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    I don’t like to interject in these types of squabbles, but I’m going to do my best to explain this as neutrally as possible because I want to help you not get kicked out of this place. After that, I’m not going to respond, and it’s up to you to take it or leave it. The problem is you haven’t just been “sharing your opinions.” You’ve been sharing one opinion, which is that you like the Falcons uniform because you think it looks good and your definition of a good uniform is not confined to a single era (which is fine). However, you’re also questioning everyone else’s opinion with a series of “gotcha” statements that attempt to conflate their opinions with assumptions and generalizations that you think contradict those opinions. To make it worse, when your response contains a factual error and someone calls it out, you double down with a “gotcha” technicality to escape. Lastly, your tone rubs people the wrong way. There’s a huge difference in saying, “Sorry, I was talking specifically about the NFL-post merger. I should have communicated that more clearly.” Versus saying, “Read what I wrote. I was talking about the NFL post-merger.” And in full disclosure, I did not go back to see exactly what you wrote, so my quote may not be precisely accurate (and I apologize for that), but I think it’s fair to say it’s close enough to get the point across. Again, take it or leave it, but this is how you’re coming across to an unbiased viewer of the situation.
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    THAT'S ENOUGH. I don't know if everyone is feeling punchy because you're stuck inside on a long weekend, but that's enough of the sniping and name-calling and arguing. You are free to disagree with one another, but the moderating team expects you to do so in a civil manner, and some of the discourse in this thread has crossed the line. Knock it off or suspensions will be handed out.
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    There was a lot not to like about the first revision of the Patriots towards Flying Elvis, but... these may be the best pant designs in NFL history. It works amazingly with the logo.
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    The carbon fibre pattern the team put on their helmet stripes. That's what this means. Understand what the hell you're talking about before engaging in a multi-page argument. G-ddamnit guy. Stop. Stop turning everything into an excuse for an argument. That's your problem, man. You think your opinion's the centre of the universe. No one wants to have run their opinions by someone point by point just to be told what they're wrong about by some dude with an over-inflated ego. Get over yourself, man. You're going to have to accept that people won't always agree with you. Not just here, but in life in general. Yes, you will. I'm a mod, and your threadjack has gone on long enough. Guess what pal? People disagree with you about the Falcons' unis. Deal with it, and stop arguing with EVERYONE. Continue to derail this thread and there will be disciplinary measures.
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    The National League is part of MLB and is 100% part of the uniform history of baseball. Stop moving goalposts
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    Wow… It’s like trying to claim pre-merger NFL shouldn’t be considered the NFL. The National League was then and is now still a part of Major League Baseball.
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    You REALLY like to interrogate people, doncha? Anyway what was wrong with the Browns? Let's see... The carbon fibre on the helmets. The sleeve stripes that extended to the torso. The awful number font. The giant CLEVELAND wordmark across the chest. The giant BROWNS wordmark down the pants. The contrasting stitching. This isn't just my opinion by the way. The team themselves got rid of them almost as soon as they were able to. Guess what Sparky? The team didn't feel the previous set's "uniqueness" and "personality" were worth keeping around. That's the point! You whine and complain about people not liking Nike and you know what? Too bad! They're a billion dollar company, they can handle the criticism. They don't need some fanboy Swooshketeer (thanks @Buc!) white knighting for them on the internet! The most important thing in this whole "Nike" argument though? The teams themselves recognize these uniforms are mistakes! The three worst ones- the Browns, Bucs, and Jags- all ditched theirs almost as soon as possible. It's the closest we can get to the "one day logo" the 49ers ditched in the 90s. It's a complete rejection of Nike's current design philosophy! And again, the teams themselves are doing this, so it's not just us uni nerds on the internet!
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    This thread is definitely Reyesjacked...
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    There's a reason academics say never use Wikipedia to cite items in a paper.
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    Maybe they can play the Jets and we can get a full blown Arena Football game
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    Purple, to match the Chargers.
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    Yes! Lots of them. I like what looks good to me, and I hate what looks bad to me. For example, I love the Seahawks uniforms - and they're far from traditional. Stop taking it personally that I don't care for the Falcons new uniforms. Like... why does it matter so much to you?
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    Give the Wizards a couple years.
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    The rest of your post suggests otherwise. Nike didn't design anything though. The look the Bucs went to was designed in 1997, and first outfitted by Wilson. What did Nike do, exactly, aside from listen to what the Bucs wanted? Well not everything. Still? Three of the most egregious Nike uniforms (Jags, Bucs, Browns) have been replaced, almost as soon as the league would allow it. Seems like even teams get buyer's remorse when it comes to this stuff. Oh my G-d. You are just determined to be argumentative, aren't you?
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    Live look at the voice inside @Reyes47’s head:
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    It's Saturday but alright.
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    @Reyes47 you just keep digging yourself a deeper and deeper hole here, bud.
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    Thanks bro. I make enough enemies with my opinions, I ain't deliberately gonna make more!
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    Caution people about lumping others together... by lumping others together?
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    Functionally, this is the dumbest yet most entertaining rant
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    Yeah. 7 Championships in 10 years is awful and deserves to be forgotten.
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    I’d argue that the font is blocky, but it’s nowhere near a traditional/standard block font.
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    What do you even mean by tiny edges? If you honestly believe that, maybe this place isn’t really for you. Details matter around here. Standard Block: Falcons Font: There are some pretty obvious s differences between the two fonts, most significantly the squared corners and pointed serifs on the 2 and 3.
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    Seriously. @CaliforniaGlowin loves "off the wall", non-traditional uniform designs and colors but he's a respected member of the community. You know why? He isn't argumentative or diminutive or groups anyone that disagrees with him together. He says his opinion, takes the ribbing in stride, and moves on
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    For me, they’re firmly in the “fine” category. Looking at the design alone, I still think the logo is a bit overdone, especially now that the rest of the look is simpler. I think grey looks fine on the helmet, but I don’t think the way it’s used works very well (another example where the helmet looks like it was designed by a different team than the uniform). Both adding more grey or eliminating it altogether would work, but its use in this case isn’t coherent to me. I don’t mind the garment designs (except the wordmark, which I would have left off). Other than that, it’s really just a stripe, and the stripe is a simple, fast, distinctive that links up pretty well to the tapered details in the logo. It’s not where I would have gone if given carte blanche, but if making any significant changes the logo was off the table, I think this is a pretty good solution. The type could be better. Mark’s original wordmark was more refined than the new one, and even if they didn’t like how tracked out it was, I would have preferred they simply tighten up the original. I like that the numbers better link to the team’s branding. It gives what is a very simple uniform a necessary jolt of personality and polish. That said, I think they could be better. I would revisit details such as the beak-like hooks (2), the super deep cutouts (8), and the unconnected bowls (9), for example. I think they could have gone more conservative with the details because the square footprint is enough to make them distinctly Atlanta. I think the nameplate lettering is fine, but the solution would have more in common with the other type, in my opinion. I definitely want red nameplate lettering on the home jersey. I don’t mind the look of the side shadow, but I think they missed a conceptual opportunity to place the shadow along the top edge and reinforce that signature hunting pattern of a falcon; a 200mph downward dive, or stoop. The gradient jersey doesn’t do much for me. It’s an interesting look, but it’s something you need to go all in with to make it work. I don’t think it works particularly well as it’s shown here. If I had to “fix” it by changing only colors, I’d go for the aforementioned red nameplate lettering on the home, and I’d go with grey pants and black socks both home and road, instantly Improving the cohesion between helmet and uniform and establishing a consistent, distinctive look the team can rely and build on. Heck, at that point, I’d change all the white to grey. There’s more than enough red to differentiate them from the Raiders.
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    Not as much as I miss being able to walk into a store without wondering if I'm risking my life for a loaf of bread.
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    I remember when they wore faux leather helmet to that:
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    Team Anaheim all the way.
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    Speaking purely for the white uniforms here even though it applies to the black ones as well - every single one of these is crying out for contrasting socks. White socks / red or black socks (preferably black) / white or black socks, and any of those combinations immediately becomes 10x more digestible. And I know this has been said plenty, but whatever. Facts are facts.
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    Wait a minute I think you’re onto something... a certain carbonated beverage has its headquarters located in Atlanta... the Falcons aren’t using regular ol red and black... they’re using COCA-COLA RED and COCA-COLA ZERO SUGAR BLACK
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    Did you see the crap they came up with when they blazed a new path???
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    That jersey you associate with failure and futility is also associated with 5 straight championships, 10 straight championship game appearances, and a total of 8 league championships across the AAFC and NFL. The current incarnation of the Browns being a trainwreck doesn't mean they need to go away from the jersey that had functionally been worn by damn near every Browns team for 70 years.
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    I can't tell if that middle pirate is supposed to be Bucco Bruce or some long lost relative of or alternate timeline Pat Patriot. Maybe after winning the revolutionary war, Pat Patriot decided to retire down in Florida and took up plundering as a hobby.
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    In defence of Bucco Bruce and the creamsicles... First I want to say that I am pretty damn happy with the new unis the Bucs rolled out. Yeah, they didn't choose the right versions of the flag and ship logos but whatever. They fixed 99% of what was broken and hearkened back to a pretty cool uniform. No complaints, really. With that being said...I wanted to defend the creamsicle set. Particularly against the assertion that the creamsicle orange, red, and white colour scheme was "too bright" for a team called the Buccaneers. That a pirate name required a "darker" colour scheme. To which I say... Again, the look they went with works, and works well. I am just putting it out there that the Bucco Bruce colour scheme was not inherently un-pirate-like.
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    There's my answer @Reyes47 besides, different sports different aesthetics. I've never seen someone continue to dig themselves into a hole like you are.
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    These boards never fail to amaze me
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    How long until FITE ME IRL?
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    The argument of "lol browns bad" as an excuse for them to change their identity has always been stupid to me considering the Browns are one of the most storied franchises in all of football.
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    Never understood why they put the nickname initial there instead of “W”. I love that uniform. The metallic gold letters. What a gorgeous color scheme. And the gray face mask goes so well with the burgundy.
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    Dude, it ain’t all that serious. Accusing @IceCap of shaming you and pulling out the victim card ain’t the right course of action. All he’s been doing is stating his opinions and counterpointing yours. As you have been with him. However, you’ve gone over the top and aggressive and I’d imagine every time you read any rebuttal to your posts, your automatic facial reaction is inevitably this:
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    Well then, can you at least say something that's actually logical?
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    I wish the NOB on the black was red too, to match up with how it’s applied to the white jersey and the ATL on the front. Similarly, the hanger effect Falcons on the whites should be red instead of black
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    So there are these things called history books...you might want to pay particular attention to one from 1869...
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    Well I said "some". Plus, I'm really referring to one troll poster.
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    I'm the last person that's going to tell you that everything before the 90s was beautiful, and I'll also tell you that I blame the teams for trash like what Cleveland got and Tampa got 5 years ago, and not Nike. I don't think that every team needs gray face masks, or that jerseys need sleeves, and that sleeves need stripes. Address people for the points they're making, rather than lumping everyone together. There's some gray-face-mask-loving people on the forum that like to do that - don't be like that.
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    Not to mention the team that has more-or-less worn variants of the this non-block lettering for 70 years:
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    Washington 1947 Washington 1933 Oilers 1961 Ohio State 1944
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