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    This is by far the best one IMO, even if it's a lighter shade of purple than the Chargers are switching to. Regardless, any color helmet besides white would be the wrong choice.
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    word filter on the url so that it turns into a picture of an alligator wearing sunglasses
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    A relaxed helmet rule is only really a good thing if it's written down that the alternate helmet can ONLY be used for throwback purposes. If that isn't explicitly stated? Then the NFL is taking the first steps to NCAA-levels of ridiculousness.
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    Context makes a difference. Basketball is played on a court that’s only about 30m long and 15m wide. Football is played on a field that’s more than 100m long and 50m wide. That’s a lot more ground for a referee to see and cover. The people who keep basketball stats have courtside seats. The people who keep football stats sit in a press box that’s probably 50-100m from the action, if not more. From a fan perspective, basketball players are among the most recognizable due exposed heads and minimum uniform coverage, there are substitution windows, and the scoreboard keeps track of who’s in. Very little of that information is available in real time for fans of other fast-paced sports.
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    On the other hand sign me up. v\
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    If they are going to keep the logo then this is all they need to do. Make a white set, keep the black throwback and they're golden.
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    I decided to get a concept going (like so many others) for the LA Rams. I used the vintage look from 51-82 as a starting point and used some reference images of bighorn sheep (even though the vintage look seems more like a domestic sheep). Just done in pencil for now, digital to come later.
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    I’m somewhat surprised how much I like that purple and gold Ravens helmet.
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    I mean, they could claim it was inspired by their 1955 set, which they threw back to in 2010 (though that was obviously a darker shade of blue and featured two horseshoes on the back). Personally, I wouldn’t mind a relaxed helmet rule. If you allow just one more helmet than is currently permitted, most teams will go for a throwback design. Others who have worn the same colored helmet for most or all of their history would either stick with one helmet or go for a black or white version of their current design, and I wouldn’t be against a team like the Raiders wearing a black helmet once in a while. Sure, maybe a team or two gets wild (I’m looking at you Jaguars with teal or Dolphins with aqua). But it’s not like the Chiefs and Vikings are going to be suddenly wearing yellow helmets or the Bears wearing orange helmets or a team like the Seahawks passing up the opportunity to wear their gray throwback helmets for action green.
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    I’d like to see the Rams in their classic blue and gold helmets paired with a gold jersey with royal blue numbers. Maybe add classic style Northwestern stripes in blue on the sleeves. Do that all over white pants, and it’d Look so damn good. Does anyone have an example of what I’m talking about? I have yet to see that combination for the Rams anywhere.
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    I've seen that painting of the gold jerseys so many times that I am completely convinced that it never actually existed in real life.
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    It’s still an improvement. and anything is better than this monstrosity: The best course of action would be to scrap the whole logo and start from scratch.
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    Jesus Christ how many times is that painting going to be posted. Every time makes me hate gold uniforms even more.
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    This is the specific statement you made that I find offensive. You say this with such definiteness and condescension, when you're flat out wrong about not only the people that you're blanketing, but your argument in general, which multiple people have pointed out is flawed. I'm a living example of why the statement is flawed even without the faulty slippery-slope argument - but let's start there. The NFL has never bent on helmets, even when they did allow more than one. The only evidence we have to go on is them denying at least one team from wearing a second one. They don't sell helmets or profit from them, and the likelihood is that if they're backing off of the "any more than one may not be safe" stance, they'd ease into it rather than just go hog wild with teams having 4 or 5 lids. The fact that helmets are logos makes it less likely that they'd cave to Nike and go nuts like that. Comparing helmets to jerseys is not fair, since they sell 10s of thousands of jerseys a year, and what - a handful of real helmets and an insignificant amount of minis? Is it possible that you're right? Of course it is - but it's also possible that a tree falls on my neighbor's house. In either case, there's no good evidence to support either prediction. But the thing that I find most offensive is that you are saying that I - BBTV - me - personally - am on "Team Crazy-multiple-helmets", when that could absolutely not be farther from the truth. I'm not taking that side. "Period". I'd like for you to explain why you think that I, who has always fought in favor of brand consistency and strength and against dilution, would support teams having multiple-crazy helmets. Me, who has routinely praised the Yankees for standing firm on their stance against participation in any event where they would be forced to wear a silly hat (until they did). Me, who despises all the mix and matching that teams do, because I also hate turning on a game and not instantly knowing who's playing. Did I pour it on a little strong? Probably. I'll walk it back some. Regardless, it's my opinion that's an ignorant statement.
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    Simply removing the B from the raven head logo would improve Baltimore's uniforms several notches
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    Not for nothing, but the "slippery slope" argument is pure fallacy. If the NFL allows teams to wear an extra helmet for throwbacks, all it means is that the NFL allowed teams to wear an extra helmet for throwbacks. It doesn't mean that it's the first step towards the nightmare scenario of NCAA level stupidity. The next step is whatever the NFL decides it is - which may be no next step at all. Point being, A doesn't always cause X.
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    Well, this just isn’t true. I’ve explained a few times why I think these things are definitely part of a slippery slope. I mean, yeah, I did ignore your earlier post about how my opinion was “the dumbest thing, by far, you’ve ever read on this site” (now there’s some “mature discussion”), because I thought it wasn’t really worth responding to, and from the goofy hyperbole I half assumed you were kidding. But if now, after calling my opinion “worse than Tnak’s” you’d like to engage in some “mature" debate, I’ll give it a try. (Although as you have pointed out my obvious limited intellectual facilities, how well can I really expect to do?) Here’s the slippery slope, as it has pertained to the NFL’s stance on alternate jerseys. The first example of any sort of alternate jersey, at least in the Super Bowl era, was back in the 90’s when everyone wore Throwbacks a couple times that year. Seemed like a one time deal. But after that a few teams starting mixing them in. So the NFL instituted a policy that teams could wear EITHER a throwback or an alt jersey in a secondary color, only twice and only at home. Checking Gridiron Database, you can see that this stated policy got messed with before too long. The Panthers started wearing their alt on the road, and at some point, three became the maximum amount instead of two. OK, that seems a bit slippery to me. Next came a possible FORTH jersey, when the NFL decided to do the Color Rush stuff. But don’t worry! They have a very strict policy! Only on Thursday nights! Except that that policy (slippery slope?) went away in two years. Now a team can wear that color rush jersey whenever. And mix and match them with other uniform pieces. And if there are still restrictions on how often you can wear an alternate uniform, I can’t tell what they are. Last year the Ravens and Titans wore 9 different combos. The Jaguars wore 10. (Again, according the Gridiron Database.) Now you can like all this variety or dislike it… that’s up to you, but I don’t see how you can debate (mature or otherwise) that the track alternate jerseys and uniforms followed from 1994 until today can be seen as a slippery slope. So, you’re right, that there’s no absolute proof that alternate helmets would follow this same path. The NFL could institute a policy (you know, like all those previous defunct policies) that says alt helmets are for throwbacks only. But, really… is it all that crazy to think that, based on everything I outlined above, after opening the door to alternate helmets those rules (whatever they are at first) will become more relaxed as time goes by? That a newer team that doesn’t have a throwback helmet possibility from their history might want to try out an alt helmet too? That Nike and the NFL might want to push another Color Rush type promotion, this time including helmets? I don’t know, maybe that is the dumbest thing you’ve ever read on this site, but even if it is, there seems to be more than a few people on here that agree with me.
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    I've never seen a powder blue helmet I've liked. It's a great jersey colour, but it's awful as a helmet shell colour. Gimmicky finishes don't change that. I can accept we're not getting the powder blue throwbacks back as they were. They're going to tweak them. What I would like to see... White helmets. No numbers on the helmets. The numbers work with the throwbacks because they're a very simple font that works in the context of being a throwback. Trying to replicate that with a number font that was consistent across the uniform will only make the helmets look busy. Fix the shoulder bolts. No more upside down/across the shoulder bolts. They need to return to the over the shoulder loops with the bolts. Fix the pants stripe. Maybe they don't need to go back to the throwback bolt pattern, but the wavy "tribal" bolt they have down the sides of their pants needs to go. Something simpler would work wonders.
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    And then it’ll fit Paul Lukas’ exact description of the Buccaneers’ new uniforms.
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    I've been wanting the powder blue and consistent bolt treatment for 30 years. This does it perfectly.
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    Pats fan Fitzy on the radio today again mentions a version of color rush navy and color rush white version is what’s he’s still hearing. The pro shop people basically said the same only it will be a mix and match option, not all navy and all white exclusively.
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    I like it, too. It allows you to use the same bolt *regardless* of background color, which is much easier than jumping through all the hoops people do to keep things consistent or on the same background color. It doesn’t look right with the wordmark, but that’s probably correctable. This idea would also work with dark blue trim instead of black. Heck, I’d even like to see a solid yellow bolt with no trim, and have the team emphasize white and yellow (with light blue being used for the base of the jersey, pants, socks, and white jersey numbers/stripes, of course). I love the simplicity of this look, and their current color scheme would only make it better: Definitely. I love the Oilers throwback, but this is the best. Honestly, this uniform is a contrasting pant stripe away from being a perfect uniform, which a big complement given how high my standard is for that sort of thing.
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    I never liked that cartoonish logo.
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    They need to announce the real tweak so we can stop seeing this one "confirmed" every day.
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    I disagree, on both counts. The Steelers have the best logo in the AFC North and the Ravens' logo is easily near the bottom of the NFL's logos.
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    I'm going to start doing mod stuff if I see that Rams painting again. Kidding................or am I?
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    Remember, this is a league where several teams started running a Wildcat package in their offense just because the Dolphins fooled the Patriots one afternoon. Eventually, there will be some classics that hop on the bandwagon just to keep up with the hips and the trendies.
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    Like a lot of people around here, I wouldn’t mind seeing the Colts change their number font but (Unpopular Opinion Alert), I’d like to see them use the helmet number font on their jerseys, or at least a version with proportions better suited to a jersey. This was the best pic I could find, but I really like the full serif on the top of the 1 and the diagonal on the 2. It’s unique to the NFL but it’s still a traditional block font.
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    No to a powder blue helmet for me.
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    "Sleeveland" is a tattoo parlor in Sandusky.
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    You're just proving @oldschoolvikings's point. The idea about relaxing the one helmet rule was supposed to be to be about letting teams throw back to looks with different colour shells. And now we're talking about the possibility of an alternate Colts helmet with inverted colours just because.
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    Please let this be the tweak please let this be the tweak please let this be the tweak please let this be the tweak
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    [intro vamp from "Bitchin' Camaro" by the Dead Milkmen plays] "Hey, you gonna watch Tennessee play Jacksonville on Thursday night for the 13th year in a row?" "nah, I don't think so, I was just gonna eat Totino's Pizza Rolls and stare at a wall" "Okay, well, I heard the Titans are going to wear light blue helmets instead of dark blue helmets" "oh okay well now I will, I wanna see how this turns out"
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    Here is a more accurate look at SoFi stadium when the chargers are playing...
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    What the hell does any of that have to do with a logo? You sound like you just want to stir the pot. Stay on topic and contribute a relevant point. People do things, and make mistakes everywhere. You don't see every company and team changing their image just to distance themselves from a stain in their history. They cut ties and move on. You should do the same, and actually talk about uniforms and logos, not things that never occurred on the field, or happened more than a few years ago.
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    What does the current logo have going for it beyond electrocuted dogs and the greatest chokejob in sports history?
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    I really like this
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    Well Duke has you covered, so no need for the Colts to do it now: And I feel like I should note that I love how a blue Colts helmet looks, but I’m gonna have to hard pass on alternate helmets in the NFL. I was pro one helmet rule, but I am willing to live with a second as long as it’s throwback only
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    A gloss or metallic powder helmet might work, but matte powder looks awful.
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    Times are rough. Can’t a couple of these teams unveil their new uniforms now? It would be a welcome diversion.
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    No thanks. The Colts have such a classic look. A small tweak here or there wouldn't be bad, but something like that? No thanks.
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    So he went to the team with the worst uniforms in the league to be photoshopped into... I don’t care if they are changing if it means having to see him in those abominations
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