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    I know I've been "banned" from posting in this thread but I need to put an end to this madness. The chiefs are NOT changing!
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    Don't you mean: sanity prevailed and ensured us an amazing match-up that's the best since Steelers-Packers, Saints-Colts, or Bears-Colts?
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    St. Louis LA Rams weren't bailed out. Those were their designated primary home uniforms all season.
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    Probably the wrong place to post this fact, but I'll make it anyway: Lost in this matchup is the fact that this is the second championship within a decade between Kansas City and San Francisco (2014 World Series, Royals-Giants).
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    Disagree all you want. In the past 13 years, we've had the Patriots with their dopey side panels and unmatching piping 6 times, the Seahawks' abominations twice, the Broncos' "we started this modern nonsense" uniforms twice, and once each for the Falcons' "electrocuted dog" specials, the Eagles depressive-disorder green, the Ravens' vomit inducing black pants, and the Arizona Cardinals wearing the uniform of the current Arizona Cardinals. In the words and wisdom of @infrared41 don't talk to me about how the colors "go together", those are two gorgeous uniforms... end of story.
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    I think it's funny how many posts we see about how the NFL blew it with their anniversary celebration by not embracing throwbacks. I'm pretty sure this site is the only place in the world that thinks the only way you can mark something important is by what you're wearing.
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    The color contrast in this game will be way better because of the 49ers in gold pants. The throwbacks look weird because of the white socks and the chiefs are wearing white pants so there won't be as much contrast if their waiver was granted
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    Thank you, NFL, for making the correct and aesthetically pleasing decision.
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    How did the Titans lose? I thought those navy pants gave them magic powers, which is why they cant wear the far superior Columbia blue pants? Very strange.
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    Trying to understand wtf 71 on the falcons is doing
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    I think that’s the biggest thing you can take away from this 100th Anniversary season. When it comes to how they handled matchups and uniforms, the NFL absolutely FACEPLANTED this entire year and gave us one of the absolute most disappointing anniversary seasons I’ve ever seen from any league.
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    I really hope the NFL doesn’t allow San Francisco’s throwbacks. Not because they’re bad, I actually love them, but because of the can of worms that it would open up. Let’s say, for example, next year the Bills go 3-0 in red during the regular season and request to wear them in the playoffs (or Super Bowl if the NFC team wears white). The NFL wouldn’t have a case to turn them down since they allowed San Francisco to wear their alternates and before you know it teams are busting out alternates for the Super Bowl every year. Come on NFL, you’ve got plenty of flaws, but at least you still require primary jerseys for the playoffs. Do the smart thing and keep it that way.
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    If the 49ers came out with that throwback today, they'd get lambasted for it and rightfully so. It's 2020. The Super Bowl does not need drop shadow and mismatched stripes. Everyone write "Just because it's old, doesn't mean it's good" on the chalkboard.
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    The beauty of the two logos emblazoned with the city initials is great too.
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    This will be the best looking Super Bowl since 2007, Colts/Bears.
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    Hey everyone, A while back I started a discussion in the General Sports Logos forum on which MLB teams could most use redesigns and new color schemes. It sparked the idea that a few teams with older/outdated designs could look to local college baseball teams for design inspiration. For this mini series, I'll be focusing on a small group of teams, maybe four or five. Let's start today with the Angels! ANGELS HOME: ANGELS ROAD: ANGELS HOME ALT: ANGELS HOME/ROAD ALT: For the Angels, I've used the Trojans of the University of Southern California as inspiration. The Halos adopt a deep crimson red and athletic gold scheme, a color combo I've long felt would work well for them. The cursive "Angels" script is a tweak of the original Lakers script from the early '60s. No unnecessary outlines or drop shadows. Just keep it simple. I've also brought back the early "CA" monogram. C&C appreciated! The Rangers are next.
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    This made me realize that the two teams have essentially the same logo.
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    It's especially disheartening given how sharp Sporting Kansas City has looked in previous seasons. I was particularly fond of these jerseys...
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    Confirmed from NFL.com: 49ers in White on Gold, Chiefs in Red on unknown.
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    Under certain lighting conditions, the Chiefs' helmets can look very matte. Here's another example. I think that's what's going on here.
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    I mean, this isn't the greatest design, but I'm not sure it's enough to just outright dismiss an entire league. Seems kinda harsh.
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    Not sure about that. The Chiefs' helmet can look matte except for the one spot the sun is hitting it. These aren't matte helmets either although you could make an argument they kinda look matte: The fact the grass is dark green (bottom right corner) in the Empower Retirement photo also suggests it's not a photo taken in December or January in Kansas City.
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    Oh god no! Enjoy your current identity and leave the past where it belongs. They muck it up anyway with those stupid white socks.
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    So, on the menu at our house in 2 weeks: - Kansas City Barbecue (burnt ends), and - San Francisco Cioppino. Desserts will be Ghiradelli chocolates and Bess Truman's Lemon Ice Box Pie.
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    I'm intrigued here. The Falcons have one of 3 directions they can go back to: 1. Moderninzing the inaugural set of jerseys, which would be nice, but I always felt it was disjointed 2. A new take on the 90's "Dirty Bird" set. Easily the most popular look by fans and one I could see coming out really nice, but.... the current fauxbacks are mostly based on this look, just without silver.... and like most, I don't see them taking such an easy route. 3. What I want to see: A take on the '79 to '89 set..... rather than owning black, they embrace red & proudly so. Look how pretty and distinct these guys are. It's a underrated look and one that stands out.
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    No. When someone outwardly says "That sounds awful to me. Its like forced diversity. "Oh look, we all the colours for all the teams, isn't it pretty?" that.", though? I wasn't trying to be funny. You couched it in the middle of an absurd straw man argument. I simply pointed it out.
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    So basically something similar to the 2013 Pro Bowl?
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    Not really a fan of the Niners' throwbacks for one simple reason- white socks. Almost puts them in the Saints' all-white territory (thank goodness for the pant stripes at least).
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    Part 2 of the Kansas City-San Francisco sports invitational: Giants beat Royals in the 2014 WS. Now we get the Chiefs & Niners in the SB.
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    Bringing it back... lol
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    and this is where you lose any credibility you had. Going from a good debate to summarily dismissing people with opposing views.
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    With their regular pants, those would look great. But the Niners in all white? Ugh. Kind of hope the NFL turns them down.
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    This was your breaking point? A refs uniform, I mean come on. They’re not that dreadful anyways.
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    Nice. For a team that's identity has been stripped back to the studs, the script I was a unique enough of an emblem that saved their look from being totally simple. A welcome return.
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    I wouldn't really mind the 49ers tying the Steelers and Patriots at 6 therein laying claim to the crown of Most Legitimate Super Bowls Wins, but I'll be pulling for the Chiefs in this one.
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    You're gonna let uniforms ruin your enjoyment of a new league? Give the XFL a chance!!!! We need for the NFL to have some competition every now and then.
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    I HATE that they won that Super Bowl in those white throwbacks. It's not THE NINERS. It just isn't. Let's remember that the white jersey/gold pants was part of the first franchise Super Bowl: ...and the greatest Super Bowl blowout ever (XXIV): The white throwbacks are trash.
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    your words, not mine.
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    If San Fran DOESN’T get the exemption for the throwbacks, it’s gonna be real hard to screw up how beautiful this game is gonna look. If they DO get the exemption, I hope they play it smart with red socks.
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    49ers in G/W/W and Chiefs in R/R/R. That would be FYRE! Let's hope not..
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    I hope the league turns them down. Those uniforms have a gold helmet and no other gold. Their regular whites have excellent color balance. XXIX - 49ers in red over Chargers XXXVII - Buccaneers in red over Raiders XLIII - Cardinals in red lose to Steelers XLVII - 49ers in red lose to Ravens LI - Falcons in red blow 28-3 lead and lose to Patriots
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    Just bring these back already
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