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    Tampa Bay changing. Atlanta changing. Let's fxcking gooooooooooo!
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    Someone needs to tell the NFL this is how you do an end zone for a super bowl
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    Based on Absolutely Nothing, Here's My Prediction: Helmet stays exactly as is with the carbon fiber brown stripes, brown facemask, same finish on the orange shell, etc. Jerseys use 3 stripes the same way they've been, but they don't extend so far into the chest and are kept to the sleeves. Numbers are the same font, but "Rise" shadow is gone. I'd love to say they'll use single color numbers, but I feel like they're going to goof this up and put an orange outline on them. I think they'll get it right and go with white numbers on the brown jersey and brown numbers on the white jersey rather than orange on both. The big CLEVELAND on the chests is gone. BROWNS on the pants is gone. White pants use a full leg brown-orange-brown stripe, brown pants use an orange-white-orange stripe, and orange pants that use a stripe that matches the helmet. No socks, no idea because if last season is any indication the league no longer cares about socks. They'll probably wear full length brown socks at home and all white on the road. They'll be lauded by normal (dumb) people for returning to their classic unis and we'll pull our hair because while closer to the classics, there's just enough stupid details to make you nuts.
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    Plus "return to glory". There isn't much glory to choose from. Pretty much just that era.
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    And nearly all have been inferior to a straight-up varsity block font. If it's not better, don't do it.
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    Ok we may have a leak for the uniform number font. A person in a Bucs fan group I’m in on Facebook saw this poster in a store in South Tampa. Check out the 2020 font at the bottom.
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    I actually like the big logo on the Bucs helmet. I think it works for them. Unpopular opinion though
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    The Canucks flying skate jerseys that returned this year aren't that great and are only receiving the love they get because 1) People in BC still fawn over the cinderella run of the 94 team that got to the final (despite losing), and 2) We're living in a time of 90s fetishization. If it weren't for those two factors nobody would care about them beyond "remember when the Canucks wore team Germany uniforms"?
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    I don't like lettermarks on helmets that requires one side to face the rear of the helmet and/or forces an awkward flipped version of the logo See: Ravens, Baltimore I've yet to see a concept that successfully updates the Broncos D logo with a good horse in the middle or is an upgrade to the current logo.
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    The Padres will play many more road games in San Francisco than in Milwaukee.
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    Thank God. But now I’m terrified that they switched to a white helmet and just shoehorned pewter into the uniform set in a worst of both worlds compromise. Worst of both worlds. That basically sums up the Bucs.
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    Bottom line, the Broncos have similar colors as the Chicago Bears. And that's OK.
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    I'm not sure where the idea that the large flags on the helmet are popular in Tampa comes from. I'm living here, and most people who mention the uniforms either say they need to go to the Creamsicles or the Super Bowl look. I don't think I've heard a single person say they like the giant flag logos on the helmet.
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    Yuck that script is stuck in 1997, just my opinion. New one is much cleaner looking.
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    I would agree that it's unlikely that they'd show enough restraint to just go with a standard block font, but for some reason I do think it won't be the same font from this uniform they're ditching. It just seems that a custom font is always such a focus of these redesigns, it's hard to picture them giving up the opportunity to indulge in some fun new Nike gibberish about how the new font represents the grittiness of Cleveland's hard working sandwich venders, or something. Plus, Jacksonville got a new font with both of their Nike makeovers... and the second one is a pretty awesome block variation IMHO, so who knows, maybe they'll get it right.
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    I thought it would be hard to find a number font worse than the Bucs’ current numbers. I was wrong. This is 100x worse
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    That wasn't a test run. That's just the number font they wore with their practice uniforms at the time. I don't believe they ever considered going to those on their actual game uniforms. People seeing Bucs practice shots and thinking they were changing number fonts were one of the great annual traditions around here. The other one being seeing the Red Wings' straightened NOBs during the NHL pre-season and thinking it was a change
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    Never forget Anthony Precourt is the real reason everyone should hate this Austin club, not because an actor has a minority stake. (I was just thinking McConaughey makes them .25% more likable, so they're .25 out of 100 on the likability scale.)
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    I just hope the facemask stays brown and is not gray.
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    This is what Kansas should look like. What a no-brainer to go back to the old font.
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    Sigh....I can't wait until we have real news - or at least real speculation - on all of these.
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    I can say that about a lot of things on "my internet" and in my history research. Raise your hand if you've spent time going through a readex archive looking for one obscure late-18th century news article and pamphlets on Internet Archive! But back to the Bucs, I like what @CherryMX did with the Eagles/Vikings-like banner. I'm not sure if it's the most practical for all helmet models or if the center stripe is needed, but it's a big step up from the mega flag and machine skull art.
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    Ive been a Bucs fan most of my life and therefore interact with an inordinate amount of Buccaneers fans. I’ve yet to hear a single fan outside of here say they like the oversized flags. Of course, that’s just my personal experience and obviously doesn’t represent the entirety of the Bucs fanbase. But, I sort of do actively seek that kind of info out (sadly).
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    looks at Super Bowl LIV This checks out.
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    Yes, but in the Bucs' case the desire to be unique and cute with their number font gave us the alarm clock numbers. Which are an embarrassment to everyone involved. So it's probably in their best interests to return to block and just leave well enough alone. Not every team needs to do that, but a return to simplicity is probably the Bucs' best choice at the moment. To everyone saying no new uniform in the past two decades has gone with straight block? I'd like to remind you all of the Bills' current uniforms. It can be done if the team is committed enough to tell the supplier (Reebok back then, Nike now) that block is what they want.
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    Okay, this is pretty cool.
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    Something about this comment made me die inside. I feel like this was the first comment I read on this board almost 20 years ago.
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    Switching an alt to a primary (without otherwise changing it) doesn't reset the 5 year rule, apparently. See the Rams, Browns, etc...
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    Haven’t there been rumblings about the Bucs for a while (this thread goes back to Sept)? Atlanta just came out of nowhere, hence the smaller thread.
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    Not really. The Broncos championships were only brought up in response to your tantrum about the Bears being the only ones allowed to wear certain colours because they're old. This entire post is a non-sequitur filled with fallacies.
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    I'd assume this confirms the helmet/logo and wordmark are staying the same.
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    Pot, meet kettle.
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    I majored in post Tsarist Russian history, so...
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    I couldn’t disagree more. It’s certainly not great as a number font, but it’s definitely better than the current mess. It’s basically Romulan Falcon, which is the same font as the old Bucs wordmark (which is WAY better than the robotic looking crap they’re using now).
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    You are preaching to the choir, but I think it's very unlikely that they ace this rebrand with a 100/100 and given NFL properties recent propensity for head-scratching decisions, the "ya almost had it except for [one hugely obvious bad choice]" that happens even on the "good" designs, and love for fonts that are straight ASS, I'm guessing they stick with this Browns font- especially because the practice field picture shows the wordmark in the matching font. Would love to be wrong.
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    That forced B in the raven head has always bugged me. I get that they put it there to appease the people of Baltimore who wanted something with a B to prevent other non-B cities from stealing away their team and keeping its identity like was done with the Colts. But, it would look so much better without the B crammed into it.
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    I kinda hope they go back to white facemasks. They just look more like the classic Browns that way.
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    For reasons that have been discussed repeatedly, flexing to Monday should be a non starter. Horrible horrible idea.
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    Atlanta Falcons Cleveland Browns LA Chargers LA Rams Tampa Bay Buccaneers The Falcons, Browns, and Rams have officially confirmed. Chargers I don't believe have, but are heavily rumored to be updating, though they did switch to Gold facemasks and the Powder Blues at home last year, so that one is probably 50/50 right now until someone official states otherwise. Tampa Bay hasn't officially confirmed but has started the teasing and it has been widely reported on locally in Tampa. Panthers have been rumored, but nothing substantiated. Chiefs rumor was just that...a bad rumor started here and on reddit. Raiders might be making some small tweaks for Vegas, as evidenced by the minor logo outline change that was just made. If I'm factually wrong on anything here, please someone jump in and correct me.
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    Not feeling the full creamsicle (#3) and the last one looks like the LSU tiger and the Tennessee volunteer got together and had a baby.
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    I'll see your Royals and raise the 2003-08 Lions. While the 2009-16 Lions set technically also qualifies for black for black's sake, they clearly put far less thought into the '03 change that wasn't "slap black everywhere you can without alienating everybody in Michigan." ...versus the '09 change, which was a much sharper look IMO. I was actually sad to see this set go.
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    The popular opinion would be that the NE logo does not belong on the hat at all
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    You don’t get the boards. Also, the Broncos current unis are FANTASTIC. They’re miles above their last set in just about every way, and the modern striping compliments the logo package wonderfully. The uniforms are a bit out there, but they work so well and are such an improvement from the dime a dozen striping pattern they used to use. This goes even more so for the logo. The current logo is pretty minimal but it says a whole lot despite that. It’s pretty much perfect IMO. I had no idea until about a year ago that the thing on the front of the old horse was supposed to be snot or air. It always looked to me like it was a jousting lance that someone was holding and prodding/annoying the horse with. It looks super lame. And I know a lot of people liked the old blue color, but I’ll never understand quite why. Maybe they could switch to a lighter shade of blue (but they really don’t have to), but a return to the previous periwinkle looking blue would suck. That color always looked so gross and washed out to me. It was like they kept the helmets and uniforms out in the sun all summer and they got bleached out.
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    The Dunk Contest has always been about creativity yet when the athletes show creativity and drive the interest back up you don't like it? What? Do you want 2Ball back or something? I sort of understand, it's flashy, it can be obnoxious in a way, but the human body has limits and we're not getting self proclaimed Pro Dunkers out there, we're getting people running an 82 game season, so they gotta make up for the inability to do 1080 Double Windmill NBA Jam dunks. People just watch All-Star Saturday to have a good time and I'd say they're delivering on that front whether the contests are good or bad, it's still very entertaining and I wouldn't have it any other way.
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    Does this mean he's gonna have a 56 point lead in the Super Bowl and continuously throw the ball.
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    On the Pewter Report podcast Scott stated that Pewter will still be a color on the uniform.
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    Which was a really good call. Brown and gold is a fantastic color scheme, but orange just takes it too far.
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