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    Y'know, saying this again and again doesn't make it true. How many different designs can you get from green and white (and black)? Slashes on shoulder? NYJ yes, SASK no. Side jersey panels? NYJ no, SASK yes. Custom number font? NYJ yes, SASK no. Black combo? NYJ yes, SASK no. Metallic helmet? NYJ yes, SASK no. Give it a rest!
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    Flaming IceKatzz is original too, but that doesn't make it good.
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    Seeing this helmet is like that ex-girlfriend who brutally dumped you. You tell yourself you didn’t like her that much anyways, then you bump into her at the grocery store and think, “damn...I miss that...won’t you please come back?”
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    So what I’m getting from this thread is that half the people want a return to the super bowl set, and half want a more modern orange look with a white helmet set. Almost nobody wants a mix of the too. So guess what I think Nike’s gonna do.
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    What I want Atlanta to do What Atlanta will actually do
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    The pewter is more a representation of Buccaneers/Pirates than the area. The color of the cannons and cannon balls
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    No, guys have been wearing alts and retros pretty much every year since 2000, maybe even earlier
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    Anyone else hated that they wore the frickin "City" unis again during last night's contests?
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    Count me amongst those who "think the Jaguars went too far towards the plain". What the Jacksonville Jaguars "needed to do" in order to get their sartorial house back in order was THIS... No black jerseys, black pants, or black numbers. No mustard jerseys or pants. No unitards. No gradient helmets. No so-stripped-down-as-to-be-generic styling. Just THIS. The Jaguars sported their perfect look - one of the best ever in the history of the NFL - from 1998 through 2001. They should get back to it ASAP.
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    I like St. Louis in blue/white/blue tonight. Hope to see NY and DC switch up their pants some this season.
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    The Seattle Dragons' colour scheme reminds me of a perfectly fine, if somewhat underwhelming, Tommy Hilfiger shirt.
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    This is the perfect update to Bucco Bruce, IMO, and a brilliant logo for the Bucs. Way cooler then a basic flag logo. The Bucs should capture the iconicity of the pirate motif in their actual logo; people think "pirate" and see something like this.
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    WEEK 2 XFL POWER RANKINGS 1. Houston 2. DC 3. St. Louis 4. Seattle 5. Dallas 6. New York 7. Tampa Bay 8. Los Angeles
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    Lol at the replay official -- "what the hell's going on with this thing?" The televised replay reviews are simply incredible. Get ready NCAA, VAR and everyone else. People are going to want to see this in other sports. EDIT: Late-game XFL seems to routinely be pretty fun.
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    This game has gotten a lot better after a slow start Crowd is a lot better too.
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    This concept popped up on a google image search. I’ve seen it before and it sort of gets to what I was suggesting earlier. Someone here probably made it.
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    That was a good game at the end.
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    The Renegades helmet looks beautiful under the sun
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    I can’t imagine how many pages of posts there’d be if Nike manufactured these uniforms and this happened.
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    I remain hopeful that the "City" fad will die out at some point but I guess that's naive.
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    But after a few short weeks you know you'll be missing your other girl (pewter). The real problem is society's insistence on monogomy (NFL's one helmet rule).
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    New York looked outstanding in their Grey uniforms yesterday. Black helmet, black socks and black/red uniform details were perfectly balanced without being overdesigned. Beautiful.
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    Check out #74. I thought something was off about the video, but it seems like the 7 lost the black part of the number
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    It might be time to go back to lurking...
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    A sewn fanny on a prostitute? Your Gramps might of had some issues.
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    The second rule of being a Packers shareholder is we never act like ass-holes. One of the rules here at CCSLC is we don't call people names. That's me talking as a moderator.
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    Sports leagues convincing the masses that limiting players' salaries is somehow in the interest of competitive balance is one of the great modern crimes. And it was artfully done; team owners wanted to save money, so they told everyone that it'll make the league more fair, and everyone just bought it. Bravo to them.
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    For those who don't know the Vegas Golden Knights recently bought the San Antonio Rampage of the AHL. The Golden Knights will relocated the franchise to Henderson Nevada which is right next to Las Vegas. For more on the details about all of this click here. It is strongly rumored that the Franchise will be named the Henderson Silver Knights so I came up with some logo ideas of what it could look like. All of these logo ideas are just concepts I came up with and can still be refined if needed. Just wanted to see some opinions of what people like and what ones have potential.
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    I listened to "Smokestack Lightnin'" literally two hours ago.
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    Agreed. Furthermore, the XFL is kinda building its presentation around "unprecedented access" so the players are just gonna have to deal with it – or better yet, embrace it – if they want to have a professional league to play in outside the NFL.
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    The biggest travesty last night was not giving both Gordon and Jones the trophy for the dunk contest.
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    Looks like a sign for a random truck stop company.
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    New York is Marvel and the other is, naturally, DC. Joking aside, it’s actually not all that uncommon across major sports to have multiple teams with similar or connected names. A wild male horse less than four years old is both a colt and a bronco (kind of like Peyton Manning). Wizards use magic. Raiders aren’t always pirates like buccaneers, but they’re presented that way. And that’s not even getting into the fact that some names are used across multiple professional leagues (Kings, Rangers, Jets, Cardinals, Giants and Panthers) or even in the same college conference (the SEC has three Tigers and two Bulldogs, for example).
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    FWIW, at the team's facility they fly tattered flags with just the skull and crossed swords on it, no flag on flag.
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    He coached Montreal. I just assume his assistants coached in French and everyone ignored him.
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    In exchange, should there be no Roughing the Passer?
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    Red shorts being worn today:
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    We have the same voting power a shareholder in pretty much any other publicly held company has. Do we have a say in football operations? No, but it's not like Apple shareholders have a say in the design of the iPhone 11 either. Would you like me to upload a copy of one of the yearly reports that shows what we'll be voting on? Or would you rather go on believing something that isn't true? Also, an Ann Frank "joke?" If you gotta go that low it might be time to hire a new writing staff.
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    Football - One of the most unique identities in college sports gets a bit of a makeover with bits and pieces borrowed from different eras. The helmet, has been the same design for as long as I can remember, with the H logo on both sides. I really considered doing what they had done this past season, with the H on on side and the islands on the other. I tried it, didn't like it in the end. Black and green matte helmets. Jerseys have "racing-stripe" shoulder designs, with a sublimated Polynesian pattern design in it. HAWAII on the chest, same number font as years past. Pants have the Colt Brennan-era diamonds on the pant leg, with the H logo on the hip. And of course, the Rainbow Warriors throwback jersey. Hockey - Hockey really borrowed a lot from football because there really isn't much of hockey in Hawaii history. So the Polynesian stripes go from collar to end of the sleeves. H logo on the chests of all 3 jerseys. Diamond pattern stripes on the hem. Same diamond pattern on the left legs of the pants. Socks have the same Poly stripe minus the actual pattern. There are two pant options, black and green. Rainbow Warriors fauxback joins the group as well. Baseball - On the diamond, pullovers and racing stripes are all the rage here. Two hats, green/black and black/black with the H on the front. Jerseys have the same style stripes as errybody else. Hawaii on the chest, number found underneath it. Pants have the diamond stripes on left leg. Black pants make for a black-out alternate option. Rainbow Warriors option for them as well. Basketball - For basketball, Poly stripes on the shoulders. HAWAII on the chest. Pants have the triangle stripe on the waistbands, Diamonds on the left legs. I saw that basketball IRL does have their own rainbow style jerseys, but I instead went for the fauxback route to keep things consistent with everyone else. C&C welcome!
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    Eek...no thanks. I'm not a fan of the satin finish, the large logo, or the shade of orange. The Bucs need to stick to the creamsicle shade of orange, and this to too intense. Also? The Bucs should only ever have a white or pewter helmet, ideally.
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    The B football is a horrendous logo. Absolutely terrible. Looks like an amateur logo that every third dude on this website makes for his fantasy team. Reasons it sucks: 1. It has a B instead of a C. A team monogram should always be the letter(s) of the city. 2. The actual rendering is terrible. The white stroke around the B is very thin, compared to the thick white space on the ends of the stripe near the football. Also, the stripes being truncated on that angle looks terrible next to the football which follows the same course, but is slightly rounded. 3. That striping pattern is irrelevant to the Cleveland Browns. Yes, they used it here and there for a few awful seasons, but their traditional striping pattern is a brown stripe surrounded by orange, which stands out for them because most teams use the darker stripe on the outside. Using that pattern would actually be meaningful to them, but still wouldn't make a good logo. It would be like the Steelers designing a logo around their sleeve stripes. You could make good arguments that they should use the elf or even the mastiff logo, but the B logo is just awful. Seriously, just come up with some kind of stylized C and call it a day. Bring back the '80s uniforms and leave the logo off of them entirely.
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    The third rule of being a Packers shareholder is any plan to attend the yearly shareholders meeting never includes the words "staying at my cousin's in Milwaukee." This is the big leagues, son. "NFL owners" don't flop on couches. Spring for a hotel or stay home.
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    you are not in the minority here.
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