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    A graphic I'm doing this year (I did one over the off-season for 2018), but here's the SEC uniforms by week. It gets larger if you click on it.
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    I honestly like the darker brown more. It's not that different and it's the shade that the team uses right now for the "brown appeasement" uniforms. I think it works pretty well. Besides, it's the Padres. They're going to screw something up, it just so happens that the screw-up was smaller than normal.
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    I saw "blow down." Either way, dumb saying and worse font. Pelicans are tough birds, right? Surely they could have done something with that. "Pelicans - Won't Fly Away" "Pelicans - Keep Your Fingers Out Of Our Mouth" "Pelicans - Brandon Ingram Kind of Looks Like Us" "Pelicans - Give Us Some Fish"
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    2K Sports hasn't updated the crowd since the Adidas era. It's pretty bad.
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    Better with the red sleeves, but still very far from good. The black only muddies up an otherwise-good set. Everything is harder to read when you add a white outline and black dropshadow.
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    You want lazy. Try MLB The Show who haven’t updated Matt Vasgersian recordings since 2005.
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    Jets in white over green, which should make for a good mix of colors in New England.
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    Possible new slogan for the pelicans? also I can’t help but think that’s the mavericks font
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    ^yep, just saw a video of Baker warning up and had solid Orange socks on. Makes that uniform look so much better
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    For the second straight week we are reminded that the Saints need to burn their black pants. Note to NFL: ban solid color socks or insist that they contrast with the pants.
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    This has always been Belichick’s M.O. with drama. Don’t know why people are pissed about it. What do you expect him to say anyway?
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    LIONS IN BLUE PANTS!! LFG. Don't even care about the matching socks. It's such a nice look overall that separates them from the Cowboys, Raiders, Panthers, etc. Also Dolphins in aqua pants, which gives me hope that they will stick around with white jersey too. If we get Panthers in white/black/blue socks, this will be a great day.
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    i read that as “won’t brow down” at first
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    Ole Miss vs Cal was again a good looking game despite us going with blue-white-blue. Rebels went with powder blue for the second week in a row which definitely made this game less navy blue than it could have been gold pants would have made this one fantastic
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    Up next we head west a little... Dallas State University Location: Dallas, Texas Type: Public University Founded: 1882 Major Rivals: UT-Fort Worth, Texas National Championships: 3 1971, 1985, 2007 National Championship Runner-Up: 1 1970
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    He should have been a white quarterback.
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    The last 2: NY and Tampa. NY: I really think they swung and missed with Guardians, when Gargoyles is just cooler, so I swapped out the name. And while I was at it, I decided that swapping out the red, which does not work on the gargoyle teeth, with a green from oxidized copper (like the Statue of Liberty) would be better. So, minor changes, but a new name. TAMPA: Here I had to create a whole new identity, since the Vipers name went to LA. I decided not to do a swap with Wildcats, because that is such a generic name. When you realize that the XFL Tampa team will be playing in the Buccaneers' stadium, the one with a huge frickin' pirate ship in one end zone, it just seems clear that you better find a way to incorporate a pirate theme. I went with "Plunder" as my name. I know some folks hate non-count nouns, but the name works well for Tampa, in a way that Plunderers would not. For colors I decided to add a new color to the XFL, metallic gold, or Gold Dubloon, as the Plunder will call it. I matched that up with a dark (not quite navy) blue and a pale blue. The red on the parrot is only in the logo. Too many colors this way. I could see this team becoming the official team of Parrotheads everywhere while still linking well with the history of the Tampa/St. Pete region.
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    playing 2k, just noticed a Net fan courtside wearing a sleeveless version of the brooklyn dodger jerseys. but they aren’t in the game as throwbacks. weird.
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    And now, phase 2. In this phase I will tweak, adjust, redub, relocate or completely overhaul the 8 XFL franchises. In some cases only a minor change (colors, name) are needed, in others I may swap identities or relocate nicknames. Basically I think the XFL was just slightly off on several of their identities and I am going to rectify that with some adjustments. No relocation, I keep the same 8 cities, but everything else is fair game. First up are the two Texas teams. In both cases the names and logos are solid but the color schemes are off. Why give Dallas the Love Ya Blue. I gave it back to Houston, but swapped the red for orange to hopefully hold off the NFL lawyers. So, Dallas needed a new color scheme. Rather than give them the Houston Navy & Red, too close to the Cowboys, I swapped out the colors of the LA Wildcats and gave Dallas a Red, Black and Orange scheme, a radical departure from the city's other teams. So, Dallas and Houston reimagined (recolored really):
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    If ever a game needed to be called by Gus Johnson... that was it.
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    This was the best Pac-10/12 game After Dark EVER.
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    Did we watch different games? I'm probably more skeptical of Georgia than most, but a short-manned ND team hanging with them in Athens is pretty impressive.
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    I think the "Padre brown" on the left contrasts with athletic gold just as well as burgundy and orange contrast for Virginia Tech: you can't mistake them for complementary colors, but it's still a perfectly clear pair of colors, and out of the ordinary enough to stand out. The brown on the right is too dark and too desaturated. I am intrigued by that shade of turquoise up there as a tertiary color with the classic brown and yellow. Maybe keep it off the uniforms but use it in ancillary branding and stuff around the park.
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    They could all honestly work. I think I’d vote for the third because of the continuity with the blue and red jersey....plus, despite going all red for Canada, the Jays remain blue.
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    (I won't bow down) Hey baby There ain't no easy way out (I won't bow down) Hey I Will stand my ground And I won't bow down
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    Once again NBA 2K20 gives us another court, this time showing us the Kings throwback court which seems to be an exact replica of the one used in the 1993/94 season.
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    I think using a darker brown was a bit of a compromise. If it was too light, I'm sure plenty of detractors will say that it looks muddy with the yellow or make more unfavorable comparisons. Just as an aside: I think the one on the right is best for contrast with yellow and/or tan. Judging by the graphics, it's close to what they'll likely use.
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    Washington at BYU is just downright gorgeous.
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    This presumes that lighter shiny football pants are outside the realm of possibility. Seems silly to suggest given the advancements already made in the field of textiles.
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    Can we make "swooshkatoosed" a thing? It's more than reasonable... It's a straight up fact. The current insistence on matte over dazzle fabrics is 1000 percent fashion and market-speak.
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    But they aren’t “the dog pounds” or even “the brown dogs”. They are the Browns, the dog pound is just a fan section and nothing more.
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    I watch maybe 10% of what I used to watch. It’s easy to ignore them because I’m all the way on the other coast, but some friends wanted to go watch football at Buffalo Wild Wings. I just wore my throwback Eric Rhett road jersey so that if it got really embarrassing, I could say it’s just a wonky looking Chiefs jersey.
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    Send Spanos to London since the league wants a team there so bad.
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    Jets white over green might be my favorite combo so far for the new uniforms.
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    St. Louis Chargers.......Nah San Antonio Chargers.......Nah Oakland Chargers........Nah San Diego Chargers.......Winner! Only if there was a billionaire who could pry the team away from The Dean of Clowns and work a deal with SDSU on that new stadium.
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    Just to further emphasise your point: NFC South isn't bad either. Swap conferences between Carolina and Jacksonville and it's even better. EDIT: this map obiously doesn't have the LA teams, and it'll be different next year with OAK in LV. Replace the long lines going to STL with shorter ones going to LA, and that division doesn't look nearly as bad as the map would indicate.
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    It’s the numbers. First of all, the numbers on the blue jersey should be white with yellow outlines. That number font... yikes. When the jersey is plain otherwise, the font takes on even more importance, and this one doesn’t work. All Pitt and Nike needed to do was go back to the old color scheme and get the hell out of the way. But they couldn’t. (The uneven line weights between the helmet and pants also bugs me.)
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    Yea. They play a tougher one, always without a FCS team (or two)
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    No, even with the AB stuff, who would you punish, you surely can punish the patriots because they didn’t know about this stuff that happened years ago when they signed him. You also can’t punish the Steelers because they didn’t know about it either even if they almost encouraged his behavior by letting things slide. You can’t punish the team for the mistakes of the individual. The team can’t control everything a player does. And if a player does get suspended or commissioner exempt listed isn’t that enough punishment for a team being without a player that can help them win football games which is what every teams goal is each week next to making money.
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    Cuz they are just chasing a collegiate fad. Fads can stay at the college and lower levels.
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    Agree. Totally 90's nostalgia but there are a handful of cfb teams that had their peak in the 90's stripeless pant era and should stay there: u dub, nebraska, atm...
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    okie state combines high school helmet aesthetics with ed hardy jersey aesthetics
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    Judging by the material composition post earlier, I don’t think it can be that different. Not by the factors that you’re saying. The look didn’t change that much, compared to teams with metallic shades that switched over to matte. This was a fundamental alteration in the look. TOW THE COMPANY LINE, AS WE’RE COUNTRY BUMPKINS WHO CAN’T COMPARE TO YOUR BRILLIANCE, MR. APPAREL COMPANY MAN!!!!!
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    A few more for ya. Adelaide first. Their current logo is just...a mess. Ipswich Pride recently got a no answer for expansion, but they apparently had a big logo. I like the general concept, but would love some more call-back to Northern Fury and their vibrant green. Macarthur FC recently released their logo and it's not my favorite, but I'm good with the general idea. Here's my cleanup.
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    In other words, they're going in on the current trend of minimalism, sans serif, and lowercase. Got it.
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    that's nice, but who are the 'Chefs'?
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