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    Another example of a facemask not matching the helmet or jersey and looking great:
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    This is one of the dumber things I've ever read on these forums, "period". And I lived through the entire Tnak era. From day one of my life, I've been in favor of one helmet, one cap, home-road, etc. Now that I'm older, I enjoy the occasional (like... once a year) throwback game. That doesn't at all mean that I'm on the "team crazy-multiple helmets" train - in fact, I'm 100% against that, and always have been. I don't know that I'd use the word "excited" to describe how I feel, but being able to see Carson Wentz wear the Randall Cunningham-style uniform once would be fun for me. Here's a tip - don't paint everyone with a broad brush, in any walk of life.
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    There should absolutely be separate threads for each team. It's frustrating to be having a discussion with someone about the Chargers and have to skip over a page or two of people 'fixing' the Rams.
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    So I whipped up a quick and dirty fix for the Rams LA logo. I don’t actually dislike the overall concept of the logo, but I think the execution of the idea is terrible. The problems: -Gradients-yuck, have fun reproducing that for embroidery and screen printing -Shadows-early 2000s web design wants their crutch back and it *the first two problems also create the problem of having waaay too many colors. -Doesn’t look good on multiple backgrounds/requires too many color and outline changes -The segmentation of the horn creates a crescent moon shape that I can’t unsee now that it’s been pointed out to me. The solution: first off, I ditched the gradients, getting the logo down to two/three colors depending on the application I also got made the horn one continuous piece. Also, because I ditched the gradients, the logo is all one color with a shadow on the horn to give it some depth. Honestly, I could take it leave the shading on the horn, but it might be a little flat without it. Anyway, this was like a 10 minute fix, but I think it makes the logo fit in much more with its contemporaries in the NFL and professional sports as a whole.
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    The red facemask is one of my favorite touches. It really makes the whole uniform less drab. I agree that by most books, it should be blue, but there's exceptions to every rule.
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    Nope. These are:
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    I'm sorry but the red facemask is still my favorite, with navy blue being a close second.
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    This is the best possible argument against alternate helmets.
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    It's not great news. NFL teams should only have one helmet and two jerseys. There aren't enough games for a walk-in closet, come on.
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    Gradient numbers are amateur.
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    As long as they only allow throwback helmets then it's a fantastic move. If they allow every team to have a 2nd helmet no matter it's for throwback or not could lead to a college football style mess that shouldn't be in the nfl.
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    It won't. That's not how this works.
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    If the Rams gave Eric Dickerson $100,000,000 in cash right now he'd complain it wasn't $100,000,001. The man complains about everything.
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    To the folks who don't like the Chargers in powder blue... I get it, opinions are subjective. And you aren't wrong for yours. That being said? The love of the powder blue throwbacks never went away. It remained so strong that the Chargers merely switching to their inferior powder blue alternates as primaries was a huge deal last season. All in all? The love for the powder blues has been going strong since AT LEAST the past twenty-five years. This was inevitable, and deep down? You all knew it was coming. Yes, the Chargers in navy could look nice. Yes, the Chargers in royal blue could look nice. Navy or royal blue never captured football fandom's attention like the powder blue did though. This was always going to happen. It was merely a question of "when" and not "if." All in all? You are in the VAST minority of fans- be it Chargers fans, sports uniforms fans, or football fans. And there's nothing wrong with that. There's no crime against contrarian opinions, or diverging from the popular choice. That being said...the powder blue and athletic gold look is what the vast majority of fans have wanted for decades. I'm not saying you need to force yourselves to love it, but just make peace with the fact that the team inevitably gave way to popular demand. cough
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    Pats fan here,the red mask to me brings red one of the teams colors to the forefront in a way the uniforms don’t and strikes a nice balance to me.
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    I think this is a really great exemplification of what’s wrong with some areas of sports branding right now. Approaches are becoming way too complicated, layered, cutesy, and over-detailed. When it really comes down to it, one single logo shouldn’t have to have this much “story” packed into it, and I think some beliefs out there are that a great logo has to tell a full-length novel. In my opinion, it really doesn’t. There’s a big difference between designing a logo that communicates “Los Angeles Rams”, and one that communicates “Los Angeles sunsets and beaches and waves and Deacon Jones wore a helmet with white horns but we also wore yellow horns for a lot of years too so a little bit of both with a gradient because modern but historical too and now back to sunsets Rams”.
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    Dean never liked the powder blue- his love of navy is well documented. In San Diego? Dean knew fans would support the team even if they wore navy. In LA? Even Spanos, as delusional as he is, has to understand his place in the hierarchy. The powder blues are one of those universally loved football looks. Even people who aren't uniform geeks like us know the powder blue Chargers uniform is "one of the best in sports." So Dean saw it as an "in case of emergency break glass" situation. He's breaking the glass now because he realizes that- his preferences aside- the team needs as much positive press as they can manage. And in fairness to him and the team? The rebrand is pretty swank. I'd say it's better than what the Rams did- so far. Unis could always change that. Probably. Doesn't take away from the fact that it's a huge improvement of a rebrand though. It manages to do what the Rams tried and failed to do. Capture what people liked about an older look. Dean Spanos is an idiot, but the idea that the Chargers went back to powder blue and gold just to spite San Diego is ridiculous. The team reached into their history for inspiration and came out with a rebrand based on one of their most beloved identities. We should wish most rebrands went that way. It truly does suck for San Diego, but the idea that this Chargers rebrand everyone's wanted for twenty-five years is "Actually Bad" is just dumb.
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    Football helmets are de facto logos. So are baseball caps. Teams should have one. Maybe in baseball they can have a home and away, but a well designed uniform doesn't need two. I'm fine with teams doing a throwback game every year and having a helmet (or cap) for that, but multiple helmets like how colleges do it would be a bad idea.
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    Took me a while to find this, but I had to go dig back through my "Monochrome Madness" thread from like ten years ago or something to find this image I mocked up of my cousin...how prophetic does that thread seem now?
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    Yeah, I'm sure they're both thrilled.
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    So they want to use the gradient effect on the '70s sporting-good-store heat-press number font? Effing dumb mother effs. Either make a clean break or don't. I think gradients in sports are pretty bad, and gives a '90s type of vibe, but at least use them on a more contemporary number font. Stupid dumb Fs.
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    “I never seen nothing like this.” oh :censored:
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    Instead of adding a "9th" color to the already overblown palette i'd just make the eye white, it's clean and simple and doesn't look like an extension of the horn.
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    I hate the idea of alternate helmets that aren't throwbacks and this will almost certainly lead to that, so I hate this.
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    That's not going to happen. This "restrict it to throwbacks only" is nonsense, and you're insane if you think that's going to be how it works. What about teams without a different throwback look? They just get left out? You're kidding yourself. Make no mistake... if you're excited about the one helmet rule going away you are on "Team Crazy-multiple-helmets". You are. That's the side you're taking, period. You've already seen the slippery slope NFL alternative jerseys have taken, from first just throwbacks, to alternate colors, to Color Rush, and from one a year to twice a year, to oh, hell, whenever. That's what's in store for the helmets. This is not a guess, it's a fact. If you want multiple helmets, you want chaos, whether you admit it or not.
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    Yep. If the one helmet rule goes away, get ready for am avalanche of crappy alternative helmets. No thanks.
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    Heard that on the show this morning too. I’ll believe it when I see it and frankly, I’ll be disappointed that’s true. The One-Helmet Rule has been a blessing in disguise for the NFL
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    I like that the curve is less pronounced, looks more like a lightning bolt.
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    This is a Photoshop though, isn't it? There's something a little weird about the blue shoulder hoops, especially on the left shoulder. Plus, the 1 doesn't quite look right compared to the rest of the jersey, and how the light hits the folds. That's from an October game in 2009 against the Chiefs at Arrowhead.
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    It's about time, since the NFL never really provided any kind of evidence that using more than one helmet led to more concussions...it was purely a CYA move on their part. So long as it allows these teams to use proper throwbacks from now on, I'm all for it: Patriots (white) Jets (white) Steelers (yellow...er, I mean athletic gold) Colts (blue) Titans (white) Broncos (light blue or orange) Chargers (navy blue) Cowboys (white) Eagles (green) Redskins (dark maroon) Buccaneers (white) Falcons (red...or black if they go red with new design) Seahawks (silver)
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    "SMU offered me more, Stan!"
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    Absolutely. There's no set that a second baseball cap improves. Not Oakland, not Cincinnati, sure as hell not Atlanta. One helmet, one ballcap, those should be the rules.
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    Typically our policy has been to have the speculation and buildup in one thread, and then a new thread once something is actually unveiled. In this case, the Los Angeles NFL Brands Discussion thread can serve as the former, and this thread can serve as the latter.
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    ...and? That criticism could be leveled at a whole lot of baseball logos too. Unless you want to go the NBA route and insist they include a ball in every logo. What surprises me, in a good way, is how clearly the "LA" reads at that small size. Makes me appreciate the logo more.
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    If the Falcons get gray pants, red helmets are a must for me. It just balances the whole look.
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    No way would they have the color rush Jerseys home and not have a white version all the while keeping sets of pants that don’t compliment each jersey best. As a New Englander what we heard is it would possibly be color rush blue jerseys and a white version with 3 sets of pants ..white,blue and silver pants that would tie into the color rush jersey template better. Also a Bledsoe era throwback. But it’s all rumors
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    The rule before 2013 or whatever it was, was that a different helmet was only allowed for throwbacks. The NFL has loosened its uni rules recently but I think they care about the brand enough that I don't see them alowing this to become the NCAA either.
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    Arguably the best throwback used right before the previous rule was axed: I’d love to see a couple more teams utilize the textured faux leather helmet
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    Agreed. Adidas wasn't great with the NBA (clearly the sleeves were a disaster), but at the very least they respected home and away designations. Yellow or gray vs. white is inexcusable in basketball, the same way red vs. green is inexcusable in football. Nike consistently sacrifices visibility for innovation and it's tiresome.
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    So then you've been wrong for years. Admitting it is the first step.
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    Now former players are complaining. I wonder if that will make any difference.
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    Difference of opinion there. Bauhaus can be quite up lifting. It has a spirit of transparency and openness. It doesn’t overwhelm the people who fill the space. Everything is clear, naturally illuminated, and human in scale. Minimalist designs at their best do the same thing, give space for the players to be individuals and emphasize their own speed and power without distraction.
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    What's got to be especially galling to San Diegans is that the Spanos family finally started listening after they left town. Perhaps they've been humbled by moving to a market that doesn't care about them; they took having a strong fanbase for granted and now realize they need to occasionally cater to those fans.
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    No, it would have been early 2018 (around 2 years.) It might not be much of a change at all, but it's very likely that considering the way contracts were being written, they had a really good feeling that 2020 was going to be the first post-Brady year, and were planning the change to coincide with that.
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    Finally found a good pic of the Chargers white powder throwback.
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    There are certain guys you would absolutely not want to have as a backup, even if the alternative had significantly less talent. I almost think that "backup quarterback" is its own position, separate from 'quarterback'. A 'quarterback' is someone that is either a starter or believes he should be a starter (maybe a rookie, maybe a guy like Cam) while "backup quarterback" is someone that's very comfortable in the role, doesn't have the same ambition, isn't going to make waves, understands he's not going to get first-string reps but still knows how to stay prepared. There's no problem with starting a "backup quarterback" for an extended period of time if you need to, but there could absolutely be a problem with making a quarterback a backup. There's a certain maturity level that's needed to be a "backup quarterback". Probably more than what's needed to be a regular quarterback.
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    Eh, seems like a pretentious flourish to be honest. Like something a designer came up with to impress peers rather than a logo that would work for a top flight team. I mean it's cool I guess, but it doesn't overcome the inherent conceptual problems I have with the overall logo.
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    This really kills me as a born and raised San Diego Chargers fan. Damn them that looks so good.
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    If any team can pull off the vintage white in the NFL it is the Browns. It works REALLY well with their colors.
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