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    Louisville more or less had it perfect during the Teddy Bridgewater years. Every change since has been a downgrade.
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    Re: the new OKC white jersey — I think it would look so much better with the collegiate treatment of the number in between the two words.
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    Blazers are wearing throwbacks while playing in the Memorial Coliseum right now on ESPN. Pretty cool, brings me nostalgia of seeing old NBA highlights as a kid. The Memorial Coliseum is a cooler looking building than the Moda Center. Also, Terry Stotts went all out.
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    Nike wasn't even the producer when he was in Miami, and wasn't for all but the last year he was in Cleveland.
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    With the Vikings now also wearing color rush uniforms in week 8, that brings us to 5 teams for that week: Minnesota (vs Washington), Cincinnati (at Los Angeles, in London), San Francisco (vs Carolina), New England (vs Cleveland), and Pittsburgh (vs Miami) http://www.gridiron-uniforms.com/GUD/controller/controller.php?action=color-rush&page-title=Color Rush I believe this is the most color rush uniforms worn in a single week. And also a HUGE missed opportunity in the Miami at Pittsburgh game. The Dolphins are wearing their '72 throwbacks, so it would have been great if the Steelers wore their throwbacks, and changed their face-masks to gray for a throwback to the '72 AFC Championship game.
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    Ugh, I’m so tired of Minnesota being known for simply being where Prince was born. Maybe they could do Mall of America themed jerseys while we’re at it.
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    Now that you've gone and jinxed it, seriously everyone should look at this schedule: Miami Philadelphia Washington at Cleveland at Miami Denver at Dallas (Thanksgiving) Baltimore at Pittsburgh at New England Jets If they don't at least go 10-6 (6-5 the rest of the season), heads will roll.
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    Do you guys want more 2019/20 City set colours?
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    That's the only solace I take. They abandoned a perfectly cromulent stadium after only 20 years to build a monument to the wastefulness of man in a non-descript office park closer to where the white people live. Not to mention the tomahawk chop. And they had the Cardinals dead in game 4 and couldn't get it done. :censored: them. I'm being reminded that I used to hate the Braves as much as any team in sports. Thanks to the 95 NLCS and World Series, if you were a front running kid living in Central Ohio in the mid 90's, you were an Atlanta Braves fan. I hated those kids.
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    Not watching, but I appreciate Atlanta getting destroyed in a stadium they didn't need paid for by people who shouldn't have had to.
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    That I can absolutely understand. I mean, who wouldn't want to move out of a state like that and live in a nicer place like... Oh... Nevermind.
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    At least your city isn't famous for a fictitious boxer from a series of movies.
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    I'd much rather he just be honest and say "this whole thing is a mess and I'm sure as hell not getting involved in it". Perfectly defensible opinion to have! I'd kill to see the strongly-worded backchannel memo that the league must have sent everyone.
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    Easier to just leave it than try to cover it with some sort of floor decal or blank wood panel since they’re only playing in the VMC for one game (they also had their Fan Fest there this last Sunday, but still). Not the first time he’s worn retro-inspired garb, and certainly won’t be the last. I was actually at the VMC tonight to see the Blazers’ preseason opener, and boy was it a surreal scene. I’m too young to have seen the Blazers play there before the Rose Garden (Moda Center) opened, and I wasn’t able to attend the preseason game at the VMC ten years ago, so this really was a once in a lifetime (or at least couple be depending on if they ever play there again) experience for me. Everything was perfect, from the throwback-inspired 50th anniversary court, to the gorgeous ‘77 throwbacks, to the entire coaching staff wearing retro-inspired outfits, to the incredible atmosphere inside the arena, etc. I’ll post some more photos tomorrow (some that I took, some that I found online), but it was a great night to be a Blazers fan and reminisce on the great history of the Blazers franchise.
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    Perusing the boards lately, it seems many are still attempting to link images directly from TinyPic. However, TinyPic has ceased operations, resulting in those direct-linked images to be replaced by a frowny-faced emoji that, in most cases, takes up much more real estate on screens than the original image. From TinyPic.com: What we as a moderating team would ask every member to do is review the content he/she has posted to the boards -- especially (but not limited to) signatures -- and, if it is affected by this shutdown, move it to another image-hosting site, such as Imgur. I would personally steer clear of Google Photos, as I have noticed some issues on the boards with images hosted there refusing to load. Any questions, please feel free to ask them here.
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    Here’s a bunch of photos from last night’s Blazers preseason game at the VMC: As I said on here late last night, this was a really special night to be a Blazers fan and a special sight to take in. Just a great sense of nostalgia and pride all around. The throwback uniforms looked gorgeous in action, as did the court. Being in that building was just a really cool experience for me since I’m too young to have seen them play there back in the day. I’m sure it was a special experience for everyone, young and old, that was in attendance.
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    Vancouver is playing their home opener tonight and had five former Canucks come out during player introductions wearing their era-specific uniform. Dennis Kearns, Stan Smyl, Kirk McLean, Todd Bertuzzi, and Daniel Sedin
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    I don't wanna throw this thread too off topic or start a long debate or whatever but he definitely has more than those songs that are popular. By the way, Partyman is better than Batdance.
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    Or Minnesota could stop tapping the Prince well. The guy had a multi-decade career and he's remembered for, like, 6 songs from the 80s. It's nice they honor him, but unless they start pulling from his deep catalogue, I'm done. I just looked up other famous Minnesotans. Other famous Minnesotan options include: Warren Burger, Loni Anderson, Bob Dylan, Damien Demento, Charles Lindbergh, Paul Molitor, Charles Schultz, Stifler, and Winona Ryder. Of course, they really ought to honor Garrison Keillor, because that's the true soul of the genteel Midwest (minus -- or maybe plus! -- the grabass).
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    "We're using basketball to spread democracy" is such a 1950s thought. Those simple times before there was money in globalized leagues. Or money in communist dictatorships, for that matter.
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    Thanks for the comments! I'll go onto the next team then. CHICAGO BEARS LOGO: Changed the iconic wishbone C logo a little bit No double outline but one thick single outline Orange C on blue background, Blue C on Orange background DESIGN: Changed the away striping from B/O/B to blue stripes with orange outlines. The same striping found on the home and alt jersey. HELMET Changed the front bumper to blue with an orange outline and the back bumper to "CHICAGO" instead of "BEARS" Nothing else is changed JERSEY Home and Alt jersey remain the same. Away jersey stripes changed PANTS Unchanged SOCKS White socks have updated white striping COLOR RUSH Exact same color rush as now. I should have said this before, but the NFC North is going to be kind of boring because I did not change much. I believe the four teams have pretty solid uniforms already. So please bear with me because I have 20 teams who have complete uniform overhauls and 20 teams (some the same, some not) with new or edited logos. As always thanks for looking and C&C is greatly appreciated!
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    13 days left and we still have about half of the teams to reveal their new Statement uniforms. This and awaiting the new Star Wars trailer has me gushing with excitement.
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    With yellow socks, I can live with it every 3 years. But the current purple head to toe? Na just look like grimace. And even if you ignore the purple=grimace low hanging fruit joke, mono just always sucks in general. Need at least contrasting socks to break it up a little for it to be an ok occasional thing.
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    I seen't it. and I don't like what I seen
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    The city is flat broke. Basically the entire maritime shipping economy that supported the city back in it's heyday has fled across the bay for various different reasons. Bay Area real estate has ballooned to the point where they just can't keep up any longer. Basic services such as fire and police are an underfunded mess, which is why crime is downright horrendous in that area (Worst in the country, in most years). Oakland is fighting like hell to avoid getting sucked up by the rich, tech funded gentrification that has invaded the rest of the Bay Area and they're failing miserably at it and paying the price. There's more to it than that, of course, and someone like @dfwabel could probably elaborate on it better than I can, but that's basically it, in simplest terms.
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    It almost feels like Sherman was jealous of the attention that Bosa was getting for exceptional pettiness and felt he had to have something to say as well.
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    The grizzlies originally planned to have their city uniforms smothered in bbq sauce this year but the league said no sadly.
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    Living in Edmonton for school, I still see the copper jerseys around and I will have to say I do have a bit of a soft spot for them. But the original EDGE jerseys were an affront to everything good and just in the world.
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    Man that navy is such a downgrade for the Oilers.
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    Anyone curious about the Wolves City set for this season?
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    They need to bring these back. These were gold!
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    GREEN BAY PACKERS Design: In my totally (un)biased opinion, the Packers have the best uniforms in football and maybe the best uniforms in all of sports. So no drastic changes here. The only thing that bothers me is the inconsistent striping on the collar and sleeve The iconic triple stripe is now on the jersey. No more space in between the three stripes on the collar and the sleeve Same wordmark font and number font Helmet Unchanged Jersey Updated stripe changes on sleeve and collar Updated template (Hopefully with the new regime in Green Bay they will do this because the mesh jersey looks very outdated) Pants Unchanged Socks and Cleats Added sock stripes. There will be a trend in this thread and that is the addition of sock striping. (I love the extra color and the old school feel of socks stripes) White cleats instead of black. To me, it looks better with the legendary green and gold COLOR RUSH DESIGN KELLY GREEN. This has been talked about for awhile among uniform fans and I finally put the idea onto paper (or a screen) Not only this is a color rush, but it is also a throwback This would be the replacement of the awful blue and gold throwbacks Double golden stripe just like the 1950 uniforms HELMET No stripes or logo (Just like the throwbacks) Facemask, front, and back bumper wordmark colors are changed to Kelly green JERSEY Double golden stripe on sleeves and collar Golden numbers PANTS Green pants for the first time since 1953 Double golden stripe on pants Socks and Cleats All Kelly green socks with double golden stripe Kelly green cleats with golden accents Thanks for looking everyone and I am super excited to share my concepts with you all. And as always, C&C is greatly appreciated. Thanks again!
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    Maybe the point is Barrelman is drunk and that's why he's batting like that
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    On to the AL Central, starting with the Southsiders of Chi Town.... CHICAGO WHITE SOX Global Logo – All-new logo! Used for global marketing. Primary Logo – Update of current Primary Logo. Secondary Logo – Update of current Alternate Logo. Tertiary Logos: - Batterman, update of the 1980s Alternate Logo. - Vintage Sox, update the 1936 Primary Logo. Primary Home – Update of the 2019 Home Jersey. Primary Road – Update of the 2019 Road Jersey. Primary Neutral – All-New jersey. Based on the 1973 Road Jersey. Six-pointed star on sleeve. Worn sparingly during the season and all of Spring Training. LATE 20th CENTURY Silver Series Home – Update of the 1993 Alternate Jersey. Silver Series Road – Update of the 1969 Road Jersey. Windy City – Based on the 1973 Road Jersey. Six-pointed star on sleeve. EARLY 20th CENTURY Gold Series Home – Update of the 1936 Home Jersey. Gold Series Road – Update of the 1916 Road Jersey. Worn with black pants. Patriotic – Update of the 1917 World Series Home Jersey. Flag on left sleeve the celebrate the troops of the Great War (WWI), patch on right sleeve to celebrate their 1906, 1917, and 2005 World Series titles. THE 80'S Batterman – Update of the 1982 Home Jersey. Batterman Alternate – All-new jersey based on the 1986 BP Jersey. Batting Practice – All-new jersey. Based on a losing design from their 1981 Uniform Design contest. The Chicago White-Sox have had many different uniform designs over the years. Because of this, a lot of jerseys had to be sacrificed in order to keep the updated designs consistent. I know, I gave the Yankees random designs, but they were simply an exception that I likely wont repeat. I also decided to have black and white as the White Sox main color scheme, with splashes of silver, gold, and red to highlight their three other uniform sets (Silver for their current era jerseys, gold for their vintage era jerseys, and red for their 80s jerseys). Still, black and white are the primary colors here. I considered adding an all-red jersey, based on their 1989 Batting Practice Jersey. But I quickly realized that this team is called the “White Sox”, not the “Red Sox”, so that idea was quickly abandoned. Also, in case it wasn't plainly obvious, if you look closely at the new Global logo, you’ll notice that the stitches on the baseball are actually white socks! It's the same one seen in the Diamond logo. I really hope you guys like this one (looking at you, @coco1997!) C&C is appreciated!
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    Unfortunately "all the children are above-average" does not apply to the Wolves' illustrious history.
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    Except not at all. Portland has a much more concrete plan (AFAIK) and I’m sure that the Mariners would want a rival to ease their travel time.
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    Can't believe they're calling the team "Revolution II" and not "War of 1812 SC" but sure.
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    What about throwing batteries at Santa?
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    Ok so maybe the Northern wasn't the greatest idea haha. Anyway here is a new version of the uniforms for the Minnesota Auroras. I took out the dark green and purple to create a simpler look. Used more of the "shooting star" as the stripe on the pants and helmet. I like this look better just because of the colors. C+C and requests welcomed!
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    You really think this is Lebron’s fault. It’s been noted that Nike and the NBA create the uniform schedule for teams.
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    Nothing says DC quite like ‘Look at the new statement, it’s barely different from the old statement’. Appropriate, in a way
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    I did notice that. The navy/red combo is especially overused. Look how similar these 5 teams look...
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    I feel like if Purdue and UCF are both bowl eligible they should play in a bowl with their dueling space uniforms.
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    Giants white pants match the numbers on the blue jersey. They also have grey stripes on the side which match the facemask.
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