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    Re: the new OKC white jersey — I think it would look so much better with the collegiate treatment of the number in between the two words.
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    With the Vikings now also wearing color rush uniforms in week 8, that brings us to 5 teams for that week: Minnesota (vs Washington), Cincinnati (at Los Angeles, in London), San Francisco (vs Carolina), New England (vs Cleveland), and Pittsburgh (vs Miami) http://www.gridiron-uniforms.com/GUD/controller/controller.php?action=color-rush&page-title=Color Rush I believe this is the most color rush uniforms worn in a single week. And also a HUGE missed opportunity in the Miami at Pittsburgh game. The Dolphins are wearing their '72 throwbacks, so it would have been great if the Steelers wore their throwbacks, and changed their face-masks to gray for a throwback to the '72 AFC Championship game.
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    That I can absolutely understand. I mean, who wouldn't want to move out of a state like that and live in a nicer place like... Oh... Nevermind.
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    At least your city isn't famous for a fictitious boxer from a series of movies.
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    I don't wanna throw this thread too off topic or start a long debate or whatever but he definitely has more than those songs that are popular. By the way, Partyman is better than Batdance.
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    13 days left and we still have about half of the teams to reveal their new Statement uniforms. This and awaiting the new Star Wars trailer has me gushing with excitement.
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    Unfortunately "all the children are above-average" does not apply to the Wolves' illustrious history.
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    Can't believe they're calling the team "Revolution II" and not "War of 1812 SC" but sure.
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    I find it funny Nike continues to use and develop one of Adidas' most predominantly used fonts.
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    Ok so maybe the Northern wasn't the greatest idea haha. Anyway here is a new version of the uniforms for the Minnesota Auroras. I took out the dark green and purple to create a simpler look. Used more of the "shooting star" as the stripe on the pants and helmet. I like this look better just because of the colors. C+C and requests welcomed!
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    I like the Oilers in orange and navy. I’d like to see the return of copper but I have zero qualms with the current look. They’re even one of the few teams that escaped the ADIDAS collars looking fairy unscathed.
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    Nothing says DC quite like ‘Look at the new statement, it’s barely different from the old statement’. Appropriate, in a way
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    if we're burning white pants, throw the Giants' in the fire as well
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    Fabricating mistreatment has been the Patriots' go-to for years. NO ONE BELIEVED IN US! Bitch no one even believes in anyone else anymore
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    Playing Madden 20 and on a loading screen Earl Thomas popped up in a Ravens jersey, but it at the Seahawks number font. It actually looked really good? Next time it comes around I’ll attempt to get a screenshot and post it
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    Finally caught up with the Dolphins fields for this year Week 1: Week 4 was a standard field for them, so no point posting it here (Link just in case: http://gridiron-uniforms.com/fields/controller/controller.php?action=view-single-field&title=MIA_2019^3&image_path=http://gridiron-uniforms.com/fields/images/regular-season/MIA/r1024/MIA_2019^3.png) And the London game for week 5:
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    Not questioning your sources, etc. But, I don't think your sources would be wanting to sharing even the base colors of team information. I mean ... do you see @Conrad. doing this?
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    Don’t trust random posters that have never posted before about new uniforms.
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    This is something The Gang would have come up with only for it to end in disaster when they all forgot to draw up a waiver.
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    It’s unique but not fun. It’s a poorly located warehouse that they decided to play baseball in. Other domes atleast know how to get natural light in and not look like you are inside a warehouse, catwalks and all. I don’t know if you have ever been to the stadium but it is in probably the worst location you could think of in Florida. Outside of in the middle of the Everglades somewhere but even then it’s probably easier to get to.
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    Exactly. I wouldn't read into this as an endorsement for Las Vegas. It's just that Las Vegas is top-of-mind already in Oakland for any conversation related to relocation. The broader point was, "this happened to the Raiders, it will happen with the A's, too."
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    Ohio I sorta get, being the birthplace of aviation and all. But Indiana...and I lived there for four years. I never knew nor had any kind of inkling. (This may at least in part explain to me now how Captain Janeway of Voyager was written to be from Bloomington, Indiana, though--although knowing all this, they should have written her as being from West Lafayette. Major missed opportunity there--but still, on target for the Indiana thing, though!)
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    Pitching Verlander on short rest wasn't very wise. Might cost them the series, but at least it goes back to Houston.
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    Not a rumor. The numbers are slightly wider/thicker. http://news.sportslogos.net/2019/03/27/tennessee-titans-announce-uniform-tweak-for-2019/
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    It makes to much sense to wear them on Thanksgiving against the Lions.
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    Maybe Sherman's hand was numb from smoking the Special Stanford Stuff.
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    Minneapolis Lakers themed????? Wonder what the Lakers think??
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    Obviously! Why else would we be here?
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    In the worst kept secret news, the Chicago Fire finally made their move to Soldier Field official. The deal is through 2022 with an 8 year extension possible.
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    These are going to start coming more frequently now that the project is complete... Up next from the lakeshore are the Muskegon State Eagles Muskegon State University Location: Muskegon, Michigan Type: Public University Founded: 1888 Major Rivals: Grand Rapids, Central Michigan
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    But the NFL is stupid and wants to not care about the last 100 years that made the NFL what it is today. Instead they “want to look forward to the next 100 years”.
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    I'd love light blue and yellow. I like a couple of college teams with that combo.
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    These are going to be a nightmare to recreate for my Big Ten uniform graphic...
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    Bucco Bruce was and still is one of my favorite uniforms but that 1997 uniform change was a thing a beauty. I was so angry with them losing the original unis but ablout halway through 97, they grew on me. Shoulda stayed with them forever. that 1997. Sorry Bucco Bruce.
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    Over the years, I think I've become better at appreciating uniforms that don't match, like the the Colts uniforms or the Bears roads. I can look past the awkwardness and appreciate the spirit of the uniform. However, I have found that I need to believe that you have either a reason for the mismatching (like historic tradition) or its the unfortunate result of a better look elsewhere (like when the Chiefs wear red on red and the striping patterns don't line-up because they were made to be worn with the white jerseys). However, these current Giants uniforms give me absolutely nothing to latch onto. They aren't historic, they aren't the result of mismatched pairings, and they don't even follow their own rules (the grey pants have red | grey | blue | grey | red striping; the white pants have blue | grey | red | grey | blue stripes). I can even get down with being a red-on-the-road team, even if the team is called Big Blue. I need something - anything - to hold onto. Here's my idea, Giants: be the red-striped team. Do you have white pants? Put a red stripe on there. Blue jersey? Red stripe. Red socks? Sure, as long as you add a red stripe (kidding). Whatever color you use just put a red stripe and you're golden. Go ahead and mismatch striping patterns and use 3 different white pants, just follow that one rule.
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    Barrelman is not a good looking mascot, and should not be featured if/when the Brewers release new uniforms.
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    Absolutely everything about this is as correct as can be. Thank you for this post. The best design for the current period is the one that the team had for a few years starting in 1981, even though they didn't wear it all the time even in those years. With kelly green this would be perfect. With the dark green it is still great.
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    As a devils fan, I'm just not crazy about there being two shades of red. I love the stripes but think the darkest red should still be black.
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    Two more for you to chew on. Auckland City FC. Simplicity and stripes wins the day here. And one that I'm not sure about, and definitely the weirdest of the bunch. Sunshine Coast Fire FC. The current crest is pretty standard cookie cutter low-league football. I toyed with various sun and flame imagery but it all felt a bit machismo. Then I came across an Australian fire opal. Turns out making a logo version of an opal is not the easiest thing in the world, but I'm pretty happy with this look. I figure some iridescent treatment like the 2019 Tottenham kit would work well. That leaves 3 clubs to make 32 (although now the idea of 36 clubs in 3 leagues has me thinking...If anyone has ideas for the rest, I'm all ears. Sutherland Shire Christchurch Wellington Phoenix Christchurch 4 other clubs???
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    Can we make "swooshkatoosed" a thing? It's more than reasonable... It's a straight up fact. The current insistence on matte over dazzle fabrics is 1000 percent fashion and market-speak.
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    I wish the team would have used the brownie elf logo they had a decade ago as the primary merchandise logo. But it's clear the team never saw that more than a novelty. Mostly because when they survey fans is always "we don't want a logo on the helmet" means we want the helmet on merchandise.
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    Just make this guy the logo and color him in, and you can roll with him for another 50 years. Just get rid of the grass underneath him. I'd also be happy if their sleeve stripes were similar to what's her in this design.
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    No responses, so here are the Padres. I used the soon to be introduced brown and gold colors, and decided to mix both modern and classic styles. A fauxback set is included to compliment the main uniforms. Additionally, updated the camo uniform to match the current Navy uniform. While some hate it, they were the first to introduce one, and IMO was a great nod to the Navy community.
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    As someone who hasn't been to NYC in 16 years, I'm surprised the prices at the new Yankee Stadium aren't higher than that.
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