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    Anyway the Padres nailed this look. Everything works. I'm not 100% sold on the brown tops being the official road uniforms, but that sand pinstripe set is so nice I'll overlook the official designations. Well done Padres. Now just never change. I fully expect them to be in red, white, and blue in five years
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    Outstanding. They finally look like the Padres again. As an added bonus, it's one less team wearing blue in MLB.
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    OK so burn the second set of socks and make a sock version of those gorgeous stirrups.
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    Because most other teams in baseball overuse their colored alternate jerseys on the road and the Padres just decided to be honest about it.
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    So just to get an idea how much the brown has changed from the historic browns many people including myself disliked, here’s the 2020 cap next to an ‘85 style. Much darker, richer brown, that is definitely not mistakable for black in person.
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    They went from a generic San Diego baseball team to a true identity.
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    Again, I point out that piping with pinstripes was a very common look in the Pacific Coast League. With the Padres being one of only two teams who are named in tribute to the original PCL, it makes total sense for them to do this.
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    While I'm not a fan of the GI Joe dress up trend in sports, I have to admit the Padres have made camo alts their thing and have a reasonably salient motive for doing it. If I could move forward knowing the Padres alts were the only time we'd ever see a military themed uniform, I'd be more than happy.
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    Thank you San Diego for not messing this up. Everything here is perfection.... and I'm not even a Padres fan, LOL.
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    Giving up 23 points in the 4th quarter to lose to Illinois was only the second most embarrassing thing Sparty did today ps ski-u-mah
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    I absolutely love it. One of the biggest upgrades of uniforms in any sport, ever. The Padres have suddenly leaped from one of the most bland, lifeless sets in baseball to one of the best and most unique. There honestly isn’t a single thing that I think needs changing. Now, if the Brewers can stick the landing on their redesign, we’ll have to talk about this being one of the best off-seasons for uniforms in baseball history.
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    Wow. Pretty rare for a team to do exactly what they should. And it's the PADRES!
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    F-ing gorgeous. Even the pinstriped roads. This is the equivalent of the White Sox finally getting it right in 1990. Way to go, Padres! (Your move, Brewers!)
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    Wow, it's almost like teams are the driving forces behind most poor logo/uniform decisions and Nike isn't the awful, uniform-ruining, tradition-shattering company people here make it out to be. Crazy, right? That said, the Padres. Look. AMAZING. The pinstripe homes are beautiful, the sand-colored roads look awesome, and I was right in saying that a team would designate a colored road this year (I guessed the Marlins, but hey, I got most of it right). Every aspect of this rebrand they nailed, which is crazy to hear. Props to the Padres for making this return to brown and gold work beautifully.
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    I don’t know what I’m more surprised by, the Padres making good uniforms, or Nike not ruining a brand (same with them not ruining the dbacks)
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    Well, I owe you guys an explanation. I've been in grad school (quarter system), busy like all hell. My work just took over my life, along with socializing and other pursuits (e.g., video editing for funsies - I forgot how much fun it was - and going down some enjoyable, both hilarious and analytical and downright repulsive rabbit holes). I was also feeling a little bit of burnout, since I had hit a bit of designer's and writer's block with the concepts and narrative. The conduct of the posters on this thread also got on my nerves a little. It just stopped being fun, with a compulsion to reply to every post no matter how inane. If we want this series to continue, I have a few ground rules. No quoting a long post with lots of images just to add one line of commentary. Violators will be reported. No big requests of a bunch of unused names/relocations that didn't happen. If I found it, I'll do it. Don't feel afraid to offer me more extensive C+C. Just saying "this is so cool!" doesn't help me at all. Anyway, I've been updating the Owgust renderings, per the suggestions of @Gothamite. The bat is now behind him, looking more like a natural left-handed batter. One of my "Braves as Brewers concepts" got an adjustment - a gold-paneled cap, alongside the deletion of the all-navy cap (@MJD7 was right about the athletic gold bill). I've even got a new prototype variation - Packers/if the A's stayed in KC or Philly style! New concepts will resume very soon - I'm going to be uploading them in batches, to avoid the long waits between works. It's been a long quarter, so I'll be glad to get back in action with my fun project!
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    No, it wasn't. People online had been demanding brown for years. They didn't do anything about it until those focus groups indicated that brown was the way to go. People keep saying this, but I don't see it. I think they work well together here
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    Props for them using a unique color on the road instead of the "traditional" (boring) same old gray.
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    1. I think PADRES looks really good in the size that it is. It's definitely a little bigger than what you'd expect, but I think that adds a little flair to what is otherwise a kinda plain-ish style. I'm a fan. 2. NIKE HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS. NOTHING. We're not "2 for 2" in the Nike era. Nike had no part in this.
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    Well, let's just say that I think the update was a significant improvement. I just hope that the "St. Louis" script finally makes its way to the road uniform (wishful thinking).
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    But if you’re looking to get an idea of how the fans feel, it would be a legitimate source for information. Not the only source you’d look at but a legitimate one. Therefore it should not be discounted.
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    Of course it should. Moreover, it must. You should never confuse the people here on this message board for a representative group of the general population. We aren’t; we’re a tiny, self-selected niche group. Nor are Internet comment sections representative of anything but the handful or people who participate. Ditto for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook. The people who contribute are but a tiny fraction of the general population. Loud, to be sure, but tiny.
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    Would they do yellow top for Spring training? The team store has a yellow shirt that looks pretty nice.
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    Woah. This is beautiful. Other than the return of Camo Jerseys and the Sand Uni being the Road Alt rather than the Primary Road Uniform, I have no complaints. It tries to be modern, with the Pinstripes+Piping combo, while actualy being traditional at the same time! Now THIS is how you do a rebrand! Trying something new while keeping it nice and good-looking at the same time. Trying to make a look that will last many years rather than an eyesore that will get emojis for 5 minutes and then be hated on Opening Day. Man, those are some nice Stirrups...
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    Huge fan. That Swingin' Friar logo with the gold circle is awesome.
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    This is about as well as most people on these boards and Padres fans could hope for. There might be something small that shows up while in play, but so far I cannot see anything wrong with them (other than the Nike logo creep). I echo the sentiment that San Diego, ahem, knocked this one out of the park.
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    Bell Centre • Montréal Canadiens
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    To come back to this thread, and say something I didn't get to last night: Anyone whose complaining about the fact the Padres opted to go with both Pinstripes & Trim..... yeah, no. The fact they decided to do both is unique to them now, as they become the 1st team to do it with a button-down & they nailed the thickness of it as well. Also, if any other team brings back road pinstripes, it should be the Twins IMO.
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    I doubt it would be the 2021 season. They will be celebrating their 50th anniversary with the 2020 season, so it makes much more sense to bring out a new look for that, rather than have it coincide with a stadium name change. Having said that, the newly remodeled store opens on the 18th so I would think the unveil would be on or before that day...it also makes sense to have the new stuff out for holiday shopping. But it is the Brewers so I wouldn't put it past them to screw this whole thing up.
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    We exited baseball aesthetics' dark night of the soul circa 1993 when the last of the powder blues and pullovers were retired. From there, we should be sticking to buttoned white/grey orthodoxy but some teams have to ruin it, I guess. We even have teams re-installing plastic grass. It's a real problem.
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    SO close. So very close. Credit where credit is due. They nailed the palette. The shades of brown, yellow and sand are absolutely perfect. The customized alphanumeric font is also terrific. On the home uniform, they needed to make a choice between pinstripes and piping. One or the other. In my opinion, opting for pinstripes is a perfectly reasonable choice for the Padres, as the team has worn them in 17 previous seasons - a third of their existence. That said, adding the piping around the collar and sleeve ends strikes me as being overkill - an unnecessary design flourish on an already distinctive uniform. As for the PADRES word mark, it could stand to be made a bit smaller, but its not a deal-breaker as is. The road uniform? Well, for starters, it should be the alternate. I'm a traditionalist who absolutely loathes the move that professional baseball teams have made towards elevating the wearing of what amount to being batting practice jerseys as their primary road uniforms. As for the design of this uniform's jersey, I'd lose the white outline around the SAN DIEGO word mark and the player names and numbers. As others have said, there's more than enough contrast between the rich, deep brown of the jersey and the vibrant yellow of the letters and numbers. As for the piping on the jersey and pants of this uniform set, either lose the yellow piping on the top and retain the brown piping on the pants leg, or retain the yellow piping on the top and eliminate the brown stripe on the pants. As it stands now, I can't stand that the piping color on the two uniform components don't match in this set. Personally, I'd lose the yellow piping on the jersey and keep the brown striping down the pants leg. I don't believe that the piping should be eliminated from both the jersey and pants as that would make for a rather bland uniform that resembled a brown polo shirt being worn with a pair of khakis. Finally, my thoughts on the alternate. It should be the go-to road uniform. As for this uniform's design, like the home set, a choice needs to be made between pinstripes and piping. I think that these road pinstripes without the piping would make for a perfect road uniform for the Padres. I also think that if the pinstripes were removed from this Padres road uniform, and the brown/yellow piping of the jersey collar and sleeves were added to the legs of the pants, that would make for just as distinctive a road uniform. I will say that if the Padres opted to eliminate pinstripes from the road uniforms in favor of just the brown/yellow piping, then said sand pants with piping should be paired with the plain brown jersey in the alternate road unis. All of that said, these uniforms do mark a significant improvement for the San Diego Padres' look.
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    I know, right? Like, how does “nostalgia” fit the Winter Classic brand?
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    The Padres look absolutely beautiful now. They never need to change their uniforms again.
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    They'd look so much better without the pinstripes.
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    It’s great! Almost perfect in fact. I do have some nitpicks (of course). They could use numbers in front. Jersey would benefit greatly with that. This might just be me but does PADRES look big? So far we’re 2 for 2 in the Nike era. Might be because it’s just a manufacture logo swap so far.
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    They showed a five minute video before the show started, and Fowler said these are the uniforms they plan on wearing for a long time and the ones they will be remembered for after their championship.
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    It's actually a nice mix of several looks over the past 35 years * brown primary road jersey and friar logo of the mid-80s * home and road brown pinstripes of the late-80s * sand of the late-2000s * brown alt jersey of the late-2010s
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    I like it very much! The thin trim/pinstripes combo is far better than I imagined it would be, while the sand/brown road uniform and the full sand pinstripes are also fantastic. I like that they're being honest about wearing the brown jersey on the road more than the sand set. It'd be nice if other teams did that (e.g., Pirates and White Sox). While the cleaned up wordmarks are good-looking (especially that "San Diego"), I do wish the home wordmark was a touch smaller and the brown top had no white outlines, but those are minor quibbles. The Swinging Friar's return is also very welcome. The swoosh is whatever - I'll live with it. They've managed to go back to their proper colors and put a fantastic spin on things. Well done! The Padres might just have turned the corner.
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