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    The Bengals wore all white socks on Sunday. Between this and the Saints last night, I don't like this new development. NFL Football socks should have a stripe or a block of color at the top or both. This single color stuff looks silly and amateurish.
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    I would honestly love if there was a thread dedicated solely to facemasks, populated by the endless thousands of comments from over the years. It would easily be hundreds of pages long at this point.
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    Oh, I wish. But no. And, because this one pains me personally: Sorry, I’m not laughing at you. I’m laughing somewhat bitterly at the notion that the NFL might actually require uniform socks to be, you know, uniform.
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    Like so? Also, I like this look for Atlanta:
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    Texans at Saints match-up looks bad. lots of dark, not much color. Not a fan of the Saints all black pant w no stripe... and black socks, ugh.
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    Good...the chrome helmet was trash and didnt fit our tradition. The greenish gold lids theyve used the past two games date back to the first 10 years of the program and just seem right.
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    It does look really nice to me, but it doesn't feel like an improvement on the SOX monogram nor the Chicago script, so it's hard to see a useful place for it.
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    We can have the 2193410928340928345204935th argument about this. The white facemask, visually, doesn't look as pleasing at the gray. Mind you, I'm someone who constantly complains that uniforms aren't uniform enough anymore. But the gray facemask just worked so well with the Browns helmet. The white facemask takes the focus off the orange helmet and the stripe. It's distracting. It sticks out. The gray facemask works with the vintage feel/look of the browns. It blends into the background, putting the focus on the orange helmet. I get gray isn't in the color pallet... but the white makes it looks clowny.
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    I've done many "Vintage Style College Mascots" and as the NFL season gets started I was thinking of what their logos/mascots might look like if they had been created in the style of Arthur Evans. I don't plan on directly using any mascot/logo looks (college or NFL) that are already out there (example: using Pistol Pete for the Dallas Cowboys). However, I may take inspiration from bits or pieces of them. Over the next few weeks/months I'll be adding my newest iterations, please let me know what you think with your comments and/or likes. First up: Minnesota Vikings
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    Those state of Utah decals are awful.
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    That S-tree logo reads an awful lot like a 5 unfortunately. I really like the script and uniforms though. The greens were my favorite identity of yours
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    How do you get blacker than black? Off topic - our high school’s main football rival wore head-to-toe black (which was not common at all around here in early 90s), and they also had a lot of minority players. There was a newspaper article about how intimidating they looked in their all-black, and yada yada yada. In his pregame speech, our coach went on a rant and screamed about how proud they are of their blackness, which made every player on our team (who’s stars were black) lift their heads up and drop their jaws. He was clearly referring to their look and the news article, but still.
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    There really needs to be a thread just for facemask arguments.
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    Didn’t notice this last week, but Cal is wearing their own color-coordinated version of the CFB-150 patch instead of the standard grey and white version: I really wish more schools took this approach, as the standard patch clashes with a lot of schools’ uniforms.
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    Except they still have the pointless navy-billed cap.
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    I really like Colorado’s grey/steel color they use. I wish they’d go with a spin of their tradition combo with the color, that or go B/B/G
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    Colorado going black/grey/black vs. Air Force: Utah going white/red/white vs. Idaho State, and debuting a new decal set on their white helmets: Really not a fan of those decals at all. The logo on one side, number on the other is almost always a bad idea, and those state outline decals are just too big and awkward looking. They should’ve just gone with the interlocking double U logo on both sides, like on their throwback helmets:
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    I definitely liked the white facemask over the gray facemask, however the brown looks better than both of them.
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    Was glad to see the Saints win. As much as I still reflect on the Super Bowl loss to NO, can't help but like Brees and Houston losing was good for the Colts (obviously). Every AFc South team lost except the Titans, who the Colts face next week to hopefully make sure no team in the AFC South moves to 2-0.
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    There certainly were several other pitchers who wore numbers in the teens before Gooden; the number 16 was also worn by Frank Viola. But, even though Viola and Scott McGregor were solid performers, they were not superstars on the level of Gooden. While Gooden's career didn't hit the heights that most of us were expecting, he was a phenomenon during his first several seasons, and was then considered to be nearly the calibre of Koufax. Gooden's presence in all the national magazines wearing number 16 had the biggest influence in bringing numbers in the teens back into the mainstream for pitchers. For example, when Atlee Hammaker wore number 14 for the Giants in the early 1980s, it looked weird in a way that Vida Blue had not looked weird with that same number (of course, Hammaker would go on to look even weirder wearing number 7 on the mound); and this choice of his was frequently remarked upon. But, after Gooden's emergence, this practice became normalised; and no one commented anymore when Ron Darling, Bob Ojeda, David Cone, and other pitchers took numbers in the teens.
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    I think the Jets and Giants both had non-painted endzones from early 2000's through the end of their time at old Giants stadium. The Giants did not have fully painted endzones in the '08 playoffs, I do know that: http://gridiron-uniforms.com/fields/controller/controller.php?action=view-single-field&title=NYG_2008^div&image_path=/fields/images/playoffs/2008/r1024/NYG_2008^div.png I think it would be nice to see the Bills at least go back to a red endzone. I know it's not as big a part in their color scheme anymore, but it would certainly contrast well with the oversized Bills logo at midfield.
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    Their recent young signing is named Julian Carranza (why I used it), but that's a funny coincidence.
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    I haven't done a concept on here in a while, but with Vanderbilt unveiling new uniforms this summer, it got me thinking about how just a few small changes could make a really solid set. As is, I would probably have the Commodores' uniforms (both the 2018 and 2019 set) as the worst in the SEC. That's not to say they're terrible- there are plenty of conferences in which they would be average, or in smaller ones, maybe even above average- but in the traditional-filled SEC, Vanderbilt occupies the lowest tier along with Kentucky and Missouri. Vanderbilt's new 2019 set- https://www.uniswag.com/blog/new-uniforms-for-vanderbilt-football Vanderibilt's new "Battle Ready" alternate uniform- https://www.uniswag.com/blog/vanderbilt-battle-ready-uniform On to the concept- the biggest problem with Vanderbilt's uniforms, which they did not fix at all with their 2019 updates, is the mismatching gold. The deep gold of the gold helmets and SEC patch is noticeably different than the pale gold used everywhere else throughout the uniform (including the black helmets and black/white/gold jerseys and pants). In this concept, I standardized the gold, using an in-between color that's closer to the lighter gold of the jerseys and pants. I tried to improve color balance throughout the set- gold returns to the white helmets and pants, while white returns to the gold helmets and pants. It could probably be argued that the lack of white on any of the black elements results in some color in-balance remaining, and that's fair, but I just think that going straight black and gold with a black base looks much better than trying to incorporate white. As far as design, I kept the anchor theme, adding the "link" stripe from the helmet to the pants, which they *kinda* did on the new 2019 uniforms, albeit in a sublimated way. The helmet designs are essentially the same, just with the aforementioned color changes. The jersey designs are fairly traditional, with a thick block number font, "Vanderbilt" on the chest, and a sublimated anchor on the sleeves (rather than the contrasting sleeve caps that occupy that area on both the 2018 and 2019 sets). Primary Uniforms: Black/Black/Black Gold/White/Gold White/Gold/White Alternate Home Combinations: Gold/Black/Gold Black/Black/Gold White/Black/White Alternate Home Combinations: Gold/White/Black Black/White/Black White/White/White Gold/White/White Black/White/Gold White/White/Gold Alternate Home Combinations: Black/Gold/White Black/Gold/Black Gold/Gold/White If you're a Vanderbilt baseball fan (or a fan of any SEC baseball team), you might also be interested in my 2019 SEC Baseball concepts, which I haven't previously posted on the CCSLC.
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    San Jose Sharks: Early 1990s-mid 1990s: Colors, bottom striping Late 1990s-mid 2000s: Number font, logos Late 2000s-present: Sleeve striping
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    Ate they gonna throw back to calling themselves "Troy State", as well?? (They're still Troy State in my mind...)
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    When looking at San Jose State's throwback and Troy's throwback, Michigan State must be thinking "We've had some great logos"
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    I donno, but if anyone turns a MLS thread into a political pissing match we'll certainly shut it down
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    I think the only change is maybe a darker aqua and a grey facemask. But honestly it’s good the way it is. I think the removal of navy in the uniforms was such a big upgrade that people kind of glossed over. I don’t understand the hate for the new logo, how is it not an upgrade? It looks great. The evolution of the dolphin in front of the sun logo is awesome to see, I’m excited to see where it goes in the future. People say it doesn’t make sense to have the dolphin have the sun behind it because it’s not jumping anymore, but honestly I like it more now, I get the feeling the dolphin is swimming under the beautiful clear water with the sun shining through. It’s great
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    It's amazing that New Orleans believes they look so good in those stripeless black pants with the solid black socks when wearing their black jerseys. but .. they don't realize just how good they look with their gold pants which they've apparently restricted to preseason games.
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    For easy reference, this article has all the previous logos in one image: Agree that it feels too skinny.
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    Honestly, if the lines were thicker, this wouldn't be a terrible rendition.
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    Dear Flyers and Canadiens, could you go back to double logo on ice please?
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    I can't find the quote, but I remember Steve Nash suggesting that they should have sleeved jerseys for those that would want it, but leave the sleeveless as the standard. So then you'd have sleeved and sleeveless on the court at the same time.
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    white > gray > brown The Browns almost got it 100% in 1999. A- because the pants stripe was too thick, but that's still better than every change they've made to the uniforms since then.
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    None? That seems rather absolute. I bet there are plenty of examples of ethical consumption under capitalism. There really hasn't been a recent rise...authoritarianism has always been prevelant across the world and across the political spectrum, especially by parties who want to ensure their side always stays in power.
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    I'm worried that we're headed to a Jags-esque redesign here where the team says "people hated our old uniforms because they were too busy" and reacts to that by going way too simple like the Jags did. Homes will be exactly the current Color Rush set and they will add roads that are the Color Rush template but all white with brown numbers and stripes and no orange.
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    The NFL has billions of dollars and presumably Microsoft Excel. They can figure this out. It's a choice that they don't.
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    I have a better idea, along with brightening the teal a bit. If the Marlins won’t do it, the Mariners should. Of course, the teal-billed hat would be worn for both home and road use.
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    Aha! Is it fisticuffs for which you are hankering, good sir? For it is fisticuffs which you have found, unless you cease your shenanigans forthwith!
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    Since there's been nothing but requests for updates for the past page and a half, plus the fact the OP hasn't checked in since May, I'm going to lock this. If the OP wants to restart it, he can PM a mod to unlock it. @retromanas - please stop bumping threads to ask for updates. We have a policy against that in the Concept forum rules:
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    The Yankees invade.... NEW YORK YANKEES Global Logo - Update of current primary. Used for global marketing (and thus, eye-catching colors are preserved). Primary Logo - Update of current alternate logo. Secondary Logo - Update of current primary (used domestically). Tertiary Logos: - "NY" 1904, 1913, 1927, 1947 Primary Home - Update of the 1949 & 2019 Home Jerseys. Primary City - Update of the 1949 & 2019 Road Jerseys. Primary Icon - Update of the 1912 Road Jerseys. *There is no primary road jersey. Both road jerseys are worn equally. Alternate Home - All-new jersey. Based on the 1911 Home Jerseys. Alternate City - Update of all modern Road BP jerseys. Worn sparingly during Regular Season and some Spring Training Road games. Alternate Icon - Update of all modern Home BP jerseys. Serves as 'Primary Neutral'. Worn sparingly during regular season and most Spring Training games. Classic Pinstripes - Preservation of the 1947 Home Jersey. Murderers' Row - Preservation of the 1927 Road Jersey. Worn during interleague road games against the New York Mets, Pittsburgh Pirates, and St. Louis Cardinals. Settlers - Update of the 1913 Home Jersey. Highlanders - Update of the 1909 Road Jerseys. Invaders - Update of the 1904 Road Jerseys. Worn with blue pants. Batting Practice - All-new jersey. Based on the 1910 Home Jerseys. C&C is appreciated!
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    I like the Oaks. It's not perfect but there's something to it with some tweaks.
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    Surely there’s examples where it doesn’t look like this, but the very rectangular jaw in the UAB logo reminds me of a dragon dance costume. The red and yellow don’t hurt, either.
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    The Thrashers identity was just terrible in general.
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    MAJOR upgrades for both Hobart and William Smith. That is some impressive work by SME Branding.
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