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    i 100% believe that people on this forum could make better jersey mockups than nike
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    I think this is my issue with it. Why not keep THAT jersey in the rotation why cycle through 3-4 differing colorings of the same template? If Nike and the NBA are insistent on a rotating cycle of jerseys they need to slow it down a bit. Icon and Association should have a minimum and optional cycle of 5 years, Statement jerseys a minimum of 3 years with an opt in to keep the design (there's no need to change just to change) and City Jerseys should be a minimum of 2 years. The current cycle of Statement jerseys changing every two and city every season is too much. It was KINDA fun at first ... but, why change something that works so quickly?
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    Even if there was a "normal" amount of outrage over the Saints-Rams PI, we'd probably have PI reviews now, anyway. It's not exactly unprecedented for rules to change in a reactionary way after a big screwup.
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    Oregon State going all-black with monochrome orange Retro Benny helmet decals: I was really hoping they’d bring back last season’s Fauxback uniforms. At the very least they should’ve gone with the full color Retro Benny logo on the helmets:
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    Not all home uniforms are white. San Francisco's aren't.
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    Actually, no, I don't think PI should be reviewable. It's too subjective, and at super slow motion, pretty much everything looks at least a little like interference. And then, what about holding? And roughing? And blocks in the back? Where does it stop? Should we just take a break between every play while someone hunches over a screen and fine-tooths eveything? Enough. Just play and stop bitching. You think the refs messed up? Hey, it happens... I have an idea for last year's Saints. Play defense in the overtime, jackasses. Maybe your future HOF quarterback shouldn't have thrown a pick.
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    But it's a rule that should have been in place already.
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    So according to 2K20, only 2 teams don't have their statements in the game: NYK & IND, both of which we've seen leaked. So, I think it's just city uniforms left to surprise us. I imagine those will start being leaked soon, @Conrad.?
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    Looking at the new clippers court in game it’s definitely an improve from last year however I feel like there’s too much contrast between the grey map lines. And I would have liked a more matte black color. But everything else looks great especially the all black clippers logo and 50 year court stain
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    Moving along the division... Despite 25 years, 3 color scheme changes, and their only (hopefully my Yankees can keep it that way) World Championship in a different uniform...the Houston Astros’ biggest statement will forever be their ‘tequila sunrise’ look. They could simply wear their throwbacks and call it a day (but which version? The ‘80-‘81, ‘82-‘85, 1986, or the sleeve stripes of the late ‘80’s?) So I decided to create a new uniform combining their most iconic elements from that era in a modern application. Voilà the Astros: C&C appreciated.
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    They could get rid of that stupid gap in the D at the middle of the S.
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    Nets is a white version of the Coogi jerseys.
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    I think it's just because of the overlapping line and shape patterns that are reminding me of some forms of indigenous art, but it's not something you have to lean into if you didn't intend it obviously. For the new wordmark, I dig #3 as a modern font that still has the angular forms you were looking for, but #4 is intriguing as well due to the cultural significance.
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    Yep, it’s pretty unique on the inside. Even more so when the glass is exposed:
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    Agreed. Again, while it'd be better for the A's to just stay put, Portland would already work well with the Green/Yellow scheme I think, and the AL West is where a Portland team would belong anyhow. IF the A's were ever to relocate, Portland really should be the choice.
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    Sorry if I'm behind on this, but I don't think I've seen it mentioned anywhere...............but the new Blazers' statement jerseys are on NBA 2K. I don't remember seeing them released. They are basically the same as last year except the "Portland" wordmark is white and there is a single white stripe at the top of the black diagonal jersey stripe. It's solid.
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    gabe “jerk off with coconut oil” Kapler was not qualified to manage a team, and he proved it. The only problem was he was fired by the owner, in defiance of the president and GM, who he recently extended and won’t fire. So there’s a bit of a Jerry Jones thing going on there. edit: Gabe Kapler wasn’t the reason they didn’t win - he was dealt a bad hand with all the injuries - but he was lax on discipline, got taken advantage of, relied on numbers vs eyes too much, and absolutely cost them games with his baffling moves. He seems like the nicest and most interesting man in the world, just not a good manager. of course we said that about Francona when he was fired and he seemed to figure it out... so someone should hire Kapler immediately.
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    Oakland's basically the West Coast version of St. Paul, so their blood feud's with San Francisco. A pity the Giants won't give up San Jose, but Sacramento would likely be much better received than Vegas at this point.
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    1. You forgot the Kannapolis Intimidators, who will be getting a new name on October 23 2. The reason why there aren't many relocations or brand changes this offseason is because minor league affiliate deals are done in multiples of two years (assuming the major league affiliate doesn't own the team already) and run out after seasons in even-numbered years, and any potential relocations are planned during those times. As of now, the only one after 2020 is Pawtucket to Worcester.
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    I know it will never happen, but I think New England's main home uniform should be the Color Rush uniform. Or at least the jersey. Looks a lot better to me than their normal set. Maybe because it reminds me of their 90s uniforms?
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    I kinda hoped the pacers would have used the modernized flojo design from the earned and city uniforms last year and for the new statement uni and made it gold.
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    Exactly it’s a cartoon gator, so a non-realistic green gator makes sense. And most People associate gators with green than they do any other color, and making it blue and orange isn’t the way to go either. The way they do it now with incorporating the blue and orange in the current logo is perfect.
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    Just got done celebrating Howie's grand slam. I was so pumped! (For those unaware, I'm likely the world's biggest Howie Kendrick fan)
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    I think it's mostly the pinstripe pants and the coloring of the jersey. By no means is it just the Diamondbacks uniform though, I was just saying I got the vibes of it. Take the white hat, the purple top, and the pinstriped pants pictured below and you'll see why my mind went to AZ as a comparative uniform
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    this is the only thing i could come up with (as a response)
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    That's a great question! I'm going to go back and add major rivals for each school. Some of them will have minor rivalries with FCS schools too. EDIT: They're all updated now and will be added moving forward.
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    Can’t be worse than the Ravens’ regular number font.
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    Here's the 49ers the rest of the way, bye week already behind them: at Rams at Redskins vs. Panthers at Cardinals vs. Seahawks vs. Cardinals vs. Packers at Ravens at Saints vs. Falcons vs. Rams at Seahawks I can see them 7-1 by the team they meet the Seahawks the first time, and 9-6 the second time. Everyone playing the NFC East and AFC North really lucked out this season.
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    I don't wanna throw this thread too off topic or start a long debate or whatever but he definitely has more than those songs that are popular. By the way, Partyman is better than Batdance.
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    Don’t trust random posters that have never posted before about new uniforms.
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    Re: the new OKC white jersey — I think it would look so much better with the collegiate treatment of the number in between the two words.
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    Next is Los Angeles: 1. Team Steph is red (Clippers colors). Team Lebron is blue (Lakers colors). 2. The design is based on the Showtime Lakers uniforms. 3. The waist logo was actually used in the Rising Stars game.
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    That I can absolutely understand. I mean, who wouldn't want to move out of a state like that and live in a nicer place like... Oh... Nevermind.
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    At least your city isn't famous for a fictitious boxer from a series of movies.
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    Maybe Sherman's hand was numb from smoking the Special Stanford Stuff.
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    Seattle has gotten fatter on bums than San Francisco has Excuse me, but Richard Sherman went to Stanford, which you did not, so I think he knows when his hand has been shaken. Take it from me, Deadspin commenter "Will Leitch's Signed Orin Incandenza Jersey"
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    These are going to start coming more frequently now that the project is complete... Up next from the lakeshore are the Muskegon State Eagles Muskegon State University Location: Muskegon, Michigan Type: Public University Founded: 1888 Major Rivals: Grand Rapids, Central Michigan
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    The Threshers of the Corn Sea.... beautiful
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    Up next we have the brown and gold Lumen Christi Golden Knights Universitas Lumen Christi Location: Green Bay, Wisconsin Type: Private University Religious Affiliation: Roman Catholic Founded: 1924 Major Rivals: Chicago Christian, UPU National Championships: 2 1989, 2001 National Championship Runner-Up: 1 2004
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    These are going to be a nightmare to recreate for my Big Ten uniform graphic...
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    "Purdue has produced the 25 astronauts, the most of any school not affiliated with the United States military." I didn't know this. That's pretty cool. I'm a sucker for space themed (Specifically Apollo themed) stuff, though. Weird how much Ohio and Indiana, of all states, have contributed to our space program.
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    FredNats doesn't really roll off the tongue like something like PawSox does, but I guess they're going to force it to work. I do like the George logo though.
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    UNPOPULAR OPINION RED ALERT! The straight-black version as worn by Jordan is far superior to the red-striped Kerr jersey. The red stripes are very unnecessary.
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    Fold the WAC already. This is getting absurd.
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    It's such a minor thing but I think the Kelly blends in with the grass too much. The darker forest green looks way better against the grass background.
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    Sorry for the long wait, I've been busy. Here is the Red's with a logo including black: And here are the four new teams. Only two teams left then the expansion teams.
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