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    Gold is the only colour pants the Saints need.
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    Look at all these stripeless pants paired with white socks. This is my nightmare.
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    Can we stop with calling everything we don’t like practice uniforms.
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    I don't know. Except for the ad patch, I think the Saints actually look better in their practice uniforms than they did in the last game.
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    Eh, St. Louis stole a team from Los Angeles and they got stolen back by Los Angeles. Hard to feel much sympathy about that. If St. Louis is interested in a third NFL team run by a third wretched owner, then yeah, take the Chargers I guess.
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    White pants are an awesome look for the Saints, but stripeless white pants? Gross.
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    They cannot have the Chargers continue to play in the LA market. The fanbase is completely non-existent Simply give them the relocation fee back and send them packing for San Diego once the new stadium is constructed for SDSU. Maybe San Antonio or St.Louis too.
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    Or, change nothing. Timbers already use green and gold as do the A's. No reason to change.
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    Ditch the practice uniforms. This is a real game.
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    The Canucks have never won anything and can't pick a logo. Just fold the franchise.
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    Here's the wild one... University of Western Texas Location: Socorro, Texas Type: Public University Founded: 1915 Major Rivals: Eastern Texas, UTEP
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    Didn't even bother to turn on the game yesterday. I was getting texts from people telling me that Lamar Jackson was running wild and I opted instead to use the nice weather to fix the gutters on my garage. It's a really cool detached garage built in the 1930's that the previous owner allowed to fall into disrepair through sheer negligence. They let the leaves and debris pile up without ever cleaning them, which is annoying because it took me maybe six minutes to scoop them out. They're like 8 feet off the ground, all you need is a step ladder. Not cleaning the leaves created a lot of weight, which over time pulled down the gutters, which caused rain water to run back into the garage, which meant all of the wood on the fascia and the first row of wood under the shingles was rotted out and needed to be replaced. I found some white weatherproof pvc boards, fixed the roof and replaced the bad shingles. I also threw a couple coats of paint on the white trim to match our new PVC fascia and it's looking functional, watertight, and spiffy. It was a really beautiful day and even if the Bengals had won I wouldn't have cared. That's where I'm at now. I don't care about this sport. Goodbye forever, NFL. You're our worst sport.
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    I'd rather live in a trash can in the Bay Area than a mansion in America's Biggest Mistake of a City ©
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    If they don't look like practice uniforms, then sure. But these are 100% practice uniforms. I don't think that's a stretch at all.
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    Cardinals v Falcons look so bad, both teams need to get a new look asap.
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    Dean Spanos deserves nothing nice, and I hope a new owner takes over and puts the Chargers back in San Diego where they belong. Should've been the Raiders in LA.
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    Things I hate about this uniform. 1. The collar 2. Uh, i think that's it. Honestly? While it is an improvement taking away the Vancouver script, the old canucks jerseys also looked really nice.
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    I like the new Stick-in-Rink as well on the blue uniforms. However, not as much on the white uniform as it just does not stand out. They should have gone with this updated version with white stick on blue rink on the white jerseys. Keeping with the tradition of how the logo was treated with the 1970s uniforms. The rink is white when on a blue jersey and blue when on the white jersey.
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    The all-white look would’ve been much more palatable if they’d’ve worn contrasting (read as: black) socks with the combo.
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    I don't get how anyone can think these uniforms are bad. The team had one of the better uniforms during the Edge rollout even with the script on the front. I like how much cleaner they look without it and I particularly like how the white Stick and Rink stands out on the blue homes. The lack of green on the main crest doesn't bother me in the slightest because the stripes contain enough of the colour to balance the uniform. The numbers don't have any green so it's not as if all three colours need to be present everywhere. This is a serious, traditional and beautiful uniform. The road whites aren't as good but that's the case for most teams anyways. I know people on here are tired of hearing about the Canucks but it is the first season of a uniform change so I think we should be able to comment on their new look without it turning into a Johnny Canuck vs Orca flame-war.
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    Doesn't matter,BACK TO BROWN NOVEMBER 9TH
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    The game looked horrible. Both teams in all white from the waist down made it look like a scrimmage/joint practice. Stripeless pants have no place in the nfl other than throwbacks.
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    Saints are better off sticking with their Color Rush whites. Those are so good.
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    Really? I'm personally offended. The Packers look like a double road team even though they're at home. Traditional division rivalry games should be played in traditional uniforms. At least in the NFC North.
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    I wish the compromise had been that Los Angeles TV rights would be split three ways between the Rams, Chargers, and Raiders, with reciprocity between Los Angeles and San Diego, but only the Rams would get to play there. The Chargers in St. Louis is just daft. Any football there would be, the stadium's a dump.
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    "We can't put out a new design, look at how much of the old one we still have to sell" is a philosophy that will carry Eugene Melnyk through until he no longer owns the Sens.
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    FWIW, a local Marlins beat reporter says the team is aware of the feedback regarding the visibility issues of the black on black jerseys but he hasn't heard anything about them giving in to any changes just yet. I doubt any changes happen in 2020 but, contrary to popular opinion, this new ownership has been more open to fan feedback than the previous knuckleheads so maybe if there's enough feedback on this then a tweak does eventually happen.
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    FYI The Redskins will be wearing their throwbacks this week. Although I have other more direct means to knowing this info (ironically for this message board, I work for the NFL), I have friend who are season ticket holders and the ticket stub for this week's game has throwback photos of Sammy Baugh, Sonny Jurgensen, and Doug Williams on it. The Redskins only do this when they are wearing their throwback unis for their homecoming game - as opposed to normal games in which the ticket stubs have photos of current players. I assume this uniform will be phased out in 3 years, and replaced by a new throwback for the Redskins 90th anniversary. My hunch is that they will roll with an iteration of these 1950's:
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    On top of that, you need to do the work. If you're "busy as heck", then you need to slow it down and produce teams when you get the chance. This isn't going to be a "I do one team and everyone else helps me" type thread for this huge project.
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    The new Baylor bear logo just doesn't make for a good helmet sticker. The white outline makes them stick out too much, and the logo has too many small details, so it's illegible from far away. If they insist on doing the helmet stickers, Baylor should use a bear claw instead, wouldn't crowd the helmet so much. Maybe something like this:
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    Are we still on about the Canucks name change? Jesus. The uniform discussion was menial enough, this is just insipid. The Canucks have one of the better nicknames in pro sport, and absolutely NOBODY, at least nobody with a modicum of interest in the team, wants it changed. You can talk about how its hard to make a lasting logo with the name, but changing it is just cutting off your nose to spite your face. That's it. That's the end of discussion on the name. There is zero benefit in changing it. You can talk about the logos some more (but at this point, why would you want to?), but stop with the name change talk.
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    How about no. This is a message board. Any opinion presented in a way that doesn't violate our community rules is allowed. Neither you or anyone else has the right to tell someone to leave on account of their opinion.
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    Dolphins really missed a chance at wearing their aqua throwbacks for this week’s game. Washington-Miami would’ve been an incredible looking game.
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    Predictably, the Saints’ new white pants are just a crappy white version of the black pants: These are absolutely terrible, at least when worn with the white socks.
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    I nominate this for POTD.
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    Apparently there have been 'rumors' floating around that the NFL "offered" St. Louis the Chargers. What a joke. Ridiculous. They screwed over both St. Louis and San Diego and are offering the Chargers to get out of the terrible situation they put themselves in? I hope the Chargers go bankrupt in LA.
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    I think the Ravens are a small tweak away from having a virtually perfect identity - there should be a stripe on the black pants. They look way too close to yoga pants/leggings imo. Other than that, they’re pretty much good. The purple pants are brilliant, especially with the white and black jerseys, their integration of the MD flag is clever and not too in-your-face, the number font is unique and fits, I like the primary logo, just about everything is perfect. And I’m so glad the gold pants stayed as a one-off idea. It was good to see them experiment with pants since it was just white and black for the longest time, but gold was definitely not the direction to go in.
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    1). It isn't a cool city. 2). It is an objective fact. 3). Those are both beside the point anyway because that's not even the issue. The SF Bay Area is just objectively a better area for, well, just about everything. 4). Vegas is running out of natural resources, such as clean drinking water, and growing at alarmingly unsustainable levels. Within 50 years, Vegas will basically be the setting for Mad Max: Fury Road. Raiders will still probably be there, though.
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    How about something like this?
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    I am a Saints fan. As a general rule for most football teams, I don't like white jerseys and white pants at the same time. I like the Saints Color Rush outfit, and I thought the CR white pants would be fine with the normal white jersey. After all, the Ravens are essentially wearing their CR purple pants now on occasion with their regular jerseys. And I've never been over the moon for the Saints current gold pants because the pants and helmets don't usually match and the Nike khaki shade of gold they've forced up on the Saints doesn't leave enough contrast to the white jerseys. It leaves a gold/white/gold combo that looks too bland because the gold is too bland. But the plain white Saints pants need to be burned. They have the same problem the black pants have -- no stripe. I hate football pants with no stripes. They always look like just a pair of practice pants. The Saints need a uniform overhaul. They need to go back to the original shade of gold. At that point, I'd be fine with any rotation of white, black or gold pants as long as they have three stripes on them and the middle stripe is white (or gold on the white pants), which the Saints have had at various points of their history. The current jerseys are OK and would work fine, but it would be better if they went back to the original Saints jerseys with serif numbers and sleeve stripes.
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    If the Celtics City jerseys were black then this matchup wouldn't make much sense- I'm guessing the black jersey you've seen might be the statement? They're only slated to wear their statements vs white and red jerseys so far. EDIT after more research- Black statement jersey from last year is available for purchase with new Celtic Kemba Walker's name & number, so I'm guessing they'll just be keeping that design.
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    Put together a summary of what's been confirmed to date. I'm assuming Miami and Memphis will carry over from last year. There's probably a handful of other teams or even all the remaining TBD that will likely carry over from last year. 2019statement
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    Respectfully, no. In my humble opinion this is a common fallacy. The Heat have an established brand and color scheme. That brand and color scheme is strong, insomuch as Red and black with yellow is evocative of the Sun and fire in general. In addition, they've won three titles in two different eras and were competitive in another earlier era with essentially the same look. Recently they've developed another look that everyone appreciates and enjoys. This is wonderful for them as a brand as they can roll out the Vice look on special occasions and not abandon their legacy, similar to Notre Dame wearing green and gold every once in a while. What would happen if the Heat could magically change their uniforms to full time Vice starting tomorrow? A. Their championship legacy would be cast aside B. The Vice look would cease to be special C. In very short order, they would tire of the Vice look and try something else. Then five years would pass and they'd try something else with a new color scheme and new styling along the lines of whatever the design fad of the day happened to be. And then after a decade, they'd consider going back to the original look for a while, but maybe with a new modern twist. In the meantime, the Miami Heat who once had a strong brand recognition among NBA fans would've been transformed into one of those marginal teams who are always retooling their look like the Grizzlies or the Jazz or the Bucks.
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    Arizona suffers from an issue where their uniforms are impossible to make good. Their white jerseys are acceptable at best, but their red and blue jerseys are bad enough that they ruin any combo they try with them.
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    I kinda hope the Padres go with cream as well. Personally I think the brown and hints of yellow would look great. Just make the cap solid...with a white and yellow (gold?) SD (and yellow squishee or whatever you call that button). And that yellow jersey is OUTSTANDING. They’d sell like hot cakes. Even I’d buy one.
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