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    Yep, it’s pretty unique on the inside. Even more so when the glass is exposed:
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    this is the only thing i could come up with (as a response)
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    Dear Rays, Please annihilate the Astros tomorrow. Sincerely- Every Texas (non-Astro) fan who is sick of these blowhards.
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    I like that they want to pay tribute to the Negro Leagues but "Stars" is such an incredibly generic name. Best case scenario in case Nashville ever gets a MLB team is they just promote the Sounds to the Majors. The Sounds have a great identity that's uniquely theirs and a strong uniform history from which to draw influence.
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    Here's the 49ers the rest of the way, bye week already behind them: at Rams at Redskins vs. Panthers at Cardinals vs. Seahawks vs. Cardinals vs. Packers at Ravens at Saints vs. Falcons vs. Rams at Seahawks I can see them 7-1 by the team they meet the Seahawks the first time, and 9-6 the second time. Everyone playing the NFC East and AFC North really lucked out this season.
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    With the Vikings now also wearing color rush uniforms in week 8, that brings us to 5 teams for that week: Minnesota (vs Washington), Cincinnati (at Los Angeles, in London), San Francisco (vs Carolina), New England (vs Cleveland), and Pittsburgh (vs Miami) http://www.gridiron-uniforms.com/GUD/controller/controller.php?action=color-rush&page-title=Color Rush I believe this is the most color rush uniforms worn in a single week. And also a HUGE missed opportunity in the Miami at Pittsburgh game. The Dolphins are wearing their '72 throwbacks, so it would have been great if the Steelers wore their throwbacks, and changed their face-masks to gray for a throwback to the '72 AFC Championship game.
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    Moving along the division... Despite 25 years, 3 color scheme changes, and their only (hopefully my Yankees can keep it that way) World Championship in a different uniform...the Houston Astros’ biggest statement will forever be their ‘tequila sunrise’ look. They could simply wear their throwbacks and call it a day (but which version? The ‘80-‘81, ‘82-‘85, 1986, or the sleeve stripes of the late ‘80’s?) So I decided to create a new uniform combining their most iconic elements from that era in a modern application. Voilà the Astros: C&C appreciated.
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    Nets is a white version of the Coogi jerseys.
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    Pshhh, this implies the Sharks have some kind of glory day and past Championship moments. I think Canucks of baseball would be more apt.
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    The Ravens are particularly egregious thanks to the drop shadow.
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    Can’t be worse than the Ravens’ regular number font.
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    This. I'm loving the Dodgers blowing it when so many people picked them to go deep, but I feel awful for Kershaw. He's an amazing guy and an all-time great pitcher, but he can't put it together in the postseason (granted, he probably shouldn't have been out in the eighth, but that's a managerial problem). That's a genuine shame. Ah well, let's go Nats!
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    It sucks that a licensed graphics package (NBC) was lost, but I'm a fan of the new look. Certain elements of it remind me a lot of the current Sunday Night Football package. I like it a lot better than Madden NFL 20's new score bar, that's for sure: The big paint mark that indicates possession bugs me more than it should, and I dislike how the team that doesn't have the ball has their side changed to black (Steelers aren't the best example of this considering black is one of their main colors). This score bar would have been a better fit for Madden Mobile or something. Overall, a downgrade for the score bar used in Madden NFL 17-19. FWIW, the score bar used in Face of the Franchise mode is a bit of an improvement. I just wish we could use it in other modes.
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    Over the years, I think I've become better at appreciating uniforms that don't match, like the the Colts uniforms or the Bears roads. I can look past the awkwardness and appreciate the spirit of the uniform. However, I have found that I need to believe that you have either a reason for the mismatching (like historic tradition) or its the unfortunate result of a better look elsewhere (like when the Chiefs wear red on red and the striping patterns don't line-up because they were made to be worn with the white jerseys). However, these current Giants uniforms give me absolutely nothing to latch onto. They aren't historic, they aren't the result of mismatched pairings, and they don't even follow their own rules (the grey pants have red | grey | blue | grey | red striping; the white pants have blue | grey | red | grey | blue stripes). I can even get down with being a red-on-the-road team, even if the team is called Big Blue. I need something - anything - to hold onto. Here's my idea, Giants: be the red-striped team. Do you have white pants? Put a red stripe on there. Blue jersey? Red stripe. Red socks? Sure, as long as you add a red stripe (kidding). Whatever color you use just put a red stripe and you're golden. Go ahead and mismatch striping patterns and use 3 different white pants, just follow that one rule.
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    if we're burning white pants, throw the Giants' in the fire as well
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    I know it will never happen, but I think New England's main home uniform should be the Color Rush uniform. Or at least the jersey. Looks a lot better to me than their normal set. Maybe because it reminds me of their 90s uniforms?
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    And a lot of yellow too. I was worried they'd go minimal and just use brown.
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    Exactly it’s a cartoon gator, so a non-realistic green gator makes sense. And most People associate gators with green than they do any other color, and making it blue and orange isn’t the way to go either. The way they do it now with incorporating the blue and orange in the current logo is perfect.
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    born & raised San Diegan. the 98 pinstripes are my favorite uniform the Padres have ever worn. was very bummed when orange was eliminated early on in the focus group process. and @Teal, apparently the home uniform is a pinstripe uniform, which makes me very, very happy.
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    Go take a look at the video. https://www.nhl.com/avalanche/news/continue-climb-on-scoring-charts/c-309818630 Scroll down a bit and at about the half way mark you can see a side version of Landeskog doing the fly by on the celebration that is the same as that picture. There's also a shot of the C about 10 seconds in. It shows the normal looking C. There's a fold in that jersey you probably can't tell because of how dark the jersey is.
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    Giants should really ditch the grey pants for white on the road. The red road jersey don’t make sense, but it looks really nice, would be great with white pants.
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    The friar is back so there’s a plus
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    The 1981 playoffs were a sham because the team with the best record in baseball didn't make the playoffs.
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    He's wearing two different versions in those photos. The awful version looks like a miscut. Anyway, Stadium Series logo unveiled:
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    I'd do this - make the season 16 games over 18 weeks so every team gets two bye weeks. No way they'd shut everyone down for a whole weekend because of TV, but for competitive balance reasons I suggest having the entire AFC sit weeks 6 and 13 and the entire NFC sit weeks 7 and 14. That means that the most consecutive weeks you play a football game in the season is 6.
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    I'd rather be in a fight with New Jack. How did he not manage to kill people?
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    like i said: your bystanding days are over! You're in it now, up to your neck!
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    The comment about the Bears was a joke, the University of Chicago designed the wishbome C logo first but the designer was never found, so the Reds actually get credited for it. here's the story from ESPN: https://www.espn.com/blog/playbook/fandom/post/_/id/12724
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    Finally got around to the Giants fields for the 1980's to the mid 90's. 1981-1986 (early season): 1986 (week 9) - 1995: 1994 weeks 9 and 11 (in other weeks, the NFL 75 logo was on the sidelines off the field) : 1986 NFC Championship Game:
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    What if (hear me out hear me out) this is the new NBC Score bug and they just wanted to keep it semi secret until the winter classic
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    :censored: it go Yankees! I rather see them win over Houston or St. Louis.
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    Fabricating mistreatment has been the Patriots' go-to for years. NO ONE BELIEVED IN US! Bitch no one even believes in anyone else anymore
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    It's probable that they would've stayed in Montréal for a few more years than the Expos actually did, but it's been well-documented by @SFGiants58 why Montréal baseball was not sustainable in the long term. I firmly believe that similar factors would affect any new Expos team and the nostalgia factor that would keep the team afloat early on would fade barring incredible success and a newfound interest in baseball among the francophone population of Québec and Montréal specifically.
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    Exactly. I wouldn't read into this as an endorsement for Las Vegas. It's just that Las Vegas is top-of-mind already in Oakland for any conversation related to relocation. The broader point was, "this happened to the Raiders, it will happen with the A's, too."
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    Thanks for the idea. I’ll try that when I get a chance. PEARL OF HONOLULU I came up with this team years ago, when I thought up expansion ideas for MLS. I was so proud of it, I left it mostly the same this time around, give or take a few tweaks. Same crest, same colors, even the same presenting sponsor.
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    FC TAUA'I My first HPL team is located on Kaua'i, in the town of Kapaa. On this particular island, there exists a dialect of the Hawaiian language where all the K sounds are replaced with T's, which is why the Team is called Taua'i, and the town they play in would be called Tapaa in its local dialect. Each of the eight major islands of Hawai'i has its own theme color, and Kaua'i's is purple. The goose seen on the crest is the Nēnē, Hawai'i's state bird. That's about everything. I’ll do the Oahu teams next.
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    They really should've had the niners and browns in AAFC throwbacks for NFL 100 & 70th anniversary of their final AAFC championship game but thats in a perfect world.
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    These are going to be a nightmare to recreate for my Big Ten uniform graphic...
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    "Purdue has produced the 25 astronauts, the most of any school not affiliated with the United States military." I didn't know this. That's pretty cool. I'm a sucker for space themed (Specifically Apollo themed) stuff, though. Weird how much Ohio and Indiana, of all states, have contributed to our space program.
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    Navy needs to be more prominent and gold should be the accent color.
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    Coloring in the 3 point area or the key would have been fine but the faded denim look on the main body of the court is just bad.
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    Wake Forest going with Deacons on the front of the home jersey From: https://godeacs.com/news/2019/10/1/general-wake-forest-athletics-refreshes-its-brand.aspx
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    Several players from the 2001 Broncos, including Bill Romanowski, Jason Elam, and Tom Nalen. I'm not sure if Terrell Davis and Ed McCaffrey wore the throwbacks because of injuries. Original: 2001 throwback:
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    Despite rumors that they'll go with white for the home kit, I've decided on a more exciting option for my local side. Kits made by Adidas.
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    I think that opinions are great. I also think going out of your way to be as constrain and antagonistic about your opinions as possible is annoying.
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    Somewhere out there there's probably a game-worn Clint Malarchuk jersey with plenty of that color on it...
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