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    Because most other teams in baseball overuse their colored alternate jerseys on the road and the Padres just decided to be honest about it.
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    This is about as well as most people on these boards and Padres fans could hope for. There might be something small that shows up while in play, but so far I cannot see anything wrong with them (other than the Nike logo creep). I echo the sentiment that San Diego, ahem, knocked this one out of the park.
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    You know why this shade of sand works? It's very close to gray to my eyes so it still looks close enough to a traditional road jersey color as opposed to looking like a dirty stained jersey like in the mid 2000s.
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    A few years ago I posted that the Padres sand road uniforms are the uniform set I never expected to miss, but really do. These were actually great, in many respects. Just tone down the sand color a little bit so it’s more subtle rather than making them look like baseball playing Steve Irwins, and that’s an awesome uniform. That particular color scheme is where I think the Padres just missed making blue their primary color scheme for good. The addition of sand and powder blue was fantastic, but they got nervous and botched the execution. The sand was just a bit too overblown, and they never actually used the powder blue to any real extent on the uniforms (baffling to me considering Chargers fans already loved that color). Even with that being said, that original PetCo Park set was still IMO the best they’ve ever looked. Had they been more bold and tied in that light blue a bit better I think that set would’ve aged a lot better. But instead they were a snore fest on the field in that era, panicked a bit, and scaled back and looked about as boring as they played. Them going back back to brown is the right move, but they were really close to making blue work.
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    I wasn’t crazy about the pinstripes but having them for both the home and road sets is a move I actually REALLY like. These are terrific. The Padres absolutely nailed it. I give this organization basically endless for their continued ineptitude. But in this case, I have to give credit where credit is due. They’re one of the best looking teams in baseball now.
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    Suddenly the Padres are one of the best looking teams in baseball. All three uniforms are near perfection. Classic. Simple. Unique.
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    saw someone ask if this was the best matchup, and I got curious and just wanted to post a visual so I could see.. want to keep a folder of what some of the best matchups are this season. edit: my curiosity got the best of me, I want to see the beauty of all the best jersey matchups so far. Just posting these based on what I read
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    P.S. I'm probably in the minority, but I think the "seafoam" has a certain character...in my opinion it's part of the Cowboys' look now. When they're in silver and navy they're fine, but their real unique look is the seafoam and royal. So why not embrace it?! No black, no navy, one "silver". Wear royal when need be. Problem solved.
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    Wow. Pretty rare for a team to do exactly what they should. And it's the PADRES!
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    Okay the A in the wordmark being the Mission Bell is genius. I love this look.
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    I liked the sand in concept, but it just didn't work for me in practice. Maybe the navy/khaki combo was just boring. If they did the exact same sand but with brown / white/ yellow trim, it might work a lot better this time around.
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    There aren’t even 60 minutes in a game...
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    Nike is deliberately making the colors not match because the Cowboys insisted that the colors not match. It’s pretty simple. This one is not on Nike; the Cowboys have been doing this since well before they took over the league’s contract. Nike is just giving its customer what he wants, even if what he wants is really stupid.
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    Though the black is very untraditional for the lakers I think the black accessories really compliment that sleek purple and black look which emphasizes the gold and white stripes. Though I personally would have preferred purple or black socks to keep the all dark look
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    It's sports. Athletes are superstitious and by extension, so are their fans.
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    It's clean now but it's also kinda boring. They need to make the teal whites the primary jersey.
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    I like it very much! The thin trim/pinstripes combo is far better than I imagined it would be, while the sand/brown road uniform and the full sand pinstripes are also fantastic. I like that they're being honest about wearing the brown jersey on the road more than the sand set. It'd be nice if other teams did that (e.g., Pirates and White Sox). While the cleaned up wordmarks are good-looking (especially that "San Diego"), I do wish the home wordmark was a touch smaller and the brown top had no white outlines, but those are minor quibbles. The Swinging Friar's return is also very welcome. The swoosh is whatever - I'll live with it. They've managed to go back to their proper colors and put a fantastic spin on things. Well done! The Padres might just have turned the corner.
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    I always loved the sand road unis. I just hated the Padres in navy and gold.
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    The Oakland A's have one of the best hats in baseball, whatchu talkin' bout
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    Maybe if it was for Washington state, and not the Washington redskins
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    I also would like to give kudos to the wizards for changing their arena light because it’s made their court look 10x better than it was last year with that ultra bright lighting. Also removing the wordmark on the sides and replacing it with capital one strangely looks great too. Heck the lighting even made their jerseys look good. I’ve never been a fan of their jerseys and court until now. old: new:
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    Vancouver is why MLS now requires stadiums to be set before the expansion team is rewarded. Everyone thought it was a foregone conclusion, it fell apart, and the Whitecaps are now in a stadium they don’t control. MLS won’t let that happen again. And yes, football stadiums have always been okay. “Must be a SSS!” was an Internet myth that never had a basis in reality. Stadium ownership, or more precisely control, is the essential question. This is why, incidentally, CFG had to bring the Yankees into their ownership group. They certainly didn’t need the Steinbrenners’ money, but the Yankees brought the one thing CFG didn’t have: a stadium.
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    Also AD's black undershirt is helping complete the look a lot here...
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    Because it’s not a shirt, it’s a jersey that represents a team/fanbase and it costs $80+ to buy.
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    I never knew this, and damned if it doesn't explain just about everything!
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    I'll take the boring over ridiculous patterns!
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    It's actually a nice mix of several looks over the past 35 years * brown primary road jersey and friar logo of the mid-80s * home and road brown pinstripes of the late-80s * sand of the late-2000s * brown alt jersey of the late-2010s
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    I LOVE The Brown pinstripes. That was 1 thing I was hoping they'd do. Can't wait to see how they look on the field.
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    I wasn't expecting any serious changes outside the color change, but the use of sand is a really nice touch and makes a big difference. Maybe the Padres aren't totally inept after all!
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    Much better but a return to purple, teal, copper, and black is warranted.
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    The cap on Bernie has the new logo. You can tell from the ball placement.
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    insert name here and insert school there. The $hit is still kinda hard.
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    I don't think we should put a soccer stadium in Central Park and we shouldn't put on in Stanley Park. I love sports, but I love beautiful open recreational space too. Stanley Park is a treasure on par with Central Park or Golden Gate Park that you can't fully appreciate till you've been. Vancouver is incredibly dense and I can't think of a spot in the city core to fit a stadium. It's too bad the Whitecaps weren't more of a deal in the run-up to 2010. I'm sure there could have been an opportunity to build a SSS for the Olympics with a temporary roof. Another bummer about Vancouver playing in BC Place is that the closed roof belies how beautiful Vancouver is. When I was a kid I, like Stevie Francis, thought Vancouver was frozen tundra. The climate is much more in line with Seattle or Portland, and the city itself, nestled in the mountains, is stunning.
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    Yep, it was a San Francisco firm Sidajakou, Berman and Gomez, who designed the ‘85 Padres uni and the Giants uni the year before. Hell the Pads apparently knew it was a blatant rip-off and wanted it to be so they’d sell more merch due to the easier tooling. Guess back then it was tough to get third parties to manufacture what amounted to one off merch due to the Padres eclectic brown/yellow/orange design. http://padrespublic.com/rjs-fro/padres-get-new-uniforms-is-what-these-old-articles-said/
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    Because they produced what the team wanted?
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    primary road uniform is "sand pants and a dark brown top", an additional road uniform will be unveiled tomorrow as well. a new camo uniform for sundays will be unveiled later, also brown.
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    Oh, look. The Fury submitted an incomplete application to CONCACAF. I’m shocked, shocked that an NASL club’s sense of entitlement is so well-developed.
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    FWIW, I still really hate that NASCAR didn't retire the #3 for Sale Sr. I know that others used that number before him, but none of them were Sr. And considering the circumstances, that number should've been Jackie Robinson'd/Wayne Gretzky'd.
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    I think switching the red and black around would give this set more life, but I won't complain too much. The worst offenders have been dealt with.
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    These are a huge improvement, and I love the road grays. But I've always been a bit confused about the use of turquoise as a novelty. I get that it's a Southwest color, and I think it looks fantastic. But why not just use it all the time or pair it with the Sedona Red? As much as I appreciate the effort to simplify their look, they could stand to take a step or two further.
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    Those uniforms are truly atrocious
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