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    I think that uniform change in 1996 was an attempt to modernize the popular throwbacks from the 94 season (that they wore in Super Bowl 29) and they went with white pants for the first two years. in 1998 they brought back the gold pants and it looked great. Fun fact about that Garrison Hearst run - I was around 11 years old and at my friend's house watching the week 1 highlights and when they showed this game I EXCLAIMED in my little boy voice, "oh cool the 49ers brought back the gold pants!" This was met first with life-altering silence, and second his older brother said "why do you care what pants they're wearing, f**?" and that's when I learned to keep those thoughts to myself until I found this message board many years later.
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    This has been two pages+ about some supposed new purple-ish blue color that supposedly looks awesome, but that the single poster who supposedly saw them isn't be "allowed" to show us? Umm... Right.
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    I like them both...but a slight edge to this look:
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    Sorry friends, but mixing orange with pewter is a disaster. It's like mixing toothpaste and orange juice. It just doesn't work.
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    If the Chargers do actually go with a shade close to purple (and that’s a really big if), then I would imagine it would be more of a tertiary color, with the powder blue and gold as primary and secondary. Something like this: Maybe even a slightly darker shade. They made a pretty big deal out of the switch back to powder blue as the primary home uniforms last year, and have really emphasized the powder blue and gold in their marketing materials over the last year or so, so I really can’t imagine them going away from that and relegating those colors to support status in favor of a new, purple-like shade of blue.
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    If these rumors are true... Rams going from royal to navy and the Chargers going from powder blue to royal... Downgrades for both.
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    I've realized I don't hate the creamsicle colors; what I hate is the Bucco Bruce logo. Here are a couple of quick concepts blending the two eras while getting rid of Bucco Bruce for good.
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    They had that in the preseason wearing the current threads and it looks good.
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    Shimmery pants far superior for 49ers.
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    OMG the helmet color doesn't match the pants...screw Nike! oh.
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    This is so strange. I’ve absolutely HATED Tom Brady his entire career. He’s the ultimate dream killer, and represents so much of what I don’t like about sports and culture. Also, if you would’ve told me at any point before this week that he was going to sign with the Bucs, I would’ve told you to put the crack pipe down. That being said, I can’t NOT be excited about this. The Bucs are absolutely ignored by the rest of the league (for good reason), so it’s nice to finally have them in the spotlight again. That’s something that’ll take getting used to. Also, I look at it like this. Either he does Tom Brady things and the Bucs are finally super competitive and fun to watch again (Remember, it’s been over a decade since they’ve even made the playoffs), or the Bucs are the forever Bucs and he gets his teeth kicked out of his skull for two seasons. Either scenario is good with me.
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    Is that how the Buccaneers got their redesign?
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    I feel ya, brother...
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    No to both, that is specifically the 1995 version of Eddie Murray (stats, appearance, etc). The Diamond Dynasty mode has different versions of the same player based on the year (1939 Ted Williams has worse stats compared to 1946 Ted Williams for example) so it wouldn’t make sense to have a photo from another team when Eddie Murray played for the Indians that year.
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    Slight edge? Powder blues by a MILE! It’s not even close.
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    Similar stories brought us here you are not alone
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    Aside from the mono-fad and god-awful agency font, I truly love how this looks, especially with the yellow facemask. They should probably consolidate their blues to powder blue, sure, but something about this uniform just screams SoCal to me and I hope they hold onto that in the redesign.
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    I actually liked the white pants for both home and away on occasion. However, it did remind me of the 49ers alot at the time when I was a kid.
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    Did you get permission to post that?
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    That's fine, you're allowed to be wrong.
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    “Rams announce dates for unveil“ ...20,000 words later... oh yeah, March 23 is the date. Edit: I think the RamsHQ site edited the original version and cut out a lot of irrelevant info from the original release
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    It still happened! Airbrushing it out is low-rent.
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    Or they could have, ya know, just put the accurate logo for the time.
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    the coldest I've ever been at a football game was mid 30's and rain too. You get wet and you feel it constantly. If you're dry you have moments of warmth until the wind hits you.
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    The Chargers looked the best in the 90's, a team with an identity surrounding lighting, should be a navy an yellow team, nothing screams thunderstorm more than Navy and yellow
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    That's it. I'm officially back on the creamsicle bandwagon.
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    Whatever the Chargers do, I just hope they ensure the bolt is always against the same color background from helmet to pants.
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    Not a fan of the Niners Ninety's "edgier" dark drab fest.
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    I prefer 1984-90. I’d rather the Niners look like winners, not chokers.
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    Yeah there aren't any clues. What ever they are they're going to fly off the selves with the Falcons signing Gurley. I haven't seen the fan base so excited since the halftime of the Superbowl
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    Wouldn't mind if they did something like this...
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    Leaked chargers purple (forum blue) uniforms.
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    “We’re going to provide a nutritious blend of nutrients and minerals without skimping on the thick sugar coating and fruity flavors that kids have come to love.”
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    It's the same guy who said the Chiefs were getting a full redesign that's obviously not happening. So yeah. Take this Chargers rumour with a grain of salt.
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    Did you get those from the mothership? Because I’m not at all convinced that those are the original LA colors.
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    The mismatched stripe widths (red on the pant vs the jersey) drive me crazy. This shouldn't be that difficult.
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    Browns back-to-back offseason champs
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    Bucs white pants look unbalanced at home with a pewter helmet and red jersey. The only time the white pants look good is when theyre paired with white jersey.
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    I've long believed those 49ers uniforms were the greatest in NFL history.
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    Well we saw how that turned out...
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    Off topic - this was one of the coldest games I have ever attended. A hard rain and mid 30s. The following week against Carolina was colder from a temperature standpoint, but far less miserable.
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    Otherwise known as Royal Blue.
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    I liked this look though...especially in hot weather games. Something about it just clicks:
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    Who's actually going to give you permission to leak info? Don't turn into another Teal.
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