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    Oh come on, you know what the reason is. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
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    Baylor is sticking with all-green at home, but bringing back the Sailor Bear helmet decals for homecoming.
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    These would look better if the number’s inner outline was silver to match not only the helmet, but the pants stripe as well.
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    Agreed. I don’t mind the whites either...but the pink and light blue are too much.
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    It ain't just Texas homeboy The states where football is now a factory industry for colleges, it occurs.
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    Cleveland? Wahoo? Uniforms from the 70s?
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    Updated Mavs to make them more traditional green and blue. For Denver, I really wanted to move away from the busy lines and bring a simple/bold design. I think they have enough blue uniforms, and think it would be a nice to have a deep red addition to their line up. Inspired by the Denver flag. Thoughts? mavscity2 denvernuggets
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    You never saw a season of "Friday Night Tykes" or " Warriors of Liberty City" did you? Hell, an Optimist Club in Texas hired me to be the "Head Official and scheduler" in the early 2000s since my then career was that of a college intramural director, thus I had access to kids who would like $15-25/hour for games on Thursday nights and Saturday mornings for 3rd-5th graders (120 lb. limit). I took the money and it was easy money to take and in retrospect with youth that age, I was guilty in the bloodsport, but d@mn in terms of hours money for hours worked over the season, I received like $300/hour in addition to the cash given to officiate games in which college kids didn't show up. It was an easy job. I could work the first two games on a Saturday, get paid cash to fill my car with gas for the week drive across the street to a best priced liquor store to get beer/booze/tab for the weekend and still have cash to go out or help cookout at my friends house five minutes away. The Optimists knew I would be there every Saturday morning to work their first two games, but also know I may have an early afternoon flight out from DFW or DAL and those games were spending money. Three years after I moved away, their fields' lighting had their copper wires stolen and I cut a check to assist them since those fields still host baseball/softball games.
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    At least that block font is close to their wordmark. This makes no sense to me:
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TPZCVCZNc50&t=77s A lot of Saints players lined their pockets with a lot of extra money that day.
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    The Bulls and Pacers both look great. I think Indy's would look better without the gray stripes, but these are the best they've looked in gold.
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    I would have liked a pink front number or something. The last two jerseys have had too much white imo. Crockett is a literal connection to the show, I doubt it will be called that. I vote Beach Vice.
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    i 100% believe that people on this forum could make better jersey mockups than nike
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    YAMATO FC A substantial part of the Hawaiian population is Asian, particularly Japanese. Honolulu's second team pays tribute to this group with its identity. The colors are blue and pink, blue for being Japan's color of choice for its national teams, and pink for cherry blossoms, which serve as the centerpiece of the crest.
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    Thanks for the idea. I’ll try that when I get a chance. PEARL OF HONOLULU I came up with this team years ago, when I thought up expansion ideas for MLS. I was so proud of it, I left it mostly the same this time around, give or take a few tweaks. Same crest, same colors, even the same presenting sponsor.
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    With the Vikings now also wearing color rush uniforms in week 8, that brings us to 5 teams for that week: Minnesota (vs Washington), Cincinnati (at Los Angeles, in London), San Francisco (vs Carolina), New England (vs Cleveland), and Pittsburgh (vs Miami) http://www.gridiron-uniforms.com/GUD/controller/controller.php?action=color-rush&page-title=Color Rush I believe this is the most color rush uniforms worn in a single week. And also a HUGE missed opportunity in the Miami at Pittsburgh game. The Dolphins are wearing their '72 throwbacks, so it would have been great if the Steelers wore their throwbacks, and changed their face-masks to gray for a throwback to the '72 AFC Championship game.
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    Just for fun. May turn in to a series. First up - Sacramento Kings. The baby blue, white, and red uniforms originally worn back in the 80's. Throughout the years the Kings have worn them as hardwood classic jersey and more recently they've been the inspiration behind the Kings' city uniforms. collage by NBA Uniforms Project, on Flickr I wanted to keep this trend going for the Kings. However, I also wanted to change it up a bit considering that we will likely see a new city uniform every year. For 2019/20 I designed the Kings city uniform to be predominately white. I was also inspired by the retro Kings' (Royals) jersey with bold simple piping. A little more modern by not including a wordmark - idea was that the colors and design should be easily identifiable. Retro Kings wordmark on shorts and regal emblem on waist band. Thoughts? C&C always appreciated. SacKingsCity by NBA Uniforms Project, on Flickr
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    The "Herm Experiment" must beat USC this season to be a success. The Trojans look to be 3-3 after tonight, but their one Pac-12 loss is against the North. Devils have to gain an edge before USC makes a coaching change.
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    The wordmark, too. And what the hell...the afro, too (RIP Oscar)
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    Getting rid of that dead weight Harper has done wonders. Thank goodness the Giants didn't sign him.
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    Speaking of material from 1997, I'd like to see the Rays keep the '90s throwbacks as a permanent part of their wardrobe. If they keep playing at The Trop, they need to look as bright as possible to combat the dinginess of that building.
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    The orange numbers ruin it..
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    Perfection. So there’s no chance OSU goes to it full time.
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    Bingo! You got it. It’s a hibiscus made to resemble a soccer ball. The outer shape is taken from the state road signs. Here's a double update for Maui... KAMEHAMEHA SPORT CLUB I was originally planning to put this team on Molokai Island, but then I actually read up on the place and learned that it may not have the resources to support sports, so I moved KSC to Kahului on Maui. The Kings would be the league's white team, giving an air of superiority similar to that of LA Galaxy and Real Madrid. The red and gold are taken from the Sacred Sash of Līloa that Kamehameha wore. MAUI HO'OHUI A few miles away, in Puunene, is Maui Ho'ohui, KSC's rival. I just really wanted a pineapple-themed logo, but didn’t want to completely rip off the one Mark Crosby came up with for his recent A-League project. No idea where I got the shooting stars from either, but I thought it was a nice touch, enough so that I decorated their away kit with a bunch of them. The name Ho'ohui translates to "United" in Hawaiian. Thanks for your input. Big Island teams are next.
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    I'm afraid that shape and that color scheme automatically make me think of something extremely distasteful, and my brain doesn't even usually go there.
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    Loving the new Mavericks court. It’s definitely a lot sleeker and not as “in your face” from last year. The contrast between the inside arc and outside looks great too. Also like the big logo. And thank goodness they finally changed the lighting it looks so much better and even better on this new darker court. Surprisingly the American Airlines logo looks kinda good too
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    The navy script alt was introduced last year. They haven't lost in the playoffs yet in these, and it looks like they're going to stick with them.
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    I think this is my issue with it. Why not keep THAT jersey in the rotation why cycle through 3-4 differing colorings of the same template? If Nike and the NBA are insistent on a rotating cycle of jerseys they need to slow it down a bit. Icon and Association should have a minimum and optional cycle of 5 years, Statement jerseys a minimum of 3 years with an opt in to keep the design (there's no need to change just to change) and City Jerseys should be a minimum of 2 years. The current cycle of Statement jerseys changing every two and city every season is too much. It was KINDA fun at first ... but, why change something that works so quickly?
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    Leaked: Indiana Pacers New “Statement” Uniform October 11, 2019 - 18:50 PM The Indiana Pacers will have a new gold Statement uniform in 2019-20, SportsLogos.Net has learned following the posting of photos of the new uniform to Twitter before their official release. Thanks to Twitter user @Shae_Orr94 who spotted the yet-to-be-unveiled jersey […] Read More...
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    This hideous match up will look like a 2006 inter-squad scrimmage
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    Moving along the division... Despite 25 years, 3 color scheme changes, and their only (hopefully my Yankees can keep it that way) World Championship in a different uniform...the Houston Astros’ biggest statement will forever be their ‘tequila sunrise’ look. They could simply wear their throwbacks and call it a day (but which version? The ‘80-‘81, ‘82-‘85, 1986, or the sleeve stripes of the late ‘80’s?) So I decided to create a new uniform combining their most iconic elements from that era in a modern application. Voilà the Astros: C&C appreciated.
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    They are pretty historically accurate (besides the weird white pants), but I definitely think they looked better with the simpler stripe they wore when they first switched back: Nice hook to the helmet, and truly, in my opinion, a perfect uniform. I really like your single red stripe for the home uniform, but I’m wondering if it would work with their road jersey, given the lack of blue to balance all the red.
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    Matrix and Friz Quadrata were everywhere! In no case did they age particularly well. I guess the Diamondbacks can get away with it, as can the Mariners (but they're in desperate need of a teal-heavy refresh).
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    Finally got around to the Giants fields for the 1980's to the mid 90's. 1981-1986 (early season): 1986 (week 9) - 1995: 1994 weeks 9 and 11 (in other weeks, the NFL 75 logo was on the sidelines off the field) : 1986 NFC Championship Game:
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    Yep, it’s pretty unique on the inside. Even more so when the glass is exposed:
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    Playing Madden 20 and on a loading screen Earl Thomas popped up in a Ravens jersey, but it at the Seahawks number font. It actually looked really good? Next time it comes around I’ll attempt to get a screenshot and post it
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    FC TAUA'I My first HPL team is located on Kaua'i, in the town of Kapaa. On this particular island, there exists a dialect of the Hawaiian language where all the K sounds are replaced with T's, which is why the Team is called Taua'i, and the town they play in would be called Tapaa in its local dialect. Each of the eight major islands of Hawai'i has its own theme color, and Kaua'i's is purple. The goose seen on the crest is the Nēnē, Hawai'i's state bird. That's about everything. I’ll do the Oahu teams next.
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    Nothing says DC quite like ‘Look at the new statement, it’s barely different from the old statement’. Appropriate, in a way
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    Once again, sorry for the long absence, never was completely happy with any of the following concepts, but I thought I would post them for feedback. So here are a few beta concepts, along with some updates to some previous teams. Jacksonville Cyclones: Happy with the team name, logo is probably going to stay, just need a secondary logo, and to pick one of the below color schemes. Not completely happy with the uniforms, either. Black and Blue: Burgundy and Powder Blue Denver Mountaineers: Not completely happy with name, logo, or uniforms, but I think this is best I can do as of now. Montréal Monarchs: My favorite of these three concepts, not happy with the name, as they are in the same division as the London Royals (might change their name), but I really like how the logo and uniforms turned out. Went for a 70s-style simple, timeless logo. Notches in the crown represent the fortifications of the city. Updates: New custom font for the Chicago Stars, made minor tweaks to the shield itself, and changed the powder blue uniform. New secondary logo and redesigned uniforms for the St. Louis Legion. I'd love to here your thoughts, especially with color scheme you like more for Jacksonville. That's all for now. Made in Affinity Designer. C&C appreciated.
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    They really should've had the niners and browns in AAFC throwbacks for NFL 100 & 70th anniversary of their final AAFC championship game but thats in a perfect world.
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    Why did they (Seahawks) change colors and uniforms so drastically in the first place?....they had perfection on day 1 in my not so humble opinion.
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    Tell you what. How about we expand to a 16 team playoff, with the ten conference champions, and say the six best conference runners-up? Would still be fair, given any team in any of the ten conferences could win all their games and be guaranteed a shot at the national title.
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    I'm hoping, as I always do, that the best four conference champions get into the College Football Playoff. That's really how it should work every year. Don't win your conference? Then you're not good enough to get in.
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    These are all spectacular so far! The only thing id like to see would be a logo/word mark sheet so we could get a better look at a few of these awesome logos!
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    Here's FC Dallas with Puma, and the return of the Hoops.
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    Honestly, I hope it’s this one from preseason games:
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    Thanks for the comments! Next up is...the Phoenix Suns! Inspiration here was the city flag. This year they wore a jersey with the Arizona flag, so I felt inspired to mix it up and pay homage to the city itself. I've shifted away from the Los Suns theme and instead "copied" Utah's landscape jersey by incorporating the McDowell mountains on the shorts. The color is more in line with the Phoenix flag and actually the waist bad incorporates the city flag Phoenix. The slight gradient is a nod to the 90s.
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    I tried that but the back felt a bit too busy. A couple more teams I'll post over the next couple days. Here's one for Indiana. Going back to the royal blue and yellow. Shorts piping inspired by Indianapolis' flag and the top is fauxback themed. Thoughts on this one?
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