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    I had no idea those pants were even part of the Saints' uniforms. And yeah they look like trash compared to the Color Rush.
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    First of all, thank you for the feedback! I will try to involve the community more in this project. So far the names I've decided on are: Orange County S.C Charlottetowne S.C Cleveland Forest Dallas Lone Star Houston Apollos Racing Indianapolis Las Vegas Atoms Milwaukee Eagles (crest is already finished) San Diego Mission S.C
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    Bingo! You got it. It’s a hibiscus made to resemble a soccer ball. The outer shape is taken from the state road signs. Here's a double update for Maui... KAMEHAMEHA SPORT CLUB I was originally planning to put this team on Molokai Island, but then I actually read up on the place and learned that it may not have the resources to support sports, so I moved KSC to Kahului on Maui. The Kings would be the league's white team, giving an air of superiority similar to that of LA Galaxy and Real Madrid. The red and gold are taken from the Sacred Sash of Līloa that Kamehameha wore. MAUI HO'OHUI A few miles away, in Puunene, is Maui Ho'ohui, KSC's rival. I just really wanted a pineapple-themed logo, but didn’t want to completely rip off the one Mark Crosby came up with for his recent A-League project. No idea where I got the shooting stars from either, but I thought it was a nice touch, enough so that I decorated their away kit with a bunch of them. The name Ho'ohui translates to "United" in Hawaiian. Thanks for your input. Big Island teams are next.
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    I haven't been watching football this season (and wow, it is refreshing), but I got a notification on my phone that Rosen was benched in the 2nd half of the game against the Redskins. This was after I got another notification that the Dolphins were going to make him the starter throughout the rest of the season. I'm not the biggest Rosen fan, but man, this guy has not had a great start to his career. Being drafted by a team that wasn't any good and then abandoned immediately a season later, traded to a team that is even worse. Miami also doesn't seem to see him as their future guy, which further proves the point that he's been set up to fail. I know it's business, but I feel bad for him.
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    Dolphins really missed a chance at wearing their aqua throwbacks for this week’s game. Washington-Miami would’ve been an incredible looking game.
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    Every color you can pigeonhole to a decade. Who cares?!? Saying a color is "so 90s so it must go" is one of the lamest habits of this board.
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    Not sure if I have already mentioned this but, the all-star unis will be blue and red once again. So glad that black/white fad is over with.
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    NORTH SHORE SC North Shore refers to the northern coast of Oahu Island, widely popular as a destination for surfers, so I did my best to infuse that culture into the kits and crest. The team would be located in Haleiwa.
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    You can add the Blazers’ updated Statement jersey to that: The team hasn’t officially released it, but it’s on the team’s webpage and now in 2K20, so it’s definitely real.
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    Well, I guess I have to just accept this. Panthers have joined the leotard crew. Remember the bengals used to wear orange socks with the black pants. The nfl just might as well get it over with and you wear black everything at home and white everything away. I guess I’m just not fire or lit being 42. The hs I work at is red-white. This Friday they bought a special blackout uniform which had black numbers-red outline. Their opponents wore white with white numbers-red outlines. The spotters kept getting the wrong numbers and the reporters were complaining on Twitter. Everyone under 30 seemed offended by their complaints.
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    Slippery slope but do you guys live amongst native Americans? I happen to. Many wear wahoo and Redskins gear. I get more 'nice hat' from native Americans than anyone else while wearing wahoo. It's always the white dudes I know who say 'that's racist'. Odd generalizations. But it works both ways.
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    The wordmark, too. And what the hell...the afro, too (RIP Oscar)
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    Here is this year's All Star Game city — Chicago: 1. Both teams sport the Chicago flag colors. Red for Team Spida and light blue for Team Lavine. 2. The design was based on the timeless Chicago Bulls uniforms. 3. The waist logo is the Chicago flag. The stars in the diamonds are the Chicago flag stars.
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    Thanks for the idea. I’ll try that when I get a chance. PEARL OF HONOLULU I came up with this team years ago, when I thought up expansion ideas for MLS. I was so proud of it, I left it mostly the same this time around, give or take a few tweaks. Same crest, same colors, even the same presenting sponsor.
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    All of the ones listed TBD are not changing except for the Blazers as stated. They're all in NBA 2K20.
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    Today was also the day that I listened to Crime in Sports' hilarious (and very revealing) episode on Nate "The Kitchen" Newton. What does it reveal about this Cowboys legend (to me, a novice in the realm)? Well: a dogfighting incident a Frehley-ian knack for crashing cars his history of domestic violence (including one time where he nearly shot his kid while assaulting his pregnant wife) how he and the other Cowboys used the term "whores" as a blanket term for women maybe being involved in some White House shenanigans (not the DC one, the one that was the team's sex dungeon) was not very discreet in his dealings has three horrifying sandwiches named after him at the Coppell Deli (ingredients here, look at your own discretion) It was a glorious day of Cowboys embarrassment. It also convinced me to get Boys will be Boys on Audible. On the topic of this season, I'm not expecting the Niners to truly be good. Call it intuition.
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    I kinda like the Saints white pants. Its nice to see a change now and then. But yes, black socks should have been worn.
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    Speaking as a Twin Citian, I think MNUFC has a gorgeous brand, but I would want a women's team to have a distinct identity. I hate it when branding reflects a "sister team" status (like a few WNBA teams)--it makes it feel like the women's team is dependent on the men's team. And the fans at a Loons game are a good deal more diverse than Scandinavian, especially thanks to the large immigrant population here, and I think such a distinctly Scandinavian brand would freeze some fans out. But if you want to keep with this scheme, though, I'd definitely change up the color distribution so the "duck" is grey, which would also push it away from just being a clone of the Loons badge.
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    They look fine here. A couple tweaks are in order but overall its a solid design. They look absolutely horrible on tv though. Through the camera the green absolutely bleeds into the blue and its just a dark mess save for the logo, numbers and collar, which are almost entirely white. It needs some in the striping for both contrast and balance. The 'V's in the stripes would be cool to see again. Also its pretty stupid that they made custom pant covers for these uniforms and the only thing they did was take away the stripes. Why bother at that point. The original pants these uniforms are based off had stripes.
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    They removed the logo. The name, albeit a misnomer, is innocuous in and of itself, and as long as it's handled responsibly (no Indian larping in the stands, kicking some money to indigenous groups), it's fine enough to get by. It's not ideal, but I'm not going to play Voldemort and pretend like their name can't touch my lips, either.
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    Just talk to @BeerGuyJordan to hear that approval of Native American mascots isn't common in first nations communities. Even if one disapproves, it has to go, IMHO.
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    Other side has the team logo and that's it.
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    I agree the Als and Lions uniforms could use improvement, but have to respectfully disagree about some of this. If we are mentioning cluttered uniforms, the old Alouettes uniforms fit that bill about as good as any. I had been patiently waiting for so many years for that busy mess of a uniform and cartoon bird logo to be retired. My wishes were answered this season. The Lions really had there look right prior to 2016, when they had the uniforms featuring white helmet with orange jerseys. Things went downhill after wearing these beauties: Hope the uniforms get fixed next year when they have a chance to have the jersey move away from the adidas template. Have feeling we will need to get used to seeing the black helmet though for some time. The Lions do have a history with a black helmet from the late 1950s to 1977. What would really help is to wear white pants at home and fix the jersey. More like a modern version of their early to mid 1970s uniforms. Orange primary helmet will not happen for them in times when CFL has one shell rule. The Lions need to stick with the orange jersey as primary. The black jersey will make a fine alternate option but going back to wearing a black jersey again as primary would be a big mistake for the Lions. If we are picking a team should ditch the black helmet, I vote for the Tiger-Cats. It would just be so sweet if they embraced some of their old tradition and went back to the yellow helmet.
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    Somehow the caveman stuff is worse than Wahoo. That and it's so '70s that each cap comes with a copy of Elton John's Rush Job Caribou on 8-track. Like I've said before, unless they reach out to a tribe to help them with a design, a better course of action would be to rebrand entirely.
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    The "Herm Experiment" must beat USC this season to be a success. The Trojans look to be 3-3 after tonight, but their one Pac-12 loss is against the North. Devils have to gain an edge before USC makes a coaching change.
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    Cleveland? Wahoo? Uniforms from the 70s?
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    At last! 1st of hopefully many goals for Kappo Kakko!
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    http://www.bu.edu/articles/2019/cte-football/ https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2019/10/191007115239.htm
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    Nope. Maybe, but still nope. A navy alt or a '60s/'90s-style hat would be nice, but it isn't necessary I could go for that! Ugh, not that overdesigned garbage with the wavy pinstripes, barely any color contrast, a full dark green uniform (pants and all), taco bell-style front panels, and a generally goofy aesthetic. The scripts and the new "CR" are OK, but they lack the "power" of a slab-serif or other design, while also missing the brand equity of the current brand (say what you want about it, but they picked a look and largely stuck with it). It would be a downgrade. Yeah, leave that to the alternates. That's a terrible idea without repairing their current art assets. I'd love for both of those to happen, with preference towards Cleveland if only one can.
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    I think this is my issue with it. Why not keep THAT jersey in the rotation why cycle through 3-4 differing colorings of the same template? If Nike and the NBA are insistent on a rotating cycle of jerseys they need to slow it down a bit. Icon and Association should have a minimum and optional cycle of 5 years, Statement jerseys a minimum of 3 years with an opt in to keep the design (there's no need to change just to change) and City Jerseys should be a minimum of 2 years. The current cycle of Statement jerseys changing every two and city every season is too much. It was KINDA fun at first ... but, why change something that works so quickly?
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    This hideous match up will look like a 2006 inter-squad scrimmage
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    The promo indicates "BC Lions players will be wearing their road whites for the first time ever at BC Place". Do they mean this version of their uniforms? They wore white at home during regular season in recent past against Ottawa. https://ottawacitizen.com/gallery/photos-ottawa-redblacks-vs-b-c-lions I can't decide if I prefer the Lions wearing the black pants or the orange pants with the white jerseys. Both ways look good. Maybe the black pants because the uniform is reminiscent to the 1960s look. Well, may be fitting that the Riders will get to wear their home green uniforms for the game. Half the crowd in attendance will be Riders fans anyway
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    Moving along the division... Despite 25 years, 3 color scheme changes, and their only (hopefully my Yankees can keep it that way) World Championship in a different uniform...the Houston Astros’ biggest statement will forever be their ‘tequila sunrise’ look. They could simply wear their throwbacks and call it a day (but which version? The ‘80-‘81, ‘82-‘85, 1986, or the sleeve stripes of the late ‘80’s?) So I decided to create a new uniform combining their most iconic elements from that era in a modern application. Voilà the Astros: C&C appreciated.
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    Exactly it’s a cartoon gator, so a non-realistic green gator makes sense. And most People associate gators with green than they do any other color, and making it blue and orange isn’t the way to go either. The way they do it now with incorporating the blue and orange in the current logo is perfect.
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    Matrix and Friz Quadrata were everywhere! In no case did they age particularly well. I guess the Diamondbacks can get away with it, as can the Mariners (but they're in desperate need of a teal-heavy refresh).
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    YAMATO FC A substantial part of the Hawaiian population is Asian, particularly Japanese. Honolulu's second team pays tribute to this group with its identity. The colors are blue and pink, blue for being Japan's color of choice for its national teams, and pink for cherry blossoms, which serve as the centerpiece of the crest.
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    Ok so maybe the Northern wasn't the greatest idea haha. Anyway here is a new version of the uniforms for the Minnesota Auroras. I took out the dark green and purple to create a simpler look. Used more of the "shooting star" as the stripe on the pants and helmet. I like this look better just because of the colors. C+C and requests welcomed!
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    FC TAUA'I My first HPL team is located on Kaua'i, in the town of Kapaa. On this particular island, there exists a dialect of the Hawaiian language where all the K sounds are replaced with T's, which is why the Team is called Taua'i, and the town they play in would be called Tapaa in its local dialect. Each of the eight major islands of Hawai'i has its own theme color, and Kaua'i's is purple. The goose seen on the crest is the Nēnē, Hawai'i's state bird. That's about everything. I’ll do the Oahu teams next.
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    Man that navy is such a downgrade for the Oilers.
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    Bucco Bruce was and still is one of my favorite uniforms but that 1997 uniform change was a thing a beauty. I was so angry with them losing the original unis but ablout halway through 97, they grew on me. Shoulda stayed with them forever. that 1997. Sorry Bucco Bruce.
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    It baffles me that stuff like this is just done for free and floating out on the internet but the team in question says "you know what we need? A Terminator skull."
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    Resurrecting my MLB thread from the grave. I’ve had this much done since about May, but never got around to the player models, and as of now, those still aren’t done, but with all the talk going on about the Brewers, I figured now is probably a pretty good time to post this. In short, I’m not a fan of the Ball in Glove logo (not worth going into why, my opinion has been said already) and favor the current design over it because it actually ties into brewing, so here’s a set that tries to fix some flaws of the current brand. First off, the logos: Basically just a cleanup of what they have now, getting rid of the clutter of drop shadows and outlines (extremely similar to a post by @packerfan21396). In addition, beer barrel man is back, albeit with a slightly new look to match the new uniforms. The colors pull the navy from the current style and pair it with the athletic gold of the classic era. Uniforms: Simple enough. I used the wheat as piping where applicable. Not visible, but the beer barrel man is a patch on the sleeves. Gold panel cap returns along with powder blue roads, as well as a gold alternate jersey. As you can(‘t) see, I am missing a number font for them. I’m not sure if I want to go with a traditional block font, or if something more along the lines of the scrips would work. I’ve considered the current font, sans drop-shadow, as well as the Ravens’ font, but I’m open to suggestions if someone has a better idea. Like I said, this has been sitting in my room forgotten about since May, so no player sketches yet. Just wanted to get what I had done out for feedback, so let me hear your thoughts! (no i will not try it with the BiG)
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    If I were in charge anyone who referred to a logo as “clip-art” or a “Madden create-a-Team logo” would be immediately banned for life. On topic, both the Fighting Sioux logo and his new Hawks logo are awful.
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    Ah, sh!t... Yeah, that’s probably an issue. IDK, I like the bell alt, so I’ll keep it, but yeah, in real life there would probably be something done about it. Damn, I was so close Finally got around to the alt cap: I like it, but the bell front panel is iconic, so that would be my primary preference. The brown w/ yellow bill is something I could see being like a Friday alternate or something. Now, let’s get onto some new stuff. As has been stated in the title change, I’ve worked on some alternates for the Yankees and the Phillies. Disclaimer: these are not supposed to be “serious” or even something I’d like to see on field, both of them were simply done out of boredom completely for fun, so please keep that in mind. First up, a road alt for the Bronx Bombers: Inspired by the prototype uniform from the 70s? 80s? IDK, my knowledge on that prototype isn’t vast. Anyway, I matched the pants to the jersey and gave them white belts, socks, and undershirts. I know it would never happen, but it’s just for fun. In case you thought that one was crazy, I went waaaay crazier with the Phillies. Y’all know Bryce Harper’s opening day cleats? So I was thinking, just for fun, what would an alternate based on those cleats (and obviously the Philly Phanatic) look like? Well: Again, THIS IS JUST FOR FUN. I AM NOT SAYING THIS WOULD ACTUALLY BE A GOOD IDEA. I JUST THOUGHT THIS WOULD BE FUN TO SEE WHAT IT WOULD LOOK LIKE. Now that that’s out of the way, some explanation of the design. The usual batting helmet and caps are pretty similar, with one very minor adjustment: the squatchee/button on the top is changed from blue to green. The jersey itself is the bright green of the Phanatic and uses the solo P on the front and the sleeve striping from the road jerseys. On the sleeve, instead of the number they have now, I put the Phanatic as a patch. Plain white pants instead of the pinstripes. So what do you guys think? Keeping in mind the alts were just fun concepts, not super serious (as if I haven’t said that enough yet).
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    Thanks! I thought it had a bit of a Winga Dinga/Flavourtown touch (perfect for guys at cruise nights, showing off their C3 Corvettes) and tied in well with the Braves' old feather sleeves. THE DUGOUT JACKETS - ALTERNATE TAKES, PT. IV: NL West Chicago Cubs - The 1930's Modernization - This one is a revision of my first jacket, albeit with the jersey scripts and a different cub. Denver Zephyrs/Purple & Light Blue - I decided to feature uniform-style striping and the fauxback script on the back. Side note: the purple/powder blue version is my preferred color scheme/jacket. Houston Astros - 1994-99 gradient - We've got some lovely gradient sleeves and collars, for that extra 1990s touch! Houston Railmen /Revised - I turned the tertiary logo into a badge, with sleeve inserts designed to allude to the "track" pattern. Los Angeles Angels - The standard jacket features the asymmetrical UCLA-style stripes, while the throwback is a "Brooklyn-ized" version of my previous Dodgers jacket. Milwaukee Brewers - Rescuing the Germanic Style - The one follows the template of previous Brewers jackets, albeit with modified 1994-99 logos. I made a green version for that specific update (I'm not keen on the whole "Shamrock Series" look, but it's decent). St. Louis Cardinals - 1956 Modernization - It's an adjustment of my previous jacket, featuring the "STL" as the insignia and the Swingin' Cardinal on the sleeve. San Diego Padres - Surf's Up in Navy and Brown/Light Blue/Yellow - This one uses trim stripes that mimic the cap logo. I've made versions for all of the color schemes, including brown/yellow and brown/orange. San Francisco Seals - I featured the seal logo on the back and bronze in the stripes while revising the "Gotham Day" jacket to fit with the different orange shade and "Giants" wordmark. ...and that's the ballgame! Thank you for tuning in to this addendum to the series. What's next for me? Well, I'll give you a hint! Thanks, guys, and I'll see you guys soon!
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