92) until Minnesota’s Ryan Eades took up 80 earlier this year.
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    I don’t want stars to replace the A altogether - leave that in the 90s - but make the inside of the A a star, keeping the general font but adding a bit of uniqueness to it.
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    No way would they ever bring back Motre Bame. That's not well liked locally and is associated with some very bad teams. If they brought back this one or the American Association one that @Gothamite posted, I'd be ecstatic. I do like the the number font at the spring training facility though. As I alluded to before, I think the numbers have more staying power than the scripts. They're traditional, yet recognizable from across the street like the Red Sox, but not lazy and sloppily excecuted like the Brewers current numbers.
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    For our next team we head to the southwest and stop in Switzerland for HC Ambrì-Piotta. I have the same problem with their jerseys that I have with all Swiss National League Jerseys. They are all covered in ads that are not recolored to fit with the team. Just splashed on there. Ambrì-Piotta has a nice idea with their jerseys but the ads ruin them totally. I liked the yoke so I kept it, and then I simplified the arm and hem stripes. Let me know what you think! What team would you like to see next?
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    Yep, the lighter gray and new red cap design are big improvements. Not a fan of the purple and gold. It feels too MiLB to me.
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    i think being loud is the point. theres lightning bolts all over the uniform
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    Me: Uniform ads in the NBA can't get any worse right? Jerry Reinsdorf: Hold on a second there pal.
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    Guess i’m In the minority but i’m not liking the bolts yellow face masks. A blue mask just feels better balanced and not so loud.
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    The helmet always has and always should be a major part of the brand. Updating to a more minimalist version that can be a proper emblem would be great IMO. I love Brownie would not mind making the elf the primary, especially with a nice update. I prefer the old Dawg Pound logo but regardless that should remain a fan logo rather than an actual part of the media identity. The helmet striped C is a solid idea that would work for me as well. The Browns have lots of options, but I only have two conditions for a primary logo: Stay off the helmet. No new colors. I don't want gray or cream or any other unnecessary nonsense getting thrown in. I preferred the old colors but maybe the new ones will look nicer with a better template. (PLEASE HELP ME CREDIT THE DESIGNERS ON THESE) What I really want is a combo between the striping on the B logo below with a block C instead (but not the literal Indians ones). That said this only works if the team returns to their old uniforms/striping, which I doubt happens.
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    Hey, I like that one! I’m just disappointed that nobody here brought up The Fan. Wesley Snipes made a good not-Barry Bonds.
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    well I'll be. I guess I'm in the minority because I love Field of Dreams. I'd argue that's Costner's best work as an actor because schmaltz/saccharine, which that movie undeniably is (note: saccharine doesn't automatically mean bad), is really really easy to mess up.The Blindside, for instance, goes too far. Field of Dreams isn't nearly that neat and glossy. Baseball Movies I would Watch Right Now If I Could Ranked: 1. Bull Durham 2. Major League 3. Field Of Dreams 4. A League of Their Own 5. The Sandlot 6. Moneyball 7. Little Big League 8. For Love of the Game 9. Bad News Bears 10. Angels in the Outfield 11. Rookie of the Year 12. The Natural 13. The Rookie 14. Hardball 15. 42 16. Eight Men Out
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    I think it would also be nice to go to a sleeve patch that is just redlegs head. Maybe fill in his eyes some more and make him look a little less insane
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    The old ISU Bengal was okay, but IMO it didn't age well. The new one's not the best tiger I've ever seen, but welcome to the present, Idaho State! Now that I think about it, the new logo looks like it could be the kid brother of Cincy's Bengal.
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    There’s only one problem with that set, and it’s the NOBs. They’re ginormous.
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    They looked pretty good yesterday!
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    These were the throwbacks in the Throwbackapalooza that I was most looking forward to and they did not disappoint. A lot of people on social media were gushing over these and I was included. This is what a baseball uniform should look like. If this was brought back full-time (provided the C got a slightly thicker red outline and they used the 1990's number font) I'd be a super happy Reds fan.
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    Nah, man. The Panthers are one of the few 90s expansion teams to commit to an identity. Look at the cluster that is the uniform history of their expansion cousins, the Jags. I would rather the Panthers continue to commit to their identity than chase trends.
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    I actually like the throwback uniforms the Vikings wore during the Brett Favre era more than the uniforms they had during the Randy Moss era, even with the grey facemasks. Darker helmet and a lighter jersey, that is beautiful.
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    The Jazz have always looked good in a brighter, richer purple, whether it's the jazz note or mountain sets. If they were to swap out their primary color for the purple used in, say, the jazz note set of the Stockton/Malone era, it would complement the jersey template a lot better.
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    Teal with with light navy or dark royal would be a good look for Seattle too. Seattle should pick colors that fit with their brand and city, and not based on what their rivals have. That would be huge loss right out the gate. Obviously it's not ideal to pick the exact same colors, but different options are clearly there. Look at the Yankees and Red Sox. Or the Braves, Nats, and Phillies. Differences in shade, or color balance, is enough.
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    What a bunch of bullcrap.
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    99% of the jersey is unchanged. It's not like it's a brand new design. It's the same exact design, with one tiny difference. Who knows, there might be many who say "Yeah, I ain't spending $100 just for that"
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    True. But, amazingly, all their other uniform choices suck even harder.
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    Here's my take on the Blues: What do you think?
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    Thanks for all the feedback, I've updated the template again. I'm also going to turn this into a series for random concepts, starting off with a Kings concept. There has been a lot of discussion in the NHL Uniform 2018-19 thread about how while they had the most success with their current uniforms, the colours are too bland. I returned them to their original colours and logo, kept the current font, used their LA logo as a shoulder patch, and created a white version of their purple uniforms. What do you think? C&C Appreciated!
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