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    I mean, saying a quarterback is a sneaky Dan Marino isn’t exactly an insult...
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    First time seeing my team go to the Super Bowl. Gotta say it feels good, man.
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    Man, I hate seeing Aaron Rodgers getting smashed into the tuff during meaningless plays after the game is out of reach. Oh, wait... no I don't.
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    He’s still better than Alex Smith.
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    I'm intrigued here. The Falcons have one of 3 directions they can go back to: 1. Moderninzing the inaugural set of jerseys, which would be nice, but I always felt it was disjointed 2. A new take on the 90's "Dirty Bird" set. Easily the most popular look by fans and one I could see coming out really nice, but.... the current fauxbacks are mostly based on this look, just without silver.... and like most, I don't see them taking such an easy route. 3. What I want to see: A take on the '79 to '89 set..... rather than owning black, they embrace red & proudly so. Look how pretty and distinct these guys are. It's a underrated look and one that stands out.
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    Disagree all you want. In the past 13 years, we've had the Patriots with their dopey side panels and unmatching piping 6 times, the Seahawks' abominations twice, the Broncos' "we started this modern nonsense" uniforms twice, and once each for the Falcons' "electrocuted dog" specials, the Eagles depressive-disorder green, the Ravens' vomit inducing black pants, and the Arizona Cardinals wearing the uniform of the current Arizona Cardinals. In the words and wisdom of @infrared41 don't talk to me about how the colors "go together", those are two gorgeous uniforms... end of story.
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    I associate the term "fire," with elements such as BFBS, GFGS, volt, chrome, and monochrome when someone describes a uniform nowadays. I'm not saying we might see some of those elements with Cleveland, but when someone uses that term, I can't but help feel a bit nervous.
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    This will be the best looking Super Bowl since 2007, Colts/Bears.
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    The classic red-red color blind. The most debilitating of them all.
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    It won’t happen, but dammit it would be glorious if we could just get these endzone designs:
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    This trend would be much more successful at creating nice uniforms if these people also understood that a traditional football uniform has a contrast of colors between jersey and pants.
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    Fact. The majority of the uniforms we're delivering to teams now are much more traditional, simplistic, and the key word is "clean". I love it when a high school coach says, "give me 1-color block numbers".
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    This works, but most teams don’t have the logo real estate the Jays do. I am afraid that a lot of the ST caps are going to look bad.
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    The Joe Montana Super Bowl..The NFL 50th Anniversary SB Champion vs the NFL 75th Anniversary SB Champion on the Super Bowl on the NFL's 100th Anniversary...
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    ThE rEfS wAnT tHe PaCkErS tO wIn
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    Tried my hand at a classic field for SB LIV - credit to @pitt6pack for the painted numbers already on the field.
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    Well, you’ll have to accept that in a league this large there might be another club in a yellow shirt. It’s like the Bruins fans who still get snippy about the Penguins’ color scheme. Moreover, it’s what you do with the colors, and Nashville isn’t doing anything like what Columbus does. Not to mention that this isn’t anywhere near the same color.
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    Fixed! I've also flipped the cap colours, as suggested by @coco1997:
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    I don't care about tradition dictating pants and jersey can't match. As long as the design is good and it looks good, its fine with me. And I think most people agree from a visual standpoint, they've just had it ingrained into their mind that the jersey and pants CAN'T be the same colour because tradition and reasons. That's why a team wearing white-on-white is miraculously exempt from this rule. You can make an argument that a "traditional" team like the Browns shouldn't do it, and I can respect that, but I see absolutely no reason why a team like the Seahawks shouldn't, especially considering its sort of become their schtick.
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    The Blue Jays were royal blue with powder blue trim from 1977 right up to the early 2000s. Had powder blue as a trim colour on the home white uniforms.
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    Half this thread is people posting pics of various old Falcon uniforms and saying "all they need to do is this"... including me, I think the red helmet/black jersey throwback is one of the best football uniforms ever. However, it seems obvious at this point, there won't be any remake of old looks. This will probably reference one of the older uniforms, but I'm guessing it won't exactly look like any of them.
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    Again, like I’ve posted before, the Falcons have a perfect set to base the new uniforms off of: Throw in a white jersey with red numbers, and maybe black pants WITH stripes, you’ve got a timeless set that could rival the Vikings as being the best Nike rebrand.
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    But is it REALLY one of the best in the league if it’s not in or won’t crack your Top 10?
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    They put the wrong name on that Eric Montross jersey
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    Doesn't look matte to me... pretty sharp refection on the back.
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    Whoa, let's be reasonable here.
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    This is the matchup I always wanted as a kid. I’ll take it 25 years later.
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    Last time the Niners were in the NFC Championship, Sherman had the key final play to win the game for the Seahawks. Now on the final play today Sherman ices it with an INT.
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    Congrats to the Chiefs and their fans.
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    I really like Mahomes and normally wouldn’t mind if he wins. But a team that supports Tyreek Hill doesn’t deserve anything nice.
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    I named the not-yet-named Seattle team the Sockeye. Its coral, light teal and black colour scheme is in use on the team's official social media and website. The logo is inspired by Seattle-area native art, and calls back to the old Seattle Metropolitans.
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    This is the best they've ever looked, in my opinion.
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    Just listened to an interview with the Falcons chief of marketing. She was vague ,but a few subtle details she shared were notable... She was directly asked if gold would be a new color, and only said the colors will be true to the soul of ATL/Falcons. Gold was in the original color scheme, so it's hard to get a read on that. *1) This will be a significant redesign(Her words) *2) The helmet and logo seems to be modified at the very least, possibly an all new logo *3) There will be different pants options (black,white, Silver?) *4) They searched the message boards and forums to get clues from fans, as far back as 2010, and had a team member designing with Nike. *5) There's simplicity, and she mentioned not wanting to overdo it. They know fans don't want overly flashy or outlandish, but there's also new elements that are unique to the Falcons. *6) They keep mentioning it being "True to Atlanta"... And being a reflection of the unity of the city. No definite clues or details were given. She could only give a vague idea to answer the questions. But these were the most notable details of the interview.
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    Someone in Nashville is trying to have it both ways with “electric” and “gold” and, welp, not quite.
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    I don't think it's that the Fox brand is toxic so much as there's another Fox company out there and it would be confusing to use it. This acquisition really should have been blocked.
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    Finally someone stands up for the multi-billion dollar multinational corporation.
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    Another example. This is just wrong. I mean I get the clippers court is black but the magic are wearing black unis. And you see almost no blue in this matchup edit: I'm talking about the score boxes. Matchup wise I think it's okay
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    Best looking waitress at Denny's.
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    I probably wouldn't read too much into it. I mean, I'm sure he'd say that regardless of what he actually thought of them. Although I'd say the "younger" people seem to be loving throwback/classic/retro designs now more than ever.
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    Those are just fine, but the navy blue cap feels absolutely pointless. Just pair those with the white front panel caps and leave it at that.
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    I mean, none of the teams need sponsors, the WNBA I could see needing sponsors, the NBA though? With the contracts they hand out, I’m sure they’re drowning in money. They’re just greedy pigs who also like ruining uniform aesthetics.
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    No need to polish that turd... just flush it.
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