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    I thought these looked good. Hopefully there will be no combination of soutache and pinstripes.
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    I’ve seen this before, and it gets me every time. The Cowboys’ helmet is NOT metallic blue (nor is it true silver) Metallic blue: Blue-tinted silver: Silver: And (to relate this to the conversation at hand) the Cowboys’ pants they pair with the navy jerseys, while closer to the helmet than the pants worn with the white jersey, DO lack the blue-tint that is apparent on the helmets. It’s damn close though, and from the angles shown on TV it looks the same, but yeah, it’s (unfortunately) a third shade of silver.
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    Such a huge improvement, and a pleasant surprise at that. It’s amazing what a few changes like this can do. I will admit, the change away from the dark gray is a bit surprising, especially under Nike, but the road uniform is still a good look.
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    I just realized there’s no red hats. Where’s the red hats? Also that Nike logo is such an eyesore.
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    I love teal just as much as the next guy, but the teal the dbacks use is way too garish, it’s basically neon. If they went back to their teal from the 90’s it would look fantastic paired with the red and black
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    I’ve been trying to position myself on this “pinstripes” discussion and I’ve tried to think of an analogy that works and I’ve sorta come up with one. It’s not perfect, but maybe it’ll help clarify some things. In racing, the number 3 is synonymous with Dale Earnhardt. Even non-racing fans know that, just like non-baseball fans know the Yankees wear pinstripes. But Dale Earnhardt wasn’t the first driver of the 3, that was Bill Snowden in 1949, 32 years before Earnhardt, just like the Yankees weren’t the first team to wear pinstripes. Since Earnhardt, several drivers in many series across the globe have used the number 3, and many of them use it because of Earnhardt, but there are some who use it for different reasons: There are undoubtedly many teams that use pinstripes because they want to look like the Yankees, like many racing drivers use the 3 because of Earnhardt, but that doesn’t mean that’s why EVERY team that wears pinstripes does, just like not every driver chooses number 3 for the same reason. Is the 3 synonymous with Earnhardt? Yes Are pinstripes synonymous with the Yankees? Yes Does everyone who uses number 3 or every team that wears pinstripes do it because they want to emulate the more synonymous use? NO Hopefully this at least helps to clarify this discussion a little. Or maybe I just made no sense at all.
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    I think switching the red and black around would give this set more life, but I won't complain too much. The worst offenders have been dealt with.
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    It’s a shirt. Why does it need to be exciting?
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    Yeah, I think I just might sort of understand what you mean. I'm not Patfan56, after all.
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    Blue’s synonymous with the Dodgers so the Cubs are doubly pathetic.
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    It boggles my mind how people think this. The Heat had some bad games wearing the white vice unis and fans made a big deal how they were "cursed". Even the media got in on it! I did a game by game analysis of those months and they were not much better wearing the other uniforms.
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    Up next we head up to Idaho for the Saints... #6 Wilford Woodruff Saints Wilford Woodruff University Location: Pocatello, Idaho Type: Private University Founded: 1944 Religious Affiliation: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Conference: Greater American Hockey Association National Championships: 1 2000 National Championship Runners-Up: 1 1994 Frozen Four Appearances: 4 1994, 2000, 2010, 2018 Conference Championships: 5 1991, 1994, 2000, 2010, 2018
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    Not to pick any nits, but this seems a good a time as any to remind everyone of the time the Jazz broke out their mothballed green uniforms at home on St. Patrick's Day against the Pistons during Karl Malone's rookie season ('85-'86). This was the only time that he ever actually wore the green unis. Additionally, were the Hawks the first team to don an alternate uniform in the NBA? This topic has always fascinated me.
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    Good. TNT sucks at it. Though, if this is just a move from B/R app to CBS app, forget it.
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    Not on the topic of new uniforms for the Brewers, but I was in Milwaukee a season ago, and picked up a Brewers 3930 cap with the BIG containing the image of the People's Flag of Milwaukee. I couldn't resist getting it, and it's one of my favorite hats
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    More on Ottawa: (from the Ottawa Citizen) https://ottawacitizen.com/sports/soccer/mls/ottawa-fury-fc/over-and-out-ottawa-fury-fc-says-goodbye-after-league-denies-permission-to-play/wcm/f8e23ca3-22bd-4be7-baa3-24788507e312 Whatever your personal opinion is on quality levels aside, FIFA sees USL and CPL as the same tier. FIFA has said that they won't sanction a Canadian team in the USL any longer or vice-versa. There's a lot of finger pointing in the article and I obviously don't know how much is true (if there was a delay in applying for another year of sanction in the USL) but I'm seeing one thing; Ottawa was basically told "play in Canada or don't play". Again, it's a shame that ownership's stubbornness has cost people their jobs and the supporters their team.
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    In the Seattle market YouTube TV, Blazers national games are simulcast on the Portland NBC Sports affiliate. Simulcast though; not blocked on the national feed. Who understands sports licensing anymore? We're two weeks in and it's hard to read this season. I think the best teams, in no order, are the Celtics, Sixers, Heat, Bucks, Clippers and Lakers. Phoenix is up there for now, but I also remember the Grizzlies being the top team in the west last season through the first month or so. The Clippers are already load managing Kawhi, so their 5-3 record could/should be more, while the Lakers are 6-1 but have come back from double digits deficits in most of their games. Denver is 5-2, which is good, but they've looked bad when losing, which is bad. That's about as sophisticated analysis I have right now. Some teams are goodish. Some are badish. Others are in the middle. I'm mostly just happy the NBA is back!
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    Cowboys have 6 colors in that uniform. It's hiddeous. White Royal Black Navy Seafoam Blue silver helmet
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    I can't believe that anybody had a positive reaction of any sort to that nonsense. Of course, it would be the unironic Soviet-style communist that would think it was anything other than an ill-conceived corporate advertising stunt.
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    That swoosh is brutal on the front
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    The wordmark sucks. That era of typography should stay dead. The vector is what matters, and it’s good it’s back.
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    That only makes sense if the throwbacks aren’t selling as well as many of us thought/expected/outright hoped they would. The Brewers didn’t need to “create a market” for their throwbacks.
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    I'm hoping he means the home pinstripes will be cream. I don't automatically associate pinstripes with the Yankees like some people, but cream would at least be a way to distinguish a design using navy pins as uniquely Brewers.
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    Not really. The more jerseys fans buy the more profits every team makes, even if each sale is split thirty ways. It's therefore to the advantage of every team to have as many jerseys as possible. ESPECIALLY for a team like the Diamondbacks, who don't have the history and brand a more established team like the Yankees do. The latter can make as much money as possible off of their fanbase with home, road, and bp gear. The Diamondbacks may need six uniforms to get the same traction at the register. Also? Apparel sold at team shops in-stadium or stadium-adjacent are exempt from revenue sharing. So that's extra incentive for the Diamondbacks to sell more product.
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    that Detroit State alt is hot
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    Nike's gotta make something back on their investment too...
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    In my opinion, Reebok is wise to revive the vector logo (a clearly more memorable emblem than the delta pattern), but is foolish to bring back also the rather 1970s-like (e.g. Starsky & Hutch) wordmark that accompanied the vector design.
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    Definitely an upgrade. Much cleaner. Although I'll always use any Diamondback talk as an opportunity to say they should be in purple, teal, and black. For those that need a comparison to the previous set:
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    I don't understand why they don't use teal in every set. Red, black and the bright teal look awesome together.
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    Apart from the extenuating circumstances of Golden State, feels like things are mostly shaking out as expected thus far. We'll see about how sustainable Phoenix is. I've been pleasantly surprised by the Celtics so far, but they've mostly played bad teams (that comeback against the Bucks was great, though) and I think the lack of depth, while good to get the rookie class some minutes, will bite them in the playoffs -- obviously the rotations will be shorter, but I'm already concerned that the good players are going to be worked to death in the regular season. But Good Hayward seems to legitimately be back for the first time in two years, and Kemba is easily the best fit for a Celtics team at PG since peak Rondo in a previous era of basketball. I haven't watched a ton of other teams yet -- not sure what to make of the Sixers. Horford is as perfect for them as I feared. As a fan of a conference rival I hope they never find an outside shooter, though. Denver is such an interesting team to me. Just completely under the radar but a well put together squad. Curious whether last year's playoff experience will prevent further wilting this year. They present a fun contrast to the rest of the league as far as teambuilding goes.
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    That powder blue really does pop under the lights, even more than during the day. I think something about this game being played in Oakland made this matchup even better. The black midfield logo and end zones contrasted so nicely with each team. This game would not have looked as great if it were played at the StubHub Center during the day.
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    You're welcome, I figured if anyone would appreciate it, it would be this board.
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    That's how I feel as well, for right now. But, the Padres did look really good in their World Series era pinstriped set, so I'll withhold judgement until I see them. I could see the Pinstripes either looking very neat and clean and really adding to the set, or just looking wonky and out of place.
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    Ew. Silver helmets with white pants is almost as bad as silver helmets with two sets of non-matching silver pants.
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    Why doesn't Oakland match wear throwback logos on their helmet to match the throwback jersey? it's such a simple swap, and makes a world's difference in appearance in my opinion
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    For how many years did I say "you can't just paint-bucket the 2004 design elements into brown and gold, they were designed for the ocean colors" in concept threads? The Padres really made an ass of me!
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    PetcoParkNova.ttf is looking sharp! The design team somehow managed to salvage the font by modifying it, to the point where it looks good in brown/yellow! The old PetcoPark.ttf and the shampoo script looked awful in brown/yellow (despite the concept section's best efforts).
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    way easier to keep clean too
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    What the hell is he gonna to with the broom when he catches the snitch? Is Harry Potter just a glamorized hardcore prison story?
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    Poorly drawn? Have you seen the gross, bumpy curve along the bottom of the old one? How about the oddly off center “counter” of the B? The old one Indeed felt like it was trying to do both things equally well, and I think it lacked a clear hierarchy as a result. The new one is more clearly a glove first and foremost. It does take slightly more effort to discover the MB, but I think that makes it *more* clever, not less. It has enough separation to retain the purposeful and distinct forms of the letters, but now they’re really good supporting actors instead of the sidekick who’s trying to steal the spotlight from the star. I also think it’s a huge aesthetic improvement. The drawing quality of the curves is night and day, as mentioned above, and I think the location of the ball works better, too, as the off-center ball made for a really ugly B and killed some of the positive/negative relationship in the old one. The biggest improvement for me, though, is definitely the balance and composition. The old one is optically narrower, probably because of the taper toward the top of the “thumb.” The open web made the M feel almost like it was “sliding” off the B and that tiny detail gave the whole mark an unstable feeling, like it’s tilting very slightly to the right. They nailed the new one in this regard, filling out the mark by evening the thickness of the thumb, centering the ball, and giving the outer edge of the thumb just a slightly softer curve. Connecting the web actually serves a great purpose in this regard, “holding” or “pulling” the M back toward the the center, which brings the stability back. It also brings some visual weight back to the web area, which does wonders for that positive/negative relationship. Looking at them side by side, especially with the squint test, the new one looks much more full, balanced, and uniform In almost every way. With that said, there’s probably a nice in-between step here that would both clean up the composition and quality but retain more of the old one’s details to make both sides happy. There’s also no discernible benefit to changing the orientation of the ball seams the way they did, so that could very easily revert, as could the counter in the web. I’d honestly like to see what an ultra-simple stitch pattern that resembles a wheat stalk looks like running through the ball.
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    Time out--how old is this photo? I recognize some of the names in that caption--in particular Jack McKeon, who I presume is the same free- spirited, fun-loving, stogie-bitin' Jack McKeon who skippered the three-headed-monster-led '03 Florida Marlins past the Yankees for the World Series title?! Okay, now to the rest of this... I need somebody to help me out on this one here, particularly the name. "Paddlehead"? Mmkay. And as for this alternate logo above, I racked my brain trying to figure out why I was looking at one broken paddle up underneath the other one--i presume that orange thing is supposed to be an inner tube?-- and then I ran across this on the mothership regarding said alternate logo: (If not for the fact that I've actually seen that giant peace sign on the hillside going through Missoula for myself, I'd have probably glossed right over that part.)
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    Go back to San Diego where you belong.
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    Wisconsin Badgers Will Honor Family Of Assistant Coach Howard Moore With Uniform Patch November 1, 2019 - 20:31 PM The Wisconsin men’s basketball team will honor the late wife and daughter of assistant coach Howard Moore — who were tragically killed in a car accident last spring — by wearing a special uniform patch and shooting shirts with the […] Read More...
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    So, after 22 hours of gameplay -- so hopeful after getting past the 10-hour mark -- I once again am completely incapable of saving anything and am once again in contact with 2K Support. They have never found the reason why this has happened on multiple computers, with multiple editions of the game. And I'm apparently the only person this has ever happened to with no solution, or at least who has reported it so persistently. Since I'm yet again stuck in the water and unable to work on what is a hugely ambitious project that relies on NBA 2K but ranges well beyond that, I may as well give you my update on the Jazz. I really didn't like how ungrammatical "Jazz Montréal" was, yet couldn't find a solution for adding the "de" that I was happy with. Until I saw all that dead space in the light blue: I had also wanted to use the saxophone as a "J" in a wordmark. I ended up with a secondary logo that doubles as the wordmark on the jerseys (and, if I do say so, I like how it came out before the game screwed up on me and now I'll have to recreate it): And there's your basketball. Sorry they're so big -- click on them to see them more properly. I'd sized them for 2K, or rather, had to resize them, since after two years, I'd forgot the required pixel size, and no one posts anywhere online how big they're supposed to be (1024 x 1024 for logos, 512 x 256 for arena name logo-thingies or whatever they're called, 512 x 128 for scorer's table ads, in case you're wondering.)
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