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    I guess Nantz and Romo dragged the Chargers "home crowd" against the Broncos all day on Sunday. And after SNF, Al Michaels referred to Carson as the "cute" stadium. Chargers are hosting the Steelers for SNF next week, and we all know Steelers fans. This whole charade is going to be showcased on a national stage. Yeesh.
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    3 years in and the idea bin is already empty. Be prepared for a lot more of this from all teams...different colors of already existing sets and/or logo slapped on chest.
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    Count me among those in favour of the Panthers dropping silver. Look how much cleaner and nicer the top uniforms look compared to the bottom.
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    Disagree. They look great in white over white.
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    I liked this set, too. Given all the bad reaction when this new one released I started working on some concepts to honor the 90s style with a modern spin. Here's some of them.
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    UNPOPULAR OPINION RED ALERT! The straight-black version as worn by Jordan is far superior to the red-striped Kerr jersey. The red stripes are very unnecessary.
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    The Giants should just use the white color rush/throwback pants instead of the current ugly ones and they’d be fine. If they want to make a grey pair, even better. My biggest issue with the Giants is that nothing about their uniform matches any other part. Hell, even blue pants with a single red stripe to mimic the helmet would save the all-red road jersey.
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    if we're burning white pants, throw the Giants' in the fire as well
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    Just so you’re aware, at the bottom of page 81 you said, “And how do you know Johnny Canuck is Caucasian? He could have been Native Canadian for all we know.” So, does the term “Canuck“ represent First Nations/Native Canadians or not? You can’t claim it both ways to support your point. Also, would you say a skate represents the name “Canucks?” A hockey rink? Or is Johnny the only proper representation of the name? I’ll take my answer off the air.
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    And...I'm going to throw this in for everyone as part of "boards etiquette." There's no need to take shots at someone for making a mistake. Politely pointing out the problem is the preferable and recommended response. Being one of the "cool kids" does not give you carte blanche to say whatever the hell you want. When it comes to issues like not clipping a quote, be nice or be quiet. We've all made mistakes here. No good comes from piling on.
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    The cream around the collar and trim makes this jersey work
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    The Bills are 4-1 and their schedule looks a lot softer now than it did at the start of the season. They still have Cleveland, Pittsburgh and Baltimore, but none of those teams have distinguished themselves. The NFC East looks to be not great, and only NE is worth a damn in the division. Not saying the Bills wind up 14-2, but 11-5 isn't really out of the question.
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    Oh, so the Bulls got the pinstripes that the Magic didn’t. And they’re proper pinstripes, not the strange half-pinstripes the Magic have on this set.
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    I still think the 90’s pinstripes were better, but this is still a very nice alternative. Well done, Bulls.
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    The new primary mark is an improvement. The new word mark is atrocious. The Top Hat complementary mark is, at best, "meh". The walking deacon complementary mark is outstanding and my favorite part of the update.
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    Bucco Bruce was and still is one of my favorite uniforms but that 1997 uniform change was a thing a beauty. I was so angry with them losing the original unis but ablout halway through 97, they grew on me. Shoulda stayed with them forever. that 1997. Sorry Bucco Bruce.
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    A bit of a different concept for RSL, with kits from New Balance
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    Well it seems pretty clear they are trying to slowly phase out the silver with their most reason combinations. I thought they did look clean yesterday, but the combo they wore against Houston the week before is pretty bad IMO because of the helmet being so light it kinda made it unbalanced. I'd stick with Silver or white pants with the white jersey in their case.
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    Im not a big fan of the "A" shield, it's too generic; at least with the football boat, yes, its cartoonish, but it has character, and represents the Argos nickname.
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    So whats not childish to you? Times Roman Sans Script? How old are you 93?
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    I'm not. None of my hypothetical comparisons are false equivalencies. You are the one grasping at straws by saying an Orca represents the name Canuck because Canada touches water and Orcas live in water.
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    It's funny how the Canuck's identity gets so much flak for not depicting their namesake while the Millionaires identity gets a free pass for doing the same. They don't even acknowledge their name with a letter but somehow escape the consternation the Canucks get.
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    In the words of Frank Lucas (as portrayed by Denzel Washington): "You are what you are in this world. And that's one of two things: either you're somebody...or you're nobody." And yet the Snatit can't even figure that out. They have got to be the most consistently inconsistent team in all the consistent history of inconsistency...good gracious. Also, only because I just saw it: AAAHAHAHAHAAA @ Pittsburgh. Every now and then they need to be reminded what it feels like to be on the other side of a lucky bounce...well there yinz have it.
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    I wouldn't mind if the league went retro every September. With throwbacks, especially if teams can coordinate and wear them against each other, it would make for a great reflection on the history of the league. However, I hope teams don't get trapped in nostalgia and lose their identity. I have no idea what identity the Argos are going for after redoing their uniforms this season and then sticking with retro logos for the back half of the season. It's hard to build brand identity when it keeps changing.
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    Baltimore Canton Soccer Club About the Club The club was founded in 1917, as part of a youth sports team setup. They where the first uniformed soccer team in the state of Maryland and where regular contenders in State wide competitions. Following the founding of the second ASL, the club's leadership seeing the teams's success in the youth leagues, decided to enter the ASL for it's inaugural season with a semi-professional adult team. The first seasons saw Baltimore achieve relative success in the top half of the table, coming close to a league title in 1935/36. In 1938, they where joined by Baltimore German and the Charm City Derby was born. The sport was gaining popularity in the city as both Baltimore teams where regular fixtures in the top half of the league. But around the late 40's this came to an abrupt end. The financial situation of the league was dire, especially after it's resource draining expansion in the Midwest. With two teams in one city, many thought the market in the area was already over saturated. So the owner sold his team to a group of entrepreneurs from Trenton to the dismay of many fans. The team started play in the 1948-49 season as the Trenton Americans. This left fans distraught as they couldn't just support their fierce rival. But disaster struck again as the following season as the Baltimore German (now renamed Americans) folded the next season, leaving both sets of fans without their teams. After several seasons of no soccer activity, a new club from the city joined the ASL, Baltimore Pompeii. Several of it's players used to play for both Baltimore clubs, and right of the bat there was a big interest in the new club. But their was a big twist of fate yet again. The Trenton Americans, who effectively still owned the Baltimore colors and name folded during the 1954/55 season. This prompted the board of Baltimore Pompeii to inquire about the rights of the original Baltimore SC. While they where initially rebuffed, the ASL central committee ruled that Pompeii could in theory reacquire the rights if there where no buyers for the Trenton franchise. Eventually there was nobody who wanted to take over the failing club and Pompeii bought it for the symbolic fee of 1 dollar. With these rights now back in Baltimore, the club took on the name Baltimore Canton S.C and reverted to using the original crest and colors, as well as the date of establishment.
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    Why they change the patch color from black last year is besides most of us..but the real reason is WHO approved it??! Smh
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    These are going to be a nightmare to recreate for my Big Ten uniform graphic...
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    They're using an Oakland Raider in their official Twitter account??
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    Nice logo, just not for NESN.
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    So I did a little bit of a compromise on the collar pattern. On the orange jersey, the collar IMO blends nicely. Changing it to grey made it stand out too much. Now the inverse was true for the white jerseys. Black collar with the orange pattern was a bit obnoxious so that's where I thought change would be best suited. I did try out Phantom Pete on the black hockey jersey. Still don't know how I feels about it. As for the BOONE patch, for football and hockey, it landed on the base of the collar. It felt the best placed there. Baseball sees it applied to the right sleeves and basketball also ends up seeing at the base of the collar.
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    Nice work! I'm going to agree that the old west versions are my favorites, but I do like the ones inspired by the 1990's uniforms too. And the haboob version definitely verifies that you're a local!
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    So I'm guessing the Bucks may roll out a black version of this?...
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    The Nets' new alternate is easily the best uni they've had since the move to Brooklyn. The Bulls' pinstripes should absolutely be red.
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    Love it. The dominoes are falling quickly and the NCAA can hand wring all it wants but they’re going to have to get on board.
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    I posted a bunch of New York stations a long while back, but I moved, so here you go. Kan 11 (Kan means here) Keshet 12 (Keshet means rainbow, which explains the colors), "The television of Israel." Reshet 13 (Channel) Arutz HaKnesset (Israeli C-SPAN)
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    I can't see the York's or anyone else shelling out another couple billion to build a new stadium in Oakland. They're certainly not going to play at the Coliseum Sewage Treatment Center plus there's lawsuits abound on the sale of the Coliseum property.
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    I like the eagles in the dark green as well haha. That said, Id like to see kelly replace black, or even use the midnight green replace black, and kellly become primary.
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    I'm a little disappointed that it wasn't something like this:It would've been nice to keep experimenting with the flag colors. To me, no black alternate will beat out the original 90's alts:
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    LSU going gold/purple/gold against Utah State...a good start to the day. Boston College would look better with gold pants instead of white pants.
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    This is exactly what they should do for my 2 cents. It ties the original BiG era in perfectly with the last 20 years. Coming up with a concept that looks like both the 1982 pennant winners AND the team that's coming off back to back postseasons is not an easy task, but this one accomplishes it.
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    To me, the individual design elements aren’t very cohesive, and I think the end result is something that feels busier than it really is. I think the little native-inspired shape is a nice element, or at least idea to build on, but they’re using it as a subtle micro-pattern on the helmet and numbers (which is not an authentic way it would be used in native artwork), as an oversized, multi-colored sleeve graphic (which I find it a bit ugly and awkward both in terms of the scale and how it fills the space), and as a stripe on the pants (I think this is the best application, as well as the truest to the inspiration). That’s three different scales and three different color executions that just don’t pair that well together as a graphic package, then they’ve got green trim on only the front and back numbers, and none of these things pick up any design language from the logo to unite it. The numbers are aggressively unique (and I think they can be improved quite a bit), but they’re paired with generic nameplate lettering, and again, there’s nothing that links any of the uniform typography to the team branding, or vice versa. The whole collection just feels like a different person designed each piece, which is probably true to an extent, but I firmly believe the best way to design within an established identity is to figure out which pieces aren’t going anywhere and use those limitations as guidelines to create new elements that work *with* the existing elements; pulling everything together rather than breaking it apart.
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    It's a better logo than anything else they've worn.
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    Love it. Make it the primary now. So much better than the robo-tiger.
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    Easy fix. Goodell becomes a flat-earther. Then that problem is gone!
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    Just bring back the Concorde and we're all set. Easy.
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    As good as the original set for the Sharks are, they've done them already, though it's been a few years. I'd actually like them to throwback to this set, complete with the shiny material.
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    If it ain’t Diamond Dynasty, MLB The Show doesn’t care.
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