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    It's probably not going to happen, but I wish the Mariners would revert to their pre-2015 jersey lettering. The old Navy-Teal-Silver lettering looked much cleaner than the Navy-Silver-Teal scheme they've deployed over the past few years.
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    Mavs honoring Dirk on their court this season.
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    I have a better idea, along with brightening the teal a bit. If the Marlins won’t do it, the Mariners should. Of course, the teal-billed hat would be worn for both home and road use.
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    How wacky is MLS that we now expect expansion teams to hit the ground running? FCC sucks but back in my day, that was the role of new teams. Look at Minnesota, now in year 3 in MLS, they got their stadium and they mostly figured out how to be a competent soccer team again. Not every new team can be the trust funders in Atlanta and Los Angeles!
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    Looking at both the Packers and Bears coaching staffs, apparently it's Coaches' Weekend. edit: apparently I also can't read I thought I was in the overall NFL thread, not the Jets one...but the Jets' coaches might be dressed as "sharply" as the aforementioned coaches tonight were come Sunday, so hey.
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    The Yankees invade.... NEW YORK YANKEES Global Logo - Update of current primary. Used for global marketing (and thus, eye-catching colors are preserved). Primary Logo - Update of current alternate logo. Secondary Logo - Update of current primary (used domestically). Tertiary Logos: - "NY" 1904, 1913, 1927, 1947 Primary Home - Update of the 1949 & 2019 Home Jerseys. Primary City - Update of the 1949 & 2019 Road Jerseys. Primary Icon - Update of the 1912 Road Jerseys. *There is no primary road jersey. Both road jerseys are worn equally. Alternate Home - All-new jersey. Based on the 1911 Home Jerseys. Alternate City - Update of all modern Road BP jerseys. Worn sparingly during Regular Season and some Spring Training Road games. Alternate Icon - Update of all modern Home BP jerseys. Serves as 'Primary Neutral'. Worn sparingly during regular season and most Spring Training games. Classic Pinstripes - Preservation of the 1947 Home Jersey. Murderers' Row - Preservation of the 1927 Road Jersey. Worn during interleague road games against the New York Mets, Pittsburgh Pirates, and St. Louis Cardinals. Settlers - Update of the 1913 Home Jersey. Highlanders - Update of the 1909 Road Jerseys. Invaders - Update of the 1904 Road Jerseys. Worn with blue pants. Batting Practice - All-new jersey. Based on the 1910 Home Jerseys. C&C is appreciated!
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    Or simply remove the white stripe (I know traditionalist hate this idea but visually I think it's way better).
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    @DG_Now @andregunts tagging you so you're aware of where everything was moved to. Also gonna repost this... Yeah. Here's the thing. The literal enslavement of migrant workers is central to the narrative of this World Cup. You can't really separate it from the event itself. I will admit that this wing of the discussion is probably best served for the Sports in General thread while the Sports Logos one is left to the design end of things. Which is why I'm moving this wing of the discussion over there. That being said, abhorrent treatment of workers and bribery are so integral to this World Cup's narrative that I'm not censoring the "should have been a bloody bag of money" stuff from the logo thread. If that annoys you? Grow a thicker skin.
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    Hell, I'd watch that. Just watching women lie about how much they love Davis's haircut would be worth the effort.
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    This could change so don't quote me 10,000%- but the think the Giants will wear their gray pants for this game, even though at home they usually pair their blue jerseys with white pants, when they play IN dallas they usually wear gray pants. I know it doesn't make a ton of sense, but I believe that will be the case again this year. Only 85% sure on this though.
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    I'd say it's my most hated element, but there's like 5 that are tied for that spot. Just one of the many reasons for hating it is that it fully integrates the template into the design of the uniform. If they got a new template but otherwise didn't change the design, well the design did change because that stitching is kinda like a very light piping.
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    That’s about the size of it. All this Color Rush stuff is just rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.
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    This is one of the best uniforms in the ACC. The helmet number kinda brings it down...but the white helmet, the 80s-ish stripes (now split), and the orange jerseys with white pants are excellent. Virginia should wear this every home game.
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    Wazzu going crimson/crimson/white this weekend: Colorado going gold/black/gold vs. Nebraska:
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    Assuming neither team decides to break out any alternate uniforms, Texas vs LSU should be quite a visual treat.
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    I've done many "Vintage Style College Mascots" and as the NFL season gets started I was thinking of what their logos/mascots might look like if they had been created in the style of Arthur Evans. I don't plan on directly using any mascot/logo looks (college or NFL) that are already out there (example: using Pistol Pete for the Dallas Cowboys). However, I may take inspiration from bits or pieces of them. Over the next few weeks/months I'll be adding my newest iterations, please let me know what you think with your comments and/or likes. First up: Minnesota Vikings
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    Yes but it has a 70th Anniversary ribbon around the ball.
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    Could THIS be the news that @Bucfan56 has been waiting for?
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    You misinterpreted what I wrote. I said it's "CLOSE to replicating the 2009 MNF opener" because I'm well aware that the Chargers have not worn the AFL throwbacks in a decade. I thought I was making myself clear but obviously I wasn't. I should have said that I wish both teams could wear their AFL throwbacks like they did in '09.
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    The ASU Uniform selection guidelines: 1. Pick a good color combo and then trash it. 2. Take off anything that resembles Sparky. 3. Slap a bunch of PT42 logos on it. Boom! Instant ASU classic!
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    When people think of Padres baseball, nobody really thinks of Catholic priest sex abuse. Context matters. And a bunch of other team names across pro and college sports would have to be changed if you're attempting to link them to settlement turf battles more than 100 years ago. I don't think people really take team names that deep. It's just sports.
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    White/Maroon/White for Mississippi State tomorrow against Southern Miss. Powder blue helmets for Ole Miss tomorrow against Arkansas’s all white.
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    I assume a lot of this is to sell jersey merchandise, but do teams like the Packers and Patriots lack for sales success?
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    I mean, I'm personally hoping the St. Louis club lures Edin Džeko or Sead Kolašinac to middle America. I don't expect the Carlos Velas of the world to come to St. Louis immediately.
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    It was implied that since the team would play in the same stadium 2 weeks in a row that they would only carry one pair of pants, as some teams do, but yes I guess it is foolish to think they'd actually stay in town. Didn't quite think that through.
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    As the others have already said, the Yankees look amazing, keep it up
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    Furthering my belief that weeks 1-4 should be all of the interconference games, followed by round 1 of divisional games, then the intra-conerence games, then finish with round 2 of division games. The interconference games have the least impact, so having those first allows for teams to ramp up without costing them too much if they lose.
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    So I downloaded the game and played around for like 30 minutes at midnight and my version has Chicago missing their statement and has Utah with their statement. @Conrad. is this a mistake?? Also, any idea as to when these teams are releasing their new statement?
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    10/10 for the Vikes. I totally would buy one of those...
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    Aha! Is it fisticuffs for which you are hankering, good sir? For it is fisticuffs which you have found, unless you cease your shenanigans forthwith!
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    Duckies going all green for the home opener
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    Wonderful designs, all of them. I love the small touches of red on the Highlanders and BP jerseys. Also, really happy you've decided to include caps with each design!
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    There is already in existence a pro football league that isn't the NFL and they are called the Canadian Football League. Sure, they play a different version of the game (Canadian Football) and its played in Canada, but it's still non-NFL professional football.
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    Bills going with blue pants this week. Interesting that the little video shows the player in solid red socks but I don't think there's anything to that
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    Ever thought of doing Michigan Panthers style helmet for Stallions???
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    Seriously, I dig it.
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    That's the alternate bear head from the 80's/90's. It was at midfield in 1994 as the 75th Anniversary logo. I guess they are marketing it as part of the 100 seasons.
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    https://twitter.com/thon/status/1169370524943867904?s=21 HUGE change for penn state this week, THON helmet stickers I’m a student at PSU and heavily involved in THON, which for those of you who don’t know, it’s the worlds largest student-run philanthropy, meant to help children and families suffering from childhood cancer. Basically it’s a huge deal here in state college and for the team to rep decals of it (even if they’re just that small) it’s pretty special. (I apologize for my plug but that’s the once in a blue moon PSU update)
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    The 90s Cavs logo is the best Nets logo ever created.
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    Too bad we can't see both teams in throwbacks, but I'll take it! It's as close as we'll get to the replicating the 2009 MNF opener...
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    Hi, I've been working on my 2026 World cup logo. I've decide to only show this version. Here it is. ps: I don't know if I have to say it but the right one is my final version.
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    ". . . The logo uses a traditional woollen shawl with “swooping curves” meant to represent desert dunes in the shape of the FIFA World Cup Trophy, an infinity symbol, and the number eight." Oh off, FIFA
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    I love the Jets new jerseys, i think that it look great especially the green helmets.
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    At the height of the Reebok Edge dark days...
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    Las Vegas was good too. Timeless. It got tacky down the further road. Maniax and Hitmen were just dreadful
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    Ironically, I can't help but see a white "N" in the middle of the design with this tweak. I actually really like the squared off "eMb"! In my eyes it definitely solves the original issue of the "M" not being obvious enough.
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    2002 Playoffs: New York Giants at San Francisco 49ers
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