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    The Sabres are going back to royal blue one season from now. That is all.
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    Speaking of consistent bolt backgrounds, might I propose:
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    Or they could just revert to this and make everyone happy
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    Simply removing the blue strips behind the bolts helps a lot to me.
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    I will start on some color tweaks, but in the meantime here is a Twins concept. The pinstripes are back, both home and road. Ugly gold is taken out, and that Joe Mauer helmet becomes a part of the hat set.
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    Philadelphia Field Club About the Club The Philadelphia Field Club was founded in 1924, as First German S.C by members of the Philadelphia German Rifle club. They joined the ASL in 1933 for it’s inaugural season, as The Philadelphia German-Americans, a nickname that eventually became the club’s official name. They won the League title in their second season, and won the U.S Open cup the year after. Between 1935 and 1953, the club won the ASL crown another 5 times, surpassing the Kearny Scots as record title holder at the time. In 1953, the club was bought by trucking magnate Tony Uhrik, and it became known as Uhrik Truckers S.C. Between 1953 and 1963, the club added an additional 3 titles, bringing their tally up to 11 ASL Championships. During this period however, they were being overshadowed by the Nats which where having a golden age of their own. To accommodate the merger with the NPSL in 1968, the league changed their rules on ownership, and how clubs operated. In an effort to make the sport more appealing to a wider audience, one of these new rules was that clubs could not be named after companies. To comply to this rule, the club changed its name to The Philadelphia Field Club. A name that was used in the area as far back as 1922. However the club still has considerable connections to it’s German roots, as it plays in White and Black, a nod to the colours of the German National Team. The blackletter P in the crest also pays homage to this fact. As of 2015, the club has 15 league titles and is one of America’s most successful soccer club.
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    Lucy - Don Garber Charlie Brown - Sacramento Football - Major League Soccer Didn't feel like actually constructing this as a meme.
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    Yeah, I remember when Champion entered the game, because for the first couple months of the seasons at least the Celts and Jazz had their jerseys wonked up. You can see in the thickness and slanted 2s.
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    I just saw on ESPN a women's soccer team called Sky Blue FC. I looked them up to see what they look like. Their colors? NAVY AND ORANGE. YOU HAVE A LITERAL COLOR AS YOUR TEAM NAME AND DON'T USE IT?????? Are the Crimson Tide not crimson? Are the Purple Aces not purple? It shouldn't bother me so much, but use your freakin heads, people!!!
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    Why the Jets couldn't have reworked the 80's logos to use is beyond me.
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    I miss the Vsr4, such a clean classic look. Why do all these new helmets have to look so wonky. The viscis and Air xp are the only ones that look decent.
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    Aha, so that must be what the kids call a "cursed image".
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    They also have a brown uniform.
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    They’re obviously referring to night sky, not day sky.
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    Seeing all the throwback uniforms this year just convinces me that most teams need to go back to that look on a permanent basis.
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    I hope the return to royal blue comes with the permanent end to front numbers.
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    TAMPA BAY LIGHTNING I never thought there would be an upside to getting my wisdom teeth out but I have so much time on my hands now. Who do you want to see next?
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    We had an outfielder injure his hamstring his senior year in 2018. Our trainer attached a resistance band from his back pocket to his heel to act as a quasi-hamstring so he could continue to play. I’d bet that’s what we have here.
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    Forgive me for this but a hate that blue on the chargers.
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    The Kings never won anything in purple and gold. Meanwhile black and silver is associated with the greatest player of all time, three Western Conference Championships, and two Stanley Cup Championships. The Kings are a black and silver team, dude.
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    NFL probably has the best. It's the only league without a team with a double-name and doesn't have any really god-awful names. Some names are generic, granted, but a lot of the more generic names have historical reasoning behind them. The worst name in the NFL is probably the Buccaneers because it's so long and wonky, especially with "Tampa Bay" preceding it. The MLB similarly has some generic names with historical significance (naming a team the "Phillies" would not fly today), but it has it's own share of meh names. One that wasn't mentioned in the OP was the Washington Nationals, which I personally dislike because it shares the name of the league they play in. These two are still miles ahead of their counterparts. The NHL also has too many double names and singular names for my liking (Red Wings gets a pass) and the whole idiocy that is the Vegas Golden Knights. I was going to go on a tangent about the Maple Leafs, but apparently they aren't named exactly how I thought. Kudos for grammar I guess. The NBA has the worst names of the Big 4, with a lot of the major reasons pointed out in the OP. One that was not mentioned is arguably the worst modern sports name: the Brooklyn Nets. That's like naming a football team the Endzones or a hockey team the Goals.
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    This. Saw this a lot when I was in Strength and Conditioning with strained hammies
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    But they said nothing about their plans to reveal a new logo depicting a lightsabre-wielding bison, throw a bunch of diagonal and vertical stripes all over the place, and swap royal blue for gold as their primary colour.
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    I still think that for the jump to MLS, STLFC oughta change their colors to brown and orange, a color scheme unique in soccer, and a perfect homage to a certain defunct team...
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    Nice work on the Twins. I'd maybe flip the home and road alts, making a red with navy "Twins" the home alt and the navy with red "Minnesota" an option to be worn on the road or at home.
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    I think their green is too dark to work with black. At the very least they'd need to thicken the wheat outline around the logo for it to not get lost in the background.
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    This looks amazing. If this were to happen it would honestly crack my top 5 favorite looks in the NFL.
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    I think a star in the wordmark could work even in today's NBA. Have it stand in for the A in both the city and nickname wordmarks. I would avoid dotting the I in the nickname, though. I love the old MAGIC wordmark, but I've been a little iffy on that second star lately. Orlando is one of those brands that can get away with a unique and somewhat loud identity and they should, within reason, embrace it. They ought to make use of a stylized font. The one they currently use is uninspired.
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    NHL 94 for Sega Genesis.
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    SIAP https://www.goodbullhunting.com/2019/8/14/20805625/needessly-fixing-college-football-logos-texas-am-aggies-alabama-georgia-utah-ucla-kansas-state
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    Congartulaitons! You've used as an example the relocation that has had the most continuity and history connecting its hometowns.
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    A Chargers uniform with consistent bolt backgrounds from head to toe! Hallelujah!!
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    Am a kid, can confirm that this is cursed.
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    Speaking of schedule releases, check out the Padres: LOVE that color scheme.
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    Last night, while watching the Campeones Cup game, my daughter was amazed to find that the MLS team was actually named "Atlanta United FC" (and not just "Atlanta FC")... which led to us takling about the fact that there are THREE (3) teams in the league with the name "United", and five (5) teams with just the designation "FC" (and several more with FC as an additional term)... which then led to us having a pretty lively discussion on which league has the best team nicknames. Here is what we determined, worst to first (and our arguments behind the rankings) WORST / 5th: MLS. Mainly on the fact that there is so much repetitiveness in the nicknames as pointed out above; she was of the opinion that is was not so bad "because it is being European", but she is 22 and into that. While I, being the old dad, said it was just a bunch of pretentious Europhiling, best exemplified by the ridiculousness of REAL Salt Lake (what the hell is royal about it?) and she caved when I brought up "Sporting Kansas City". 4th: NBA. We both agreed that the NBA was pretty low on the list for a few reasons. One is the two most egregrious examples of relocated teams with bad names, the Los Angeles Lakers and Utah Jazz. I also pointed out that while 'Clippers' was okay in its current location, it was certainly not the great fit it was in its previous locale (also true of the Memphis Grizzlies). Second was that the league has the largest amount of singular nicknames: Heat, Magic, Jazz, Thunder. One or two is a nice spice; like mustard on a sandwich. Four? That's getting to be overwhelming. And last reason was the extreme wimpiness and current graphic misconnection of the Washington Wizards. 3rd: NHL. The NHL has some great names, including great old ones (Boston Bruins, Chicago Blackhawks, Toronto Maple Leafs, Detroit Red Wings) and quite few good new ones (San Jose Sharks, Tampa Bay Lightning, and the tout ensemble Florida Panthers-- we both like when a team place and name is an actual total thing, as in Texas Rangers, Buffalo Bills, Colorado Rockies). The NHL loses to the remaining two leagues, though, for having the Minnesota WILD, which has a great graphic package but a dumb name. Plus "Blue Jackets" is kind of cumbersome and contrived; historically they were called "blue coats" and at the start they got the 'jacket' thing in there I'm sure for that early Civil War bug logo/mascot. 2nd/1st (kind of a tie; we each argued the merits): MLB / NFL. Daughter says MLB, I say NFL. I picked NFL because I can't think of a bad name in the bunch; she said the Browns was a boring name with no imagination; I pointed out the MLB Reds was just a boring. I also pointed out the cumbersome nicknames of the 1998 expansion (Diamondbacks isn't that bad, but Devil Rays was just forced-- the term is "Devil Fish" or "Manta Rays", not "Devil Rays", and now it's just RAYS trying to mean both the aquatic creature AND sunshine, which is pretty lame). We agree that in baseball, the classic baseball names are great (both Soxes, Yankees, Cubs) some of the 'newer" names are perfect and relate to their areas well (Astros, Royals, Mariners). Even the two relocated teams which kept their names work okay-- 'Giants' is generic, and while Dodgers may have originally referred to "trolley dodgers" in Brooklyn, it is almost as appropriate for traffic dodgers in modern L.A. Again, with the NFL, I can't think of a bad name among them. Daughter says Texans is boring (along with the Browns) so they are in second place for her. What say you folks in the Sports Logo Community?
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    Before Puma there was Starter, Puma takes over Starter teams in 1999. Here is exactly explained: http://championblogger.com/blog/?p=163
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    There is but I think Sacramento is *always* the next one up, always smoke and mirrors but then left holding the bag in the end. I know there are always complications with investors and stadia and so on .... but hard not to shake the feeling that MLS just doesn't see Sacramento as a market it wants to be in. Of course I thought/still think the same about Columbus.
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    The one that makes us feel better.
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    ' I know the play was done with their white uniforms....but still.
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    Its become abundantly clear to me that 98% of people don't understand what "clean" means. Nothing with full body camouflage would ever qualify as "clean". As a Wolfpack fan, I truly think they've ruined what was a perfect look in 2017. If they lost the camo on these I wouldn't hate them, but I'll also never care for oversized helmet logos. On another note - good stuff, UA.
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    I love the emphasis on yellow and white. This is the way to carve out a distinctive look. A blue jersey and socks at home and blue pants on the road would enough to ground it.
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    Cole Hamels is wearing the same "DPM" patch the Phils players have been wearing throughout the season to honor former chairman David Montgomery
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    The Wild don’t have any excuse at all. It’s a profoundly stupid name.
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    This kind of logo application needs to make a return. It's incredible.
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