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    Rutgers just revealed LONG SLEEVED jerseys for their throwback
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    I sympathize with you Oregon fans now. Since posting anything about Oregon's uniforms and potential combination for Saturday's game, my Twitter mentions have been nothing but the same, tired rhetoric. You know the ones. "They're costumes/outfits, not uniforms!" "I bet they're ugly whatever they wear." "They changing every quarter?" It's the same remarks over and over again
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    I'm about to head to my first ever college football game as a student and they're rocking these beauts
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    I like it. Think they'll break out a blue facemask sometime this season?
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    I know! The Saints look fantastic!
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    To make this a real homage to the inaugural college football game back in 1869 Rutgers needs to request that the NCAA allow them to have 25 players on the field at a time. If that happens they might even cover the spread against the Gophers!
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    Think we might be reading a little bit too much into that one.
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    Oregon brought it on themselves.
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    Well they haven't broke these out yet... https://images.app.goo.gl/mxMa183GMAgz2UCKA
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    The Miami-Florida game had the same thing in Orlando. It's not bad...everyone knows it's the 50. ....and BYU has the 150 logo at the 50 yard line as well. I don't know if BYU has officially ditched the navy blue...but they always look best in royal. Great looking game.
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    UCLA's rockin' gold facemasks tonight (with normal gold helmets). Different, but not awful - edit - the more I watched this game, the more I liked it.
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    Because I don't feel like copying and pasting the same thing I said on Twitter
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    A lot of these dudes that report on a team but try to talk uniforms don't know what they're talking about. There's literally no rule about throwbacks being worn for anniversaries. The purple Hornets jersey is literally "25 years after we wore the purple jersey the first time"
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    Has North Carolina made any changes? Still have my fingers crossed for the Heels to add argyle stripes to their pants that match the helmets.
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    Here now we have an expansion team that everybody probably saw coming at some point, here are the Portland Beavers! Another refresh of one of my Redesigns sets, the Portland Beavers get updated with a deep cardinal and kelly green color scheme, much like I did in the updated version of the set. Off-white is taken out of the main set to clean things up a bit. The throwback set is based off of the Beavers' old uniforms. It doesn't necessarily throw back to too long ago, but the set still has that vintage feel that I really like for this team. Other than that though, I feel like this set mostly speaks for itself. Let me know what you think!
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    Not me hate to see it go as the look said to me professional I have never seen a solid color sock look better than the half white sock... To me a bad look gets far worse now...
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    If not, it'd be the first time they didn't have a Wisconsin outline in their identity package. FWIW, I've seen this on a good amount of merch lately, but I'd like to think something better is in the works.
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    All threads devolve after a certain point. Soon this thread will be nothing but cat pictures.
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    The 9 is pretty ugly though.
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    Yeah, it’s actually pretty disgusting. Was back then, too, but now everybody realizes it.
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    “You can tell it’s the dog days when the hot topic isn’t the starting lineup or the draft or playoff seeding, but, instead, the uniform choices” haha yeah where would uniforms ever be a hot topic year round, am I right
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    Only thing good about this is the Petrovic jersey next to it.
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    I love how the 5 for the Fight patch always matches.
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    The second one is cool, especially the face on top, but seems more busy/overly-detailed than World Cup logos. It's also a bit disjointed between each country's section. I actually think the first one looks real. It gets the cultural references for each country across, but in a way that feels coherent across the logo and is simple. It also gets the soccer ball in there, which is usual for WC logos. Take the trophy from the first and the "FIFA World Cup United" wordmark from the second, and you're golden! Excellent work!
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    https://theconversation.com/concussion-prevention-sorting-through-the-science-to-see-whats-sound-105246 snip snip
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    I’m think he meant having pants striping that has the helmet’s thin navy outer stripes and has the argyle pattern imposed over a central stripe that is either white or Carolina blue, depending on the pants color.
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    Two things: 1) It's never a good idea to believe anything that comes out of the A's organization. 2) Lol, in what universe were the A's "good" in even remotely the same way the Warriors were? Even when the A's were making the playoffs, they STILL had trouble moving tickets.
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    Just read it from the Commissioner himself. Excerpt: snip snip snip
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    I had no idea there was a sock rule like that. So many players just sort of do what they want. It reminds me of baseball. three sock lengths in one photo. A lot of guys tape their ankles, so it’s not so much as a white sock
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    This is the first time I'm hearing about some sort of throwback rules that say teams can only bring them back during anniversaries. Then we have teams like the Hornets, Pacers, and Warriors have had throwbacks every year tor the past couple of seasons it feels like.
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    It’s the Browns that are responsible for what they wear, not Nike. Take the lion out of the cage and it’s going to eat the wildebeest.
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    Im almost certain that the league requested teams to do this if the arena name script wasnt already just the arena sponsor logo.
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    If I were in charge anyone who referred to a logo as “clip-art” or a “Madden create-a-Team logo” would be immediately banned for life. On topic, both the Fighting Sioux logo and his new Hawks logo are awful.
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    I think Belichick will coach until he dies
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    In the film Like Mike, Lil Bow Wow plays for a team called the Los Angeles Knights. Here’s the catch....THEY DON’T EVEN EXIST!
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    I’d rather have that than a bunch of opiate addicts.
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    Kind of makes the Nike NBA stripes look a little less egregious
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    Wild The phantom yoke, the roundel logo, the inconsistency with the away jersey. I was thrilled when we moved away from these when Adidas took over and I hope we don't go back. Twins Their current uniforms are a cluster%#&$. I don't care if you brinf back the met stadium uniforms or the dome uniforms or whatever, just drop the gold. Vikings The worst uniform the Vikings wore is the road uniform with purple pants while the Vikes had the piped messes of uniforms in the 2000s and early 2010s. Timberwolves The lime green is... horrible. I don't like it as an accent color for the wolves and I REALLY don't like it as the main color. Minnesota United Again, the worst uniform from a team I cheer for is their current jersey. For MNUFC it's their new all white kit that makes it on this list. It's just so boring, just DO SOMETHING on it so it isn't just white with a black target on the chest.
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    It's become a lock for the Falcons to wear throwbacks in Week 4. 3rd year in a row. All against AFC teams.
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    Those early Kings teams played in an actual converted office building that held just a tick above 10,000 people. There's more whimsical charm there than you would expect.
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    On skates and in a roundel...
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    Perhaps someone that has a better understanding of the NFL uniform rules could help me, but would it be possible for the Browns to make their orange jersey the "primary" for this season? We know the brown color rush will be worn as the alternate as many times as they're allowed (3 times?) but the regular brown jersey is just dreadful. The orange jersey I can stomach much easier.
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    My annual labor of love showcasing every single uniform news from Power 5 teams to Division 3 is now out! Over 120 teams featured here.
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    Keep the feedback coming, here's the Chicago Fire
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    If they base the new uniforms on the current Color Rush, go with brown. If they revert back to an old look, go with white.
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    The helmet always has and always should be a major part of the brand. Updating to a more minimalist version that can be a proper emblem would be great IMO. I love Brownie would not mind making the elf the primary, especially with a nice update. I prefer the old Dawg Pound logo but regardless that should remain a fan logo rather than an actual part of the media identity. The helmet striped C is a solid idea that would work for me as well. The Browns have lots of options, but I only have two conditions for a primary logo: Stay off the helmet. No new colors. I don't want gray or cream or any other unnecessary nonsense getting thrown in. I preferred the old colors but maybe the new ones will look nicer with a better template. (PLEASE HELP ME CREDIT THE DESIGNERS ON THESE) What I really want is a combo between the striping on the B logo below with a block C instead (but not the literal Indians ones). That said this only works if the team returns to their old uniforms/striping, which I doubt happens.
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