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    The red paint and the giant Raptors logo at half-court might be useful hints.
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    If you're looking for Art Nouveau influence, I'd go with Alphonse Mucha instead... And if we need a ram... But Art Deco might be the way to go...
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    Twenty-seven stars or go home.
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    I really big part of me wants them to go back to the their traditional Orange, too. I don't think it happens, but I would be really pleased if it did.
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    Look at these. They're beautiful. Lose the teeny tiny "BROWNS" on the chest, maybe make the numbers even a little thicker or larger, go back to a White facemask if you want, and add a Paul Brown patch on the left chest, similar to the Chiefs and their Lamar Hunt patch, and then find a few subtle but unique ways to make the jersey stand out on its own: perforate the numbers, giving them a mesh look; add "DAWG POUND" on the inside back neck; add a 3D Bumper that spells out "CLEVELAND" on the back of the helmet and call it a complete uniform. Revive the solid Brown pants for an alternate Away (and Home) look. Wear Brown jerseys over White pants w/previous stripe pattern at home. Keep the Color Rush as the Color Rush, but with the original Orange. If you absolutely must, bring back an Orange pant. Everyone's happy. Basically, this, but with White pants as the primary Home/Away pants, lighter Orange, and no wordmark:
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    When a uniform is described as ““ that just means it’s new. Players said it about the Browns’ current uniforms prior to their release, Jags players said it about their new set, Lions players about theirs, etc... Literally every new uniform since about 2014 has at one point been called by the players on the team. There’s literally nothing to take from it
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    Yeah, that's a good reason.
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    As expected, Atlético Ottawa is the team name. Team colors are Federal Red, Rideau Blue and Blanc D'Ottawa.
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    They've played one week and people are talking about expansion already? Let's see how year 1 (and probably 2) ends before even broaching that subject.
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    Agreed. That ruddy sunburned orange works great with the Bears' navy blue, but looks like crap against brown.
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    The Canucks have updated their retired numbers banners to reflect the uniform the player was most associated with. They still went with the same agency font for each though, I guess for some consistency between them.
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    What in the ever living :censored: is this horse :censored:!?! More than half the league makes the playoffs? Reality TV bull :censored:? Gutting MiLB... Never thought I’d miss Bud Selig.
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    How about MLB pick a new commissioner?
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    I have never once had an issue figuring out which team is home or which team is away.
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    the interesting numbers will be for week 2.
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    I agree with IceCap; it's not exactly the RCAF roundel, but it's definitely inspired by it. Using the roundel exactly would look more like how the RCAF Flyers did with a jet on the emblem; I will admit, though, I do really like this modernized take on the 90's logo that Luke Orient had cooked up over on dribble;
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    probably Atlanta too, since they likely sell well (i don't have the figures). will be interesting to see how creative they get with the 3rd kits. hopefully not just some off-brand recolors of existing templates.
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    I actually wish more sports would incorporate that. I think it's a really cool way to denote a title. Would be fine if the Nats want to trendset in this instance.
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    Let's keep the Star Wars talk in its correct thread, or somebody's getting shoved in a locker.
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    I’m normally a hater of chrome helmets...but that looks pretty slick.
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    A decade or so ago, while I was perusing my Facebook feed, I came across a post in which a man complained about a certain subpar (or at least unattractive) NFL game being played in a weeknight timeslot on cable and he asked why the league did not flex a more enticing matchup into that night and onto whatever cable channel had the rights for that night. I replied to him that having games swap timeslots within the same calendar day is logistically much easier than flip-flopping games between calendar days and that his wish would cause a lot of inconvenience and general difficulty for practically all of those with reasons to be at a game in person -- players, coaches, other personnel for each team, league personnel, media personnel, people working in "average Joe" jobs at the stadium on game day, and especially spectators. From what I remember, he remained unconvinced after I had made my point, which led me to conclude that he was thinking only of what could benefit him as a television viewer. If ESPN is so eager to televise NFL games that are eligible for and subject to flex scheduling, then I am glad that the company at least might be willing to air such games on ABC. However, I think that instead of making Sunday afternoon games able to be flexed to Monday nights and vice versa, the NFL should grant Sunday night game rights packages to both NBC and ABC -- with each of the packages having an emphasis on the away games of a particular conference, just as Fox has an afternoon game package which favors NFC teams' away games and CBS has an afternoon game package that leans toward AFC teams' away games. Either NBC, as the incumbent holder of Sunday night NFL game rights, could choose which conference would be the focus of its package and force ABC to accept the Sunday night package concentrating on the other conference, or the league could gather executives from those two networks together for a meeting, have those bigwigs witness the toss of a coin with NBC's peacock symbol on one side and the "abc" circle logo on the other, and grant the choice of favored conference to the network whose emblem is facing upward when the coin lands.
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    The crazy thing is that Nasvhille is so full of transplants that the only twang you'll hear is from the stereotypical country kickers n' the honky tonks on lower Broad...and even half of that is manufactured. (If more people knew just how manufactured so much of Nashville is these days...)
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    That was the same designer. But he was only doing it as a fan. The XFL hired him to do these.
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    This is pretty much what I'd like to see the Browns do with their new uniforms
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    Cool graphic but who uses blue for land on maps? Took me a second to figure out what i was lookin at
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    Sunday ratings have been released, looks like FOX gained viewers: Saturday (DC/SEA) - 3,302,000 - ABC (HOU/LA) - 3,290,000 - FOX Sunday (NY/TB) - 3,385,000 - FOX (DAL/STL) - 2,495,000 - ESPN (#1 cable telecast) via ShowBuzzDaily
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    Padres Spring Training Hats Get Shelved Already one team is (mostly) shelving this year's abominable Spring Training hats in favor of regular season hats.
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    That's a bit underwhelming. Lots of unused white space around the Peace Tower. I guess I was hoping that, stylistically, it would be like Atletico Madrid's crest, which is a nice shape, uses space effectively and gets its message across without any text. I can see some connections between the two, but not as many as I was hoping for.
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    Between this and Nashville's stadium drama, this is turning out to be a pretty calamitous expansion round for MLS.
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    Also just noticed the star over the Nats logo on the sleeve. Don't think I've seen that anywhere but in soccer
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    I agree. They've also done some really cool promo stuff using old-school two-bar helmets.
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    I'm absolutely not opposed to more teams in the postseason; I'm opposed to this nonsensical, overly-complicated gimmick of a proposal that will do nothing but confuse fans right out of the sport. We've already got players blasting the idea, with Trevor Bauer straight-up calling Manfred a joke in the process. When it comes to MLB's postseason I'm very much an all-or-nothing guy: Either open it up to a 16-team, 16-win tournament like the NHL & NBA do, or close it off entirely to only each league's top teams; none of this half-and-half garbage.
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    So they can limp into a playoff they have no business being in?
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    Meh, I’m not sure it’s happening, given the backlash. Let it play out and we’ll see if it’s on the table after more CBA shenanigans. VIII is the best movie in the series since V. I absolutely loved Luke’s arc.
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    You know, baseball at least has the best postseason. If they water it down like this, what do they have left, the cheapest tickets?
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    I like where this is going, but the eye seems very off. Maybe tilt it or return to the twitter logo.
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    I'm simply disappointed in the lack of color and creativity in the field designs. It's bad enough that it's the XFL logo at midfield, but the endzones are not fully painted, the text is all the same, just with color variations, and the Progressive logo! I suspect that they are being limited in what they can do rather that this being a free choice. Say what you will about the AAF, but they had much more colorful field designs.
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    This is great. What I really love is how it incorporates the 1960 helmet logo.
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    The one horn looks way too much like something coming out of its neck compared to something behind the head. It also looks larger than the one that’s nearer to us. The depth is way off.
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    One design the AAF did with their helmets that really irked me was the logo on one side and jersey number on the other. At least that didnt happen with the XFL!
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    Combining existing ram logo with Kevin Demoff's recent twitter.
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    For 1977, the Dragons make some subtle tweaks to their look: C&C Welcome.
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    Hey, I think this is the most polished alternative football league since the USFL. Not saying a ton, but I do think there's a lot to build on here and I did find myself enjoying what I watched. I'm taking things week-to-week here due to the AAF. Is it fair to compare the neo-XFL to the AAF or the original XFL? Probably not, but that's the legacy this new league has to overcome and time is the way to do it. People can talk about expansion all they want, I just think it's premature until the end of this season when we can get a fuller picture. Besides, it's the Internet and rule numero uno is to not take it seriously unless your actual life gets dragged into it. If someone's dreams are destroyed because of sarcastic comments I make here, that's on them.
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    Green package holders have dibs. When we pay for tickets for the upcoming season (March or April), you either commit to buying playoff tickets then or you don't. If you do, you pay for the tickets as soon as a playoff game is scheduled at Lambeau. If you don't, someone else gets your tickets-- most likely from the Gold package. Whoever has "my" seats in the Gold package would get whatever seats they are assigned (random draw, I would guess) if they said yes to tickets. It hasn't always been done this way, but Green Bay ticket holders have always had priority.
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    Good to see you're back! I’ll get right into my opinions on your designs: I love the main Rangers set, as you said yourself the double-outlines are something they can really own. The retro alt in particular is beautiful. I’m not as keen on PT. II, mostly because I feel like the slate & brick need some separation from each other, as they are both somewhat dark shades. You did this particularly well with your Project 32 iteration. Following the template of the main red & royal set, I would utilize sand to separate the two colors on the main home & away, as well as using white to separate the sand from the main wordmark color on both of the color alternates. Once again, the retro alternate is fantastic, however. For the Brewers, the condensed “W,” the updated BiG, and the royal pinstripes are all nice touches. However, I’m not a fan of the use of your sky blue in this set; it stands out more than the royal blue does, and in my opinion doesn’t merit use as a home alt or for accents on the navy, considering how little it is used on the main home & away. Like @Carolingian Steamroller, I think there are too many shades of blue at play, with the powder-tinted away and full-on powder away being added to the mix, not to mention the royal pinstripes. If it were me, I would drop the sky blue, either in its entirety or replacing it back with royal and reserving it to an accent on the logos and such. I would also make the away uniform a regular gray, while keeping the powder blue as an alternate option. Right now those two uniforms are just too similar to justify the need for both of them. All in all, great work as always! Hope you’re doing well!
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