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    UNPOPULAR OPINION RED ALERT! The straight-black version as worn by Jordan is far superior to the red-striped Kerr jersey. The red stripes are very unnecessary.
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    But Vancouver IS a seaport city that prides itself on that natural beauty. Does a lumberjack, who's job it is to cut down the very same beautiful natural surroundings the city is known for, make for a better representation of the city and what it prides itself on in 2019? Besides, when I think of what makes Vancouver "Vancouver", I don't immediately jump to "tree cutters". I think of all the other major industries settling there; animation studios, film studios, game development, aerospace work, biotechnological work; all that is what I would describe as being the essence of modern Vancouver, not lumberjacks. Forestry is still a big part of Vancouver's economy, yes, but there's a lot more to the city of Vancouver then just dudes with beards and plaid in overalls cutting down trees. I think of Vancouver and I think "cultural hub of Western Canada", not "lumberjacks". Maybe it would be a lot better-fitting in 1945 when the PCHL Canucks were founded, but there's way more to 2019 Vancouver then forestry. Hell, 30% of all people in Vancouver have Chinese heritage; so by the logic of "representing the city", the Canucks should have a logo like an Asian dragon that panders to that large Chinese demographic, not a white lumberjack, right? And just because the team is named after a cartoon character does not mean they need that cartoon character as their primary brand. A name is just that; a name. It should not pigeonhole someone into only being able to do one specific look because a small contingent of disgruntled fans dislike a primary logo that is equally representative of what Vancouverites pride themselves on (the natural beauty and seaport nature of the city) as Johnny Canuck. And FYI? All sports logos are corporate. Saying the Orca is "corporate" is literally just saying it's made by a corporation. Which, well, it was. Because it was made by the Vancouver Canucks. The Johnny logo is just as corporate as the Orca, which is just as corporate as the Flying Skate, which is just as corporate as the Stick-in-Rink.
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    Baltimore Canton Soccer Club About the Club The club was founded in 1917, as part of a youth sports team setup. They where the first uniformed soccer team in the state of Maryland and where regular contenders in State wide competitions. Following the founding of the second ASL, the club's leadership seeing the teams's success in the youth leagues, decided to enter the ASL for it's inaugural season with a semi-professional adult team. The first seasons saw Baltimore achieve relative success in the top half of the table, coming close to a league title in 1935/36. In 1938, they where joined by Baltimore German and the Charm City Derby was born. The sport was gaining popularity in the city as both Baltimore teams where regular fixtures in the top half of the league. But around the late 40's this came to an abrupt end. The financial situation of the league was dire, especially after it's resource draining expansion in the Midwest. With two teams in one city, many thought the market in the area was already over saturated. So the owner sold his team to a group of entrepreneurs from Trenton to the dismay of many fans. The team started play in the 1948-49 season as the Trenton Americans. This left fans distraught as they couldn't just support their fierce rival. But disaster struck again as the following season as the Baltimore German (now renamed Americans) folded the next season, leaving both sets of fans without their teams. After several seasons of no soccer activity, a new club from the city joined the ASL, Baltimore Pompeii. Several of it's players used to play for both Baltimore clubs, and right of the bat there was a big interest in the new club. But their was a big twist of fate yet again. The Trenton Americans, who effectively still owned the Baltimore colors and name folded during the 1954/55 season. This prompted the board of Baltimore Pompeii to inquire about the rights of the original Baltimore SC. While they where initially rebuffed, the ASL central committee ruled that Pompeii could in theory reacquire the rights if there where no buyers for the Trenton franchise. Eventually there was nobody who wanted to take over the failing club and Pompeii bought it for the symbolic fee of 1 dollar. With these rights now back in Baltimore, the club took on the name Baltimore Canton S.C and reverted to using the original crest and colors, as well as the date of establishment.
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    And you're stating that fans who appreciate and identify with the Orca don't count. In your opinion this is the easy fix. The Canucks have overlapped 3 logos with three different colour schemes. If they went with your preference, people could still say they have a identity crisis and not be wrong. Making a lumberjack the primary as you've often advocated would add a fourth logo and divide the fan-base even more. The Canucks used one-coloured numbers the entire time they wore green and blue from 1970 to 1978. They don't have them now because they cheaped out. And it seems to me that using a bloc font would be the cheaper option since so many teams use it already. This is like saying the Bruins have to get rid of their logo because they're not called the Boston Hubs. Teams are allowed to incorporate symbols from their region into their logos.
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    I was just reading an article about this. Detailing how this guy operates one of the most storied franchises in the 3rd LARGEST market but runs it payroll wise like the Bulls are in a small market like Sioux Falls or something. This is truly unacceptable. Never even coming close to luxury tax and trading for cash considerations just to pocket money. Good read i recommend.. https://www.blogabull.com/platform/amp/2019/9/25/20882459/chicago-bulls-cash-considerations-payroll-luxury-tax-cheap?__twitter_impression=true
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    I still think the 90’s pinstripes were better, but this is still a very nice alternative. Well done, Bulls.
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    Mostly being cheapskates. The FAA would probably prefer they roof it to get the light out of pilots eyes on bad weather approaches to SJC.
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    "It's everyone else who's wrong!" It's a message board about logo and uniform design. People share their opinions. Sometimes it's pretty straightforward, sometimes it's an opinion you (a general "you") don't like. Try not responding to people you disagree with if you don't like "go(ing) in circles."
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    To me, the individual design elements aren’t very cohesive, and I think the end result is something that feels busier than it really is. I think the little native-inspired shape is a nice element, or at least idea to build on, but they’re using it as a subtle micro-pattern on the helmet and numbers (which is not an authentic way it would be used in native artwork), as an oversized, multi-colored sleeve graphic (which I find it a bit ugly and awkward both in terms of the scale and how it fills the space), and as a stripe on the pants (I think this is the best application, as well as the truest to the inspiration). That’s three different scales and three different color executions that just don’t pair that well together as a graphic package, then they’ve got green trim on only the front and back numbers, and none of these things pick up any design language from the logo to unite it. The numbers are aggressively unique (and I think they can be improved quite a bit), but they’re paired with generic nameplate lettering, and again, there’s nothing that links any of the uniform typography to the team branding, or vice versa. The whole collection just feels like a different person designed each piece, which is probably true to an extent, but I firmly believe the best way to design within an established identity is to figure out which pieces aren’t going anywhere and use those limitations as guidelines to create new elements that work *with* the existing elements; pulling everything together rather than breaking it apart.
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    Jay Gruden and Dan Quinn will be walking the plank soon. Also Raiders are 3-2 at the bye.
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    The orca was a decent logo when it was used on the West Coast Express era set, even if it didn't have much to do with the nickname. It perfectly matched the colour balance of those uniforms. The problem was that the fanbase clearly preferred the throwbacks, and the organization tried to have it's cake & eat it too by going to the traditional colours/template but keeping the orca. Recolouring logos usually doesn't work well, especially when you go from a 4 color scheme to a 2 colour scheme. If ownership is insistent on keeping the orca around, I hope they at least find a way to add some green into it.
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    Honestly, just change the name. It’s not like the team has ever won anything of value as the Canucks. Unlike the Angels, Padres, Brewers, Marlins, and Orioles, this wasn’t a “traditional name” worthy of promoting to the majors. Besides, why use “Canucks” in Canada’s least “Canadian” major city? It’s the city that has doubled for nearly every other major city in the world. Orcas would be better, Millionaires would be better, Ospreys would be better, something referencing the film industry in the city would be better, and even Grizzlies would be better. Say what you want about Minnesota’s name, but they nailed that logo. The Vancouver NHL club hasn’t nailed a logo for the team. Maybe a better name would help them?
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    I can't see the York's or anyone else shelling out another couple billion to build a new stadium in Oakland. They're certainly not going to play at the Coliseum Sewage Treatment Center plus there's lawsuits abound on the sale of the Coliseum property.
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    The city of Santa Clara is only trying to break the 49ers management of the stadium as they are breaking curfew and making more money than the city expected. Please read...https://sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com/2019/09/20/49ers-sue-santa-clara-levis-stadium-management/
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    The concept of the logo itself is simultaneously so abstract and specific I really wonder what they would do to "update" it.
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    Much like the San Diego Rockets and Fort Wayne Pistons, the name fit better upon relocation. Very petrochemical.
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    So I'm guessing the Bucks may roll out a black version of this?...
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    Disagree. They look great in white over white.
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    Speaking of Bengals CR, and due to the rule allowing use of CR elements with other uniforms, I don’t think this would be a bad combo:
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    Thanks Preferred is an interesting term because 90% of these teams have no ryhtm or reason with their colors and such. I'm pretty much seeing four jerseys being used equally at HOME and AWAY. Goes to show I missed the bulls memo from 2017. Nice concepts above. I'd go wordmark being the same color as the jersey #. Go white number on the bottom set and you have a winner.
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    I liked this set, too. Given all the bad reaction when this new one released I started working on some concepts to honor the 90s style with a modern spin. Here's some of them.
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    I wouldn't mind if the league went retro every September. With throwbacks, especially if teams can coordinate and wear them against each other, it would make for a great reflection on the history of the league. However, I hope teams don't get trapped in nostalgia and lose their identity. I have no idea what identity the Argos are going for after redoing their uniforms this season and then sticking with retro logos for the back half of the season. It's hard to build brand identity when it keeps changing.
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    Love it. The dominoes are falling quickly and the NCAA can hand wring all it wants but they’re going to have to get on board.
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    Did I see this right? Unless the bulls city jerseys are white, they will NOT wear their white association jerseys at home at all this year What an absolute travesty. They'll wear the white associations 20 times on the road and they'll wear their city's on the road zero times. This is acceptable? I'd say this is quickly turning into the NFL. I just wish they did what they do with soccer and have the jersey colors on the score bug. I spent a good amount of time trying to figure out who was who with the pacers and Kings the other day. I didn't realize the king's had a Spurs set. The pacers were in a plain Jane white set. And shoe/accessory color was of no help.
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    It'll probably never change just due to how long this team has been the "Canucks"; you don't exactly change a name from 1945 lightly. "Vancouver Seawolves" feels like it'd be a pretty good name for them if they felt bold enough to go in such a direction, though; keeps the orca connection with a slightly more imaginative name then "Orcas".
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    Just slap an image of Jose Gaspar on there and be done with it!
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    I wish Reinsdorf wasn’t such a tightwad and make a corresponding Chicago City Flag theme court. I’ve hated watching the Bulls play in the City jerseys on the regular court. (SIDE NOTE: imagine saying that last paragraph 5 years ago)
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    Florida looks great. Just wish they had word these throwbacks against someone else. This looks almost like an intrasquad game.
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    See, and that's the problem with the supposed "dark green." It looks black on the helmet but somewhat green on the pants. Just ditch the color since it looks so damn inconsistent and stick with a proper shade of green that is clearly green and doesn't need specific lighting conditions to look green.
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    I know you would hate that, But I'm one of few people actually liked the Orca. It's very fitting in this region and honouring the native art of Pacific Northwest. Honestly, Stick n' Rink looks better as a alternate logo. Should've the Primary? NOPE. Sorry, but it's just my opinion.
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    Overall, I really like this matchup, but like you I wish the Saints had gold pants to match. I'd also like it if they changed the shade of gold on their helmets to be more like the shade used on the rest of the color rush set. I've normally hated the Cowboys in blue, but I've started to come around on it. I still don't like the number outlines, and would prefer that the sleeve stripes didn't have the star over them.
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    I notice the CFL has really pushed retro merchandise this season. I wonder if this is a sign of teams doing throwbacks next year. I hope we will at least get some third jerseys. We have not had any new alternates in five years. I see Montreal is getting one in a couple of years.
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    By what magical process does an athlete getting paid by someone else make that athlete an employee of the school?
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    Absolutely everything about this is as correct as can be. Thank you for this post. The best design for the current period is the one that the team had for a few years starting in 1981, even though they didn't wear it all the time even in those years. With kelly green this would be perfect. With the dark green it is still great.
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    This dude Matthew Wolff continues to do great work, Green Bay Voyageurs, Oakland Roots, LAFC, NYCFC... https://matthewwolff.com/portfolio/logos/If you're a professional soccer team in North America with a mediocre crest, why would you NOT hire this guy?
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    Surprised Bears-Vikings didn't make either list. Personally I'm a huge fan of the throwbacks, but I could definitely see why someone wouldn't like them. I'd put that game at #2 on the best list but the rest I think is spot on.
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    I might’ve said this before already, but since there are a multitude of NFL teams already opting to wear white at home, I’d say that white should just be the designated home uniform, with the colored jersey the away (like the NBA should be). There’d be more synchronism among the leagues of teams at white wearing home, and that way the home fans would get to see a different colored uniform every week. On that same note, I’m growing more and more bored with gray uniforms for away teams in MLB. I know it’s based on decades of tradition, but it results in bland looking matchups in my opinion. I’d rather see colored uniforms as the away options for most if not all teams across the league.
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    Honestly, probably unpopular, but the Magic and Hornets are one piece away from being some of the better Nike Alts. An updated wordmark for Charlotte (not CHA, literally anything else) and removal of those dumb floating boxes for Orlando
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    I think the Preds knocked it out of the park with that fauxback logo
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    Reggie Miller - Indiana Pacers (NBA) Road Uniform from 1987-1990 Throwback Uniform from 2004-2005 Derek Fisher - Los Angeles Lakers (NBA) Home Uniform from 1996-1999 Throwback Uniform from 2007-2008 Bo Outlaw - Orlando Magic (NBA) Home Uniform from 1997-1998 Throwback Uniform from 2005-2006
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    And my stance is that logos, big AND small, aren't really obstructed at all by vents, and aren't obstructed by straps any more than they've always been.. My opinion regarding the Bucs helmet logo has nothing to do with the vents or straps, but if vents and straps are an issue, a bigger logo certainly isn't the solution
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    It does look really nice to me, but it doesn't feel like an improvement on the SOX monogram nor the Chicago script, so it's hard to see a useful place for it.
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    At first, I was skeptical of the Braves revamping the red jersey. The Braves have a gorgeous set, the red is so beautiful in person, as is the new navy one. The Braves are now right up there with the Yankees and Dodgers, for uniforms that shouldn't be bothered.
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    The Yankees invade.... NEW YORK YANKEES Global Logo - Update of current primary. Used for global marketing (and thus, eye-catching colors are preserved). Primary Logo - Update of current alternate logo. Secondary Logo - Update of current primary (used domestically). Tertiary Logos: - "NY" 1904, 1913, 1927, 1947 Primary Home - Update of the 1949 & 2019 Home Jerseys. Primary City - Update of the 1949 & 2019 Road Jerseys. Primary Icon - Update of the 1912 Road Jerseys. *There is no primary road jersey. Both road jerseys are worn equally. Alternate Home - All-new jersey. Based on the 1911 Home Jerseys. Alternate City - Update of all modern Road BP jerseys. Worn sparingly during Regular Season and some Spring Training Road games. Alternate Icon - Update of all modern Home BP jerseys. Serves as 'Primary Neutral'. Worn sparingly during regular season and most Spring Training games. Classic Pinstripes - Preservation of the 1947 Home Jersey. Murderers' Row - Preservation of the 1927 Road Jersey. Worn during interleague road games against the New York Mets, Pittsburgh Pirates, and St. Louis Cardinals. Settlers - Update of the 1913 Home Jersey. Highlanders - Update of the 1909 Road Jerseys. Invaders - Update of the 1904 Road Jerseys. Worn with blue pants. Batting Practice - All-new jersey. Based on the 1910 Home Jerseys. C&C is appreciated!
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    No responses, so here are the Padres. I used the soon to be introduced brown and gold colors, and decided to mix both modern and classic styles. A fauxback set is included to compliment the main uniforms. Additionally, updated the camo uniform to match the current Navy uniform. While some hate it, they were the first to introduce one, and IMO was a great nod to the Navy community.
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    Thats a fantastic uniform. Those aren’t easy colors to make a classic set out of, but they did just that. I don’t love the back number or nob font, but I can live with that considering the awesomeness of the front. Remind me - was it cream or white? I hope cream.
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    Unconventional colors, but a timeless design.
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    The 1973-1999 Los Angeles/St. Louis Rams uniform set had a pretty cool 'ram-horn' on the jersey sleeves; but the yellow/gold pants had a classic blue/white/blue striping pattern.
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