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    This looks so much better when its not stretched to the collar and distorted...
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    Add gold? IMHO, they don't need to be adding colors, they need to subtract... the silver, specifically. Three colors are all they need. Red (helmet), black (jersey), and white (pants). The answer is so simple, obvious, and easy, there's no doubt they'll screw it up.
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    They’ve used Silver since 1978. It’s been in use for 42 out of their 54 years of existence. It’s not anything new, and should be considered a traditional Falcons color by now.
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    Pete Rose can eat s***. F*** that guy. The Astros can also eat s***. This isn't just "stealing signs". To steal signs you have to use your eyeballs, your wits, non-verbal communication with your own team's signs. It's acceptable if it's organic. Strapping a wire on a guy and then telling him what's coming because they're watching with a camera is outside of the spirit of the game and is just f****y cheating.
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    The pro bowl uniforms are always interesting because it gives you an insight into what Nike would do if there was no input from a team. I mean there could conceivably be some oversight on the part of the league office, but my guess they more or less give Nike a free pass to do whatever they want. And so you see Nike's current pet colors and font styles fully on display. Those jerseys aren't good, but they're going to be much worse when they're inevitably paired with same color pants. Put the gold jersey with white pants and the dark gray with silver gray pants and it might be watchable.
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    Wow. Impressive leap to the straw man there, Bayney. No F****** obviously I wouldn’t want to see every team in the same template because what was the 2 goals in uniform design? Having 32 distinctive/recognizable brands and looking good. It wouldn’t look good if every team was in the same template and it wouldn’t help each team be distinctive or recognizable. Duh. If two out of the 70 something jerseys in this league using very different color schemes use kind of a similar template - no that’s not a problem. this is really telling on yourself. Nice work. I think it’s weird that you’re arguing for diversity of template, but when that same notion is applied to colors you, unprompted, brought up forced diversity. Quite curious that you’d go there.
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    But when dealing with tradition, a 54 year old franchise should not follow a 4 year old franchise, even if that 4 year old franchise has won a title or multiple titles.
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    Here's a look at a field possibility, with the NFL 100 logo in the endzones, and some painted numbers and yard markers. I've also got some updates to Super Bowl III to work on, pointed out to me by Bill over at the Gridiron Uniforms Database, so I'll be working on that in the near future as well as catching up on some Super Bowl LIV concepts.
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    I'm not completely sold on this one, the Alamo is heavily used for SA, so I may end up trying something different. I'd like to hear what everyone thinks of this first. If this isn't well received I might go with something along the lines of Fiesta SAFC
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    As a Falcons fan and resident Atlantan, I've been waiting for the day to come for the Dirty Birds to drop their Arena football look and get with the times. Needless to say, I'm excited. I wanted to try my hand at a new look. This concept is a blending of eras. It uses the red helmet and black jersey combination of the original 1960s teams. Light gray is used in place of white, reminiscent of the old sets with the gray pants and occasionally gray numbers. There are several combinations available as we saw the team use in the mid 2000s. A lot of concepts employ the shape of the wings on the sleeves and pants. This looks too abstract, in my opinion. I wanted something that resonated as traditional, yet with touches of modernism. For that, I used a single stripe design that thins out in the middle, similar to the wing- yet the shape is still contained within a traditional stripe shape. This evokes a bit of movement and speed without resorting to odd shapes and lines like we've seen from Nike lately. The stripe is consistent across all applications, similar to the Florida Gators. Take a look at this site I made which allows you to choose your favorite combination: https://andrewwagner.wixsite.com/atlantafalcons2020 And a preview:
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    So what if he does? He's the owner. If he wants his brands to be cohesive he can. Do I like that idea in this circumstance, no. We all can have an opinion, but yes Blank can do it if he wants.
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    Cool, I guess the Maple Leafs should change their colors to red and black to match the Raptor since they haven't won a Stanley Cup in 50 years and have been an embarrassment while the Raptors had success. The Cubs should probably have added black to their color scheme in 1998 to match the Fire since they won championship their first year and the Cubs were going on a 90 year drought at that point. The falcons have half a century with their colors and have owned it pretty well for the first 40, re-establish that don't go copying a team that just popped up not even a decade ago, I don't care how successful they have been.
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    I don't want gold. I know that Atlanta United looks effing great, but for me the Falcons are red/black/silver. The gold strips were short lived, a gimmick, and implemented when we didn't realize the New Orleans Saints were going to become our rivals. Now it's developed into one of the biggeset rivalries in American sports. There's no reason the Falcons should have gold in their uniform.
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    No love for Barrelman?
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    Well, it already is better than the camo
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    The man was offered and declined a leave of absence in favor of sleeping in the office and his kid died. Football was bigger than his family. He kept Lesean McCoy employed despite his transgressions. Ousting him is the only thing that Chip Kelly did right. Reid now not only harbors, but embraces guys that beat and injure women and children. So much for being a good mormon guy that does things "the right way". Taking his personal failings out of it, he came up short in every opportunity he had as a coach. When the lights were on, he choked. He was out coached in literally every big spot, and lost, despite often having better talent. He's trash as a coach, and as a man. His wife and surviving children should hate him for choosing his job over them, and his football players should either 1) love him because he doesn't care how much they pound on women or children or 2) love him because they can take it easy and he'll never get on them for it.
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    Shorts and socks of the new LAG and Philly home kits: And it looks like Nashville’s inaugural home kits have navy shorts and yellow socks: So glad to see them go with navy shorts instead of going all-yellow (though it’s possible that they’ll still have yellow clash shorts).
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    It was announced a while back that Florida State is finally going back to white numbers on their home uniforms. Now they won't look like Boston College and hopefully they'll stop playing like them too... t
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    Member has been banned.
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    I don't believe anything from Reddit. Not after we had a few Redditors come here and try to convince us the Broncos were going orange and and dark grey and the Cowboys were going with chrome helmets.
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    Recolored logo in United's gold and red.
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    No love for red/black/white, with no silver?
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    Except when the tradition isn't really that great. Falcons don't exactly have multiple championships or hall of famers. They don't even really have a consistent uniform tradition.
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    On to the reigning Cup champions... Primaries were inspired by both this year's ASG unis and the retro "blue note" unis - which they brought back as a throwback this season. Think of it more as a modernization and cleaned up version of that look. Pride jersey was inspired by the St. Louis flag, and brings red back into their look. Honor jersey is a version of their current throwback inaugural jersey and more closely resembles the Winter Classic version of it (collar).
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    Yeah, this isn't a shocker. I'm glad of it. I love that, even with people I think are 100% wrong and hate their opinion, that we remain a good and civil board. He had no desire to ever be a part of that.
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    This isn’t a lion eating a gazelle right in front of it. It’s more the lions at a zoo and Jumped out of the pen and killed a kid. They didn’t use the regular tv camera, they installed a separate camera to watch the signs and the dude in the tape room that was installed directly next to the dugout for this reason would either bang on a trash can to indicate certain pitches, or players had buzzers on them that they would use. It completely goes outside of the rules. And did give them an advantage.
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    You can get a small glimpse at SKC’s new secondary shirt extending below Pulido’s jacket (the shorts and socks are from their primary): Looks like a small polka dot pattern, at least on the bottom of the shirt.
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    Exactly! Some brands are just so iconic they shouldn't be touched! As an example, I'm not a Football or Steelers fan (despite growing up and still living in Western Pa) but in no way shape or form should the Steelers EVER put the logo on both sides of the helmet (as some people on here have suggested). You don't Mess with it, the Future will still have the Steelers, Yankees, Red Wings, etc in those Classic uniforms.
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    I live in atl, but not a falcons fan at all, but boy am I excited for this change. Their past look was soooo dated. The cardinals need to be next because their look is even worse.
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    This duck is ironically flying all alone.
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    I guess you could call it “A” napkin jersey...
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    Cool photo. Is that your friend?
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    The LAST thing the Falcons need to do is switch to a white helmet. I think they should keep the black helmet, but I would at least understand a change to red due to the history. But the Falcons have ZERO history with white helmets, right? Why make such a major change that’s basically the opposite of what they’ve been wearing their whole history?
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    Maybe, but I also can't think of any other market besides Atlanta where it would make even a little bit of sense.
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    Who are the target market, are they not? If they think tying colors in with Atlanta United would be a success for the Falcons, then that's what they'll do. Who cares about the thoughts of people around the rest of the country who aren't buying Falcons merch anyway? I'd guess gold wouldn't happen, but it makes some amount of sense if it does.
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    You do realize that this thread hasn’t been updated in about 2 years right?
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    I want to buy a shirt with just that A logo. Like that much more than the Rockies Redo
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    The only reason It would happen is because gold was in the original color scheme
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    Chicago Fire was red, white and navy blue until the rebrand this year.
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    This isn't an accurate account of what the Astros did at all. They installed a special camera dedicated to cheating--one that had a live closed circuit feed so they could read the signs instantaneously. I don't know precisely what kind of set up most clubhouses have for replays, but it is definitely on a delay. What the Astros achieved would not have been possible unless they went out hunting for that gazelle (ie. installed an illegal camera) and right now there's zero evidence that other teams have stooped to this low. And no reason to believe that other teams have been doing it too. The live feed fixated on the catcher's hand is the game changer.
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    The Los Angeles Skating Oreos(tm)!
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    Why did you skip the Raven regular uniforms, for a one time, piss stained atrocity? The Ravens wore those pants for a few games, one year out of their history. Jags colors were never the problem. Any color can look bad when applied the wrong way.
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    Thankfully looking back at recent past, Nike hasn't incorporated a lot of the details from the "experimental" Pro Bowl styles into standard team issue unis.
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    Would fit in with SKC's usual Menswear Bro chic.
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    In 1953 the NFA mandated every team add a plastic helmet to their ensemble. Some teams also did some tweaking to their uniforms as well; the most significant being the Pirates overhauling their whole look, the Tigers relocation to St. Louis, and the Zephyrs new logo. C&C Appreciated!
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    Hey, they're better than the Edge uniforms they wore far longer than they had to. So yay for small miracles.
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    There was a simpler time when all you needed was a cowboy hat to identify your team as being from Texas.
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