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    That's such a confusing graphic. The placement of the game's logo in the bracket makes it look like the winner of Ohio State/Clemson goes to the Fiesta Bowl after.
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    They seem to be teasing just that...
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    My facebook memories reminded me that I almost froze to death 6 years ago today....
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    Y’know, I’m never one of the guys on here that advocates for a team to just make a straight throwback set the primaries, but these Ohio State throwbacks..... damn. It seems like they break them out every playoff appearance, so if they like them enough to want to wear them if they win a championship, why not just wear them full time?
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    Another year with an all-Nike (and Jordan Brand) CFP field. We should have two really nice semifinal matchups: Peach Bowl: Fiesta Bowl:
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    I love Georgia’s number font. And that LSU template/condensed font was from a couple years ago. It’s still condensed, but not as bad. I don’t want every team wearing block numbers. Too boring.
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    Nah, both number fonts are perfect. They’re unique without looking stupid (@Tampa Bay) and they’re simple enough that they work well with traditional uniforms. A traditional basic block font would definitely look fine, but I prefer the current fonts for both teams. It’s a pleasant touch of modernity to a pair of classic uniforms
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    Patriots fans complaining about officiating has to the be the cherry on this clown sundae we're calling 2019.
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    Also, If the Ravens MUST wear Black Pants (which they really shouldn't), besides adding stripes down them, can they at least wear White Socks like they did before 2005? EDIT:
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    Just one game. One game is all I want Vancouver to play in the flying V jerseys.
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    I want LSU to win it all just for the Ed Orgeron speeches.
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    Let's continue with another Metropolitan team... The primaries are simplified (dare I say modernized?) versions of their current classic sets, nothing too crazy here. The Pride uniform is inspired by the other professional sport teams in the "City of Champions", and the Honor uniform pays homage to the Penguins' inaugural season.
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    Since the summer, I've been working on a project to redesign every NHL team's logos and uniforms. So far, I've completed 24 out of the 32 teams, but I wanted to start sharing my work here before releasing the full project to get some feedback to improve the designs I already created, as well as those left. First up are the New Jersey Devils. The Devils' new jerseys bring back their old striping pattern, with a twist, and feature a logo which makes the N and J more obvious, while dropping the circle. C&C appreciated!
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    I've got nothing against the 49ers in general and thinks it's remarkable they came back from the brink of being irrelevant like they did. That said, Jed York is trash and doesn't deserve vindication. I'm glad they'll go 14-2 and get the 5 seed. There's at least that much justice in this world.
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    I'm calling it now, they're going to have a fiesta court next season. I'd be very surprised if the city uniform has it. By the way this Twitter graphic annoys me because the Kings have a throwback of the logo the Spurs used and did not wear it in this game.
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    The gold bird with the art deco feel made the old Palermo logo jump into my head...
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    Thomas Gradin looking good out there. Looking like he could still play a shift or two.
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    I just did a quick autotrace in AI, so it's not perfect by any means (nor did I spend anytime to fix the overly pointed aspects). But these still would've been better than what they ended up with from a an outlining standpoint.
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    Seems like management is warming to the idea of the fiesta colors and motif
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    They call it Scranton, what? The Electric City! Scranton, what? The Electric City! This is dope tho
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    Okay...something done got up in the Titans' Powerade lately. Who are these guys, and what have they done with the Snatit??? (Tannehill has almost 400 yards passing yards at present....)
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    Alright, it's time for the Suns to get some new looks. For the most part, Phoenix has always been somewhat consistent with their city looks, always following a "Los Suns" theme. But there is so much in Phoenix and Arizona for inspirations, so I decided to think out of the box here. Version 1: "VALLEY OF THE SUN": This look takes a few inspirations from Arizona and Phoenix. The maroon color base is taken from the Phoenix flag, while the copper is taken from the Arizona flag, and pays homage to the state's copper mining history. PHX is the front wordmark, in an attempt to help differentiate the look. The rays from the Arizona flag are also sublimated into the uniform, which is one of my favorite pieces. The uniform is finished off with the team's alternate logo on the shorts. This is truly Arizona. Version 2: "NATIVE ROOTS": One of Arizona's strongest cultural pieces is the Native American populations of the area, such as the Navajo, Apache, and Yavapai tribes. This uniform takes cues from the cultures of these peoples. The main color is turquoise, a commonly used stone in native jewelry. The font on the uniform takes inspiration from Native American (specifically Navajo) textiles and weaving. The gradient orange band around the chest and shorts is inspired by a location that many Native American cultures hold dear: the Grand Canyon, while the different bands aim to somewhat replicate the layers of rock reflected in the Canyon. This is for those who made this land. There are the Suns! Make sure to let me know what you think! Next up, we are headed to Wisconsin as we tackle the Bucks! Until next time!
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    That’s not true. They simply wipe the graphics off the field and repaint depending on the event (Atlanta United, Falcons, college kickoff games, bowls, etc). They also anticipate replacing the turf every two years given the heavy use and have already replaced it once in their building’s short lifespan. https://www.ajc.com/sports/new-turf-installed-mercedes-benz-stadium/Os2g5HD1ICv6NTWyGO0v4K/
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    I'll gladly get onboard, though with this caveat: Let the clock stop after 1st downs in the final two minutes of the first half and the final five minutes of the game.
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    Don't stop the game clock after every First Down to get the chain gang situated. If the old men in the NFL can do it, some of those same dudes can move quicker on Saturdays. That would cut minutes of real time instantly.
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    I'm still mad about the A-State game I attended where there was a TD, commercial, kickoff, commercial, three-and-out, commercial. Football needs to die.
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    I'm fine with getting rid of the kickoffs. The Georgia/LSU game took roughly three days to play, as is the usual for the CBS 3:30 game, and if they're not going to get the commercial breaks under control, they need to cut some time from somewhere. I really thought after the AAF there would be a stronger push to eliminate kickoffs because it was better without them.
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    I don't think you know what this site is.
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    That powder blue jersey with gray pants would look even more terrible than blue on blue. The colors are too close, yet different enough where they would cause a horrible clash. Either white pants only or white and powedered blue pants. That's it. Those are the only options. Other than burning them in a damn dumpster fire. But only if the damn dumpster fire has a front number.
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    Wisconsin still uses it as a way to start inside the 20.
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    Its finally time to get to the updates! Sorry for being quiet since Monday, but I had 2 internet outages this week and life just caught up with me. But I have implemented some of the updates that you all have suggested! Atlanta: The "Georgia Peach" uniform was well received, but one suggestion was to replace the peach-hawk logo with a number. I also like the logo a ton, so I made a series of possible tweaks: Just the wordmark, peach-hawk centered, peach-hawk to the side, and the original set, but the peach-hawk filled and a number placed inside it. Cleveland: This tweak has the rust-belt uniform in a slightly lighter shade of grey, and some reworking of coloring in some other parts. Dallas: I came up with a few new color combos for the "DFW" uniform, and I have decided to post my two favorites: Burnt Orange/Navy (Longhorns/Cowboys blend) and Brown/Vegas Gold (a more western vibe). Although, I'm not pleased with these, and I may ultimately need a new idea for this one. Detroit: A small tweak to the "Shelby Blue" uniform by fixing the striping/back number interaction. New York: "New Amsterdam" now with Dutch spelling, and "City That Never Sleeps" with gradients eliminated from lettering/numbering and shorts logo. Philadelphia: "Keystone Gray" introduces navy and cream for a more refined/Philadelphia look (there was concern that it looked too Pittsburgh). "Phila Union" set features either navy or white outlining. Well there are some of the tweaks. As the holidays roll on and I have to prepare for finals and such, there may not be as many posts, but I will get them out when I can... speaking of which, we are headed to Phoenix! Until next time!
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    Well then... The playoff is pretty much set in stone with LSU, Ohio State, Clemson and Oklahoma in. The Tigers jump past the Buckeyes to be the top seed and have the semifinal game at the Peach Bowl against Oklahoma while Ohio State and Clemson meet in the Fiesta Bowl. In terms of the New Year's Six... -Wisconsin heads to Pasadena to fill in the Big Ten slot in the Rose Bowl to play Oregon -Baylor and Georgia meets in the Sugar Bowl -Virginia and Florida meets in the Orange Bowl -Penn State and Memphis (Highest ranking G5 school) meets in the Cotton Bowl Of course, this is all my guess...
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    NBA uniforms should always be a teams designated colors. Looking at you Nike
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    different sports have different aesthetics.
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    Canucks wore the flying v jerseys for warm ups this afternoon against the Sabres, while wearing the black skate jerseys for a bonus game.
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    As bad as the Knicks have been over the past two decades, the Isiah era where they were in cap hell with no assets or future building blocks remains the nadir of the Knicks recent history. And the sexual harassment lawsuit was as embarrassing as anything that has happened. That Dolan has kept him as an advisor as well as making him team president of the WNBA Liberty (!) shows that Isiah is entrenched, along with Steve Mills, as one of the sycophants that Dolan wants to run the Knicks. The few times that Dolan tries to hire decision makers to run the team while he backs off, he gets it wrong. Phil Jackson was hired to do something that wasn’t what he was successful for, and then tried to force an increasingly outdated offense without what made the offense so successful in the first place: MJ, Shaq, or Kobe. D’Antoni and Donnie Walsh were at least moderately successful, until Dolan pushed for the Melo trade. Yes, in the grand scheme of things, firing Fizdale doesn’t matter. But Fizdale hasn’t shown in any way that he could be something the franchise could build with.
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    As if $335 is a fair price...
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    Awesome? The gold helmet it so out of place that even the gold numbers can't save it. Monochrome is terrible and this is coming from a guy that has to watch his favorite team wear it every home game. Also, the Saints really need to change the cold from champagne to more of a brass color.
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    This same guy (who’s a real jerk, BTW), keeps putting out this same concept, and it’s still just as terrible now as it was the first time he showed it.
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    Kind of wild this wasn't adapted into a statement in some way. They could have even kept the chevron with the word Raptors or Toronto, similarly to how the cavs adapted the sleeved jerseys to their nike set.
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    The Hornets official twitter blocked me. I guess they didn't like me talkin smack about their new unis.
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    As much as I understand the NASCAR tie, I just don't know that framing one sport's identity around another sport makes all that much sense.. it kinda muddles the meaning and could cause confusion (as most folks in the area might actually associate the logo with NASCAR, rather than soccer).. if there's another worthwhile angle, it may be worth exploring.. Excellent design work though.. I hate to criticize such a good concept, but I just kinda feel like this isn't the best local connection to make..
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    Brilliant! I prefer "One Carolina" as opposed to "1 Carolina", but both logos look absolutely fantastic. I assume you're using Panthers Blue for the accents?
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    How's this for a full logo lockup. I think the 1C/flag icon would still be primary.
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    Well, there is a whole forum devoted to concepts. But in the meantime, don’t confuse my preferences for the brighter colors for anything other than my preferences for the brighter colors. You can say my favorite is gaudy and loud, I can say yours is drab and boring. We’re all free to disagree with each other.
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    The Cleveland Cavaliers' 1994-2003 logo is the best Nets logo ever designed.
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