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    LSU's purple jerseys are great as always, but I don't like how they insist on only wearing them with white helmets and pants anymore. There was nothing wrong with this combo:
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    I would love to see a young Scottish boy wearing this shirt.
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    I don't think there should be more than an inch or two variation from player to player.. it's a standard, team-issued part of the uniform.. it should match.. I'm ok with players preferring to accomplish the uniform goal in different ways (for example: if a player wants to wear solid color tights with crew length white socks instead of knee-high socks that are colored on top and white on bottom, I'm ok with that, because you can't tell the difference from more than 5 feet away), but it should still look uniform.. players already have their own individual number, their name on their back, choice of gloves, cleats, and other accessories, etc.. they should at least be expected to wear their socks properly..
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    The combo is better with the crimson decals and masks. When I first read the description, my mind automatically went to white decals and white masks.
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    Good...the chrome helmet was trash and didnt fit our tradition. The greenish gold lids theyve used the past two games date back to the first 10 years of the program and just seem right.
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    The San Diego Admirals have notified the UDA's licensing department that they are planning a rebrand for 1972, which will be their 15th season. Here is a rough prototype of their proposed new logo: C&C Welcome.
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    WVU has worn gold over gold vs all white before, so I don't think there's any mandate
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    Wait...what??? Also, is Utah hitching its train to the UU logo now? I actually really like it; the UU initials are unique as far as letter lockups logos go.
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    I've done many "Vintage Style College Mascots" and as the NFL season gets started I was thinking of what their logos/mascots might look like if they had been created in the style of Arthur Evans. I don't plan on directly using any mascot/logo looks (college or NFL) that are already out there (example: using Pistol Pete for the Dallas Cowboys). However, I may take inspiration from bits or pieces of them. Over the next few weeks/months I'll be adding my newest iterations, please let me know what you think with your comments and/or likes. First up: Minnesota Vikings
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    Georgia has one of the best uniform sets in all of football imo.. standard helmet, pants, home & away jersey, and single alt jersey (that's an official school color).. everything looks great together.. great color balance.. simple look that accomplishes any uniform goal you could ask for.. near perfection imo
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    Maybe center his head a bit, looks like he’s leaning forward a bit. The arms look much better though!
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    The Eagles haven’t worn those green pants on the road (or anywhere else) since Week 15 in 2017. I’d be surprised if white-over-green was even listed as their default road look anymore
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    As mentioned before, here is the LAFC set, with kits made by Nike.
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    I can't even make out what he's saying in those texts.
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    The Bengals wore all white socks on Sunday. Between this and the Saints last night, I don't like this new development. NFL Football socks should have a stripe or a block of color at the top or both. This single color stuff looks silly and amateurish.
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    We should know in about a week, if UGA will trot these beautiful babies out(probably not) vs Notre Dame. It's different from other blackouts because black is a main color for Georgia, and it really pops, as opposed to the head to toe look Louisville had for the first game.
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    Enclosed the white lines, but also made some tweaks to the face. C&C Welcome.
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    It is their designated Sunday road jersey since it debuted.
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    The epic choir music and the guy crushing ice in his hands is just weird. It's like they're implying Wazzu invented the concept of ice or something.
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    So would a buzz cut.. but the vast majority of players don't wear a skull cap.. it's not a big enough issue to really care about.. as evidenced by the fact that most people have never even seen it
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    I second this. Whole thing is a civil suit too and she wants $75,000. I don't know whether he did this or not (his lawyers are saying that it was consensual but that's lawyerspeak but, again, I'll emphasize that I don't know what happened even if AB is a monstrous narcissist who turns locker rooms into Superfund sites) but if someone raped me, I'd go to the police and try to get that monster in prison where he (it is almost always a he after all) belongs. At the very least, I'd ask for a lot more money than $75,000. Is AB a lot of things I wouldn't want on my team if I was a GM or coach? Absolutely. But at some point, with every bad thing possible with him piling up at the same time, it starts to strain credulity.
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    Meh. Will wait to see the real version though because this looks like a :censored:ty replica. Would it kill them to have one jersey that says NETS?
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    I see what you’re getting at, but the fact is socks and helmets are part of the uniform. Gloves, cleats, undershirts, protective gear, etc. are not.
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    Not sure if this fits the topic. But it's the closest we can get. Anyway, couldn't agree more with this tweet. There's no good reason to keep putting a limited number of games in venues that are bad for soccer, full stop.
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    Postseason on-fields are $41.99 on Fanatics. Yikes! Price increase and quality decrease. Also, will we see Nike jerseys debut during the postseason? Usually that's when changes make their first appearances.
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    New wordmark looks quite ok, maybe even better than previous. Remember this is cheap looking replica. I'm glad they kept general design, because I like it.
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    I can understand it, and no, it’s far from the worst chat logs I’ve read. It’s still awful, as he’s taunting an alleged victim. I don’t care if you’re innocent, you just don’t do that.
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    It does look really nice to me, but it doesn't feel like an improvement on the SOX monogram nor the Chicago script, so it's hard to see a useful place for it.
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    Also...a firm believer in that a player's gloves should match their cleats. I can't stand when they don't. Coordinate!
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    When looking at San Jose State's throwback and Troy's throwback, Michigan State must be thinking "We've had some great logos"
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    Except they still have the pointless navy-billed cap.
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    Do people still enjoy Emrick’s act? I’m tired of his thesaurus for “pass”, and his yelps and groans are beyond grating.
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    @DG_Now @andregunts tagging you so you're aware of where everything was moved to. Also gonna repost this... Yeah. Here's the thing. The literal enslavement of migrant workers is central to the narrative of this World Cup. You can't really separate it from the event itself. I will admit that this wing of the discussion is probably best served for the Sports in General thread while the Sports Logos one is left to the design end of things. Which is why I'm moving this wing of the discussion over there. That being said, abhorrent treatment of workers and bribery are so integral to this World Cup's narrative that I'm not censoring the "should have been a bloody bag of money" stuff from the logo thread. If that annoys you? Grow a thicker skin.
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    It's probably not going to happen, but I wish the Mariners would revert to their pre-2015 jersey lettering. The old Navy-Teal-Silver lettering looked much cleaner than the Navy-Silver-Teal scheme they've deployed over the past few years.
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    Watching the MEAC/SWAC challenge right now on ESPN2. Highly pissed off by Bethune-Cookman's uniforms. Their colors are maroon and yellow (gold), but for unknown reason they're out there wearing silver chrome helmets, white jerseys with grey numbers (outlined in yellow) and gray pants. Forgive me for sounding like an old man at age 33, but what happened to wearing your school's colors with pride? Last time I checked B-C did not release any official notice of having changed the school colors to gray and yellow smh. If you'll excuse I need to go yell at a cloud for a bit.
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    That and modified the head to better mimic the current logo.
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    I like that they specifically mentioned the women's basketball team being excited about a dunking mascot. Read into that what you will.
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    Given your username this series should be hella cheesy. Yet, this set is awesome.
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    Honestly, their former city jersey would make a great template for a primary look. I love the old San Diego colors, but I think red, white, and blue would also translate to this pretty well. I would just swap out the waistband logo to something nautical to complement the sail design on the shorts and I think they'd have a winner. Maybe re-work the font for the wordmark too.
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