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    Those are just fine, but the navy blue cap feels absolutely pointless. Just pair those with the white front panel caps and leave it at that.
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    Best looking waitress at Denny's.
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    I love the simplicity of the old Falcons logo.
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    Look what Stockton Kings did…
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    No, it doesn’t. It doesn’t even slow them down. If a knockoff manufacturer can replicate all the panels and piping, the contrast stitching, the hanger effects, and all the other assorted gewgaws, tracing a number font won’t take much effort at all. I don’t doubt that Nike likes to tell teams that it deters knockoffs when trying to sell them on a new custom number font, but we can be more honest here. It’s 100% branding, nothing more.
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    The Chief doesn’t deserve that disrespect.
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    There is no room for the 'Redskins' to be an acceptable team name in the present day. This coming from a life long Skins fan, it pains me that the name garners so much controversy. But looking at the issue objectively, it is only the name itself that is the problem not the Native American idea the team adopted in 1932. The whole reason I chose to follow the team at all as a kid from the UK, was because of the imagery, colours and of course they were the sworn rivals to "AMERICA'S TEAM"! This rebrand is an attempt to answer the issue, by ditching the name but keeping the history and ethos of the team. There is a-lot of brand equity in the original logo, but certain details always bothered me. The head inside the circle, with yet another pair of feathers crudely tagged on.
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    Indeed - the kind of person usually inclined towards fire emoji seems much more likely to prefer piping and paneling and wordmarks on pant legs than any design actually intended to last.
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    Looks like a matte navy. Matches the navy blue in the logo. The hat is 95% similar to the Anaheim Angels' 98-01 alternate hats...back when people were like "there's no periwinkle in baseball"
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    Browns actually is a custom number font, it might as well be block for how little different it is, it’s mainly weights being different, and then you got the reverse up shadow.
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    Finally someone stands up for the multi-billion dollar multinational corporation.
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    Their other sets of uniforms are a perfect 10. These are barely a 5 so I'd call this addition a downgrade... The over saturated light blue jerseys would look way better with white pants and as some other have said, royal blue accents and regular royal hats would be perfectly fine. The Jays don't need that much navy.
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    I dunno, I actually prefer the sublimated patterns to dozens of unnecessary piping lines and fabric panels, filled in via paint-by-number. Sure some can be TOO simple, but I prefer that to fussy overdesign that ages poorly.
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    Another example. This is just wrong. I mean I get the clippers court is black but the magic are wearing black unis. And you see almost no blue in this matchup edit: I'm talking about the score boxes. Matchup wise I think it's okay
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    I mean, none of the teams need sponsors, the WNBA I could see needing sponsors, the NBA though? With the contracts they hand out, I’m sure they’re drowning in money. They’re just greedy pigs who also like ruining uniform aesthetics.
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    My 2nd name choice was 'Potomacs' - which is more specific to the area. This gives the organisation an opportunity to work with the local tribes, taking the Florida Seminoles business model, forging genuine and lasting relationships with the community. 'Americans' is all encompassing - including all native Americans as a whole. Also...I like the idea of sticking it to the Cowboys! I would like to hear why using this theme is disrespectful to the indigenous people. This design is a stylised illustration, not a cartoon like Cleveland Indians.
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    A team owned by a billionaire needs a "sponsor"?
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    I maintain the Browns’ redesign is the worst in sports history. Everybody involved on both the Nike and Browns side should never be allowed to create a new uniform again.
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    How are they going to make a player shirt and get the number wrong?
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    First off, I love the change to the Americans. It’s respectful and clever without pandering. I think you’re on the right track here but the logo needs some refinement. I would enlarge the feathers and curve the yellow tips at the bottom. The straight lines and angles are really harsh and clash with the rest of the feather and logo overall. The curve at the bottom of the logo is awkward. Maybe define the chin more and bring that line straight back, more or less. The black detail on the cheek touching the point of the highlight on the nose is awkward. I might reduce the size of the black detail and give it a little more shape on the mouth side if that makes sense. Lastly, I think you need to add some white highlights to the hair to give the logo some depth/shape. The hair is a lot of black space that feels very flat. You have a good start here. I’m looking forward to seeing this project evolve.
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    If the Fox brand is that toxic, then just bring the Sphinx outta retirement:
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    They put the wrong name on that Eric Montross jersey
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    I associate the term "fire," with elements such as BFBS, GFGS, volt, chrome, and monochrome when someone describes a uniform nowadays. I'm not saying we might see some of those elements with Cleveland, but when someone uses that term, I can't but help feel a bit nervous.
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    I think it is going to be a mistake moving away from the blue sash, they really made that look their signature and I'm not feeling the silver so far...
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    Am I the only one who kind of likes the Falcons current uniforms? They’re not perfect, but they’re also not the ugly monstrosity a lot of people make them out to be. They use some interesting piping designs, but they actually use it well unlike most teams who use piping. They’re EASILY the best of more modern designs put out by Reebok.
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    The Blue Jays were, in my opinion, a team that made sense having a powder blue option, so I like. I'm still wary of the full powder blue-at-home thing -- I still think that look should be reserved for the road -- but since a lot of Blue Jays fans have been clamoring to see the team in powder blue, they might as well wear it in front of said fans at home. (And there is that precedent from 2008-2010).
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    Moving up to Washington DC! For the team from the capital city of the United States I wanted to go a very American and patriotic path. Therefore, the uniform uses the 13 stripes from the flag on each sleeve, as well as the white stars on navy for the socks. The design is complete with 3D styled logos and numbers, a nod to the Washington Senators uniforms of the 1950s, originally created by @MJD7.
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    And there's some weird angles at the horizon ends of the numbers. Not only is that Browns font custom, it's a subtly terrible custom.
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    How's this? Much better than anything we will see Super Bowl Sunday for sure. I went with standard NFL logo at midfield, and NFL 100 logos at the 25s, as has been standard for the 2019 season. For the Titans endzone, I went with silver and white in the wordmark, with a navy outline, which is how the field was painted in Nashville in 2018 (without a columbia endzone). Looks better on the columbia background as well.
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    You do realize that this thread hasn’t been updated in about 2 years right?
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    The Marlins one is one of my faves thus far.
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    Both of those are solid, neo. Well done. If I were in your shoes, I think my final choice might depend upon which of the two palettes winds up being more unique within the league. If you find you have a number of other teams in the league utilizing a shade of red as a primary color (or, even a strong secondary), you might want to go with the purple-centric palette for the Barons. If, while designing other identities, you settle upon purple as a primary/strong secondary color for several teams, you could adopt red for Cleveland. I find myself leaning towards the purple/black/silver/white treatment. I like that said colors pay homage to the WHA Crusaders, while the Barons' name and logo are a tip of the (top)hat to the city's AHL franchise. The result is a tribute to a pair of influences in Cleveland's pro ice hockey history.
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    Denver is next after I get Cleveland done, but thank you for the suggestion. Anyways, here's a revised Barons logo with purple and teal. C&C Welcome.
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    Powder blue pants look awful. Seriously, the monochrome powder blue trend was never good. It needs to stay in the past with pullovers and stirrups. That jersey would look infinitely better paired with their normal white pants.
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    I probably wouldn't read too much into it. I mean, I'm sure he'd say that regardless of what he actually thought of them. Although I'd say the "younger" people seem to be loving throwback/classic/retro designs now more than ever.
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    I might be biased but the only powder blue jersey I actually like is the Royals. And they at least have the decency to pair it with white pants and a royal cap.
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    Maybe he’s finally seen the light, or realized that he can’t actually dictate terms.
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    I'm already over this powder blue fad.
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    Powder Blue is back. Here's the Stream. EDIT: Powder Blue Pants too Also a Button Up Jersey. Worn at Home and Away No uniforms are leaving. Powder Blue Squachee and Brim EDIT 2: Article from Chris Helmets will be Matte Some Graphics: Also, the Primary and Secondary Logos have been swapped, and the shade of Red has been changed.
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    Mavs now have a jersey sponsor, “chime”
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    Sorry sir, but yuck lol... Not going to rag on the concept, but that does absolutely nothing to alleviate the current uniform mess.
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    I wouldn't be able to tell you what color Atlanta's soccer team wears, or any other soccer team wears, so if the Falcons suddenly showed up with that color I'd just think it was random and stupid.
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    Expecting the Astros hitters to break the record of most batters hit by pinch this season.
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    For some of us it isn't even alternative football, it's just football.
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    Here's another possible Barons logo... C&C Welcome.
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    I'm not completely sold on this one, the Alamo is heavily used for SA, so I may end up trying something different. I'd like to hear what everyone thinks of this first. If this isn't well received I might go with something along the lines of Fiesta SAFC
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    5. Chicago White Sox Home Uniform: My first choice in this redesign was to bring back the red. I then decided on an older "Sox" logo, trying to, again, give the uniform a classy feel. The pinstripes were an easy choice given the White Sox current jerseys, and the thick sleeve cuffs are there to pay homage to the old 80's striped uniforms. Away Uniform: I wasn't gonna give these the pinstripe look originally. I've always hated pinstripes on grey roads, but something about these felt like it worked well. Used a classic "Chicago" font from the 1930's. Away Uniform(?): Roads w/o pinstripes. Maybe a cleaner look. Can't decide. You tell me! Home Alternate Uniform: These are a fauxback kind of jersey. Just a vintage look for a classic team. Away Alternate Uniform: Completely inspired by the Chicago Bulls' black unis, though these do incorporate a tad more white. I think in this case, the pinstripes look alright limited to the pants. Next up!
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    A great look for a new NFL stadium in San Diego!
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