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    The new Panthers uniforms will be a metallic (yet also somehow matte) blue that changes from vaguely tealish to vaguely indigoish depending on the light. This blue will be used for helmet, jerseys, pants, and socks, of course. There will be a Volt stripe running from the ankle bone to the armpit. The number font will recall the shapes of the Carolinas (North on the left, South on the Right) and will have sublimated claw marks. The major hold up right now is they haven't yet figured out how to shoe horn the important Anthracite elements in. You'll love it. The brown will remain the same.
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    Luka’s temper tantrums aren’t really Nike’s fault tbh.
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    Dolan hires consultant to improve brand consultant fires Dolan to improve brand
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    Won’t be long now...
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    A long, long time ago in a gal... er, state far, far away, I played on a rec hockey team called the Minnesota Aurora. I created a logo, we had jerseys made, yadda yadda. For some reason, on my drive home tonight my mind started thinking about design projects I could do, and the Aurora logo came to mind. So when I got home, I thought: why not see what a current take might be? So in a few hours, I had an answer: I reduced the colors, refined shapes, and tried for a bit less obvious-Wild-homage. I thought about doing a jersey mockup, but haven't as of yet.
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    Lakers are in gold and Blazers are in black and it looks like what an NBA basketball game. Not sure if this was the initial uniform plan for this game, but thank god they didn't Nike it up tonight.
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    This is fantastic! I think you nailed some great points here. One, I think many (myself included) typically say “execution” when we mean “craftsmanship,” but you’ve addressed an important distinction; execution has multiple facets. Craftsmanship is execution, but only in the technical or artistic sense. Effective communication of the main idea is also execution, but only in the conceptual sense. Delivering on the brief (the vision and goal of the client or team) is also execution, but that’s more ambiguous. I don’t really know what to call it because no matter what the client’s or team’s vision is, I feel it’s the designer’s duty to interpret and balance that through the lens of the audience. The brief is a starting point or maybe a guardrail, but I feel it’s the piece that’s most easily manipulated if you can convince the client or team that they need to pivot a little to really capture their audience. Either way, I think all of the things you brought up qualify as individual criteria that can be independently evaluated to determine how well a design can do or is doing its job. While they are separate qualities and warrant separate discussions and considerations, I also think they creep into each other, they overlap, and they create cause/effect relationships with one another (if you do this, you achieve that, but you might lose the other thing, so you have to decide what’s more important). There are many logos that get their point across but are not well crafted (or at least could be technically improved without drastically changing the idea that’s being communicated). There are just as many beautifully crafted logos that don’t really communicate anything other than “B” or “S” and several decades of equity. My opinion is that every logo has something that can be explored, either technically, conceptually, or both, and that’s okay. It will always be that way, and I think it’s great for discussion and artistic progress. Honestly, it’s exceedingly rare for an identity to nail all the criteria. We strive for perfection, but it’s so, so elusive because of the variables. Maybe you hit the brief, but the fans don’t like it. Maybe the fans are attached, but the ownership still wants a fresh start. I know I sound like a broken record when I pick apart bézier curves and visual composition and other “losing the forest for the tree” qualities in a logo, but the reason I value craftsmanship so much is because it’s the one thing I know the designer can always control, while communicating the idea and delivering on the brief are often at the whim of the client/team and their tastes. I’ve been through it enough to know that my vision doesn’t always match what the client or the audience thinks, but the very least I can do is provide a well-drawn version of what they want, if that makes sense. Ultimately, we all participate in this because we’re interested in the process or we’re interested in making it better, and the more knowledge and familiarity we accumulate through the process or the act of being interested in it, the more we can share with each other the things we learn along the way. Making sense of that knowledge and forming it into an opinion or philosophy is the logical next step, and whether we agree with each other or not, part of healthy discourse is to open our minds to others’ opinions and use them to season our own pot of wisdom. The beauty of it is we still get to decide whether the dish tastes better, but at least we know we sampled the alternative. I just want to point out how insightful both of these takes/philosophies are. Well said.
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    The Knicks are a team that would be huge if they weren't a joke. Sports media is so desperate for the Knicks to be good that they started making up dumb stories about how Zion would stay in college instead of being the number one overall pick and making millions. I know this board exists for a bunch of nerds to debate sports teams' clothing, but I think we can all agree that the Knicks aren't "hip" because of how the organization is run. They're just embarrassing. The Knicks are basically Texas football, where they just assume they'll be great because of their name and location, but are mostly hilarious to those on the outside. Except that I can remember seeing Texas win a title.
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    An iconic brand like the Knicks need only win.
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    Still no front numbers!
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    I wouldn’t get too bent out of shape yet until you see the real product. They are just computer renderings just showing the design as basic as it can.
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    Fudge this Ship EDIT: Paul Lukas to the rescue!
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    https://www.footyheadlines.com/2020/02/after-just-one-year-leaked-chicago-fire.html Chicago getting another new crest for 2021? See kids, this is what happens when you focus test anything in a vacuum.
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    Article in the Philly Enquirer about the change from unique Super Bowl logos and how they have taken away from the uniqueness of each individual Super Bowl. https://www.inquirer.com/eagles/super-bowl-logo-design-history-20190131.html
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    Well this is interesting... the piping on the Brewers replica is closer to what they have on their road grays.
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    "Man that kick to the nads today wasn't as bad as the other 2 times"
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    Came here to comment on this... Of all the places to find a $20 knock-off uni, Staples Center on Kobe Tribute Night is the very last pace I thought I'd see one. @Bucfan56 also left shaking his head.
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    ^ what's with the '24' on that jersey? def not the one Kobe wore. how could they not have one of his jerseys lying around?! yeeesh
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    I'm not of the opinion that branding solves problems at the level of "institutional rot" but good luck to them anyway.
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    It’s the problem with having a special star for defending champions. Should have a special mls badge for them.
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    It's been a while since I've made a concept, and thought I'd give the Falcons a shot with their new uniforms coming soon. I like trying to guess what Nike will do, so this is my attempt at that. I wanted to give them 3 distinctive sets, rather than 9 mix-and-match combinations. What do you think? Home Away Alternate
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    Watch New Era drop the ST hats tomorrow. Super Bowl Sunday is a good time to announce a bad product.
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    Cool Base template, no "authentic" tag, screen printed Swoosh (so its pretty much a confirmed replica), but it has sleeve patches?
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    So the side patch is the logo which is used inside the front logo
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    Just do what brandios does and pick a random local food and call it a day. Providence quahogs
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    Yikes. Where to even start...
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    James Dolan >turns a top market franchise into a undesirable laughingstock no one wants to play for >publicly mocked Knicks fans >banned fan favorite Charles Oakley and other Knick fans from MSG Also James Dolan "Why's the Knicks brand failing to gain attraction?"
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    Yeah Majestic did that too...
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    To answer your question, the first season of rev30 retail authentics all had incorrect number outlines. You can see in this detailed shot that the correct number thickness would reach to the edges of the underneath yellow applique. It's a shame that they didn't have a gamer or anything else lying around. A Mitchell & Ness Authentic would've worked perfect. Oh well. Here's some more pics:
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    Team 9 announced, with jerseys behind coach Bart Andrus: https://www.xfl.com/teams/team9/team-9-articles/team-9-dallas
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    10. Patriots vs Falcons 9. Patriots vs Eagles 8. Patriots vs Seahawks 7. Patriots vs Rams 6. Patriots vs Giants 5. Seahawks vs Broncos 4. Panthers vs Broncos 3. Ravens vs 49ers 2. Packers vs Steelers 1. Chiefs vs 49ers
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    Hopefully they suggest to the Knicks that they boost James Dolan right out the door. Then they’ll be real hip!
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    The Nets are hip? I'm reminded by the perhaps-apocryphal story of Laurence Olivier chiding Dustin Hoffman for pulling all-nighters to appear ravaged in Marathon Man: "my boy, have you tried acting?" Have the Knicks tried winning? If the Knicks win, they'll be cool again.
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    Because Majestic made the same one for years but the Dodgers never wear it. https://www.majesticathletic.com/mens-majestic-royal-los-angeles-dodgers-official-cool-base-alternate-jersey/p-13241564450008+z-9026-206796711?_ref=p-TLP:m-GRID:i-r5c2:po-17
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    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tyreek_Hill#Legal_issues https://www.sportingnews.com/us/nfl/news/tyreek-hill-domestic-violence-child-abuse-investigation-chiefs/neqfn40200lt16ik2142ay772 https://www.newyorkupstate.com/buffalo-bills/2016/02/list_of_lesean_mccoys_off-field_incidents_grows_amid_philadelphia_police_investi.html https://theblast.com/lesean-mccoy-assault-allegation-police-investigation-milton/ https://www.forbes.com/sites/jefffedotin/2019/04/23/new-chiefs-de-frank-clark-upgrades-d-but-has-a-dark-past/#5a9ef282ff4e https://www.cnsnews.com/article/national/michael-w-chapman/kc-chiefs-frank-clark-wears-trump-sweater-super-bowl-press And that's only some of the things that those Chiefs players have done. There's plenty more. Plennnnnnnnnty. If you root for the Kansas City Chiefs, you need to seriously question your values and think about when you lost your morality. No trolling - that's how I feel. They're one of - if not the biggest disgrace of a franchise to play in that game in decades.
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    Couldve let me break that news since Im the one that asked them LOL
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    I agree. Chicago is lucky they operate within MLS and can turn this around next season. One year was really going to be the absolute minimum for the new crest. If the 49ers unveiled their one-day logo in today’s market, they’d be the present day Browns and stuck for five years. Hopefully Chicago reverts to a classic look. I think they have some wiggle room as far as the crest design, but they need to get the colors right and stick with the traditional kits.
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    Jesus Nike even added the swoosh to the Shirseys? Do they know no limits??
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    Maybe it’s just time to go to three digit numbers. So what if someone is number 137...
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    He's a Vikings fan. It might have something to do with it
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    If they really want to boost the brand they could start with I don't know...actually putting a competitive basketball team on the court. Maybe even winning some games every now and then could work too. However, sadly, nothing with the Knicks will ever be fixed unless and until Jim Dolan sells the team. Dolan makes the Wilpons look competent by comparison.
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    Here’s the memorial patch the Lakers will be wearing: And a couple court tributes as well: And then this:
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    Yeah, they really dropped the ball on the current Lakers set. They need to fix the gold, drop the black and, for the love of god, WEAR THE DAMN GOLD AND WHITE AT HOME!!!!!
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    I'd say that claim about the Warriors is mostly true, not mostly false. They got new home and road unis (true). All of their uniforms are technically new for 2019-20, with an updated logo and new fonts and new colors and the new Bay uni...that isn't just "meh, that's false".
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