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    After messing with the levels it looks like the white jersey has brown numbers and traditional 5 stripes (brown-orange-brown-orange-brown) on the sleeves. No wordmark on the front. Not even a small one. Brown facemask stays.
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    Imho this is what Falcons need to tweak to have at least pretty decent home uniform + smaller numbers (credits to Canzman): or
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    Correct. I have no idea why the Browns have been so anti-orange pants. It echoes the helmet and would basically complete what's nearly a flawless look.
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    The Raiders don't need to change a thing.
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    I'm pretty sure there's like, one gradient design that worked. Even then, it's just lettering with otherwise solid accessories. Yes, I know those hats technically weren't on-field (nor that purple undershirt), but it's still proof gradients can work if used sparingly. What we see elsewhere is just garbage.
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    Because so many of the new looks are horrible.
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    These are great helmets. White logos are usually complemented very nicely by the white facemask, and as such the Giants' white facemask looks good too.
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    Just, I mean.......it’s so damn beautiful.
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    The Browns' soon to be retired uniforms were awful. "A mix of past and present" get outta here with that brand speak. Contrasting stitching, carbon fibre, "rise shadows," stretched out sleeve stripes, oversized CLEVELAND wordmarks, and BROWNS text down the pants stripes? It's a G-ddamn embarrassment of design trying way too hard to make a classic identity modern for the fire emoji crowd. The set's the "how do you do fellow kids?" of uniforms.
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    I'm not sure how it's "unique" when several teams do it full time, and half the league does it on occasion, and a ton of college teams do it all the time. I think it's stupid to dismiss monochrome just because, but I think it really needs to be done right, or it looks unprofessional - like a college or arena team. NFL football has a traditional aesthetic, and while it's definitely OK to push that, and tons of teams have done it successfully, there's a difference between 'pushing' it and 'blowing through' it. I happen to like Carolina's black on black. There's enough trim - specifically the pants stripes - to make it not all-black. They need to not wear black socks though. I like Seattle's, and think it's well designed - even if that's considered 'blowing through' the aesthetic. Sometimes it just works. I like New England's navy over navy, and even when Buffalo goes royal over royal. It's not the best look for those teams, but I still like it. The Saints are horrible, these Falcons are horrible, and most of the teams that simply take their dark pants and wear them with their dark jersey even if it's not designed to work that way look terrible. Think about it like this - when you think of the all-time greats, can you really picture them wearing some of these uniforms? Look at Reggie White. He looks like a professional. He looks like a "man" (for lack of a better term.) He's so serious that he scared the color right out of Steve Young. I can't even think of him looking that serious in any of these clown suits. I can't really imagine any 38-year-old wearing some of these clown suits.
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    Is this...an anti-Clevejack?
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    Yeah, Brady to the Bucs seems strange on the surface, but this team is actually trending in the right direction for the first time since the Bush administration. They’ve basically been a quarterback away from having a potentially great offense for a few seasons now. I think Brady might show everyone just how miserable Jameis Winston really was.
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    That's my biggest take-away. That Nike tried to push anthracite on the Dolphins of all teams, one of the brightest/most colourful identities in the league. Makes me think they do it with every team that wants new unis. "Have you considered replacing one of your traditional colours with dark grey?"
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    It's not. They've already said black on black on black is primary. Everybody might want to stop posting the "as long as they don't go monochrome too often these aren't bad" comment, because it seems pretty clear that, as of right now, monochrome black and monochrome white (including socks) is what they plan to do.
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    Fitzmagic was throwing like four 60 yard TDs a week at the beginning of 2018.
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    The Broncos won the Super Bowl in Manning's last season with them so...
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    good question. i imagine they were burned, lol. but you never know what someone might stuff into a closet somewhere. maybe some Nike employee has it mounted on their wall now? the anthracite really looked great with aqua and orange. its a huge apparel color way seller too. that particular CR concept did not look good though. numbers unreadable. but sometimes someone says "i just want to see it". that didn't come from Nike, but Dolphins leadership. the dark blue was a winner for me; did the same thing as anthracite as a dark contrasting color but was unique and had even better harmony with other colors
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    Can anyone please explain to me why Nike has such a never ending boner for dark gray?
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    I definitely see periwinkle there. /s
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    Grey Facemask Mafia Rise Up! Thanks, @oldschoolvikings
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    Because people have their own unique tastes and don't always like what you like. It's not hard. Get out from inside your own head and understand your tastes aren't the centre of everything.
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    Rule of life: there's exceptions to rules. That Giants helmet is one of them. White is actually my least favorite facemask color, but to me that works.
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    :censored: no. I love a lot of new designs. In fact, I sometimes dislike how the board will only like a "new look" if it's a modernization/return of an old look. What I have an issue with is the overall sloppiness of the Falcons' new look, as well as the overdone monochrome/keeping the ugly modern Falcon. It just looks like a "this is what the kids like" misunderstanding that throws out a lot of solid design principles (making full black/white socks standard, having side stripes, and oversized numbers). I prefer the old logo slightly, but both are pretty terrible. Modernizing the '66 uniform, with a red helmet and a new logo that mixes both designs, would have been ideal. Ah well, they'll be redoing it soon enough.
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    I'd say there's probably a throwback uniform option with a gray mask.
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    I'll grant a few, but far from all. You seem like you enjoy being a contrarian for contrarianism's sake.
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    The all-whites are ❄❄❄ and the gradients are DOPE! I feel icky for even saying these things as a joke
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    Oh, now THAT detail makes me view them in a whole different light! No, wait, it doesn’t...they still suck. I can’t wait to see these in action though. The players will look like my 93 year old grandpa did when he hiked his pants all the way up to his nose. 0 fire emojis.
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    Sure, but they held McCaffrey to 110 total combined yards in their two games against Carolina last season and Gurley to 70 when they played the Rams. I'm just saying their defense is way underrated. On an unrelated note, I was really wanting to pull for the Bucs last season now that I live near Tampa but just couldn't because of Winston. Now he's gone and it just feels like it would be so bandwagon-y because they brought in Tom Brady.
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    That's only the color of a dolphin if there was an oil spill in the area.
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    Planned obsolescence is not a new concept. Apple does it, Nike does it, and Nike does it. Even Nike does it.
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    Those eagle pants were 100% gray. This is an old discussion in these parts, and I'm sure it will sound like a double standard to you, but when the average poster complains about monochrome football uniforms, the general understanding is they are complaining about monochrome dark football uniforms. Monochrome white football uniforms have a long tradition, and generally don't seem as jarring.
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    The raiders should never touch the uniforms or logo.
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    Yeah, the Raiders’ uniforms really are one of the best, in my opinion. Few uniforms in sports encapsulate a team’s entire brand and persona as perfectly as they do. I see them and think “Just Win, Baby”, see Davis, Madden, Biletnikoff, Stabler, Allen, Long, Brown and others, and hear Metallica in my head all at the same time, and that’s the very point. Not that I ever worried at all, but it’s still nice to know they’re not changing in Las Vegas.
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    Alright, we're done with this veer off topic. Focus on the Browns' upcoming unveiling, please, not blanket assertions.
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    College and High School football is home to some of the ugliest alternate uniforms in sports. They're always stupid gimmicks clearly trying to appeal to 8th graders who wear knee high neon green socks and Phiten sports necklaces. My high schools alternate is military digital camo and they aren't even a military school. They are absolutely horrendous. Stuff like that doesn't belong in professional sports.
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    They’ve been featured as a sleeve patch on several other uniforms from throughout their history as well, these are just the examples with their current set.
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    On the contrary, it did look good and is sadly the best that the Rays have ever looked. The next design used shades of green and blue that were too close together (value-wise) to work, while the current set is just bland and forgettable (aside from the 1978 Padres ripoff faux backs). When you play in a dingy fixed dome stadium like The Trop, you need to look bright and colorful. The Rays got that on the first try, while everything since has just been visually dull and forgettable.
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    And do you honestly feel that they will make the right decision with the socks? It’ll be wrong. Every. Single. Time.
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    Except that first picture has navy and red..
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    Well, few defenses in history have been as good as that Broncos defense, but the Bucs defense was actually top five in efficiency last season and had, by a mile, the best rushing defense in the entire league. I want to say they may have even been the best defense in the league the last five or six weeks, but I can't find verification. They were put in a lot of bad spots by Jameis' turnovers.
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    Back when every team wasn't using navy, black, or red.
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    How long have you been around here?
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    While this sounds like what some would label as “Nike speak,” this makes too much sense and explains why it’s such a popular color. Good post.
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