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    I'm sure this goes for most people on here, but I miss the AFC/NFC logos in the endzone.
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    Speaking of things about the Falcons' logo that make no sense... For decades they had silver as part if their uniform, but not on their logo. Then, with the redesign they drop the silver from the uniform, but needlessly add it as a second outline around the logo. It would be interesting to hear an explanation for that.
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    This one is gorgeous. Should be it.
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    Sock stripes? In the NFL? In 2020? Do my eyes deceive me?
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    I love the idea to have this logo on score bugs, merchandise, and around the stadium. Do not want it on the helmet though.
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    Here's what we've managed to document (the commentary is from multiple moderators): (There's quite a few that didn't get posted in the thread which would average to about 50%) Then, here's what we've documented that hasn't been unveiled yet: The thing to keep in mind is that the insider information isn't at all what led to our intervention. It's the superiority complex, attitude, and thread derailing that forced our hand.
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    Rumor is Lids stores are stocking up on their $25 discount stickers as these new BP caps roll out.
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    Another year of the USA vs. the World uniforms being superior to the ASG uniforms.
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    I don't like the inconsistency of everything. Why would one have a helmet and one not? Last year I could understand because the Rams didn't really have a separate logo for their old school look. I know it's probably only a small group of us that care, but come on. Who is making these decisions?
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    MIAMI MARLINS = DOLPHINS SAN DIEGO PADRES = CHARGERS I tried to figure out a way to mimic the bolts, and what better than the Padres favorite pattern... digital camo. TAMPA BAY RAYS = BUCS TEXAS RANGERS = COWBOYS
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    At least I’ll save some money by not being tempted to buy caps.
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    With the news of the Super Bowl endzones using the throwback font, when will the Niners officially go back to the Saloon font?
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    OSV you should sell this logo on t-shirts. I really think people would buy it. If I were a Ravens fan I'd love to have a shirt with this logo
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    He replaced the Tappan Zee with a new bridge that improves on the old one by not being in imminent danger of falling into the Hudson River, rammed it through while ignoring recommendations that it include much-needed tracks for Metro North that would have actually alleviated traffic, and named it after his dad. So this is basically the vexillological equivalent of that.
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    I tried to smooth it out a couple days ago. I don't think the current logo is the worst in the league, but it's got a lot of unnecessary stuff going on
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    Yeah, I think some of the confusion is because a lot of you guys weren't here for a lot of Teal's antics. When he first joined basically his only contribution was constant, and I mean literally multiple times per day, posts requesting if people had information or leaks. People naturally got annoyed with him, and there's been tension since. The way he talked and dangled information as he did in recent months has always felt to me like revenge for some perception that people were purposely withholding information from him previously.
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    This means absolutely nothing but thought they picked a cool design.
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    The gray mask here is such an awesome look.
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    FWIW, when I think vests, the teams that come to mind are the Reds, Pirates, and Florida Marlins. A lot of teams have tried it, but in my option those teams are the only ones that have done it well. Some might argue the Diamondbacks too. The Pirates don’t get enough credit for how classic their home whites are. A white vest Sunday uniform that harkens back to the 1960 championship team would be a great addition as far as I’m concerned.
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    The Pittsburgh script is fantastic even though I was cool with the whatever pointy shaped Pittsburgh block letters. 2 black alternates is odd but the script one should be worlds better than the left chest P one which was already overused so I can get behind it in the sense that it will improve and also cut back on the left chest P jersey. Glad the camo died. Zero reason for that with the Pirates. I still think the Pirates could use a home white vest alternate. There are probably other teams more synonymous with vests than the Pirates but in my memories of the Pirates they're wearing white vests. It just really works for them.
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    In pink, Inter Miami's team palette contains what is the most unique color in American major-pro sports. So, they reduce it to accent-striping. What a complete and utter waste.
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    I've attempted to take MLB teams, combined with NFL counterparts and their jersey designs, C&C always welcome! This may be a series for the full league, I'm open to requests as well. And with that, here we go... LA ANGELS = RAMS The thought here was to try and mimic the Rams horns design with some sort of wing design on the sleeves. OAKLAND A'S = RAIDERS HOUSTON ASTROS = TEXANS TORONTO BLUE JAYS = BILLS CLEVELAND INDIANS = BROWNS Inspired by the color rush but in away form. CINCINNATI REDS = BENGALS PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES = EAGLES
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    Steelers makes sense because they already had a tradition going with their previous Super Bowl appearances. The Broncos not going with an orange end zone the 2 most recent times, still baffles me. Nonetheless, I’m glad KC will have the yellow end zone. Should make for a great contrast.
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    I love that Pirates script. Glad they are bringing it back.
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    Preview of one of the new Pirates jerseys.
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    Surprised Andy Reid hasn’t already tried to sign him.
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    Sure it is, just Inspect around the logo box, find the logo box in the source code, and voila, you got a logo; I've done it plenty.
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    It's a good looking uniform, but the current away Pirates jersey is my favorite jersey in MLB. It's perfection.
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    Let's move onto the next team, the Texas Rangers! RANGERS HOME: RANGERS ROAD: RANGERS ALT: This one was fairly obvious. The University of Texas Longhorns have one of the most recognizable identities in all of college sports. With this redesign, there’s no longer a question of whether the Rangers are a “red” team or a “blue team”—they’re a burnt orange team. This in turn means they get just one solid colored alternate. The home uniform is off-white and pinstriped while the road set is a dusty brownish gray to help evoke that Old West feel. I’ve also realized that I actually like the new "Rangers" script when it’s stripped down to just the script itself with no extraneous strokes or drop shadows. C&C appreciated!
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    The Pro Bowl uniforms have stars on the top of their shoulders and it makes me hate them much less.
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    I’m not sure what the latest offense was that caused the suspension. Only thing I saw was some post from the nfl changes thread that said the chiefs weren’t changing after FormerLurker posted a helmet and was all “OMG I told you the chiefs were getting a full rebrand, see matte helmets!!!” Where it turned out it was the regular helmet and the lighting made it look matte and is a bigger offense to me. Not saying it wasn’t deserved (probably was) Just that I never saw what lead up to this suspension.
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    Will the flaming douchebag come back?
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    I am liking that the NFL is allowing teams to have endzones like they do at their home stadiums. I am one that also likes when college bowl games have the endzones like the teams use.
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    That helmet was purely commemorative. Hurts is wearing an OU helmet on the field.
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    The Vipers' helmet may be one of the most garish helmets in all of football. And that's something when you consider the trash on display in college football. Almost nothing seems to work with the Vipers' identity. The only things I like are the alternate snake head logo (should be the primary) and the overall colour balance on the road set. And even that's let down by the helmet and the dumb striping.
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    Heckle and Jeckle! I love it, outstanding, I know the Ravens should be menacing but that little feller has charm. It really is better than the stupid bird head they have now.
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    That’s fine, but when the other definitions of the word unique are “distinctively characteristic of...” or “able to be distinguished from all others...” then “more unique” simply means “more distinctively characteristic of...” or “more able to be distinguished from all others...” According to the authority on the subject, there are at least three definitions for this word, and two of them are not “one of a kind.” An example: it’s common knowledge that all snowflakes are unique. Despite being “unique,” however, they are very difficult to tell apart from one another, so something like a black snowflake could very accurately be described as “more unique” since it would theoretically be “more able to be distinguished from all others in its class or type” due to the simple fact that is is a black snowflake amongst billions of white ones. Honestly, I'd totally forgotten we had this exchange. This argument is well past its "best by date." Anyway, since you still feel strongly about this 12 days later - which I find hilarious, by the way - let's try this again. First off, (here we go again) your use of theoretically is incorrect. What you should have said is hypothetically. But I'm willing to let that one slide because I misuse theoretically all the time myself. So, let's get to the matter at hand. "Distinctively characteristic of" or "Able to be distinguished from all others." How is that in any way different from what I'm saying? Something can't be a degree of those things. It either is or it isn't. Do you honestly believe that the following statement makes any sense at all? This (insert thing here) is able to be distinguished from all others, but this (insert another thing here) is really able to be distinguished from all others. Call me crazy, but a thing can only be "distinguished from all others" in one way. It can't be more distinguished from all others than another thing that is distinguished from all others. You can change that to "distinctly characteristic of..." and it will still sound every bit as silly. Speaking of which... (Unintentional comedy alert) A black snowflake is unique because it's black. It's not "more unique" than a white snowflake. It's simply unique on its own merit. A black snowflake (again, hilarious) is able to be distinguished from all others because, like every other snowflake, even black ones, it is one of a kind. Being the only black snowflake amongst billions of white ones (Seriously, did you realize how funny this would sound when you wrote it?) isn't "more unique", it's just a different color. So, the black snowflake could be unique for two reasons - 1. Because it's black. 2. Because, like every snowflake, it can be "distinguished from all others." The fact that we can't see the difference between every snowflake doesn't change the fact that each one is different. To state otherwise is like stating that when viewed from a blimp, there is no discernible difference between the uniforms of the Edmonton Eskimos and the Green Bay Packers. Granted, when viewed from a blimp, it may seem like those two uniforms are so similar that we can't tell the difference, but we know for a fact that they are different. It's the same with snowflakes. Even black ones. Now can we please drop this? You're still wrong and I'm still not budging on this.
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    Here come the two purples! BALTIMORE ORIOLES = RAVENS MINNESOTA TWINS = VIKINGS Number font here is based off the Twins wordmark.
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    Its a Play action pass?? I was doing a Pause Action this whole time!
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    You've got to be patient:
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    Sockeyes seems like the obvious choice.
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    I know I've been "banned" from posting in this thread but I need to put an end to this madness. The chiefs are NOT changing!
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