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    This is great. What I really love is how it incorporates the 1960 helmet logo.
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    My favorite part of that court was how the purple from the keys extended to the baselines: I’ve been a Blazers fan for life, but when I was a kid I was enamored by the Lakers’ colors, uniforms, court, etc. and always used to draw that part of the Lakers’ court because it was so unique and distinctive at the time. I think their current court is better from a purely aesthetic point of view, but I do miss that court design. Nostalgia for sure.
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    You know, it would be really nice for MLS if there was an already approved of expansion team that had a rock solid privately funded stadium plan in place approved by local and state governments going back several years. It would also be really nice if they had a contingency plan in place just in case they had to join the league a year (or two) sooner than expected. If only that very scenario existed, say, in the capital of the most populous state in the country... God! That would be such a convenient thing for them to have in a time like this. IF ONLY...
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    We spent all this time talking about Miami not existing, when it was Nashville all along who lacked a corporeal form.
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    The only thing that I don’t like about Seattle is the choice of a blue home uniform instead of green.
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    Unpopular opinion, but I always liked the early 2000s-era court, especially with the shaded/3D-ish center court logo. Nostalgia I guess. The new jerseys, new court, and new arena (with the bright light setting) just felt very modern and new as the millenium started.
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    Jesus Rob Manfred, could you even TRY to ruin Baseball any more? If this happens, it would be obvious that the Yankees will pick my Twins every year and sweep us over and over...
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    Red, yes. Chromed, not so much.
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    Hope the gold looks brighter in person, this reminds me a lot of the Twins current look. It helps that it's part of their ID, but the Royals still have the best championship set.
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    A nice simple matchup tonight with wolves in navy and raptors in red. It's very simple and isn't a sore on the eyes. Easily can tell who's the home team and who's not.
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    Couldn’t agree more. This is nearly identical to the final versions I did, before they went whole hog stacking the jet on the leaf and adding the bevels. I think styling the logo like this, with solid colors and using a positive/negative technique to create the leaf and jet, is timeless, while the current feels cluttered with all the extra detail. I also think composing the mark like this, with the nose of the jet inside a leaf silhouette that’s closer to the “national leaf,” makes it communicate more clearly as two distinct elements, whereas the current, as constructed, can easily be misunderstood as a jet that’s in the process of being blown up.
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    Thanks! Let's start another new week with the Atlanta Braves! BRAVES HOME: BRAVES ROAD: BRAVES ALT 1: BRAVES ALT 2: My Braves design takes its inspiration from the University of Georgia Bulldogs. This isn’t too great a leap from the Braves’ actual uniforms, with the biggest change being that black replaces navy blue, resulting in some nice visual synergy with the local Atlanta Falcons. Another key difference is the three-colored piping used throughout the design, as suggested by @MJD7. And just as my Cleveland concept dropped the Indians name, I expect that sooner or later the Braves will do away with the tomahawk logo, so it’s nowhere to be found here. C&C appreciated!
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    Indeed. Besides, I'm not sure at all that there is a "consensus" that the Marlins need to change.
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    First time I saw their kickoff I was immediately excited. This is how it should be. No more 100MPH concussions, while also voiding the neutered "kickoffs from basically midfield" crap the NFL suffers from.
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    I watched at least some of every game this weekend. I'd say that the quality of play was similar to watching 2nd and 3rd stringers in an NFL preseason game. It wasn't awful, but it's pretty clear why these players are in the XFL. That being said, it was mostly entertaining. The coach being allowed to talk so much during plays got old quick. I have to think that would get annoying if you were on the field. And probably more than a little confusing. For the first week, I think the XFL did OK. It should get better as we go.
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    You know, when you get to a certain age, not everything on both sides hangs down the same way.
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    MILWAUKEE BREWERS, PT. I - A BiG Tweakening The Brewers' latest redesign was a massive step up from their previous design, but it still had some glaring flaws. While I (and many of the other posters here) liked the number font, the "Milwaukee" script, the creme home uniforms, and the overall aesthetic, I found it marred by a few significant issues. The BiG modernization: There are some parts that I liked in the updated design, such as the elimination of the white webbing and even line weights. However, some flaws screwed with the design. The centered ball with the "standard" seams looks terrible, and the overall profile of the mark is too tall. It now looks a bit awkward. The "BREWERS" wordmark: The "W" in the middle is too wide, offsetting the mark in a distracting way. What's more confounding is that the Brewers have a condensed version of their "W" in the NOB font, which would fit well within the design. Inconsistencies in the uniforms: The stripes on the home and road jerseys don't match, while the team uses far too many different logos throughout the set. Too many logos: the primary, the BiG, the Owgust renderings, the barley ball, and the M-Wisconsin are an overdose of designs. Also, the new Owgust looks dreadful, as do the other two "alternate" logos. Poor color choices: I liked the decision to go navy/yellow-gold, but it was poor form to ignore powder blue in favor of royal for detailing. With the color scheme of navy/yellow/powder and navy/powder being so widespread in the city, it should have been a given to adopt that color scheme. Additionally, dropping the royal/yellow pinstripes was also a problematic choice. So while it's a big step forward, it didn't come without its problems. As I said on the MLB Changes thread: It's the redesign equivalent to the Bee Gees' 1987 album E.S.P. - it's a return to form in many regards, but it's got some subpar and baffling stuff in it. (Note: prepare to learn a lot about one of the most prolific families in pop music during this thread). If you're wondering, this is my favorite track off of said album: (I kinda want to own those sunglasses Robin has) The redesign would not be a complicated one. With some advice from @Gothamite and a boatload of Brewers concepts I've done since 2018, I set about fixing the set up. The BiG has undergone a notable tweak to bring it more in line with the original, namely de-centering the ball, restoring the traditional seam design (thickened to fit), and shortening it. EDIT: After consultations from @the admiral and @NicDB, I made the "m" and b" separate again, since the connection doesn't really reflect a glove from this perspective - here's the original. It keeps the benefits of the new version, all while restoring some of the original's charm. The color scheme is now navy (282 C, not 289), yellow-gold (1235 C, not 123), sky blue, and creme. Think People's Flag-meets-Cream City. Their primary logo now resembles a bottle cap (from Defunct Saga, but tweaked), with barley leaves on each side and the BiG at the center. The BiG is the secondary, while my Owgust design is the tertiary (albeit with a new "M"). Owgust has white skin with a creme uniform, for a bit of visual flair (and because a creme ball looked awful on the BiG). EDIT: After consultations from @NicDB, @Carolingian Steamroller, and @MJD7, I've adjusted the sky blue to be an average of the darker and lighter shade. The primary now has sharper edges, to look more like a bottle cap. The original is linked here. With the uniforms, I chose the road uniform's design as the basis for the striping (albeit with the 1971 collar trim). The home uniform features a wordmark with a condensed "W" to match the classic design and fit better on the jersey. Here is a comparison. Road uniforms now use a light blue-tinted road grey and the "Milwaukee" script to match the '80s design more. I wanted a splash of color, so front numbers are contrasting now. The font now has the "notched" numeral five from the Packers' and '80s Brewers' fonts. Owgust is on the sleeves while the socks feature a modified Northwestern stripe that features all three accent colors. EDIT: I've flipped the colors on the front numbers, implemented the new BiG and sky blue shades, and switched the road uniform to a lighter regular grey (#b2b4b2 - 421 C). The original is here. The alternates now include a sky blue jersey for home use and a navy top for road games. The navy top features the gold front-panel and sky blue accents. EDIT: The logos and shades have received updates, while the contrast-colored front numbers/NOB are no longer on the navy alt. The original is in the link. The second set of alternates restores royal to the pinstripes, while also offering a full powder blue road option (with the gold front-panel). Of all the teams using powder blue uniforms, why the heck don't the Brewers have one? EDIT: Aside from the universal changes, the powder uniform now uses the updated shade. The original is here. The jackets are a standard affair, reflecting the color balance and striping patterns of the uniforms. EDIT: The originals are here: primary and retro alternate. Much like E.S.P., there was a lot to like in the Brewers' redesign. It just needed tweaking and restructuring to work right. Now, the Brewers can look their best! PT. II - Labeling the Script I figured that I'd demonstrate how my "Braves as Brewers Pt. II" scripts would look with the set. They do a fantastic job of adding more sky blue to the design, while also going well with the lettering font (but not as well as the Brewers' new machined-cursive). EDIT: Originals are here: logo sheet, home & road, alternates set one and set two, and the primary jacket and retro alternate. C+C is appreciated, as always! The Padres will be next.
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    Colorado College Tigers (NCAA D3, DI Hockey) recently unveiled their new brand and immediately wore their new hockey uniforms that night. Designed by Joe Bosack and Co. Full release here. OLD NEW
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    You can totally see the difference in the Lakers yellow here. The video is really cool as well.
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    I created this team for one of my fantasy football leagues. It started as kind of a joke, but now I actually like it. The team is the Underdogs, and their mascot is a beagle. The helmet is based on the Philadelphia Eagles but has a floppy dog ear rather than a wing. What do you think? The logo could use some work maybe, but I like it.
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    As a former stadium employee, I can tell that the arena-management companies will hate this. Getting 300ish event staff (ushers, ticket takers, etc. - not food-service employees) to work an unscheduled Monday night would be rough. Also just for fans in general it sucks a monkey's anus - especially if that weekend is your 'road trip' game. I'd like to think the NFL wouldn't do this to their fans, but...
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    Good cause. That logo looks familiar, though.
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    I really do enjoy your (VERY JUSTIFIED) bitterness towards MLS.
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    Good to see you're back! I’ll get right into my opinions on your designs: I love the main Rangers set, as you said yourself the double-outlines are something they can really own. The retro alt in particular is beautiful. I’m not as keen on PT. II, mostly because I feel like the slate & brick need some separation from each other, as they are both somewhat dark shades. You did this particularly well with your Project 32 iteration. Following the template of the main red & royal set, I would utilize sand to separate the two colors on the main home & away, as well as using white to separate the sand from the main wordmark color on both of the color alternates. Once again, the retro alternate is fantastic, however. For the Brewers, the condensed “W,” the updated BiG, and the royal pinstripes are all nice touches. However, I’m not a fan of the use of your sky blue in this set; it stands out more than the royal blue does, and in my opinion doesn’t merit use as a home alt or for accents on the navy, considering how little it is used on the main home & away. Like @Carolingian Steamroller, I think there are too many shades of blue at play, with the powder-tinted away and full-on powder away being added to the mix, not to mention the royal pinstripes. If it were me, I would drop the sky blue, either in its entirety or replacing it back with royal and reserving it to an accent on the logos and such. I would also make the away uniform a regular gray, while keeping the powder blue as an alternate option. Right now those two uniforms are just too similar to justify the need for both of them. All in all, great work as always! Hope you’re doing well!
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    Not a rule, just a standard ever since Nike took over. Only throwbacks got outlines
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    Overall this is great but it has a key problem or two: 1. I don't think the light blue is going to show up well as the front number/NOB on the navy alternate jersey. I would just leave it gold or go with cream. 2. Right now there are a total of 5 different shads of blue in the set. Two shades of darker blue and three shades of light blue, including two distinct pairs of light blue pants. Its trying to be all things to all people which was a trap the Brewers fell into. I would keep the dusky shade for the roads, drop the 70's style alternate roads, and the medium blue on the home pins. 3. Minor issue but maybe consider swapping the gold and navy on the lettering for the People's flag alternate jersey.
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    Considering how many people got burned by the AAF, I can see why most organizations running stadiums passed on the XFL.
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    The difference is that the Marlins don't want changes yet. The other teams did. Just switching to Nike doesn't mean teams are all gonna eventually change even in 2021. They'll change whenever the team actually wants to.
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    The XFL kickoff is brilliant and will absolutely be stolen by the NFL within two years. The audio/video inside the replay booth, well...that'll never happen. The NFL's officiating nightmares shan't be exposed. It's too bad.
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    The "Dayton to Indianapolis via Brooklyn, Boston, New York, Dallas, Hershey, and Baltimore" is a good story... it just doesn't happen to be true. The whole "Cancelled & Replaced By" verbiage on that graphic gives it away. "Cancelled & Replaced By" doesn't mean the franchises are related. The Indianapolis Colts are a direct descendant of only the Baltimore Colts, which were an NFL expansion team in 1953 that moved to Indianapolis in 1984. No AAFC Colts, no Dallas Texans, no Boston/New York Yanks, and certainly no Dayton Triangles. This article in the PFRA "Coffin Corner" sums it up. It's a long-ish, winding read, but an interesting one.
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    Wow most of those uniforms look surprisingly sharp. The only one I don't care for is the Vipers. LA's aren't great either. Overall tho, this actually doesn't look like a clown show by any means.
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    The 2020 promo schedule is out for the Nats, and on the calendar I see what I believe may be the design for their gold trimmed champs uniforms: https://www.mlb.com/nationals/tickets/promotions?partnerId=ed-14695391-1194293303
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    I watched the first quarter or so in a barber shop. Let's count that too. Obviously, curiosity is always a factor in Week One of these leagues. What is impressive to me is that they pulled a 3.3 in the middle of a Saturday afternoon. XFL 1.0 and the AAF both premiered on Saturday night. WIth regard to the overall experience, one of my coworkers was at the Defenders game.* He said it was fun and that there were a lot of drunken 20-30 somethings in the crowd . . . which is how it appeared from the TV crowd shots. * -- He is the uncle of this viral Barstool sensation.
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    You know how people say a great NCAA team could beat a bad NFL team? Those people are wrong. However, I might take my chances with LSU against the best XFL team this week. Certainly against the Tampa Vipers.
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    SAN ANTONIO COMMANDERS This is the only team which has numbers as the primary helmet graphic, not to mention the sublimated design surrounding it. The logo is moved to the sleeves, and I added the interlocked SA logo on the pants. Like the rest of the AAF concepts, I added a white jersey, plus, as an alternate option, I added maroon pants.
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    These look like a laundry accident.
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    I like everything about the BattleHawks' identity and uni set except the name. If it was any other reasonable aviation themed name, it'd be just about perfect.
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    A fairly decent depiction of a player’s preferred sock style for the Defenders: All white Single red stripe All red
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    Sorry - I assumed it was common knowledge around here. 1 - I'm a season ticket holder at Lambeau. I sit in Section 19 (now known as 119 after the 1994 renovation, but I've had this nom de plume for a long time and ain't changing it) Row 53. I have been a ticket holder for most of my life (back to around 1972). 2 - I'm from the Green Bay area although I live closer to Milwaukee today. 3 - When the team still played in Milwaukee and Green Bay, there were two different season ticket holder groups - you either had tickets in GB or Mil. The NFL set the schedule, including which games were played in either location/venue. 4 - As Lambeau was being renovated, it became a better venue for paying, financially, playing surface, and amenities for the teams. As teams started requesting to NOT play the Packers in Milwaukee, a decision was made to move all games to Lambeau. 5 - So what? Bob Harlan determined that Milwaukee ticket holders would maintain their tickets at Lambeau Field, and that they would be assigned the second and sixth (later becoming the fifth) home game of the season, as well as one of two pre-season games. This means that there are TWO different season ticket bases for the Packers. Those who have the Green Bay package (like me) are the "Green" package. Those who have the Milwaukee package are the "Gold" package. 6 - So, because it is known which ticket base is at which game, it is an easy step to make judgments based on the atmosphere created by the fans. Having attended a few "Gold" games, I don't argue in the accuracy of how the differences are described. Regardless, the people in attendance are different. Also, keep in mind that EVERY DAMN TICKET is sold out to a season ticket holder (ok - that's a lie. Tickets added in the most recent expansion allowed for residents of Brown County, who pay/paid a County Tax to help fund the renovation, could enter a lottery annually for the chance to be assigned one game to get 4 tickets. That game might be regular season or pre-season). If you have more questions, fire away. I think this covers it, though.
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    Are you ready for NAW's jersey?
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    Does the left horn seem a lot longer than the right to anybody else? It also doesn’t seem to curve up nearly as much. Like if the ram turned to face us head on, the left horn would be so much lower than the right.
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    The new program must be flagging silent letters
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    I just wish the White Sox would ditch that stupid batterman logo on the jersey and use the classic, inconic old English Sox. Then put the diamond sock back on the sleeve. If they need to keep the batterman on the hat for spring training, I can deal with that. But seeing the NASA Sox and the old English Sox on the same jersey is mind numbingly awful.
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    TCU is still working on the East Side expansion of Amon Carter Stadium. Work began in June 2018 was supposed to be complete for the start of the 2019 season, but wet weather pushed back the completion date multiple times. They did not have a Spring Game in 2019, so they likely want to showcase the new suites, loge boxes, and club seats to the donors as opposed to a XFL game. Plus, remember that they rebuilt Amon Carter in 2011 through just 34 donations and this $100M expansion was paid for with all donor cash as well.
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