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    I tried to smooth it out a couple days ago. I don't think the current logo is the worst in the league, but it's got a lot of unnecessary stuff going on
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    Per a report, Pirates are getting new roads and new black uniforms. They'll have the late 80s thru mid 90s script on them.
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    I've attempted to take MLB teams, combined with NFL counterparts and their jersey designs, C&C always welcome! This may be a series for the full league, I'm open to requests as well. And with that, here we go... LA ANGELS = RAMS The thought here was to try and mimic the Rams horns design with some sort of wing design on the sleeves. OAKLAND A'S = RAIDERS HOUSTON ASTROS = TEXANS TORONTO BLUE JAYS = BILLS CLEVELAND INDIANS = BROWNS Inspired by the color rush but in away form. CINCINNATI REDS = BENGALS PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES = EAGLES
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    Here's what we've managed to document (the commentary is from multiple moderators): (There's quite a few that didn't get posted in the thread which would average to about 50%) Then, here's what we've documented that hasn't been unveiled yet: The thing to keep in mind is that the insider information isn't at all what led to our intervention. It's the superiority complex, attitude, and thread derailing that forced our hand.
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    Here come the two purples! BALTIMORE ORIOLES = RAVENS MINNESOTA TWINS = VIKINGS Number font here is based off the Twins wordmark.
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    I thought about that with the Reds as well! But figured I may as well keep with the theme here. Seahawks to Mariners is coming up! Definitely Pat Patriot or Color Rush coming there for sure. Next up... ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS = CARDINALS NY METS = JETS CHICAGO CUBS = BEARS SEATTLE MARINERS = SEAHAWKS
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    Why does it matter that it looks like a “pause” symbol if it clearly communicates what it’s supposed to? A zero looks like an O, but no one mistakes it for that on a jersey, just as no one mistakes a plain 1 for anything but a 1. Now, I do believe whoever sews the numbers on the Falcons’ jerseys sets Julio’s 1s too close together, but that’s a correctable human error, not an inherent problem with the typeface. You can tell the Bears really know what they’re doing in this regard.
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    Going more on what B-Rich said. Ultimately the league is working with what they got. My defense on the league not saying much about the old teams is for a multitude of reasons. 1. Before 1960 the NFL didnt have a league wide TV contract.Teams then had their own contracts and some didnt have any TV contract at all. The AFL actually had a league wide contract before the NFL ever did (AFL with ABC in 1960, and the NFL hooking up with CBS in 1961). 2. TV Wiping. Many games from the early 70s and before were lost to the networks practice of wiping film. Some games, including Championship games were erased. The NFL had several games on the defunct DuMont TV network in the 50s. Most of DuMonts shows and recordings were wiped or thrown into the East River in New York to make room for storage in a warehouse. Because of the wiping practices, footage is hard to come by. 3. Merchandising. Some of the old teams didnt have logos at all. Its hard to sell team merchandise if they dont have a logo or colors, unless the league decides to create one. 4. Defunct teams. The last team to bite the dust were the 1952 Dallas Texans. More than half of the current teams didnt exist prior to 1960. Its easier to market the teams that had a decent history.The league was very different then. Most of those teams were gone by 1930 and back then the league didnt have an equal set schedule. Some teams played 8 or more games in a season, while others played in like 2. Louisville had two teams in the 20s. The Brecks played a total of 9 games in 3 seasons. Only 3 of those games were ever played in Louisville. Some teams didnt even play home games. The Louisville Colonels played one season, 4 games, all on the road. The 1921 Tonawanda Kardex only played one game in their entire NFL existence. Several teams were more or less just schedule fillers for the successful teams that would survive, like Canton, Akron, Chicago Bears, Chicago Cardinals, and others. While their games counted in the NFL records and standings, those teams more or less werent really NFL teams.
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    The NFL is not talking so much about franchises such as the Louisville (Brecks), Columbus Panhandles, Duluth Eskimos, Kansas City Cowboys, Dayton Triangles, Stapleton Stapes, etc. because these franchises are all DEFUNCT. They didn't move to a new location to become an NFL team which still exists today; they went out of business. And there were A LOT of them. The NFL in its early days (say 1920-post WWII) had very little in terms of stability. Teams came and went often. There's also the issue that the NFL as an entity or business was very different then. It was far less popular than it is now. Everyone who EVER saw a Louisville NFL home game could probably fit comfortably in a current NFL stadium. Re: the NFL shop thing, there was little thought given to team naming back then, much less team logos and merchandise. There were no helmet logos to speak of. So what is there to sell other than a name and possibly a color scheme? About the best the NFL could do is something like what Ebbets Field Flannels does for old baseball teams, use some drawings and such from old game programs. But as DG_Now has shown, even THAT is often futile.
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    In pink, Inter Miami's team palette contains what is the most unique color in American major-pro sports. So, they reduce it to accent-striping. What a complete and utter waste.
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    You've got to be patient:
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    Yes, but in fairness its a sky blue and not a dark blue like most others.
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    Something I miss from Lids, that was lost after Fanatics bought them, was the ability to see all the items in a given collection. Lids did a great job grouping items together and you could see how all of the teams compared to each other. Underrated feature of their former site.
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    Yet you’re the only person that uses that term - can you show examples of it being anything other than your creation that you inject into every stripe discussion?
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    The color scheme on their website (coral and seaform) leaves little doubt that if it's any of these, it's Sockeyes.
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    The cursive script didn't and still wouldn't fit with the rest of their identity, but MAN I still love it. But why do they need two black alternates?
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    I mean, you're entitled to your opinion, but that's wild to call it worst in the league. It's a very clean and nicely designed logo. Same guy that did Texans, Cards update, and some other. Can you explain what about it seems "over-designed" to you? Jaguars, to me, feels over-designed. Two golds, tons of little shards and jagged lines. That's a logo that has a lot going on and could be simplified. Falcons, though? That one's pretty clean to me.
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    Honestly its not bad. Its not a cartoon water tower swinging a bat which is what I was expecting.
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    Sorry, but no one cares.
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    brandiose is the graphic design equivalent of a comedian with one good joke that keeps ramming it down people's throats until everyone wants them to get hit by a LIRR train.
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    Carolina Monarchs There was a lot to work with on this one as Carolina is considered a region. That means I could of chosen either North Carolina's flag or South Carolina's flag. To keep the region in tact I decided to go with Charlotte's flag, yet they had two. One blue with their seal, and one green with a crown. The city is nicknamed the Queen City because it was named after the Mad King George III's queen, Queen Charlotte. The crown that became the logo is a direct reflection of King George's crown on his family crest, with the change of color, hexagon gems to signify Charlotte's other nickname the Hive, and to top it all off the two states in all of its glory.
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    Thursday camo and Sunday throwbacks are gone.
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    It’s got enough “jaggedy” bits to fit with the number font. It beats having the super-squished display font that doesn’t match the home word mark entirely.
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    That Pittsburgh script is fantastic. That news makes my day.
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    The logo is so boring and corporate. I miss city themed logos like what the NBA All Star game or WrestleMania does.
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    Give me a choice between Rivera and Jeter to have on my team for their entire career, and I would take Mariano. I think its funny that he got in unanimously minus one vote. It's a yes-no vote who's final tally means nothing, and yet people still try to find meaning it in. There was a time I used to get caught up in these debates. Now I look at it as winning an Oscar. It's cool if you win one, but I don't regard it as a true standard of measuring greatness. The Hall can put in whoever they want at this point, and I will smile and be happy for them. From my standards, both Jeter and Walker easily make it. Larry Walker had a higher OPS on the road than he did at Coors the year he won the MVP in '97. It wasn't Coors; the guy was that type of hitter everywhere he played, on top of being a solid defensive player. Jeter is probably the most one-dimensional shortstop in Major League history. I say that both because he was a god awful defensive shortstop for the second half of his career, and because he was a career .310 hitter. Even when he was giving up roughly an extra-base hit a game compared to your average shortstop, I would still take him above said average shortstop in a heartbeat. At his peak, he was a below-average defensive player who was capable of batting .340. From 1999-2000 Derek Jeter is in the conversation for being the best player in baseball. That's the guy I like to remember. Yes, the gold gloves are a joke, but there are few players I've seen in history who can beat you in more ways than Derek Jeter could. Two hundred sixty career home runs make him a slight power threat. A .310 average makes him a contract threat, 358 career steals make him a slight stolen base threat. One thousand eighty-two career walks mean he's not afraid to work the count. Five hundred forty-four career doubles mean he can drive one to the gap. He's not the best at any one of the skills, but he's one of the few who's at least average in all of them. Add that up, and you have one of the most dynamic offensive players ever to step foot on a diamond. That's why he's a HOFer. Now, if you excuse me if a have a simulation league to get back to where I've moved Jeter over to first base and traded Tino Martinez for a real shortstop.
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    My dad got me the argyle jersey for Christmas one year. I didn't get it until May because they were so popular they couldn't keep them in stock. I remember being told by somebody from SKC that the jersey that was 1/4 indigo was something that they had to fight with Adidas to get made, so maybe they got tired of fighting with them or Adidas just refused to be flexible or something. I wish I had gotten the long-sleeved version though, because that design looked really good that way. I also wish I were as handsome as Graham Zusi, but that's not feasible. I am a huge fan of gold jerseys when they're done right. It's a personal love of mine. Nashville blew it, which is really embarrassing considering the Predators do an okay job with it (design is boring but they at least use a beautiful shade of gold). The radioactive banana (I'm on the bandwagon) is offensive, disgusting, hideous, and without merit. My favorite gold uniforms in soccer might be the clash set that Colorado had for a while. This is what I would rip-off as soon as possible if I were suddenly in charge of Nashville's branding for some reason. But maybe it's just because they reminded me of the X-Men.
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    Ooh, I’m gettin’ out the popcorn for that debate!
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    Don't forget the red uniforms with battle worn silver numbers for the Titans
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    Agreed. I want a deep dive on the Rochester Jeffersons that will never happen.
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    I realized I forgot to change the title of the thread before, but here now is the NL Central! Chicago Cubs: City Edition. Here is one of the smallest tweaks that makes one of the biggest differences: the Reds drop black. This is what the Brewers would have looked like if they went all the way back to royal blue. A black Pirates alternate without white outlines gives it a Raiders-like intimidation factor which I love. There's not much to do with the Cardinals' decidedly perfect home jerseys, so I just switched out the navy for dark purple try & give them a more unique scheme. Any comments or suggestions about the NL so far would be great!
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    Trying to understand wtf 71 on the falcons is doing
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    I know I've been "banned" from posting in this thread but I need to put an end to this madness. The chiefs are NOT changing!
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    Growing up in the 80's I grew to love the NFL, the Super Bowl, and especially the painted fields of the Super Bowl. Every year I would watch the marathon of Super Bowl highlights on ESPN and marveled at each field, more specifically, the current (at the time) helmet end zones. I even sketched fields for teams that had not been to a Super bowl just to see what (I thought) their end zones would look like. Inspired by @pitt6pack and the Super Bowl Field Database - https://boards.sportslogos.net/topic/98529-super-bowl-field-database-early-concepts-for-super-bowl-liv/ and the Gridiron Field Database - http://gridiron-uniforms.com/fields/controller/controller.php?action=main - I utilized the fields that were created and added helmet end zones for all the Super Bowls that didn't use that format. I just kept my creations to myself until some comments in the thread asked for seeing the fields that didn't have the helmet format. For those of us who grew up with the Super Bowl with this format, I hope this brings a little joy to seeing some of the newer fields in this "old school format as well as the first seven Super Bowls, which did not use this format. With this thread I will add @pitt6pack's link for each field - for comparison. Super Bowl I - The typical format for the end zones was the background would be the alternate team color of the team's helmet. For I and II, I kept Green Bay's end zone yellow. As you'll see later, I used green for the background in Green Bay's other appearances. Original Super Bowl I - https://boards.sportslogos.net/topic/98529-super-bowl-field-database-early-concepts-for-super-bowl-liv/page/6/?tab=comments#comment-2249400
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    There's been something bugging me about this 100 year celebration that the NFL has been doing, or not doing. Despite the fact that the NFL was founded in 1920, the current "celebration" doesn't seem to cover anything before 1960. This is actually a general criticism I have of the NFL. They will talk about the history of the league starting from pretty much the 1958 NFL championship (The Greatest Game Ever Played) and the introduction of the AFL in 1960 and their decade long feud with the NFL. But pretty much everything between 1920 and 1959 is glossed over and ignored by the NFL. Case in point; I'm from Louisville, Kentucky originally where Cardinal football (and Wildcat football) reign supreme. Imagine my surprise that from 1921 to 1926 (debatable but beside the point) the NFL had a team in Louisville. I never knew that! And growing up and working with diehard sports fans, none of them had ever heard it. It took Wikipedia for me to even learn about it. And yet, the NFL never mentions this team, or the Kansas City Cowboys, or the Columbus Panhandlers, or the Frankfort Yellow Jackets, or any of the dozens of NFL teams that existed in their history. Hell, even Madden with their stupid micro-transaction MUT system, doesn't even have players like Red Grange, Fritz Pollard, or Jim Thorpe, players that MADE the NFL what it was and without them, there would be no NFL today. Add on to that, that the NFL Shop, never sells any products related with these teams. We get throwbacks sure, but when was the last time you could purchase a Dayton Triangles hat? Even though the Akron Pros were the first champions of the NFL, never gets recognized. No documentaries, no merch, no mention, nothing. It's like the NFL wants to ignore all these franchises and half of their history. I guess what I don't understand is how you can have a 100 year celebration and not recognize or discuss the ENTIRE 100 year history of the league. Why is the Super Bowl era the only one that matters?
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    That’s fine, but when the other definitions of the word unique are “distinctively characteristic of...” or “able to be distinguished from all others...” then “more unique” simply means “more distinctively characteristic of...” or “more able to be distinguished from all others...” According to the authority on the subject, there are at least three definitions for this word, and two of them are not “one of a kind.” An example: it’s common knowledge that all snowflakes are unique. Despite being “unique,” however, they are very difficult to tell apart from one another, so something like a black snowflake could very accurately be described as “more unique” since it would theoretically be “more able to be distinguished from all others in its class or type” due to the simple fact that is is a black snowflake amongst billions of white ones. Honestly, I'd totally forgotten we had this exchange. This argument is well past its "best by date." Anyway, since you still feel strongly about this 12 days later - which I find hilarious, by the way - let's try this again. First off, (here we go again) your use of theoretically is incorrect. What you should have said is hypothetically. But I'm willing to let that one slide because I misuse theoretically all the time myself. So, let's get to the matter at hand. "Distinctively characteristic of" or "Able to be distinguished from all others." How is that in any way different from what I'm saying? Something can't be a degree of those things. It either is or it isn't. Do you honestly believe that the following statement makes any sense at all? This (insert thing here) is able to be distinguished from all others, but this (insert another thing here) is really able to be distinguished from all others. Call me crazy, but a thing can only be "distinguished from all others" in one way. It can't be more distinguished from all others than another thing that is distinguished from all others. You can change that to "distinctly characteristic of..." and it will still sound every bit as silly. Speaking of which... (Unintentional comedy alert) A black snowflake is unique because it's black. It's not "more unique" than a white snowflake. It's simply unique on its own merit. A black snowflake (again, hilarious) is able to be distinguished from all others because, like every other snowflake, even black ones, it is one of a kind. Being the only black snowflake amongst billions of white ones (Seriously, did you realize how funny this would sound when you wrote it?) isn't "more unique", it's just a different color. So, the black snowflake could be unique for two reasons - 1. Because it's black. 2. Because, like every snowflake, it can be "distinguished from all others." The fact that we can't see the difference between every snowflake doesn't change the fact that each one is different. To state otherwise is like stating that when viewed from a blimp, there is no discernible difference between the uniforms of the Edmonton Eskimos and the Green Bay Packers. Granted, when viewed from a blimp, it may seem like those two uniforms are so similar that we can't tell the difference, but we know for a fact that they are different. It's the same with snowflakes. Even black ones. Now can we please drop this? You're still wrong and I'm still not budging on this.
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    That hat is spectacular!
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    Ewwww that's an awful way to design "motion". Why is the outline near the top wider than the bottom? Why is the outline below the beak thinner than above the claws? It's not a clean and good logo...it's really quite a mess. @McCarthy's fix makes it a lot better.
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    Just be the Citronauts again.
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    Its a Play action pass?? I was doing a Pause Action this whole time!
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    I agree, when it’s just one person calling it braisher stripes that doesn’t mean that’s what they are called. They aren’t the same as UCLA, or North Western stripes which have a universal understanding of what you are talking about. To me and most people that’s just a triple stripe with no knowledge of this braisher person. I’m not gonna lie until you gave the explanation for who braisher was I thought it was just another name for pants.
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    The Y'all's is actually a FANTASTIC identity...I would applaud the news if it were for a brand-new team. What I'm still sore about is that the vast majority of fans on social media wanted the Freedom name to stay (which I suspect is why "Keep the Freedom" wasn't on the final rename-the-team contest poll)...any time an ownership group shows that it doesn't care about its fans, it's bad news.
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    And to be ultra fair...I’m sure the Eagles had no clue and it’s just a sign of the times. Those Eagles pants were probably preordered at the same time the Roughriders placed their order. my official ruling is a PUSH
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    Cougars would be Bobcats bad plus the UW crowd would be alientated. Give me Sockeyes.
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    Football - Tulsa jumped ship to Adidas and ... that's really all that can be said about that. They admittedly cleaned things up going from a templated mess with Nike to a simpler, less mismatch look. What I tried doing was keeping that simpler look with a more Tulsa vibe. My goal was to maximize blue and gold and use red mostly as a trim color. So on the helmet, I brought back the stripe to more prominence, kept the classic Tulsa script on the sides of the helmets. White helmet is an alternate option. Jerseys now have the same stripes on the sleeves. I found a new font I thought worked well for the number font and compliments the script well. No alternate jersey, the gold didn't work for me as the alternate. Three options for pants, all with the same stripe down the side. Hockey - Tulsa currently has zero hockey presence on campus - varsity or club. So i went down a traditional path, with a classic stripe on the sleeve/hem combo. For logo, I went with the full Hurricane flag + Script combo for the home/away. One set of pants, blue with the stripes down the side, Hurricane flag logo on the front. Gold helmet goes with the home and away, but could see some appearances with the alternate. Socks have the same stripes as the jersey. this time, the alternate works as a gold jersey, with the only major difference being the TU logo becoming the chest logo and a blue helmet option. Baseball - The revival of Tulsa's baseball program in jersey from comes with a pretty consistent look from the other sports. One hat and helmet combo, blue/gold with the hats having the TU logo and the helmets having the Script. Jerseys have the script as the main logo, large stripes on the sleeves. Name and Number on the back. Pants have the stripe down the sides. Alternate is a gold rush uniform, with the TU logo on the left, number on the right. Basketball - For these I used a lotta bit from the current uniforms, namely the small striping around the arms, collar and at the bottom of the shorts. I borrowed a peripheral idea from the 2000's era uniforms from when Tulsa made it to that year's Elite Eight and the uniforms had a funky side panel striping thing going on and so I used about 8% of that idea and had the stripes cut at an angle on the home and away. Hurricane Flag logo on the sides of the shorts, Script logo on the chest of the home and away. Alternate gets a bit more traditional, with the TU replacing the flags, and the jersey stripe meeting the armhole instead of being cut at an angle. C&C welcome as always!
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    That molded center ridge was just a part of every helmet. Specifically pre-80's. In fact, it was such a given the the Seahawks designed their wrap around logo with the one inch gap to account for it. It wasn't until the last Nike redesign that they realized they no long needed it.
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    Celebrating 10 years of boring Super Bowl logos.
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    *Sigh* I'm not even angry anymore... ...i'm just disappointed.
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