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    I still think the 90’s pinstripes were better, but this is still a very nice alternative. Well done, Bulls.
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    Come on man. This is your third time doing the same thing with the same topic with zero concepts to start again. A couple of us have commented before offering help but now I’m really just confused on the motive. Come with some developed concepts to the CONCEPT forum, you’ve already been told.
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    On to the AL Central, starting with the Southsiders of Chi Town.... CHICAGO WHITE SOX Global Logo – All-new logo! Used for global marketing. Primary Logo – Update of current Primary Logo. Secondary Logo – Update of current Alternate Logo. Tertiary Logos: - Batterman, update of the 1980s Alternate Logo. - Vintage Sox, update the 1936 Primary Logo. Primary Home – Update of the 2019 Home Jersey. Primary Road – Update of the 2019 Road Jersey. Primary Neutral – All-New jersey. Based on the 1973 Road Jersey. Six-pointed star on sleeve. Worn sparingly during the season and all of Spring Training. LATE 20th CENTURY Silver Series Home – Update of the 1993 Alternate Jersey. Silver Series Road – Update of the 1969 Road Jersey. Windy City – Based on the 1973 Road Jersey. Six-pointed star on sleeve. EARLY 20th CENTURY Gold Series Home – Update of the 1936 Home Jersey. Gold Series Road – Update of the 1916 Road Jersey. Worn with black pants. Patriotic – Update of the 1917 World Series Home Jersey. Flag on left sleeve the celebrate the troops of the Great War (WWI), patch on right sleeve to celebrate their 1906, 1917, and 2005 World Series titles. THE 80'S Batterman – Update of the 1982 Home Jersey. Batterman Alternate – All-new jersey based on the 1986 BP Jersey. Batting Practice – All-new jersey. Based on a losing design from their 1981 Uniform Design contest. The Chicago White-Sox have had many different uniform designs over the years. Because of this, a lot of jerseys had to be sacrificed in order to keep the updated designs consistent. I know, I gave the Yankees random designs, but they were simply an exception that I likely wont repeat. I also decided to have black and white as the White Sox main color scheme, with splashes of silver, gold, and red to highlight their three other uniform sets (Silver for their current era jerseys, gold for their vintage era jerseys, and red for their 80s jerseys). Still, black and white are the primary colors here. I considered adding an all-red jersey, based on their 1989 Batting Practice Jersey. But I quickly realized that this team is called the “White Sox”, not the “Red Sox”, so that idea was quickly abandoned. Also, in case it wasn't plainly obvious, if you look closely at the new Global logo, you’ll notice that the stitches on the baseball are actually white socks! It's the same one seen in the Diamond logo. I really hope you guys like this one (looking at you, @coco1997!) C&C is appreciated!
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    Well, @espnboy13, wonder what that looks like no more!
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    Tulane in light blue/white/light blue:
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    That standing gator looks very similar to the old Raptors logo
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    I wish they would finally just get rid of the Orca.
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    Ole Miss going with powder blue on the field today to go along with the Chucky Mullins powder/navy/grey tribute combo:
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    I’ve said 400 times that the A’s should only have an A (not even ‘s) on their jerseys. Maybe put a city on the road, but not necessary. I’m not even sure I want to see the script on an alternate, but maybe on a green one, with the A being on a yellow one. their an old AF team, regardless of location, so they should look more like it.
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    While the styling may have been a little dated and there was definite room for improvement, the old one was built on a solid idea that communicated something about the company without using any words, which is a really nice bonus to have in your identity. The new one doesn’t really communicate anything.
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    That could work if excecuted correctly. But that's also a very easy combo to screw up. Besides, I really think the Rockies would do best with just purple and white.
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    Maybe the point is Barrelman is drunk and that's why he's batting like that
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    Fold the WAC already. This is getting absurd.
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    This is exactly what they should do for my 2 cents. It ties the original BiG era in perfectly with the last 20 years. Coming up with a concept that looks like both the 1982 pennant winners AND the team that's coming off back to back postseasons is not an easy task, but this one accomplishes it.
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    The Gators logo turned 25 today. Not itself significant, but I've never seen some of these logos from the article on it. Namely that Alberta logo, the Seahawks-esque one, or the UF one to the right of it. I've also never seen the other concepts that were proposed.
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    Wow that is a huge downgrade. Yeah the original was meant to emulate a ticket as NESN was originally marketed as “your ticket to New England sports”. The wavy N is probably meant to invoke a strip of tickets or something but it just looks like a conjoined mess. Sad to see an iconic logo go
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    Sounds to me like you're fine with opinions so long as they're opinions you agree with.
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    Someone already mentioned Bryant Young of the 49ers; here are a couple of photos (one from 1994, another from 2007) to illustrate:
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    How about you making sweeping declarations about a person’s disposition based on a difference of opinion over a sports logo, then trying to offer sagely advice despite the fact nobody requested it and you’re in no position to give it. Seems like an extremely passive aggressive and petty way to say “I don’t like your opinion.” I also don’t know where you get off saying people don’t accept reality when you try to wave away everything that contradicts your version of it.
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    This is one of the dumbest, smarmiest, most obnoxious posts I’ve seen anywhere in a long, long time. It’s especially tone deaf considering the entire point of this message board.
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    I just want to see it in kelly/yellow/black for some controversy. Also, if we're talking an alternate logo for the Leafs, I have a fantastic idea! Take the '67 leaf and combine it with the Toronto Arena's "T" insignia.
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    I couldn't agree more, my friend. I cannot stand this obsessive compulsion to make every sports logo "tough and fierce". It's so overdone and boring frankly. Not unlike the muting/killing of color in sports sets in the 90s and 2000s, with both fads being connected to one another.
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    First up is Charlotte: 1. Team Lebron is red (Bobcats colors). Team Giannis is blue (Hornets colors). 2. The design is based on the Baron Davis Charlotte uniforms. 3. Shiny team logos are inspired by the 1991 Charlotte All Star Game uniforms. 4. The waist logo was actually used in the celebrity game uniforms.
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    Black w/ pinstripes is back again?
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    WOW! Great work here. I love the touch of gold on the Gold Series alts. The socks forming the baseball stitching on the global logo is genius, and incorporating Comiskey’s iconic pinwheels into the logo is the cherry on top. Also, I knew that BP set looked familiar! A few suggestions: - I would use your “White Sox” script on at least one of the jerseys, so you don’t have four jerseys that all use the “Chicago” script. Alternately, you could use the new “White Sox” script the team started using around the park this season: - Maybe make the script on the Windy City alt red, and think about dropping black entirely from the set to play up the flag color scheme more? Keep up the awesome work! I genuinely look forward to each new team you post.
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    As weird as this sounds I was hoping the new nets court would be “greyer” and have less of a tint like a steel grey. As I’m looking at highlights I see it really still resembles a wood color but just slightly less “bright” if that makes any sense. It’s kinda like an ashy grey wood color while in other pictures it looked like full out grey
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    Graffiti is an art style
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    If I had to pick an early (is 65 teams in still considered early?) contender for favorite redesign, it would be this one. The colors, fonts, logos, they all just work together well, well before i got my hands on it. But to that end, I thought that there could be some modifications made. While I thought the new identity that came out a few years ago was spectacular, I always felt that the previous football uniforms (with the pointed stripes) were the superior uniforms overall, but combined, the two identities would be golden. Football - Like I said, this is going to be two uniform sets coming together. Starting with the helmets, the barbed wire is (sadly, I actually liked that one ) gone, Phantom Pete/Pistol Pete are gone. Its just one stripe style across three helmet shells with the OSU logo on both sides. I didn't want to get rid of the marshal's badge totally so it sits at the base of the stripe with the player's number in it. As to the uniforms, I resurrected the 2011 uniform stripes back to their spots on the sleeves. While it is minimized, the bandana pattern stays on in the collar. New number font and wordmarks stay around, numbers on the uniforms, wordmarks on the helmets. Pants also see the 2011 stripes revived. Hockey - So in my research, I couldn't actually figure out if Ok. State has any form of current hockey team. They have an alumni Facebook page, but nothing that suggests a current team. So in essence, really starting with no historical basis, which is just fine. Stripes on the sleeves match the football uniforms sleeves, hem stripe is the almost same just not cut off on the ends so it wraps around the whole jersey. OSU logo on the front of the home and away uniforms, Pistol Pete on the black alternate. Collar has the bandana pattern in the collar. Haven't done an alternate pants set in hockey in a while, but here I think it works. Went with the helmet stripe on the pants, just felt better. Helmets, black and white. Tried an orange bucket, wasn't feeling it. Marshall badge logo on the pants and helmets. Baseball - I went the pullover v-neck route for the baseball team. It flowed better with the collar and the pattern so it got applied to all the uniforms. Before that, two hats and helmets. Orange/black with OSU, black/orange with OSU. Both helmets get the marshall badge. Jerseys, like I said, v-necks. Home/away get the Oklahoma over bat logo, number underneath that. Same stripes on the sleeves as the previous two sports. Alternate black jersey gets the super nice COWBOYS script from the basketball uniforms. Pistol Pete is on the back of all three jerseys, up near the collar. Ok. State loves their colored pants so all three colors are represented with the same stripe as the football helmet and hockey pants Basketball - For basketball (bear with me, new template, still getting used to it), kept it consistent with the rest of the teams. Collar has the bandana pattern. On the arm holes, I did a simpler, not notched stripe, that wraps the whole way around. COWBOYS on all three jerseys in some way, home and away has it on the newer Barbed Wire font, alternate has the script COWBOYS. Shorts are relatively simple, notched stripe wraps almost around on the bottom of the shorts. C&C welcome!
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    New Hound Logo! And now a few things to note: 1. Bigger eye and turned for more aggression. Added a brow of sorts for more attitude. 2. Fur is less of a "splat" and slightly more fur like. 3. Removal of lower lip to make the Foxhound younger. Also dots on side are less grid like for a more natural feel. This display is similar to the official flag of Los Angeles just in Hounds' Colors. Special thanks to all for these suggestions!
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    Not for the Statement Jersey ... I’m sure we’ll see a Chicago City Flag design for the City Jersey.
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    I would buy these jerseys and I don't particularly like the Brewers.
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    I use to be full blown NFL all the way. Then I watched one CFL game and haven't looked back. It's like how all through your 20's you drank Bud Light because everyone else did. Then you took a sip of something else and realized Bud Light is just plain disgusting
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    LSU going Gold/Purple/Gold against Utah State today, Successfully getting both G/P/G and W/P/W in during the same season.
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    LSU going gold/purple/gold against Utah State...a good start to the day. Boston College would look better with gold pants instead of white pants.
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    I do not want to accept it though. I do not like the Orca on the Canucks jerseys and as a lifelong Canucks fan - who grew up with the Orca uniforms and the West Coast Express with Markus Naslund, Todd Bertuzzi and Brenden Morrison, I honestly never have. It just does not look like it belongs on their jerseys at all and I do not like the look of it. I know what the Canucks do is out of my/our control, however, I thought the point of these threads was to discuss our opinions on logos and uniforms with other people, whether it is out of our control or not. I respect your opinion about the Canucks uniforms and the Orca, however, I respectfully disagree with you.
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    His face can't have three colors, he looks splotchy-faced. I thought maybe pewter could work as the outline color so that there's a little more of it, and that on a white helmet it would be a nice accent to call back to the old pewter helmets, but the problem then is that you have a logo where there's not very much of the team's predominant color (presuming jerseys would be creamsicle) and a whole lot of the accent colors (dark red, pewter). Would this still work with orange jerseys/socks or does it demand maroon as the primary color?
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    Former NCAA Executive Director Walter Byers coined the term in order to protect schools from paying Worker's Compensation. https://www.wbur.org/onlyagame/2017/10/13/walter-byers-ncaa More from Risk Management Monitor, This also leads to Taylor Branch's much talked about story in The Atlantic from 2011. In Byers' later years, he believed players should be paid. His 1995 book, "Unsportsmanlike Conduct" illustrated that point.
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    Yeah, but that’s how we get all the puerile “kewl” designs so eager to show us how tough and fierce they are. Yawn-(not to mention cringe-)inducing. There’s room for all kinds of pirate designs throughout sports. Or at least there should be.
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    Have been other whiffs. Speaking of awful alternate logos from the Leafs...
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    Well forest green, while some may think it look better, is symbolic of the team constantly flopping in the playoffs and winning a single World Series. Said World Series was also surrounded by death and destruction (but because it was against the Giants, it saved many lives in the areas - Bay Bridge collapse), so it’s not like it was enjoyable either. Kelly Green should come back. It needs to come back. Also, moving the “Athletics” script to an alternate and using the “A’s” insignia on the home uniform would also be nice (think a white version of the current green alt). It gets them looking more like the A’s. The “Athletics” script is a leftover from the “Yankee farm team” period of 1955-60 (Arnold Johnson was a colluding bastard). Besides, the ‘94-‘13 green alternate looked awful. Gold with white outlines looks bad. They’ve been doing the current look for 30+ years, but it’s been a 30+ year mistake. #BringBacktheKelly #InsigniaAtHome
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    I'm a huge fan of the purple/purple black for the Ravens. Purple socks would have killed it, but the black makes it look good to me.
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    The Colorful Rays of the Bay and Beyond.... TAMPA BAY RAYS Global Logo - All-new logo. Based on 2008 Primary Logo. Color of water can change depending on jersey being worn. Used for global marketing. Primary Logo - Based on 2007 & 2008 "TB" logos. Secondary Logo - Based on the 1998 and 2018 Alternate logos. Tertiary Logos: - Devil Ray based on 2001 Alternate Logo - "Starburst", based on 2008 "Sunburst" logo. Re-purposed for the classic set to convey an outer space feel. - Fauxback "tb" logo Primary Home - Based on the 2001 & 2008 Home Jerseys. Primary Road - Based on the 2001 Road Jerseys. Primary Alternate - All-new jersey. Based on the 2005 Green Alternate Jersey. Worn sparingly at home, as main alternate on the road, and all of Spring Training. Manta Ray - Based on the 2010 Powder Blue Alternate Jerseys. Stingray - Based on the 2005 Green Alternate Jerseys. Ultraviolet Ray - Based on the 2008 Navy on Navy Alternate Jerseys. Devil Ray - Update of the 1998 Home Jerseys. Flying Ray - Update of the 1998 Road Jerseys. Cosmic Ray - Update of the 1998 Black Alternate Jerseys. Electric Ray - Based on the 2012 Fauxback Jersey. Skate - Based on the 2012 Fauxback Jersey. Sun Ray Batting Practice - All-new jersey. I wanted to go back to the Rays' roots by reinstating their "gradient" color scheme, with purple at the forefront as it (ambiguously) was back in 1998. This time, it would be done in a unique way, spreading the purple, blue, green and gold across multiple jerseys. Both their "Navy" and their "Forest Green" color schemes felt too drab, so I decided against them, opting to go for the brighter colors. I hope you guys like them! C&C is appreciated!
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