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    Seems like management is warming to the idea of the fiesta colors and motif
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    I just did a quick autotrace in AI, so it's not perfect by any means (nor did I spend anytime to fix the overly pointed aspects). But these still would've been better than what they ended up with from a an outlining standpoint.
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    It was "Flashback Friday" in San Antonio last night, with players on the bench wearing these great t-shirts https://www.poundingtherock.com/2019/12/5/20996395/san-antonio-spurs-flashback-friday-at-the-at-t-center-sacramento-kings
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    It's just another stupid generalization of "the board". There seems to be an awful lot of that going around lately. I happen to dislike the white outline on the Tigers (as well as the Yankees and Phillies) roads.
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    I’m definitely in the minority around here when I say I can tolerate monochrome football uniforms, but New Orleans needs to stop. It looked nice when it was first introduced as a change of pace alternate combo a couple times a year, but gold pants were always the better option. Now that all-black is pretty much the only combination they wear at home, the “awesomeness” (using that term loosely) that accompanied it when it was first introduced is completely gone and I wouldn’t be disappointed if I never saw them wear black pants again.
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    Nice to see my concept getting some love on Twitter.
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    The Hornets official twitter blocked me. I guess they didn't like me talkin smack about their new unis.
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    I also think it's dumb to make a blanket statement like "monochrome isn't professional". You don't have to like it, but monochrome has been around long enough now that I think it's more than just a fad. With the Seahawks in particular, I think that their mono-navy look is essentially iconic in the NFL today, and ditching that brand in exchange for a lukewarm throwback set would be all kinds of backwards.
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    different sports have different aesthetics.
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    Continuing with a theme of blending eras while keeping an eye on the current aesthetics, for the Giants we've blended the current wordmarks (minus the unnecessary gold), the current road uniform (which is really a take on the '80s design), and the 1932 "Moonlight Graham" look. The Statement design is snow white instead of cream and uses orange scripts and black soutache both for the jersey and the cap.
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    Awesome? The gold helmet it so out of place that even the gold numbers can't save it. Monochrome is terrible and this is coming from a guy that has to watch his favorite team wear it every home game. Also, the Saints really need to change the cold from champagne to more of a brass color.
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    At this point, I think a lot of Knick fans may owe Isiah Thomas an apology. As criticized as he was during his tenure as head of operations, and head coach, it's clear by now he wasn't the problem. How do I know he wasn't the problem? Because of the list of names the Knicks have brought in since he left. Donnie Walsh, Phil Jackson, Mike D'Antoni, Kurt Rambis. Guys who have had tremendous success as coaches and executives throughout their careers. And none of them could do anything with the Knicks. I'm not sure if firing David Fizdale is a good move or not, but it doesn't matter because I don't think Red Auerbach in his prime could win with this club. No team in the history of modern pro sports has done so little with so much than the present-day Knicks. Every year Forbes lists the Knicks as either the most valuable or second most valuable team in the NBA. At every home game its who's who of people sitting courtside. Access to the largest media market in the country. Think of the potential endorsement money that lies with the Knicks. And despite all that, free agents don't want to go there, and who could blame them? Since 2002, the Knicks have had a total of three winning seasons, and none since 2013. I criticized them for trying to build around Carmelo Anthony because I thought the window on him being a franchise player had closed before he got to New York. Building around him has been by far the best strategy the Knicks front office has come up with over the past two decades. Everything else they have tried has been nothing short of an unmitigated disaster. The sad part is James Dolan is only 64 years old. It could be another 20 years before someone besides Dolan is allowed to run the Knicks. As it is now, you have to be almost 60 years old to remember the last time the Knicks were NBA champions. How many of those old Knick fans are going to be alive when the team wins the title again, provided they ever do?
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    Let's continue with another Metropolitan team... The primaries are simplified (dare I say modernized?) versions of their current classic sets, nothing too crazy here. The Pride uniform is inspired by the other professional sport teams in the "City of Champions", and the Honor uniform pays homage to the Penguins' inaugural season.
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    lol I hate you people on here. I LOVE all these funky variety of jerseys. I think its essential to have a classic home and away and have multiple other alternates. I love that when I turn on the TV Im treated to some crazy random visuals. I watch sports for the competition but I also love the aesthetics. Why are we even on this board if we are going to complain about having multiple looks?
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    If there's one sport that really never needs to worry about getting it's talent level watered down, it's soccer. You can find soccer players in every (inhabitable) continent on earth because it's played everywhere, unlike the sports we best know in North America. The more we can attract and bring skilled players to North America, the better as far as I'm concerned.
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    Nah, both number fonts are perfect. They’re unique without looking stupid (@Tampa Bay) and they’re simple enough that they work well with traditional uniforms. A traditional basic block font would definitely look fine, but I prefer the current fonts for both teams. It’s a pleasant touch of modernity to a pair of classic uniforms
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    Canucks wore the flying v jerseys for warm ups this afternoon against the Sabres, while wearing the black skate jerseys for a bonus game.
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    Because Elway knew that professional teams don’t wear monochrome dark colors.
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    Most of the love for the Tigers' uniforms comes from their home set. I've never seen anyone claim the road set is anything special.
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    I like gold numbers on both the black and white jerseys for the Saints. Heck, make the white jersey with black numbers the primary road, and white jersey with gold numbers the alt. B/W/B Braisher stripes on gold helmet and gold pants. I liked this look for the Saints. Just get the gold and pants stripes right.
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    There's a good number of people, myself included, that want the Tigers to drop the white outline.
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    Hmm, that’s weird. I didn’t know Sacramento had a Coliseum Complex. Also, they can’t get rid of the Marlins. What would Billy Gil do then?
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    I actually want to see the eagles try green pants with black jerseys (yes I know it's been done before but that was before Nike).
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    Charlotte's getting an MLS club and the MLS finally has a team that deserves the United monicker...but they wasted it on 40 or 50 other clubs. In the spirit of German clubs and with their owner's continued "One Carolina" mantra I've thrown this together. 1 works well with the combined Carolinas and I think a bit with the NASCAR culture of NC. This is a first draft and I'd love to hear input to make this even better.
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    And that, folks, is the best argument I’ve ever heard for keeping the Marlins in Miami.
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    Thomas Gradin looking good out there. Looking like he could still play a shift or two.
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    THANK YOU! They need to be left behind in the history books like pullovers and stirrups.
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    Georgia vs LSU is an EXCELLENT looking game. Could not ask for a better matchup in the SEC IMO
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    Vancouver Giants went with red helmets.
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    Yall just got awarded an MLS team, isn’t that enough for you?!?!... ... ... ............ what?
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    I can’t easily drive to Charlotte and it’s too realistic for my dumb posts.
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    I don't like powder blues at all. I consider them to be 70s relics that shouldn't be revived. But the new Rangers set is easily the worst because they are slapping a modern wordmark on a vintage template. It would have worked much better if they retained the period wordmark. Of course it looks very dated, but that's true for powder blues in general. It does make me wonder if pants colors outside of the traditional grey and white will be much more commonplace around the league now, especially with Nike taking over.
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    Yes. Same jerseys as last year, made from the same materials, on the same template, made by the same craftspeople in the exact same Pennsylvania favorite. That new Nike swoosh added $120 to the price. Enjoy!
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    But, is it still as bad as this?
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    They will never stop, will they...
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    I'd say the all blue have become "Seahawks Football" over the past 18 years. I'd also say that living here for that entire period, my experience has been that the fans here love the all blue (while hopeful for a time when they can wear the throwback silver helmet uni for a few times a season). If the rest of the country doesn't like them, I don't see that as being something the Seahawks should concern themselves with.
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    Uh....does that Yelich jersey say $454.99????
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    Agreed. Anyone who listens to Basically a Sports Show knows my position on Major League Baseball in Florida. It was a bad idea from the start and it just got worse from there. Those two teams are never going to be successful in Florida. Move them, get rid of them, or find a way to have them play just the Yankees, Red Sox, and Cubs for their home schedules. It's a shame that a pretty cool stadium is being wasted on Miami.
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    Because those uniforms had white numbers on white jerseys. Absolutely no one had a problem with white jerseys being worn with white pants.
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    It looks like a fake jersey that someone without the correct licensing put together to use as a free giveaway or like you find in the clearance section of your local department store. It doesn't look authentic. I have a jersey like this because my bank gave it away as a reward like ten years ago. They told me I could get a Marlins jersey as a reward when I signed up for a new credit card, when the jersey arrived it was a knock off style with a design that the team had never worn, not even close actually. Edit: jp beat me to it with the pics above. Like that.
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    Oof, this is NOT good. While I do like that they changed back to “Rangers” at home, making the switch to the script just on the home set is baffling. It doesn’t match anything in their set, and is a bummer because They could’ve kept the block font they use on the other sets and just changed it to RANGERS. That powder blue alt is straight up yikes, though. Not a fan of that in the slightest. The Rangers went from being a little bit of a mess to a complete and total mess.
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